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Rewatching Season 7, Time for a Wedding

I know I mentioned this before, but I've got to say there is nothing that fires me up more than a general dislike of an episode.  Not that I feel I have to convince people otherwise, but I feel challenged and motivated to delving into the ep. and finding meaning to it.  Eps that arouse negative emotion are VERY interesting to me :D    And this episode has plenty of that.  I personally enjoy this episode very much.  I enjoy watching Sam under the influence, and Dean's reaction to it all. I also actually don't mind naive, nerdy Becky.  I see a lot of similarities that I can empathize with.

BUT, the funny thing is, this episode is not really about Becky as a stereotype of fandom, nor is it just a humorous episode.  It actually has an awesome theme which all the hype distracted me from.  I'm back at the beginning again trying to rewrite this after I finally figured it out.  This is actually about Sam and Dean as a sibling act and how perfect they are for each other!  Let me show you.

"Wolfman (a)" by Phil X (KPM Music)(plays in the strip club)
"Bridal Chorus" by Richard Wagner(plays during Sam and Becky's wedding)
"Cherish" by The Association(plays in the background while Sam and Becky have their first meal together)

We start the episode with Dean in Vegas, having a few drinks with the bartender after her work.  Dean is BLUE.  The reason is, that his brother, who he's been thinking was going to crack at any moment, seems perfectly fine, and has embraced a new lifestyle THAT DOES NOT INCLUDE DEAN.  Dean is very lonely for his brother, even though he is happy that Sam is OK.  And this is something that is very important this episode: Dean's need to be with his brother.

The bartender suggests that sometimes people need some time to face themselves and Dean thinks she's talking about Sam, and he answers, yeah, he probably does, but she tells him, no. She's talking about Dean.  My impression is Dean doesn't want to do any such thing.   He wants to ignore what's going on in his head as much as possible - but he looks gratified when the bartender suggests it.

Then, Dean gets a call from Sam.  He's close. He wants Dean to come in his suit.

DEAN:Speak of the devil. He's four blocks away?
WAITRESS:See? Baby bro needs you after all.

Here we have it more clearly.  The idea that Dean wants to be needed by Sam.

Dean goes to the address Sam specified.  He finds out that Sam is in a Chapel, and while he is walking down the hall a light flickers so Dean thinks Sam is fighting a supernatural being... I wonder if that potion might have made the lights flicker...?  So Dean takes out his gun and is just about to open the doors when Sam opens them from the inside.

He's looking all happy, tells Dean he doesn't need his gun now and makes him put it away, then he gets out a pink carnation - pink standing for  loyalty - and puts it on Dean's button hole.

SAM:I'm in love. And I'm getting married.
SAM:Say something, like, uh, like, "congratulations," for example.

DEAN:What the hell?  Becky?

 And a bride comes walking up the isle.  It's Becky Rosen!  I just love Dean's reaction to this as well as Sam being so cute.  Of course we know it's all because of the potion, but he looks so happy and adorable.

DEAN:How in the -- How did this happen?

SAM:Short version? We -- we -- we met. We ate and -- and talked and fell in love. And, you know, here we are.

DEAN:Yeah, I-I guess I'm all caught up. That's -- okay. You know what? Ignoring everything, have you forgotten the average life-span of your hookups?
BECKY:But if anyone knows that, it's me. I mean, I read every book. So, open eyes, you know? Open eyes.

This whole scene with Sam "in love" and Dean's reaction faces is priceless. Dean is incredulous, but Sam is very reasonable.  He tells Dean to take some time to make peace with the situation and come and see them at Becky's house when he was ready to be cordial.

Dean of course is having none of this.  He just knows that there is something very wrong with the situation.  How can Sam be getting married with Becky?! He calls Bobby right away and leaves a message.  Bobby though is busy taking care of a vamp nest somewhere.  Dean decides to go and stake out at Becky's, try to figure out what supernatural problem he is facing because Sam leaving him, that's just impossible.

