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Rewatching 7-11 Adventures in Babysitting

As the first episode after Bobby's death, this episode is all about the boys trying to deal with it.  Sam seems to make his decision right away - that he just needs to help the girl - save people - WORK. Dean needs two individuals - Frank, and Krissy, to show him that he is not the only one who has lost a loved one and that if he is going to keep on living for his brother's sake, then he has to make himself smile and find the good in helping others.  Bobby told him in the talk before he died that he needed to live one hunt at a time, but now that Bobby is gone too, Dean is back in his black hole and can't find his way out.

He is very grumpy and self-absorbed pretty much the whole episode.  He talks rudely to Sam, to Frank and also to Krissy. Frank is so patient  because he's been through something pretty horrifying himself. Sam seems to just let it wash over him. Krissy, being the teenager that she is, has a smartass response to everything - it reminds me of my own kids a little.  And boy does it bother Dean! But he learns an important lesson or two through her too.

So let's begin!
"Ridin' the Storm Out (Live)" by REO Speedwagon (plays during "The Road So Far" recap of events)
"Dear Mr. Fantasy" by Traffic(plays as Dean drives at the end)

The episode starts with Krissy's dad going after a Vetala. He had thought the hooker was working alone and is not prepared for the waitress to come and join her. The waitress had spiked his drink with her poison too.  He doesn't stand a chance.

Then to the boys one week, two weeks and then three weeks after Bobby's death. The first week, they are just sitting on the couch not moving except to glance at each other.
7-10(2) 08.jpg
Sam first looks at Dean to check how he is and is worried, then Dean glances at Sam when he's sure Sam's not looking at him. Dean looks worried for Sam too.
7-10(2) 11.jpg7-10(2) 12.jpg

7-10(2) 13.jpg
The second week, Dean's started researching what the numbers are that Bobby left. Sam is moving around the room and he's checking out Bobby's journal.

Third week, Dean has made a hunters map on the wall with Dick in the middle of it. Sam is getting some beer and tentatively asks Dean whether they should be contacting Bobby's contacts and telling them that Bobby had passed. Of course they should. They are Bobby's next of kin and as Sam says, if they don't, who's going to do it? But Sam doesn't really want to do it either. It's just bothering him a bit because he knows they really should. Dean, pretends not to hear Sam's question and demands where Frank is. He gave Frank the numbers three weeks ago and still hasn't heard from him.

DEAN: How long ago did I give Frank these numbers? It's been a few weeks, right? What, is he nuts, or is he just being rude?
SAM: Probably both.

I crack up every time I hear that conversation just because of the matter-of-fact way in which Sam answers Dean.  Of course, there is also the possibility that he's been eaten by Leviathan, which Dean also mentions and Sam agrees.  So basically, they are admitting here that they put Frank in danger by asking him to research the numbers.  Then they get the phone call on Bobby's phone.

Dean's like no way am I answering that. And Sam does, but when a girl asks for Bobby, he can't seem to get any words out. While Sam is "talking," Dean is poking through Bobby's stuff and finds his whiskey flask. He opens it and sniffs at the whiskey. I guess this is when Bobby shows himself first.

Sam wants to go check up on the girl but Dean thinks it's more important to figure out the numbers so he tells Sam to go while he goes to go check on Frank. Sam asks Dean to come and join him if Frank hasn't found anything. He realizes that it's better not only for him, but also for Dean, to get moving and start doing something productive.

As they decide on that, Dean goes to drink his beer and finds that it's empty without him having drunk it. He accuses Sam of it, but Sam just tells Dean that he must have drunk it without noticing, which could have been true considering Dean's state of mind. Dean thinks so anyway. He doesn't question it, although he looks thoughtfully at the beer a few moments.

Sam finds the furnished apartment in which Krissy is waiting for her father. He finally tells her here that Bobby has passed away, then that he is Bobby's friend and if Bobby can be trusted, he can be too. Krissy is reluctant, but lets him in, telling him that she can call the police in an instant.

SAM: How long has it been?
KRISSY: Five days.
SAM: It's just you and him, huh? I know how that is.

This immediately takes me back to how it must have been for Sam when he was all alone waiting for Dean and dad to come back - or even with Dean when they were smaller - we are reminded of this again in the recent episode The Chitters in Season 11.

