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Rewatching 7-12 Time After Time

Time slip into the 1940s, Dean in a nice suit, Back to the Future Three, Dean's misperceptions peeling away like onion skins, Elliot Ness' wake up call to Dean and most importantly of all, Sam and Jody working together to get Dean back.  Love their little talks, love Jody showing us her grief, love them going through Bobby's books and working together to get Dean back, Love Jody being a mom to Sam and telling him to go to bed, Love Sam finding Dean's message.  Dean is the eyecandy, and Sam is the heartcandy<3  But boy there sure is a lot of humor here as well.  Especially at the beginning.

So let me start on this episode.

The episode starts a bit into the future and goes back just a tad to give some background.    The first time from more Sam's point of view, the second from Dean's.  This is, I guess, important for setting the stage for scenes on both sides of the hour glass.

The first scene in the car is not only funny, but shows a little bit how reckless Dean is being.

SAM: What's the plan?
DEAN: Don't get killed.

 It is taking a very long time for Dean to recover not only from Bobby's death but from all the other baggage he is carrying.  Bobby warned him and he had another wake up call last ep with Frank and Kassy and her dad, but  it's not really getting through to him as much as we hope.

(I will get a gif for this)
Dean is sucked to 1944 along with our god of time - although all we know at the time is that he disappears in some red light and Sam is just left standing there by himself, the backlash of an "explosion" blowing his hair away from his face.

SAM: Dean?!
I'm sure I've heard this said before, but I'll have to note how similar this situation is to the scene at the end of the season - part of the reason why it is so hard to understand why Sam would assume that Dean was dead then, when he didn't here.  This is a question I really would like someone to ask Carver - especially now that he is not writing anymore.
Anyway, back a few days now to when Sam and Dean first got this job.  It was actually Jody that phoned them with it.  Dean's busy brooding at Dick on the internet and Sam's phone rings.

DEAN: Don't give me that dirty diaper look.  I'm not calling you.
Sam asks Jody why she caught this case out of her jurisdiction, and we have her tearing up as she tells Sam that being involved with them and ...Bobby makes her sensitive to these kinds of cases.  And we remember again that Sam and Dean are not the only ones who are in mourning here.  Actually, I guess they phoned her up before to tell her, because she wouldn't have known otherwise, would she?

SAM: Sheriff Mills.  She caught us one.
DEAN: Aww. I feel bad we didn't get her anything.

Then Sam hesitantly tells Dean that he hopes Dean is watching "cartoon smutt" because "watching Dick Roman over and over again is just self punishment"

Dean closes his screen - guilty as charged - and avoids the subject.

DEAN: It's called Anime, and it's an art form.
A hint again (as we also saw last episode) that Dean is still obsessed with vengeance.
First thing they do is shop around for a house where they can hole up while on the case.  Of course they are still in hiding so they can't stay in a motel.  They find a house and another funny scene:
SAM:Well, there’s a... semi-functioning bathroom and one un-rancid bedroom.
DEAN: Define semifunctional, and do not use the words hole in the floor.

Love their rock scissors paper here - but when Sam put his rock on his other hand, I thought he was trying to describe "hole in the floor" without saying it LOL!!!   But they are playing for bids on the best sleeping arrangement. Sammy wins and gets to choose where he's going to sleep.

DEAN: I mean, how does paper beat a rock?... stupid!
First thing we see them do on the case (although there is indication that at least Sam went and talked to the cops before this) is go check out the "unreliable witness" who is so funny.  He must be on weed or something.  But the stuff he says is not wrong.  The most important part is of course the red energy and the fact that his watch stopped.

MAN:This red, like, energy passed through Durbin to hat guy. Even my watch stopped. Durbs... he aged before my eyes. He looked like a raisin.
They go back to research at "home" and they don't have any luck finding out what it is.  BUT Sam finds more evidence of the same thing happening in other years, three deaths at one time.  He also finds one that made the front page.  Here Dean takes over the computer.

SAM: Are you looking at some more anime, or are you strictly into Dick now?
But Dean has a new trick up his sleeve.  He can find the local camera feeds.  Sam is totally envious and Dean is like, "YESSSSS!!"

SAM: You need to teach me that trick.

First of all they find that this guy that was in the old photo in the newspaper was also present in the camera feeds of a recent attack.  They find one of the witnesses of another year is still alive and a doctor at a hospital.  Here, they get more information on who the guy is.  Mr. Snider living on the doctor's parents' street.

Then we are back to the first scene.

This time we make the jump with Dean.  While Chronos and Dean are wrestling with eachother in 1944, Dean grabs the god's hand and finds a ring on his finger with the sigial that looks to me like the sign for eternity.  But the god runs off before Dean can do anything and Dean takes out his gun to go after him.

