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Rewatching 7-6 Slash Fiction

I LOVE this episode.  There is so much going on!  Bobby and the Leviathan, Bobby and Jody, Sam and Dean with Frank, Leviathan!Sam and Dean  and it all coming together at the end.  I love it when the police cooperate with Sam and Dean to get rid of the bad guys!  Unfortunately, there is a fifty fifty chance they get killed anyway.  Poor old policeman and his daughter the Coroner :(  And we find out so much about them all!  Bobby and his secret feelings for Jody, Sam and Dean and the feelings they have bottled up inside, Sam and how he's doing with Lucifer in his head etc., which again makes me wonder if he really was feeling as good as he said he was.  It is in this episode that Sam finally finds out about Amy, as well.  Unfortunately from the worst source possible.  You'd think that Sam would react a little bit better considering the Leviathan told him in order to piss him off in the first place.  It's like being told something by a demon.  Leviathan!Dean is obviously messing with Sam.  But of course his reaction is also influenced by other things. Sam telling Dean to go on on his own and leaving is very painful because I feel that knife in Dean's chest and I also know how shocked Sam is that his brother lied to him.   But, the reconsiliation is only one (or two) weeks away so yay!

I'll briefly mention that this ep is supposed to also be a shout out to some famous movies like Pulp Fiction and Natural Born Killers - which I've watched but don't remember THAT well. The leviathan!Sam/Dean scene at the bank is almost completely the same as a scene in Pulp Fiction (except that there's no swearing of course - I read they were going to do the swearing and add a beep, but they didn't.). It's also supposed to be making references to slash relationships etc.

Anyway, gotta get started.

Music Links:
"Big Wide River of Love" by Petunia and the Loons (plays at the gas station)
"Waltz of the Flowers" by Pyotr Tchaikovsky (plays when Sam and Dead are getting their new identities from Frank)
"All Out of Love" by Air Supply (plays in the car while Dean silently sings along)

The first scene is the shocking scene of Sam and Dean robbing a bank.  At first watch, we're thinking oh! Sam and Dean have to rob a bank for some reason. Except it's not Sam and Dean!! (Leviathan!Dean here is so cute <3  Although his pickup line is as bad as Dean's LOL)

They are warning the customers that they have insurance etc., because they aren't going to kill anyone... But then they put them all in the small room/elevator and kill them all!  OH NO what is happening!  Great, shocking beginning!

Then we are back with Sam and Dean and Bobby, with the Leviathan Chet at the cabin. Chet is very chatty.  He tells them that Edgar is alive and the car didn't kill him.  He also tells them to check out the news and they find out about their doubles and what they have been upto.  And he kindly lets them know that they took Sam and Dean's DNA from hair in the motel drains. So now they (and we) know that Leviathans are smart and very organized.  Dean wants to go out and confront them right away.

BOBBY:You don't have a clue how to kill 'em or slow 'em down, and your plan is, what? Go right at 'em? Genius.
DEAN:They're wearing our faces, Bobby. This is personal.
SAM:Yeah, I'm with Dean here.
BOBBY:Well, if you're gonna be stupid, you might as well be smart about it.

I love everything about this little conversation - Dean's "Its personal," Bobby telling them how stupid they are (like Frank does again later) and Sam and his "I'm with Dean here."  And plus I love seeing Sam cross his arms, and that cute questioning face he has!! LOL  <3<3

So Bobby sends them to Frank and as they are on their way, they stop at a gasoline station, whose shopkeeper identifies Sam and goes to call the cops. Sam quickly tells Dean to drive. At the same time, at the other end of the country, their doubles are wrecking havoc again, this time at Manitoc.

SHERIFF:Gentlemen. These Winchester boys are keeping busy, I hear. What is this, some type of psycho road trip?  The second bank, plus that convenience store?
SPECIAL AGENT MORRIS:Couple of days ago, they were dead. We know about what you know.

The police recognize that there is something strange going on - how impossible to be in both places but SA Morris is Leviathan and diverting such questions.  Meanwhile, Sam and Dean reach Frank's house and are held up for questioning. I love this whole conversation!

FRANK:Well, I'll be darned. Psycho Butch and Sundance. You're on CNN right now.
SAM:No, no, t-that's not us.

