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Rewatching 7-7 The Mentalists

The Mentalists - I really enjoyed the episode for various reasons. First the chemistry between the girl Melanie and Dean and Sam figuring it out early and giving them space at the end. All of it was so sweet! Although come on, Sam did just as much to save you as Dean - you could give him a hug at least. I also loved how we could see how devastated they were not to be able to save her friend, and how desperate to save her.

Second, I loved the effects for the ghosts - especially the first ghost, but for the evil twin as well.

Third, I loved the message from Ellen! I love ghosts, I love messages from beyond, and I love Dean's face when the guy told him!! I also loved the whole topic of brother acts. And there was humor! The restaurant scenes were hilarious!

Last but not least, I loved the whole tiptoeing around Sam by Dean, Sam grumpily simmering (and not crazy mad like last ep), Dean getting his feelings out and lastly Sam absolving Dean of his guilt and the cute little conversation at the end. Awesome ep.

Let's start on the recap then now that I've got that out of the way LOL!

MUSIC (sorry... no links :()
"Knockanore Hill" by Ian Duncan Antony Clarke & Simon John Painter (CPM / Carlin)
(plays in the Good Graces Cafe)
"Thar Desert" by Adam Francis Routh & Patrick David Wilson (Bruton Music)
(plays when Sam barges in on the Lamaze class)

The ep starts with a seance and the old lady getting her pointer in her throat. Which is totally gross, but they put a lot of effort into this scene. I loved the guy being very skeptical, and the wife not, the little effects the psychic uses to make it look real, and the horror and fascination when the pointer starts moving by itself! THIS was an awesome MoTW scene. It could be one of the best. You know, this had substance.

Back to Dean, all on his lonesome. He's checking his phone for messages, hoping there will be one from Sam... but no. Totally sad. He goes to steal a car, finds a bunch of garbage inside as well as a radio station he is not interested in listening to, until the announcer talks about some weird deaths in Lilly Dale, and Dean is like YAY! WORK to take my mind off of things! Off he goes.

When he gets there, he checks out the scene first and he finds all the little tricks the old psychic was using. He loves it and pretends to do a little seance of his own and looks up for a bitchface from Sam... oh yeah, he's not there. Totally lonely. awww... *hugs Dean* Then he goes over to get some lunch and finds weird vibes...

He decides he'd rather go to the burger shop down the street, but before he turns to leave, he sees Sam sitting at one of the tables! YAY, brother<3

He sits down without letting Sam get a word in edgewise. Sam is stewing and just sits looking at him as he tells him what he found but, finally as Dean suggests that they are both there and not leaving until they stop the killing, he agrees that they might as well work together.

Wow... this scene is so similar to the one in Season 9, except of course Sam was mad for quite a bit longer in Season 9. I wish Dean could have just called him on it like he did this ep and things worked out quicker. But then I guess in season 9 we need all those eps in between to figure out through his actions that Sam still really loves his brother. Sam hands over some pictures of each of the people that died, and we find out that both of them had the same necklace on. They decide to go and see if they can get the necklace.

While they are doing that, a lady who does pregnancy Lamas classes as we will see later (I LOVE THAT SCENE<3) comes into the restaurant and seeing the guys thinks that they are the brothers that had been robbing banks and killing folk in last ep. Sam is quick to figure this out and assure her that they are most certainly not the same brothers, and Dean adds his two cents.

Then Russian spoonbender, who is in a relationship with her... or a friend maybe? comes in and tells the woman that of course they are not those robbers, he can tell right away that they are FBI, because they have that aura he recognizes because he is Russian. He comes over with her to introduce himself. He touches Sam's spoon, but nothing happens to it while he is there. As they leave and Sam tries to use the spoon, it bends on it's own accord.

I love how this story is about a psychic who is jealous of these other people because they are fakes and he is real but he can't get rich and they can get some good paying jobs BUT, we end up finding out that at least some of these "fakes" actually were the real deal - they just didn't know it.

Unfortunately, we see the Russian guy later on working on his forks and not getting any result at all... except the ghost of our evil twin Margaret makes them stand up and he gets plastered onto the table - also very gross.