Meanwhile, Becky and Sam are on their way to her place but they stop at a restaurant for Becky to register to attend her high school reunion.  There, we find out that Becky was definitely not in the in-crowd.  Not only that, but they had a nickname for her, Yucky Becky, which is cruel and demeaning.  And this girl who I guess was in the in-crowd in high school is so immature that she taunts her with this name.  And that takes me right back to Afterschool Special... as it should I guess, because we find out later that this was the reason Becky could relate to Sam.  I will talk about this a bit more later.  What I want to mention is I feel sympathetic to Becky here.  I am glad that she could show Sam off and make that stupid girl speechless.

Becky actually tells Sam later that she had wanted to show Sam off and show everyone that she was happy, and it made me think of how this must have been how she got into this mess in the first place. She meets Guy in the process of finding out about her reunion and being all depressed about how she had nothing to show for her life and people would just look at her and think she was a loser. Guy worms his way into her heart in that state... she must have talked of Sam like just a guy she had a crush on etc., and he tells her how he has this wonderful potion, and she's like NOoooo. I'm not going to drug anyone into loving me, and he goes it will only work if he really loves you deep down so you wouldn't be doing anything bad... She'd be like really...? Guy's like, Hey, I'm a wiccan, and wiccan's are good, like Glinda of Oz :D And Yeah. I can totally see it.

 After that, they meet the party-planner/wiccan/crossroads demon Guy in the parking lot and Guy is speechless as he is introduced to Sam Winchester, her husband. He didn't know that the guy she was after was SAM f-ing Winchester!  Sam is really cute here, telling the guy that any friend of Becky's is also his friend.  As the demon walks away, Becky runs up to him and asks for some more of the potion.  This is when we first realize on first watch that she is drugging Sam.

When they get home, Becky has a nice romantic dinner planned.

She has some lingerie she has kept for such an occasion and wants to be complemented on, which Sam does, and everything looks fine, except that something happens to Sam.  The potion seems to be wearing off.

His vision blurs and he doesn't remember what happened or where he is. Becky quickly gets the potion, dumps it into Sam's champagne and makes him drink it.  And he's OK again.  But Becky has had her first scare and possibly this makes her a bit doubtful about the potion itself. (We do also have our first death, which is a baseball player getting killed by some balls.)

Dean is stopping in a bar and gets an idea from a newspaper article that looks like a case.  Maybe he can get Sam away from Becky for a bit if he could lure him with a case?  I'm not sure if he already has the idea that Becky and the case are connected somehow.  He goes, waffle iron in hand.  I mentioned this before, but I like how waffle irons are such a "thing" when Dean thinks of marriage!

When he is let inside the house and tries to tell Sam about the case, he finds that Sam is already on it, and is working it with Becky.   This is a terrible shock to Dean.  How could Sam choose Becky over him? and he again can't help but be insulting before suggesting that she is part of the things that are happening around town (which is correct) and that she is in danger if she won't ask for help.

DEAN: All right, listen, Cookie, I don't know what kind of mojo you're working, but, believe me, I will find out.
SAM: Dean, that' wife you're talking to.
DEAN: You're not even acting like yourself, Sam!
SAM: How am I not?

DEAN: You married Becky Rosen!
BECKY: What are you saying? I'm a witch? Or maybe I'm a siren. Ever occur to you we're just -- I don't know -- happy?

OK, Dean doesn't do so well with the insults. And again, in this case Sam IS drugged, but this is something that could happen suddenly at no warning without any drug or crossroads deal. itsnotmymind mentioned in the poll comments that the episode reminded her of Yoko Ono and how people hated and despised her as if she had been a witch and put a spell on John Lennon (when really it actually was "true love" - like it or not). The thing with this type of jealousy is that it is discriminatory. It assumes that the idol John Lennon could not possibly have ever fallen in love with a person like her. We see that in this episode as well. That is the only thing that bothers me about the episode. Dean's reference to how Sam could never fall in love with a person like Becky. It assumes that Sam himself is only allowed to choose a person that Dean thinks is worthy or Dean thinks Sam likes.