FRANK:I know. Can't be. Unless you had a teleporter. Do you have a teleporter?
(LOL! I love how he thinks that might be possible!)
SAM:No, sir. We don't.
FRANK:Well, my condolences on the doppelgangers. Now, who sent you? NSA? The Feeb? March of Dimes?
DEAN:Uh, Bobby Singer sent us.

(Frank points the gun at them again LOL  Love the reaction they get from everyone who knew Bobby!!!  Most recently the dragon professor and Purgatory resident, and further back, Rufus :D)

DEAN:Or not. Who?
SAM:H-he said you could help. He said you owed him, from Port Huron.
FRANK:Guy saves your life one time, and, what, you owe him the rest of yours?
DEAN:That's usually how it works, yeah.

(LOLS!!!  But important rule of hunters.  If someone saves your life, you owe them yours... which is why Sam couldn't kill Amy, isn't it.)

Frank helps them by selling them an exorbitant computer, telling them to use cash only, no band names for aliases, making them some new ID etc., etc. He also gives them some info on where the Leviathan have hit so far.

SAM:Thanks, Frank.
FRANK:For what? Sending you to your death? Your doubles want to be on candid camera, put you in the line of fire. Now, I'd lay low, 'cause I love life and its infinite mysteries. But you two want to be dumb, that's fine. At least have the common sense to ditch your car.
DEAN:Wh -- uh, excuse me -- what?
FRANK:Your doublemints -- they're using a car just like the one outside.

I love how Frank worries for them<3 And of course Dean's reaction to not being able to drive Baby<3   We are all going to miss her for a while :(  So they're on their way again. This time in someone else's car. Dean is very unhappy.

Meanwhile at the cabin, Bobby is finding out about the recent Leviathan!Dean and Sam on the news and getting a visit from Jody!

JODY MILLS:How you doing, Bobby?
BOBBY:I'm fine. Every day is a gift.
JODY MILLS:Your house just burned down.
BOBBY:As you can see, I got a roof over me.
JODY MILLS:Bobby! Let someone be nice to you for five minutes?
BOBBY:Okay. But not too nice. I can't be going soft.

Bobby's not too different from Dean, hiding his emotions and pretending nothing is out of the ordinary!  Also love Jody's many cute expressions here<3

Jody tells Bobby that she'd like to thank him by doing some cooking and cleaning, and Bobby agrees. He then goes downstairs to see what became of the Leviathan and finds the head just putting itself back on Chet's shoulders. So cutting the head off doesn't kill it, but slows it down at least. Bobby cuts the head off again.

Sam and Dean in the stolen car -  Sam is worried for Dean, which is very cute.

SAM:You okay?
DEAN:You know, it's bad enough that they're ganking people, wearing our mugs, but now this? Have us driving around in this... this caboodle while Baby's on lockdown.
SAM:It's temporary, Dean.
DEAN:Nobody puts Baby in a corner.
SAM:Y-you know that's a line from --
DEAN:Swayze movie. Swayze always gets a pass!

Hehe! Then Sam suggests some tunes and turning on the radio, he finds Air Supply’s “All Out Of Love.” Thinking that Dean wouldn't like listening to the sappy music, he offers to change the channel, but it seems Dean has a soft spot for more than Swayze! Love this scene where Dean is getting all into the song while pretending not to and Sam just looks at him puzzled and grossed out!!!  I am going to talk about the significance of this song and Dean's reaction later :P

Sam finally can't stand it anymore and turns off the radio and starts checking the map (aww!).  With the added info from Frank, Sam figures out that these are the towns, in order, that Sam and Dean had worked jobs in since Dean picked Sam up in Stanford. Manitoc, of course, is where they saved that boy in Dead in the Water. Next is St. Louis, where is one of Dean's favorite diners: Conner's Diner. And I guess they've picked up all these memories from Sam and Dean's hair... which is kind of crazy.

Then we switch to Leviathan!Dean and Sam at Conner's diner, eating the typical Sam/Dean orders and talking about their "adjacents" !  A very interesting conversation for seeing how the Leviathans view Sam and Dean, as well as how Sam and Dean see themselves.