While that is happening, Sam and Dean are visiting the next of kin to the old lady who died in the first scene. Her good friend Camille's also there to comfort her as they walk up and you get the impression that they are really nice girls. Melanie tells them that her grandmother actually believed in what she did, while Melanie herself does the circuits but admits to using body language to find out things. For example,

MELANIE:Well, I honestly read people. It's just less whoo-whoo, more body language. Like you two – long-time partners, but, um... a lot of tension. [Gestures to SAM.] You're pissed. [Gestures to DEAN.] And you're stressed. It's not brain surgery. It's kind of why my grandma and me didn't get along. I mean, she'd go full smoke-machine, but she still actually believed in all that stuff, so...
DEAN:You don't?

DEAN:I've got an open mind. You'd be surprised.
Sam and Dean are like, wow, you can tell that from just the way we are standing? But another important part of this conversation is that when she asks them if they believe in psychic powers, Dean tells her that he has an open mind, which helps her go to them when she gets the call from her friend. Melanie tells them that she doesn't have the necklace because all of her grandmother's things were donated to the emporium and Sam and Dean are on their way.

So they go to the emporium where they find the necklace and take it as state evidence. A very fun scene! Also love how the store keeper - who is actually the brains behind the killings and a strong psychic - gives them a similar reading and suggests that Sam come around for a consultation. Again spooky for them but really fun to listen to on rewatch :D

JIMMY:A loss weighs on you. You're angry. It's complicated. Come see me, Agent.
Oh, and the guy's name is "Jimmy Tomorrow" which is kind of funny in a sarcastic way too.

They find out that the necklace is made in Taiwan and is a fake. They also go to check out the poor Russian and find out that many psychics in town had an idea of what had killed him - one of these was that it was some kind of ghost.

They find out from the sheriff there that the Russian had seen his death before it had happened. We also know from seeing the Russian's white breath before he dies that it is a ghost. The question is who?

Then they get a phone call from Melanie. When they get there she tells them that she had just listened to a phone message from her grandmother saying that she had seen her own death. Melanie is spooked because the Russian was also said to have seen his own death. She also tells them that her Grandmother had said that the room had gotten cold right before she died. Sam and Dean look at each other, and when she asks them what the matter is, they tell her that it's a ghost.

DEAN: There's fake woowoo crap and then there's real woowoo crap.
(And we have that line that I haven't heard in ages!)
MELANIE: You're kidding.... you're serious...

As Dean looks at her with that "look at my face and tell me I'm lying" face LOL. I love that and it's so nice to see. It so reminds me of Provenances<3 Then of course they have to tell her that they are not really FBI, and in this town full of fake psychics, they are also fake. They just fit in quite perfectly!

MELANIE: I need a drink.
DEAN: I support that.

And Sam looks at Dean with his bitchface. Ahhhh :D There is so much funny in this ep. Love it.

While they are walking down from the house, they are talking about how much difficulty they are going to have finding the source of this ghost when we have a moment where Sam decides it is better to separate to cover more ground -

SAM:I was thinking split up the canvas. It's faster.
DEAN: Of course you were.

So this is a little weak for showing that Sam would rather be away from Dean. There are plenty of other times they've split up because it's faster. They did it just last episode when they were perfectly ok with eachother. But Dean is disappointed they can't work together and takes it as Sam being a dick.

Meanwhile, we see Melanie's friend Camille doing a seance, which is obviously fake, but good advice anyway and comforting and very business like the way she asks for the money at the end LOL As she's putting the money away in a little tin box she gets a vision of being choked to death. She, of course calls her friend Melanie and Melanie calls Dean.

Looking around the friend's seance room, Dean finds a hidden camera and they go look at the footage. They see the ghost's face on the screen and Melanie recognizes it as one of the psychics shown in a picture at the museum. Sam and Dean go to the museum to check it out. On the second floor, they find a row of pictures of the sibling acts. While they are checking these out - Dean from the left, Sam from the right... and they kind of awkwardly bump into each other in the middle LOL...