He goes to the dad's room to check out his research on the case, but since Krissy doesn't seem to know that her dad is a hunter, he asks her to go and get some coffee while he searches. He finds the map where they always are, in the back of the closet. He takes the info, and a picture of Krissy and her dad and tells Krissy he'll find her dad. He also gives her Dean's number just in case he doesn't call.

SAM: Here's a number, in case you don't hear from me in the next couple days. Don't worry. I promise I'll check in.
KRISSY: Don't say that. That's what my dad said.

We see how much Krissy is worried for her dad here and possibly how useless she feels.

Dean drives up to Frank's house and finds that Frank has moved all his stuff. As he is looking around the room, Frank comes in brandishing a rifle and threatens to shoot saying Dean could be a Leviathan.

DEAN: Frank. I'm not a Leviathan.
FRANK: Oh, sure. You're not a Leviathan. Dick Roman's not a Leviathan. Gwyneth Paltrow is not a Leviathan.
DEAN: Yeah?

Cracks up again!

Dean proves that he is not by cutting his arm to show red blood, then makes the reluctant Frank do it too. Then Frank takes Dean over to his camper, to which he has downsized.  When Dean questions him about it, he acts like the leviathan have been spying on him, but it seems he doesn't really have any evidence of that - he's just being careful/paranoid.

FRANK: You! "Hey, Frank, go dig up some dirt on Richard Roman." That night, I was burned off every IP I had. Ears on my phones, eyes on my house...
DEAN: Wait – Dick's got people watching you?
FRANK: Do I look like I know? You think it's easy to see this deep into what's real and also be bipolar with delusional ideation? There is no pill for my situation, sweetiepop, so, yeah, best guess – the bigmouths are onto me. Next question.

Then Frank tells Dean how he came to the conclusion that Bobby had been trying to get across a longer number but could not because of the compromised situation in his brain. And how he had found the correct number, coordinates - which totally reminds me of John - to a bit of land.

This whole time Dean is quite impatient and rude and it it were me, I'd be slapping him off the back of his head or throwing him out except I just love all those expressions :D

Finally though when Frank spells it out for him (hehe!) that the land was bought by one of the subsidiaries of Dick Roman Enterprises, he's a bit more respectful and Frank, knowing Dean, has a solution that's perfect for him:

DEAN: So what do we do?
FRANK: Stay away. Or, if we're stupid... we go there and set up surveillance.

Then we go back to Sam - who is checking out the morgue. Funny scene here -

SAM: So, what? Some kind of animal attack?
MORGUE ATTENDANT: Huh. That... usually gets at least a chuckle.

Love that silent bitch face Sam gives the attendant :D  He's like, "so not funny."

Then Dean's talking with Sam on the phone, and they are catching up, letting each other know how they are doing with each of their cases. Sam is walking up this set of stairs with a very modern looking building that I am sure I recognize... Probably the Museum of Anthropology at UBC. Mostly, I love the leaves changing on the trees. The last time we have such scenery I think is in Season 6 with Every Dog Goes to Heaven <3 I also like Dean standing against this old pillar of a barn(?) and the lighting of that. Dean is sure to let Sam know that he's not putting himself in danger. As he turns off his phone, he's called by Frank to get into his "costume" :D  Yay for Dean in costume!

Seriously, I think that helmet is a bit small for Dean. He looked a bit better with that yellow helmet back in Season 6. Cute anyway. We have Dean going up in the cherry picker because - Frank logic.

DEAN: Well, why do I got to be the sap that –
FRANK: This one says "manager." That one says "technician."

While Dean is up there though, Frank notices that there is already survaillance all around the perimeter. He tells Dean to come down and suggests they can just tap into the survaillance already set up. So they go back to the camper and I guess Frank teaches him how to tap into survaillance cameras because we have a moment in a future ep where Dean has to show off his new knowledge to Sam and Sam is totally jealous :D Then Frank lets Dean rest as he takes the "first watch" but Frank ends up letting Dean sleep for 36 hours before Dean wakes up on his own and demands to know why Frank didn't wake him.

FRANK: I'm not your butler.
Awww... Frank is sweet.

The only problem is, Sam had called while Dean was asleep. If only Dean had been awake to warn Sam about the pair work of the Vetala! Sam unfortunately gets caught.

When Dean wakes up, Frank explains that one of Dick's employees had come to survey the land. That's about all he is able to find out though. Dean is impatient, and Frank has an idea.