Dean's attitude, though,  can be attributed to the fact that he doesn't want to let go of Sam. He can't fathom not being together and not working together (this is like the perfect wincest story) and so he can't accept that Sam has chosen to be with someone else.   All this of course is in the subconscious.  Consciously, he's just thinking, there is something wrong with this picture.  And now that he knows about the case in town, it all seems to fit together.

DEAN: Come on, Sam! Guy wins the lotto, guy hits the bigs. All right, obviously, uh, people's dreams are coming true in this town. Don't you think this is a little bit of a coincidence?
SAM: You know what, Dean? What Becky and I have is real. And if you can't accept that, that's your problem, not ours.
DEAN: Or maybe she's part of it. Because for whatever reason, you're her dream. If you really do care about her, I'd be worried. Because people who do get their little fantasies or whatever seem to end up dead pretty quick.
SAM:You know, I went after her, Dean. Maybe that's what's bugging you -- that I'm moving on with my life. I mean, you took care of me, and that's great. But I don't need you anymore.

Sam tells Dean outright that he does not need him anymore.  OUCH.  As we saw in the very beginning of the episode, this is the most painful thing for Dean to hear.  It actually reminds me a bit of Demon-blood Sam in the sense that he has a false sense of security and a woman is pulling his strings :P  It also reminds me of what their relationship has always been - Sam wanting to do things on his own  and resenting Dean's almost parental control, and Dean just wanting to be with Sam but forgetting that Sam does need to be his own man.

Dean leaves, hurt, but he has to figure out what is wrong because his gut tells him this is all kinds of weird and he knows the case and what has happened to Sam are related.  As Sam asks Becky later, what are the chances of two separate weird things happening in one place at once?!  Dean wants Bobby to come and help him, but Bobby's busy so he sends Garth. This is our first introduction to Garth! Unless you count that phone call with Bobby in Weekend at Bobby's <3  And Garth... is different. He's not at all what comes to mind when we think of a hunter.  LOL  I grow to love him in episodes to come, but how he survives when he's on his own is a big puzzle. Anyway, he's like, hey, Bobby told me that you were going to be surly but, sticks and stones... :)

And sorry but I have to read the funny comics before I look at the headline, just because.  And Dean's like WHO IS THIS GUY?? LOL

We have a scene in here somewhere where Becky is totally being school-girly about her crush on Sam and she thinks Sam's going to be grossed out by her decorative notebook but he just hugs it to his heart and tells her it's beautiful.

Not only that, but he's got some his/hers badges! It's all a dream come true for Becky. She is ecstatic. And Sam is adorable. I love that dreamy lovey dovey look on his face.
Back to Dean and Garth. They go to interview the guy who miraculously became CEO all of a sudden.

Sam and Becky come out of the office and Sam tells them that Becky is a pro and she asked all the right questions, and the guy is clean.  The interesting thing is that they miss some important information that Dean and Garth pick up later. That is, that this WASN'T the guy's dream job.  It was his wife's dream.  Both Dean and Garth suck at getting this information though.  They make the guy think that he is being threatened.  This scene is actually trying to tell us that Sam and Dean are the perfect team and that if they team up with anyone else, it just doesn't work as well.  Sam with Becky misses important information, and Dean and Garth are too threatening and don't have the soft touch that Sam does.

CEO:Say, fellas, what's with the third degree?
GARTH:Oh, uh, no offense. We were just wondering if you got here by nefarious means.
DEAN:Whoa! Garth!
GARTH: Oh. Uh, I-I didn't mean, of course, uh, corporate backstabbing -- I'm sorry. I meant more like, uh, you know, black magic or hoodoo.

DEAN: Ha ha ha ha! Oh! He jokes. He's a -- he's a jokester. Let's, uh, rewind. Why don't, uh, why don't you tell us what it felt like when your big dream came true?

They rush out to talk to the wife, but again Dean's words are taken all the wrong way, naturally.

DEAN:Okay, you know what? I'm trying to save you from a really bad accident.
MARSHA:Are you threatening me?
DEAN:No, I-I-I'm pointing out a pattern. Why do people keep thinking I'm threatening them?
GARTH:Because it sounded exactly like a threat, dude.