The owner of the museum comes up and tells them that the sibling acts never really worked out, maybe because they were too close, always together, etc. Except for the "Campbells" who weren't really brothers but a gay couple. Quite a depressing thing to say in front of Sam and Dean. Unless, of course the writers are trying to make a subtle Wincest reference? Also interesting that the gay couple's name was Campbell :D When they ask about the sisters in one photo, he tells them that one who was pretty, had a modest gift and charisma, while the other was "full of crap." We know for a fact though that this was not true. At least the one who was not as pretty was quite strong psychically. He does say something interesting though, and that is, that she took care of Kate, the charismatic one.

OWNER: She looked after Kate. Sometimes, one's true gift is taking care of others.
As viewers, as soon as the reference to "sibling acts" comes out we are looking for similarities with the Winchester brothers, right? And who's the one who has a gift in taking care of people? Of course Dean. If we think of it that way, Kate would be compared to Sam - the one who is obviously more charismatic and is thought to have all the power. We find out of course that the power was probably mutual but the sister that wasn't so pretty did not get recognized for it. Kate also looked after her sister, even in death. And they were both powerful.

Sam says thank you and leaves, but the owner suddenly grabs Dean's arm and gives him a message from beyond.

OWNER: I'm sorry I don't normally do this during business hours, but do you know an Eleanor, or an Ellen? She seems quite concerned about you. She wants to tell you, pardon me, if you don't tells someone how bad it really is, she'll kick your ass from beyond. You'll have to trust someone again, eventually.

I love Dean's eyes at the end there :D But he takes the message to heart and as soon as he joins Sam outside and Sam's all curt and businesslike again, he tells Sam to cut the crap.

DEAN: You're pissed, okay? And you've got a right.
SAM: Yeah, damn straight.
DEAN: But enough's enough.
SAM: Says who? Look, I'll work this damn case, but you lied to me, and you killed my friend.
DEAN: No, I put down a monster who killed four people, and if you didn't know her, you'd have done the same thing.
SAM: I did know her, Dean.
DEAN: Yeah, which is why you couldn't do it.
DEAN: Look, I get it. There are certain people in this world, no matter how dangerous they are, you just can't.
SAM: Don't pull that card! That's bull. Look, if I've learned one thing, it's that if something feels wrong, it probably is!
DEAN: Usually, yeah. But killing Amy was not wrong. You couldn't do it, so I did. That's what family does -- the dirty work. And I woulda told you, eventually, once I knew that this whole "waving a gun at Satan" thing was a one-time show. I think it's reasonable to want to know that you're off the friggin' high dive, Sam. You almost got us both killed, so you can be pissed all you want, but quit being a bitch.

Now as a Dean girl and Winchester girl, I tend to believe these guys' gut responses. Sam admits here that the reason why it felt wrong to kill Amy was that she was his friend (and saved his life). He tells us later that he probably would have killed her if she had not been his friend and he could consider it objectively. But the reason Sam had been upset with Dean was not just that he had killed Amy as much as Dean had lied to him.  Dean also felt bad about this and that is why he was "climbing the walls" as he describes later.  And the reason for this is again important in understanding Dean's psychology at this point. As I've pointed out numerous times, Dean has been damaged firstly by Cas and then by Sam's wall breaking. In the previous episode, we saw that he felt guilty for bringing Sam down this path to begin with. And to an extent, he probably also felt responsible for not being able to stop Cas. He says himself that he feels responsible for everything. Later, though, he tells Sam that he lost faith because of what Cas did - Cas betrayed them and brought evil into the world. Not only that, he had damaged Sam and brought direct pain to Dean. The angel that he trusted, as a friend and brother, had betrayed him. Then there was Sam's breakdown, in which Sam could no longer see the difference between reality and hallucinations. Dean could no longer trust Sam to act the way he had. He had to live with the fear that Sam might lose it again anytime and start killing people or themselves thinking that they were Lucifer.

Ellen's message, though, urges Dean to start by trusting Sam and sharing his feelings with him because he can't hold it all in forever.

Sam is left to think about what Dean said, as Dean goes off to the car.

In the next scene, we see Sam digging up the grave and Dean looking on. Dean switches with him and when they open the grave and salt the bones, Kate appears to them. It seems like she wants to tell them something. She is imploring with them to please listen. But they are so sure that she is the evil one, that they burn her up. There is a funny scene here with the lighter.  Dean can't get his lighter to work, and Sam ends up burning the bones with a match, I think.