FRANK: Well, then go out and kill something or whatever you kids do to blow off steam. What, you don't like my suggestion?
DEAN: I don't think you're in a position to be giving suggestions, all right? I think you're one tinfoil hat away from a rubber room.
FRANK: Did I mention you look awful?
DEAN: Yes. Maybe because somebody I cared about just got shot in the head. And this is like shoving a rock up a hill. And – screw you.
FRANK: Here's my advice you didn't ask for – quit.
DEAN: What?!
FRANK: You want to keep going?
DEAN: I want Dick Roman on a spit.
FRANK: But you're gonna drive yourself into the ground first. Good plan.
DEAN: I'm not gonna quit. It's not even an option. I'm not gonna walk out on my brother.
FRANK: Okay, then, fine. Do what I did.
DEAN: What? Go native? Stock up on C-rations?

FRANK: No, cupcake. What I did when I was 26 and came home to find my wife and two kids gutted on the floor. Decide to be fine till the end of the week. Make yourself smile because you're alive and that's your job. Then do it again the next week.
DEAN: So fake it?
FRANK: I call it being professional. Do it right, with a smile, or don't do it.

I love this conversation. Frank is worried for Dean and wanting to help him, and he actually suggests exactly what Sam did - that he should go out and hunt to keep his mind off of it for a while. Despite Dean lashing out at him and basically being an ass, he shares what happened to his own family to show that he has been through terrible loss as well and then gives Dean some advice which Dean is able to take seriously.  We also get confirmation in this conversation that Dean feels he has to keep going for his brother's sake - which is actually why Sam came back from his dreamworld in Season 6 aye?

Dean listens to Sam's message on his phone and realizes that Sam has the wrong info.  Just as he's getting a bit worried, Krissy calls.  So after hearing from Frank about his loss, Dean is faced with a possible loss of his own.   The fear that he might lose Sam. Dean hurries to Krissy's.

Since he had heard from Sam that Krissy didn't seem to know anything about what her father did, he tries to carry on the pretense. But Krissy actually was just pretending not to know.  I'm guessing a bit of teenage rebelliousness was at work.

(Again, LOVE Dean looking in the closet!)
With Dean, she is done with pretending. She doesn't leave when he asks her to, and when Dean looks in the closet, he finds all of the stuff that used to be on the wall has been torn down.
DEAN: Sam said you didn't know.
KRISSY:Sam seemed competent, so I figured, fine – I'll do what my dad always tells me to. "Be a regular kid, don't say anything, stay out of the line of fire. Let the adults work it out." So much for that.

Krissy tells him she burned it, and the only way he is going to know where her dad and Sam are is to take her along.
7-10(3) 163.jpg
DEAN: All right, I get it. You're a tough kid. But I'm trying to get Sam and your dad back.
KRISSY:My dad left, and he didn't come back. Sam left, and he didn't come back. I give you the info, you leave, you don't come back.

This conversation just shows how frustrated and afraid Krissy is for her dad.
Dean has no choice, but boy does he hate it LOL. So involved in his own loss, he doesn't have any patience for anything or anyone. He stops Krissy from starting any conversation with him, except for when she asks him about the Vetela.
7-10(3) 192.jpg7-10(3) 191.jpg
He explains that he knew they worked in pairs because he had hunted one on his own while Sam was in college. So I wonder why Dean didn't share his knowledge with dad. Was this hunt then in the small window between the time dad disappeared and Dean went to find Sam? Why didn't he update his dad's journal?   I guess by the time he got the journal in the pilot ep, he'd forgotten about the hunt. When Krissy points out that he should have shared the info with Sam, Dean tells her that Sam was at Stanford.  Krissy is struck with speechlessness. She's never considered going to college... This may be where Dean wakes up a bit and starts to think of someone other than himself. He quietly tells her that she could do that too. Be a hunter/pediatrician.  It is interesting though that here, he still suggests she could be a hunter, while later on, events make him want her to quit hunting all together.
7-10(3) 200.jpg
Later on when they are waiting for sign of the Vetala, Krissy and Dean have a little conversation about Krissy going with him.  She is adamant that she is ready, but Dean doesn't want to let her go. She has obviously never been on a hunt, even though she may have helped her dad with research and whatnot. The way Dean talks to her though, just makes Krissy all the more determined to go.  Actually, I could totally see him arguing with Sam in the exact same way when they were younger.  It's actually a very uncomfortable scene for me.

Krissy is the first one to notice the strange action of the waitress going to the front of the truck to move it.  They follow the truck to the Vetala's lair.