Outside of the alley, he finds himself in a totally different place.  Police officers who just happened to be there arrest him, I guess for brandishing a weapon in a public place?  The first time viewer here realizes that he has time-tripped.  Dean, however, does not really realize until the police question him and make fun of his FBI badge issued 68 years later, down at the station.

DEAN: I'm stuck in 1944?
OFFICER: We're all stuck in 1944, ya bunny.

(*cracks up*)
Dean is truthful to the police, since he knows there is really nothing else he can do to help himself.  Elliot Ness the hunter finds out that Dean had been a witness to his case - seen the red light and the "monster" sucking the life out of someone and knows he needs to talk to him to get some information at the least.  While talking, Dean realizes that this guy is actually believing him which means that he is a hunter!  When Dean points it out, first Elliot denies it. Maybe they are not called hunters in that time? Or maybe he just wanted to keep the information to himself.  But once Dean says that he has dealt with all kinds of monsters and iis a hunter from the future, Ellliot believes him and they shake as comrads.

NESS: And your name is?
DEAN: Dean... Winchester.
NESS: Ness.  Elliot Ness.

Hehe!  The look on Dean's face and the mystery "dun dun dun" music !!  So funny!

All this time, Sam has been making a hunting wall map to try to figure out who the monster was on the other side of time.  He gets a phone call from Jody and as soon as she realizes they are in trouble, she's on her way.

Hearing Ness' name, firstly Dean is in AWE.  Here is the actual guy he saw in the movie!  He's sputtering, not able to get a decent word out.  Ness quickly puts him on the right track by talking business.

DEAN: Does that mean I'm an Untouchable now?
ELIOT NESS:It means we got to get you into some new clothes. You look like some kind of bindlestiff.
DEAN:Stiff your br – bin – what?

All throughout the ep, Dean keeps saying "awesome" which doesn't really fit the situation in that age - reminds me of Back to the Future Marty saying "heavy" all the time and puzzling 1940s Doc :D  Dean of course knows Elliot Ness from the Untouchables - which I actually remember watching with my class in highschool at a stayover we had in the gym.  Don't ask me, I have no idea why it was decided we'd all stay overnight in the gym watching movies - that was the night we saw "IT" too, I think.  First time I'd seen such grewsome movies but I have fond memories of it.  The Untouchables, especially, was really enjoyable.  All throughout this ep though, Dean is copying Sean Connery who played Ness in the movie, and Ness is very puzzled by it.  Also he keeps using colloquialisms that are not used in this time period.
It is both embarrassing and funny at the same time.   Of course we get to also hear some colloquialisms that were used in that time - like "bunny" used by the cop above, meaning dumbass as you might have guessed, or "bindlestiff" (hobo) here.

As Dean and Elliot share information though, Elliot realizes that he could use Dean's help and anyway he has to let him out of prison so he takes him under his wing and they go to get some clothes for Dean. Here we meet Ezra, who is sort of the research pro.  Dean tells her stuff about the future which he thinks might impress or surprise them.

DEAN:Yeah. Gas costs four bucks. You can get cheese out of a spray can. And... the President, he's a black guy. I could go on.
It does - especially the fact that an African American is President.  This I guess is also copying a scene in Back to the Future where Marty tries to prove to past-Doc that he is from the future by telling him that Ronald Reagan was president and Doc not believing him because Reagan used to be just a second rate actor.

More importantly though, Dean gets fully attired and what a sight!   Even Elliot is impressed when Dean gets into the proper clothing.  Ezra reminds Dean of Bobby, calling him and Ellliot idjits.   It's a cute scene.

EZRA:So, spill already. What bucket of syrup did you two idjits step into?
EZRA:Something funny, sweetheart?
DEAN:No, you, uh... You just kind of remind me of someone.

We see Dean smile thinking of Bobby which is kind of nice.

During this time, Jody has arrived with all the boxes from Bobby's storage locker.  And they start researching/sifting through all the books and on the databases on the computer.  Jody finds another picture of one of the incidents and they see the ring on Chronos' finger.  Sam finds reference to it in a book, and then we jump back to Ezra and 1944 where she has also found out that it is the "infinite hour glass."  I love how they time these little switches between Dean and Sam as they find stuff out at the same time.

So Sam and Jody decide that in order to get Dean back, they have to find out how to summon Chronos.  Dean is also interested in a means of getting back to 2012 but the only way they can think of is Chronos drinking up someone else.

 Elliot tells Ezra to concentrate on finding out how to kill Chronos instead.  He picks up on Dean and Sam having found Chronos' house in their time and they decide to go and check it out.