This particular case reminds me of the mom in The Real Ghostbusters. We all thought at the beginning that she was the one haunting the place, but in actuality, she was keeping the three evil boys in line.  I think a big theme of this episode is misjudgement. Finding out that things were not as they seemed. Just as Sam and Dean thought that she was the evil one killing everyone, Sam thought that Dean had been cruel to kill his friend and keeping it from him. What they find out in each of these cases that their intentions had been good.  Dean, trying to deal with a monster that Sam could not deal with, Kate trying to warn people about her sister and both trying to avoid more deaths. I love the special effects for how Kate runs into Dean and burns up right in front of him.

Dean and Sam are on their way out of town already as they phone Melanie to tell her that the ghost had been burned. I can forgive them here for their mistake, but I just wish they would have learned their lesson before they do the exact same thing in Bad Boys in Season 10. COME ON BOYS!!!! NEVER leave the town before the sun comes up!

Melanie's friend is understandably still scared, and Melanie suggests she come and stay with her for a couple of days. But they are also pretty sure that the ghost has been dealt with so they go to pick up some stuff from Camille's house and get stuck there right at the time Camille had seen in her dream.  Although we do have a very nice scene where the girls work together to try to keep the ghost at bay, and Sam takes the phone so Dean can concentrate on driving, they arrive way too late.  Camille is killed.

DEAN:Should have known that whole "good sis, bad sis" story was just showmanship crap. Oh, and it turns out that Kate was just trying to warn people about her evil bitch sister. And we burned her bones, so that's gone.
I'm a bit puzzled by what Dean says here though. Kate was the one with psychic power and Margaret the one who "looked after" her sister according to the museum guy. So Dean was thinking that the good sis was Margaret, for taking care of her sister, while Kate was the bad sis because she was the psychic one? I think "good sis, bad sis" is not the way to describe the situation. The "showmanship" was in putting emphasis on Kate's powers because she was more charismatic. That doesn't mean that either of them is bad or good. It would be interesting to see what kind of dynamic they had in life though aye? Margaret didn't necessarily have to be mean in life just because she wasn't charismatic or pretty. She could have really been supportive, but bottled up her anger which showed itself when she turned vengeful. If Margaret grudgingly supported Kate in life, Kate tried to prevent Margaret from killing people in death.

SAM:All we can do now is go stop her.
DEAN:That's not good enough, by a mile.

We can see how frustrated they are that they were unable to help Camille and how desperate to make it up somehow.

Melanie is in shock, though and wants them to leave. But first they get some very important information from her - that the ghost had not looked twice at Melanie. She was intent on getting Camille.

They dig up the woman's grave, but the bones are gone and now they know that it is the work of a necromancer. They also figure out that he is going after the most popular psychic, and when Dean asks Melanie who the next victim mightbe, they find out that it is most probably Melanie herself. They get the ingredients for the spell from Bobby and Sam goes to the store to find out who bought the ingredients while Dean stays to protect Kate.

The store owner gives Sam the address of the lamas class lady and sends him on a wild goose chase, while he does the spell to send the ghost to Melanie. I love the scene where Sam barges in to the lamas class!!

SAM:You're... not a necromancer.
INSTRUCTOR:This is a Lamaze class, I swear.

Meanwhile, Dean and Melanie also have a discussion about whether ghosts feel pain when they are burned.

DEAN:That should hold her off long enough for Sam to find the bones and burn them. Hopefully.
MELANIE:Hopefully? Does it hurt 'em? Burning their bones?
DEAN:I never really thought about it. Probably, yeah.

Didn't we have a similar conversation somewhere? It is interesting to see in previous episodes and here as well that the ghosts that have turned vengeful seem to really be in pain as they burn up, while the other ones do not.

I also LOVE the scene between Margaret and Dean/Melanie <3

(Margaret breaks the floor boards and breaks the salt ring.

Love the scene on the right where Sam gets a gun to his head and he turns around and gets the gun from Jimmy!