LEVIATHAN!DEAN:You know, he has one of these...every day. And in his heart, he thinks they're almost as good as sex. disgusting.
LEVIATHAN!SAM:Dead plants with creamy goo. It's like eating self-righteousness. I mean, you tell me which is worse.
LEVIATHAN!DEAN:I mean, honestly, I just... You know what? I can't stand the guy. Talk about a hero complex. And he doesn't have relationships. No, he has applications for sainthood. Oh, and he thinks he's funny. He thinks he's a damn comedian.

LEVIATHAN!SAM:Who has two thumbs and full-blown bats in the belfry? I'm serious. It's nothing but Satan-vision on the inside. I mean, how he's walking around in a jacket with detachable arms is beyond me. You know, I had a brother with this many issues once.

LEVIATHAN!SAM:Know what I did?
LEVIATHAN!DEAN:Of course you did.
LEVIATHAN!SAM:How are these guys even a threat?
LEVIATHAN!DEAN:Boss says they gotta go, they gotta go.
LEVIATHAN!SAM:Right. Idea. You wanna trade? I mean, I'll take Chuckles over Schizo.

LEVIATHAN!DEAN:No, I like this one's hair better. You can stay in the big one.
This is interesting, but it is a bit hard to decifer. Especially the line "He doesn't have relationships, he has applications for sainthood."  What does that mean?  Does it mean he's trying to act like a saint toward his friends/family? Or does it mean that he looks at everyone as if they are worthy of applying for sainthood? Or... does it mean that Dean is acting like he is applying for his own sainthood the way he acts toward everyone?  Some people say it refers to how he sees his dad, and possibly Bobby - putting them up on a pedestal. I've also read an interesting interpretation saying that it refers to how forgiving he is of Cas - how it is also connected to Dean singing that song in the last scene and that he is actually his hidden feelings of love for Cas - Just like he sang REO Speedwagon in Simon Said to express hidden feelings for Jo(This theory was obviously thought up by a Destiel girl). Very interesting interpretation!! I'd agree that the song and Dean's reaction are significant, but not with regard to Cas.  Dean is totally singing to BABY there. He was just told he had to leave her behind, and he's all upset about it, right? Why on earth would he be thinking of Cas?  Oh and for anyone who wants to check out the lyrics and how perfect they are for Baby, here they are:

"All Out Of Love"

I'm lying alone with my head on the phone
Thinking of you till it hurts
I know you hurt too but what else can we do
Tormented and torn apart

I wish I could carry your smile in my heart
For times when my life seems so low
It would make me believe what tomorrow could bring
When today doesn't really know, doesn't really know

I'm all out of love, I'm so lost without you
I know you were right, believing for so long
I'm all out of love, what am I without you
I can't be too late to say that I was so wrong

I want you to come back and carry me home
Away from these long, lonely nights
I'm reaching for you, are you feeling it too?
Does the feeling seem oh, so right?

And what would you say if I called on you now
And said that I can't hold on?
There's no easy way, it gets harder each day
Please love me or I'll be gone, I'll be gone


Ooh, what are you thinking of
What are you thinking of
What are you thinking of
What are you thinking of

I'm all out of love, I'm so lost without you
I know you were right, believing for so long
I'm all out of love, what am I without you
I can't be too late I know I was so wrong

I'm all out of love, I'm so lost without you
I know you were right, believing for so long
I'm all out of love, what am I without you
I can't be too late to I know I was so wrong


I love that "I want you to come back and carry me home" part the best :D

Anyway, I think with regard to relationships and "application for sainthood," I think that Leviathan!Dean is probably talking about the two relationships that are giving Dean nightmares - Cas, and Sam.

But, what we have to remember is that the Leviathans are making fun of the boys. Leviathan!Sam calls Sam self-righteous for eating salads all the time (LOL) Because Leviathans obviously love raw meat and will take what they want when they want it. Leviathan!Sam can't understand the reasoning behind Sam's abstinence. In the same way, application for sainthood is describing the way Dean acts/thinks about Sam and Cas, in a way that twists his intentions like they do for Sam and his salads. It is a way of saying he is acting self-righteous  as well, like he is applying for sainthood himself.

Another thing about this conversation is that we find out Sam is seeing Lucifer ALL THE TIME. Leviathan!Sam calls him completely out of his mind and wonders how he can stay on his legs. Which makes me wonder about Sam's "I feel good" from the previous episode, and all his exercises etc. in Shut Up Dr. Phil. How can he feel good - even if he has saved Amy and Dean - if he has Lucifer in his brain all the time? Do you think his jogging etc. is an attempt to fight against the visions? Do you think maybe it's a show? He's actually hiding how scary it is inside and trying to keep his mind on other things?  I really don't remember if we had validation for either at this point.