She thinks he is threatening her.  And this all of a sudden reminds me of that guy who gets run over by a bus in My Heart Will Go On?!   Dean couldn't save him from Fate, but he is able to save the wife from demon trickery at least!

Now that she barely escapes death and Dean is the one that rescued her, she is willing to talk.  She tells them about the demon deal and they explain that she indeed sold her soul.  Suddenly, though, Dean is very very worried for Sam.  This wife almost died.  Which means Sam might be next! If he was rational, he'd figure out that it's not Sam's dream to be married to Becky, so it's Becky's life that is at stake.  ... Unless he is a bit worried that it WAS Sam's dream??

Seeing Dean panic, Garth takes over. We can see that this is his strong point.  Organizing.  He quickly assigns the wife to stay with his brother until this is resolved and tells Dean to follow him.  LOVE Dean's faces here <3

Meanwhile, the potion is wearing off again and Becky didn't close the lid properly so it spilled in her purse and there is not enough left to give to Sam.  I love that little touch of the potion spilling in her purse.  I can totally relate to that! My purse is still blue from some ink I decided to take home from work LOL  I also loooove how Becky hits Sam with the waffle iron.  That was a very nice touch - not the hitting, the waffle iron.  Maybe if Dean hadn't brought the darn thing... *shakes head grinning*

The one thing I'm baffled by here is the fact that Becky seems to have carried Sam to the car to take him up to her cabin, then dragged him on to her bed to tie him up.  Or maybe they were already up at the cabin for the dinner?  Still, dragging that huge guy to the bed is pretty amazing, I think :P

Dean and Garth get to Becky's house and find it empty.  Garth shows his "incompetence" as he barges into the room without the proper care.  But he's not bad at finding stuff on the computer.  He is able to open Becky's tweats and find that she has gone somewhere she considers "romantic" with Sam.  Dean finds the photo of the cabin and even though neither of them think it is particularly romantic -

DEAN:That look romantic to you?
GARTH:Oh, hell, no. But I got this thing about fish. Dead eyes, man.

They decide that Becky very likely took Sam there and go to find them.

While that is happening, Sam wakes up tied up and in his underwear.  He remembers everything that happened though and when he hears Becky pleading with the "wiccan" for the potion, he knows exactly what she did and the fact that this is also related to the case in town.

SAM: You're not this stupid, Becky.
BECKY: Whatever is killing people... it's something else.

SAM: It's never something else. When are there ever two crazy things in town at the same time? Guy's the creep, and you're on his list.

SAM:He's your dealer. Look, I don't know how much he's charging you for that Spanish Fly --
BECKY:Nothing! He gives it to me. And he said it wouldn't even work unless you already loved me, deep down. It just activates it.
SAM:So you think I love you?
BECKY:Deep, deep down?

OK, I really want to go with the second set of quotes first because there is an important point here. The demon really knows how to get to Becky's heart and one thing that he assured her was that it wouldn't work unless Sam did love her. She didn't go into this thinking that she'd make him love her. She thought that she was "activating" the love that was already there.

The other thing (from the first set of quotes) is that Becky has been lying to herself that the two "cases" are separate. She's not doing anything bad. This is a Wiccan, and Wiccans are good. But deep down she must have been dreading that Dean might be right. It reminds me of another little story I'm reading. It also reminds me a bit of The Hobbit, and that evil ring. People, and Hobbits, tend to lie to ourselves when we step into such situations. We want to believe so badly that it's not bad, or that nothing bad is going to happen. Which also reminds me of how the people of Japan lied to ourselves about how safe the nuclear plants were. The politicians say they are safe: see, we've taken every precaution and look at how wonderful the benefits! cheap power, less CO2 in the air! But we all knew deep down that it was dangerous, and as long as there were people involved there was always going to be the possibility of something going terribly wrong. And there was no way that EVERY SINGLE PRECAUTION could have been taken.

Anyway, sidetracked here, but I think we can all relate to wanting to believe that everything is fine.