While Dean is trying to keep Margaret's ghost away, Sam is trying to deal with the "real psychic" who throws the gun away from Sam. Sam guesses that the rest of the bones that weren't on the alter were in the guy's bedroom and so after the guy shoots at him with the said gun, he feels he has no choice but to kill the guy. Sam gets another gun and shoots him dead (sighing sadly on having to kill a human being) before rushing into the bedroom and burning the bones, which were IN the bed!

(And this time, the lighter works :D)

Finally Margaret burns up as she is just about to choke Melanie to death, and looks like it hurts very much.

The next scene, Sam and Dean are at that psychic restaurant. You'd think that they'd go to the taco joint... but I guess Dean is deferring to Sam :P There is a Dean joke here where we get to see Sam's bitch face again...

DEAN:In the bed? They were in the bed?
DEAN:Ugh. I can't believe he was boning her.

We have another hilarious scene with the waiter:

Uh, just a refill. And if you affirmate me, I'm gonna punch you in the face.

(Love Sam's smile here - it is obvious he doesn't feel as angry with Dean anymore.)

MELANIE:You didn't stick around so I could say thank you.
DEAN:No reason to thank me.
MELANIE:You saved my life.
DEAN:Yeah, but not your friend's.
MELANIE:Well... you didn't send that ghost, so... thank you for coming to kill it.

I'm on a journey through Season 1 thing here but, this conversation just totally reminds me of Dead in the Water.

MELANIE: You and Sam seem a little better.
DEAN:You could tell that from the walk up?
MELANIE:[smiling] Take it or leave it. Also guessing you're not so keen to come visit here again, so...this is goodbye. Wish we'd met on a better week.
DEAN:I wish I had better weeks.
DEAN: But, uh, hey. You never know. It's not like you can tell the future, right?

MELANIE takes DEAN’s hand, turns it over and looks at his palm.
MELANIE:Well, answer's hazy. Try again later.

Awwww! This whole scene, from letting us know that the brothers were on better terms, to looking at Dean's palm, and Dean's hopeful face and Melanie's soft teasing answer. It's just so sweet.

When Dean gets out, Sam is putting his stuff back in Dean's car.

SAM:Look, you know what? Um... You were right. About Amy. If she was... just any monster, I'm not sure I could have let her walk away. I don't know. I mean, I'll never know.
DEAN:So, what are you saying?
SAM:What I'm saying is... I get why you did it. You were just trying to make sure no one else got hurt.

I think this is quite a revelation and pretty awesome of Sam to admit this.

SAM: You can't just look me in the face and tell me you're fine. I mean, you're not sleeping, you drink for the record -- Just be honest with me. How are those the actions of someone who knows they did the right thing?
DEAN:I went with my gut. And that felt right. I didn't trust her, Sam. Of course, ever since Cas, I'm having a hard time trusting anybody. And as far as how I been acting... I don't know. Maybe it's 'cause I don't like lying to you. You know, it doesn't feel right. So, yeah, you got me there. I been climbing the walls.

Dean admits that he could have been wrong - it could be his trust issues stemming from Cas that made him less trusting, but that he went with his gut and it felt right. That's really all we can do isn't it? He also admits that the drinking etc could be because he just doesn't like lying to Sam. And Sam's like yeah, I know what that's like - and I'm thinking... which instance is Sam thinking of? The demon blood maybe? Or probably more recently - lying about seeing halucinations?

SAM:If I learned one thing from that museum, sibling acts are tough.
DEAN:Oh, don't compare us to that hall of crazy. We're like poster kids of functional family life compared to them.

This conversation totally reminds me of Nightmare<3 But it reinforces that although they have their issues, THEIR sibling act really does work - so well, that it makes people think that it's a cover for their "alternative lifestyle" aye? (LOL)

And Sam's still wondering how the Russian guy bent his spoon as they drive off, happy to be together again <3 :D

DEAN: Forget it.  It's Lily Dale


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  • Rewatching 9-3 I'm No Angel

    Third ep of the series we get a lot more of Cas as “human,” learning how the people that have the least are the most generous. He finds…

  • Dreaming on

    I think I've rewatched the Lucifer S4 finale at least five times and have that song floating in my head at the moment. I have an…

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