ELIOT NESS:You said you fellas found his house? Well, let's go see if it's been built yet. And then let's kill that bastard, because that –

DEAN: Is the Chicago way.
(puzzled silence)

EZRA: Chicago way?
ELLIOT: Who talks like that??
DEAN: Sean Connery.

Poor Dean looks so disappointed here.  He pouts that he is never going to see the movie again.  awww..

When they get to the house, Dean asks for a lock pick and Elliot just kicks in the door instead. As they go through Chronos' stuff, they find out that he's been betting on the races and making good money - which again is reminiscent of Back to the Future.

Dean: He's using the Biff strategy... Chronos is betting on races he already knows the outcome of.

They go find the bookie and interrogate him. Dean of course has the image of what Elliot did in the movies and goes for the punch. He soon finds out that's not how it's done, but Elliot gives him a good reason for being a bit off the rocks and he totally goes for the part. Love how they work together here.

ELIOT NESS: And I want to help you out. I do, but my partner here? He just back from the war. And he's spent the last two years kicking in Nazi skulls. If he doesn't kick in a skull every couple days, he gets real touchy.

DEAN: Lester. That a German name?

They find out where Chronos hangs out and go stake him out.

Meanwhile Sam and Jody have both found out something important. Jody has found a place that says people could summon Chronos to tell them their future, and Sam has the spell, but Sam has also realized that the only way they can bring Dean back is if he can catch him with his hands on Chronos (or the other way around) when they summon Chronos. How are they going to do that when they don't even know where Dean is?

Here, Jody picks up a bottle of whiskey from one of the boxes. It is a bottle sent to Bobby from Rufus, with the note: "Fine, you ass. You win for once. Enjoy. R." And we who have watched a recent episode also know exactly what the bet was :D Awesome. She suggests they should drink it and we have some beautiful expressions by Sam.

JODY MILLS: It's weird, huh? It's like their life's a big puzzle. You just keep finding pieces of it scattered all over the place. We should drink this. He'd want us to. Am I wrong?

SAM: It'd be rude not to.
I like how this episode shows both brothers AND Jody in mourning. And it also shows both brothers smiling, remembering Bobby as they find "pieces of him scattered all over the place." There has to be significance in this - not only with regard to the fact that they both obviously love him, but that they can simply smile and enjoy his memory for a bit.

Then we also get probably the most meaningful scene of Dean's other than his brilliant BTTF 3 idea. Dean and Elliot have a little talk about death too. It starts with Dean asking Elliot how he got started hunting. People tend to think that hunters mostly start for vengeance - I guess even Dean thought that was often the case - so he is surprised to learn that Elliot had not started because someone he knew had died. He even calls Dean a "Morbid son-of-a-bitch" for thinking so. He had just happened to find out about some vampires killing folk and "caught the bug." Elliot then asks Dean how he started and Dean doesn't go into his mom's death - just that it was the family business... which is interesting. I wonder why he would do that. It's not that he doesn't want to make Elliot feel bad, because he actually tells Elliot how he is feeling at the moment, and it's obvious he wants some sympathy, or at least advice.

DEAN:Thought you were, uh – thought you were Mr. Boy Scout.
ELIOT NESS:Why do you think I went after Capone in the first place? The guy had the best hooch in Chicago.
ELIOT NESS puts the flask back in his jacket pocket, but immediately takes it out again.
DEAN:So, now, w-who died in your life and made you a hunter?
ELIOT NESS:Who died? Nobody died, you morbid son of a bitch. I started doing this 'cause vampires were turning folks in Cleveland.
DEAN:And you got the bug.
ELIOT NESS:That's when I got the bug.

ELIOT NESS: Sometimes you just want to punch through the red tape with a silver bullet. Yeah, hunting sets me free. Isn't that why you hunt?
DEAN: I used to do it 'cause that's what my family did.
DEAN: But they just seem to keep dying. To tell you the truth, I don't know why I'm doing much of anything anymore.
ELIOT NESS: Boo-hoo. Cry me a river, ya nancy. Tell me, are all hunters as soft as you in the future? Everybody loses everybody. And then one day, boom. Your number's up, but at least you're making a difference. So enjoy it while it lasts, kid, 'cause hunting's the only clarity you're gonna find in this life. And that makes you luckier than most.

This sort of reminds me of Henriksen and how bummed out he was about his own job and how impossible it seemed to make a difference and how envious of Dean for being able to do so. As always, here are people who think much more highly of the hunting life than Dean and he is surprised by it. Essentially, Elliot is saying hey, everyone dies sometime, it's just the fact of life, but at least you have a job/life that has meaning. You are lucky to be able to be doing what you are doing! and wow. That is so insightful. It's not something you see though when you are down in the depths of mourning. Elliot can say that because he has not lost anyone. But Dean needs that little wake up call.