Meanwhile, Sam is with Krissy's dad and has found out that he is one draining away from death.  In order to save the guy's life for a little longer, he purposefully angers the Vetala so that she will drain him instead. He tells her that he did hunt a pair of Vetalas previously and took his time killing them. From the fact that he didn't know they go in pairs, it seems unlikely to be true... but it sounds like something soulless Sam might have done.
7-10(3) 197.jpg7-10(3) 199.jpg
The way Sam talks to the Vetala actually reminds me of soulless Sam a little. It definitely makes her angry and attack him instead.

When they get to the lair, Dean cuffs Krissy to the steering wheel while pretending to fist bump. Important in this conversation though is Krissy telling Dean how she watched her mom getting ripped to shreds.   He can understand how she feels... and yet he can't put her in danger.

This is the second story of loss Dean has heard this episode, and it reminds Dean yet again that he is not the only one that has to keep going after losing a loved one. There are others who are and have suffered just as much. As with Frank, his attitude changes a little. He checks himself and stops being a dick. That of course doesn't mean Dean lets her come. He stays just as determined to keep her safe. He cuffs her to the car and takes her lockpick so that she cannot free herself. He forgets though that bobbypins are quite useful as a lockpick as well, and Krissy turns out to be quite resourceful.

When Dean goes into the building, the Vetalas are about to finish Krissy's dad off but Dean hits one with a bar and then the other comes after him and disarms him, but he finds another bar and he puts one down with a knife to her heart. I think he could have handled the situation if only Krissy had not come running to save her dad.   I guess she thought Dean had things under control but she puts everything in danger again.
87-10(3) 29.jpg
A Vetala takes her hostage so that Dean has no choice but to set the other Vetala free. They then threaten to kill everyone. Krissy cries out to Dean to save her, Dean not knowing what to do and maybe wondering if Krissy was going to turn into one of those people he was going to be guilty of killing yet again.   It's this that convinces Dean to ask Krissy's dad to quit later, I think.
87-10(3) 63.jpg87-10(3) 67.jpg
Krissy's dad is telling Dean he shouldn't have brought Krissy along, not knowing that Krissy had disobeyed Dean and come on her own. Krissy though has an advantage of being cool, armed and dangerous despite looking innocent and scared. She quickly turns while the Vetala is concentrating on Dean, and buries the knife in the Vetala's chest. That gives Dean some time to get to his own knife on the floor. The other Vetala tries to attack Dean, but Krissy sets Sam free and Sam comes from behind her and kills her first.
87-10(3) 68.jpg87-10(3) 72.jpg
Interesting that they use the Vetala's strategy against them.
87-10(3) 76.jpg87-10(3) 73.jpg
KRISSY: Bad actress, huh?
DEAN: Yeah, I take it back.

The relief in Dean's eyes...
87-10(3) 77.jpg
LEE: No, you saved my life. Krissy's, too.
SAM: Actually, uh, she kind of saved ours.
DEAN:Don't thank us. Quit. Your daughter's 14 years old. She's already a hunter with a-a kill under her belt. I'm not trying to be a dick, but what do you think that does to her life span? She could still be a regular kid.
LEE: You know, I got into this for a reason.
DEAN: I know. Your family. That's the same reason you should get out now.

87-10(3) 86.jpg87-10(3) 84.jpg
LEE: I can't. You ever know anyone who left the life?
87-10(3) 79.jpg
DEAN: No. They all get killed first.
I love the part where Dean tells Lee that he should quit for his family, just as that was the reason he got into it in the first place.

Krissy comes out after Sam and Dean to have her little goodbye with Dean. It seems she has gotten attached to Dean - maybe since she feels they kills the monsters together, and maybe because Dean convinced her dad to quit. They fist bump and its a very sweet scene.

It hurts though to rewatch this and remember that a crazy man is going to get her dad killed just so he can created a team of kid hunters. Just goes to show that people never really get out of hunting. They always get pulled back in somehow. So, maybe the hunters from The Chitters will find themselves back in the game again too.

Dean and Sam talk in the car about how glad they are to have been able to help Krissy and her dad and then how they are dealing with Bobby's death, and Sam tells Dean that he is definitely not OK but he just needs to keep hunting.  Dean agrees.  They are professionals afterall.  Sam doesn't quite understand what he means, but we do.  We end with Dean practicing his smile in the car as Sam takes a much needed nap.  It's forced and fake, and it breaks my heart.

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