Becky leaves Sam with a gag in his mouth and goes to meet Guy for some more of the elixir. What she finds out there though is what Sam had told her already. Guy was not a wiccan, he was a crossroads demon and he had been tricking people to their deaths all over town. She is shocked and saddened to find that he is not a friend like she thought. What he says to her reminds me of how she had been treated in school. He totally plays with her emotions here, now that she knows the truth. Trying to convince her that she is worthless and can only have happiness if she makes a demon deal. But she doesn't fall for it. She asks for the drink and says goodbye to her little dream. She goes back to Sam to let him know that he was right, and to cut him loose and help him stop Guy from killing people. But not before we hear why she did what she did... and Sam's little sermon. One thing I want to say here is that Sam is the nicest guy. Yeah he is exasperated with Becky for doing what she did, but he doesn't think she is evil. She is just one of the millions of people taken in by crossroads demons in to making stupid choices. Another thing is Becky and what led her to trust Guy and do this thing in the first place.

BECKY: I know you don't love me.
SAM: Yeah, you got that right.
BECKY:I know what I am, okay? I'm a loser. In school, in life. Guess that's why I like you so much.
BECKY:I mean, not that you're a loser, but you had that whole character arc about being a freak, and... I can relate.
And here we are with the little reference to being the freak. This is the second time this season - first, it's Sam relating to Amy and now Becky relating to Sam... interesting comparison actually.

BECKY:Honestly... The only place people understood me was the message boards. They were grumpy and overly literal, but at least we shared a common passion. And I'll take it, you know? Then I met you guys -- the real Sam and Dean. And I started dating Chuck.
BECKY: And everything was... amazing. But you left, and Chuck dumped me. I think I intimidated him with my vibrant sexuality.

BECKY:I just want someone who loves me for me! Is that too much to ask?
SAM:If you want somebody to love you for you, maybe don't drug them.
BECKY:But I want you! And this is the only way!
SAM: Becky. Becky, you're better than this.
BECKY:That's sweet, but... I'm not so sure.

I like the little jab at the negativity and "overly literal" interpretations on the message boards LOL This, I think, is very true, just as much as the fact that we all to some extent put up with these because "at least we share a common passion." This might be as good a place as any to talk about Becky in relation to us, the RL fans of the show. And I guess if people don't like eps like The Real Ghostbusters or the French Mistake, then it's not surprising that people don't like this ep, in which it almost seems like the RL fans are being made fun of. They really hit it on the mark with Becky - I can see many aspects of her that I might have been like when I was younger and even now: naivety and nerdiness being the main things. I was never teased like that in high school though, and we didn't have much of an in-crowd, nor did we have the bully type situations you might have in other schools. If we did, I was oblivious to it. I didn't ever feel like a freak. But I did think I'd never find anyone who'd love me for me. So I can definitely relate to that. I think a lot of girls can.  Her little talk with Sam, the way they show how she had been hurt in high school, etc., makes me sympathize - like I said earlier. So, if people feel the same way about Becky as I do, it wouldn't be surprising that the seeming discrimination toward Becky in the show, as I mentioned before, would be equated with discrimination against RL fans. If Becky is not worthy of Sam then that could be equated in some minds as the general fan is not worthy either. There may of course be others who are offended by the fact that a person like Becky is used as an icon for fans on the whole because they are much smarter or prettier or less nerdy. In other words, there are just a ton of ways you can be offended by this ep (or by any girl in the show for that matter).

The "roofying" of Sam seems to be a big issue as well, and I understand people's aversion to the aspect of doing something to someone else without their consent - which is why people have such trouble of course with Dean swiping Lisa and Ben's memories. And I would have agreed one hundred percent that this was wrong (if not hate worthy) But there is that little part about Becky making herself believe that Sam DID love her deep down. Guy had told her that it wouldn't work otherwise. And even though she may have felt there was something wrong, that this was rather too good to be true, she really wanted to believe it was. How can I fault her that? I really can't. And all I feel when she tells Sam that she knew he didn't love her - nobody loved her - is sympathy, which I know Sam, in his exasperation, also felt.