Then we have a cute scene where they both appreciate the pretty woman coming out of the diner, and then see Chronos following her into the alley. They think he's going to suck on her but instead they see them kissing! I love how Chronos doesn't even notice them with guns at the entrance to the alley :D And of course the wonderful time-appropriate music and propaganda drawing on the wall behind them.

Next scene, Dean is waiting in the car while Elliot asks some farmer about the house across from them. We have another slip up by Dean when Elliot comes back with info.

ELIOT NESS: Well, everything's coming up us, kid.
DEAN: Talk to me.

Elliot tells Dean to go back to Ezra and get the weapon to kill Chronos while Elliot keeps his eye on him.
Cute little scene again here where Ezra gives Dean the pointy thing to kill Chronos.

Here Dean realizes that if he kills Chronos, he is stuck there in 1944. Ezra kisses him for luck and just as he is trying to figure out a way to let Sam know where he is so Sam can help him, he sees some letters on the table and remembers that scene in BTTF 3. So... maybe Ezra's luck was activated! :D

While that's happening, Elliot is getting creamed by Chronos who found him hiding behind his car. Lila just happens to come out of the house to give Chronos the garbage he was going to take out, and gives Elliot a chance to escape.

Chronos feels in danger and wants to take Lila with him and escape. He goes inside and rather hastily and rudely tells Lila to pack a back, scaring her.

Meanwhile, Dean quickly goes to the house where Sam is holing up in 2012, pretends to be a termite inspector flashing his FBI badge at an old man (LOL) and gets permission to go up to the room where Sam would be sleeping. Lying down where Sam would be in the future, he finds an excellent place to hide his letter.

DEAN: I'm going to install something that will protect this house forever.
I like this line, which implies that it's because of the letter that the house is still standing to be found by Sam and he in 2012 :D

In the future, Sam is sleeping with his head resting on his arms at his research table when Jody comes in the door bearing coffee. She quickly tells Sam to get some sleep. Love this little scene!

JODY MILLS: I'll keep pushing. You go get some shut-eye.
SAM: Uh, that's okay. I can, uh...
JODY MILLS: Do I have to use my mom voice?

Sam can't say no to that. He goes upstairs and lies down. This scene also I really love, the way he tries to get comfortable, turning his head this way and that, then slowly back toward the door when he sees something from the corner of his eye. :D

He quickly goes downstairs to show Jody the note.

JODY MILLS: “Tracked down Chronos. He's banging some chick named Lila Taylor, and we got a weapon. We're going after him. Take care of yourself, Sam."
SAM: Look at the top.
JODY MILLS: November 5, '44.

So now they know the date. They decide to go talk with Lila, who is luckily still alive.

Love the actress by the way. They find out from her that he choked Dean to death and disappeared and that the clock stopped. Lucky for them because that helps them find out the exact time that Dean was being choked as well. They go back to the house to do their little spell. I love that huge hour glass that they smash. Somebody (maybe Alex LOL) mentioned how there was no reason for Sam to be in a hurry here because they were dealing with changing the past. I would argue that first of all probably it just looks and sounds like he is in a hurry because of the music, and secondly, the reason he might actually be in a hurry is that he just really wants Dean back.

Anyway, while they are working on the spell, we have Dean coming into Chronos' house.

Seeing the light... in the kitchen?... thinks that is where Chronos is, when in actuality it's Elliot with Lila. Chronos is lying in wait for Dean in the hall and jumps at him just as Dean is about to check out the kitchen. Just then, Elliot bursts in with a gun to Lila and Chronos releases Dean and stands up.

They have a nice tense conversation while Dean moves to stab Chronos from behind, Lila turns her eyes to him, which warns Chronos.

He turns on Dean, flings the stick away and starts choking Dean. It's about time for the spell to work, and I guess Chronos starts to glow.

I'm not quite sure what happened here but I think Elliot slid the stick over to Dean, thinking that if the stick went with them, Dean would have a chance to kill him later or something.

When Chronos and Dean make the trip back to 2012, the stick comes with them. Sam picks it up and while Chronos is screaming at them that they've ruined everything, Sam stabs him in the heart. Knowing he's going to die, Chronos thinks he's got the perfect ending. He tells Sam and Dean their future -

CHRONOS: You want to know your future? I know your future.  It's everywhere. They're everywhere.  Enjoy oblivion.

OK... is that good news or bad? Black ooze is the Leviathan blood right, which means that them being covered in black ooze seems to mean that they are going to kill all the Leviathan. Sounds like good news to me, but looks like Sam and Dean don't think so.

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