Anyway, that is not what this episode is about as I mentioned earlier.  This episode is about Sam and Dean and here, I just really enjoy the cuteness. Sam is adorable. I love the way he talks with that gag in his mouth. You can tell he's just exasperated with this person.   And Becky is cute too in her naive way and rubbing Sam's chest like she can't get enough. Who wouldn't! LOL

I do love the way she totally doops Guy and gives him over to the hunters.

I am rather embarrassed for her when she gets all excited about it and jumps up and down telling people she's awesome, but well, she did a lot more than Garth did LOL so I guess she is that. She is the one afterall that kills the other demon and helps Sam get the knife to Dean.

I love Sam and Dean's faces as the deal with Guy.

Unfortunately they had not thought he had an accomplice, and they are at an advantage - both Sam and Dean against the wall being choked and Garth out like a light.  Becky comes to the rescue by killing the acomplice, then Sam pulls the knife out of him and

throws the knife to Dean and DEAN CATCHES IT!!!

Dean puts the knife to Guy's throat so they can get the deals annulled <3  But then Crowley appears.

BECKY:You're Crowley!
CROWLEY:And you're -- well, I'm sure you have a wonderful personality, dear.

I just can't help but laugh as I read those lines again. But wait, is that like a jab at the fact that she's not considered pretty? Oh well, Crowley.

Love Crowley's line here of course:

CROWLEY:There's only one rule -- make a deal, keep it.
GUY:Well, technically, I didn't --
CROWLEY:There's a reason we don't call our chits in early -- consumer confidence. This isn't Wall Street! This is Hell! We have a little something called integrity. This gets out, who'll deal with us? Nobody! Then where are we?

Dean's scary face :D

And Garth of course!!

GARTH:What'd I miss?

Becky is signing the annulment and she is feeling sad -

BECKY: It wasn't all bad was it?
She is still hoping that Sam had enjoyed their time together, and I think he had, actually.  It wasn't like he was possessed and a part of him was their hating it the whole time. He just doesn't want to admit it and let her think that what she had done was OK. When he sees that she feels depressed about it though, he tries to cheer her up.
SAM:Okay, y-you did save my life, and for that, thanks.
BECKY:So, I'll see you again?
SAM:Yeah, probably not.

SAM:Becky, look. You're not a loser, okay? You're a good person, a-and you've got... a lot of... e-energy. So, you know, just do your thing, whatever that is, and the right guy will find you.
I also think that Sam's "you're a good person" speaks for Becky's not going through with the demon deal when she saw it for what it was. She is definitely a go-getter, but she is not a bad person.

I'm not quite sure why Dean discourages Garth from going after Becky though. Maybe it's just too soon? Or maybe he thinks it's not a good match? Too scary? I love the way Garth is rubbing down his hair and wondering if he has a chance with her, and Becky looking interested and then downhearted when Dean says no.  I do think that, from what we saw of them both teamed with Sam and Dean,  they might actually make a good team... :P

So, now that they have said goodbye to Becky, it's time to say goodbye to Garth. And it's kind of funny because of the parallel, maybe because both boys are saying goodbye to a team partnership that just would not work and reasserting that they work best together.  We find that Garth is a softy and loves HUGS and Dean lets him hug him... but is still rather uncomfortable with it! Sam teasing Dean

SAM: AWWWW... You made a fwiend!!
Dean's like shut up!

And then their last conversation - Sam thanking Dean for being there for him, reaffirming that he does need Dean on occasion, And Dean saying that Sam is a grown man and he can take care of himself, unless of course crazy groupies attack (haha)  - and finally:

SAM:You know what, though? Seriously? It might be nice.
SAM:I mean, you basically have been looking out for me your whole life. Now you finally get to take care of yourself. About time, huh?
DEAN: Yeah.

Which is what the bartender girl said at the beginning of the episode. Dean doesn't look particularly happy with that.    But they both reaffirm here that they need each other and work best with each other.  Which brings us back to the sibling acts of last ep aye? How could they work so well together if they weren't a couple?  :D


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