Oh... I also have to mention, love that last bit about Leviathan!Dean liking Dean's hair better LOL!!! Sounds like a conversation between Jared and Jensen!

We have the real Sam and Dean in the car, checking in on Bobby here, and finding out that he has a "chick over." Love the way Sam and Dean grin when they find out, cracking a joke about Richard Gere and Bobby denying everything <3

DEAN: Are you even working, Richard Gere?
BOBBY: Shut up you idjit.

Bobby tells them about Conner's Diner, so they are off to Ankene Iowa.

While that's going on, SA Morris and Valente are watching the video and Valente is pretending to be outraged.

(And Leviathan!Sam and Dean are giving us some more winks!)
Now back to Bobby - Bobby mistakenly touches Chet during his various experiments to try to kill him, and Chet turns into Bobby, which gives him pretty much everything in Bobby's head. And now we find out what's there, plus the Leviathan interpretation of it.

CHET:It's pretty dark in here. High-school dropout. A drunk like your daddy before you. Oh. You and Dad. Now, that's a can of scorpions. Your favorite singer is Joni frickin' Mitchell? Oh, Bobby. You are 10 pounds of sad in a 5-pound bag.
Is this the first time we find out about Bobby's dad? We find out after this in Bobby's coma dream that he actually killed his dad. So this is kind of an introduction to Bobby's sad past. I never thought of it like that before.

Bobby gets a phone call from the boys, who've spotted their Leviathan twins, but they in turn are spotted by the police, who take them in without listening to how the real killers were right across the street, naturally. And we again see some nice Leviathan wink action.

Back to Bobby and Chet's conversation where Chet points out that Bobby isn't really a
cynic. He has hope -

CHET:You got the gruff thing down. Seen more death than an electric chair. Ready to die with your boots on. But, you know, deep down inside... you're no cynic. You still hope. You even got a thing for that lady upstairs. Tiny part of you thinks, maybe... after this is all done, you and Miss Sheriff can make your own little cabin in the woods.
Which kind of shows an adorable part of Bobby we haven't seen since Ellen in My Heart and it makes me feel quite sad that he never got to have that either. :(

But just as Bobby is quoting Robert Browning at Chet, something falls from the ceiling and burns Chet. Bobby goes up to see what it is and finds Jody cleaning with Borax!

Such a cute scene. Both Bobby and Jody <3

Back to Sam and Dean at the police station. Dean is begging for his one phone call so that he can ask Bobby about what he found out about Leviathan and be prepared to kill them when they come(!!), but the Sheriff is not giving it to him. While that's happening, Leviathan Sam and Dean are watching the building, and when the officers come out to go home, they take their places.

Finally, the Sheriff comes over to Dean's cell and lets Dean talk into the cellphone.

DEAN (into phone): They saw us. So, we are coming to get us. You read me? Tell me you got something.
Love how rediculous this sounds! It's a good thing Bobby has something though! The talk spooks the Sheriff ousand he huffs off, cutting Bobby off abruptly at the end of the call.

(Leviathan!Sam pigging out and Leviathan!Dean with the bitch face... :P)
Sheriff goes out to the front just as one of the Leviathan!Officers (the one who has Sam's role) decides to have some lunch before they go on to kill Sam and Dean. The other who has Dean's role turns back to admonish him and is told, "But I was hungry!" which is one of the greatest weaknesses of Leviathan. The lower level leviathan have a very hard time controlling their hunger. They finally turn into Leviathan!Sam and Dean again while the old sheriff watches with amazement. I like how Leviathan Sam and Dean take on the big brother/little brother roles too! Except Dean should have been the one pigging out and Sam with the bitch face LOLThe sheriff goes back to Dean and lets him out, so we think Dean's going to go straight to Sam, but the Dean that goes into Sam's interrogation room is actually Leviathan!Dean.

Love this view of Sam<3

Meanwhile, real Dean is out in the office and bumps into Leviathan!Sam. With the help of the Sheriff, Dean is able to cut off the Leviathan's head.

DEAN: Sam? Not Sam.

Back in the interrogation room, we have a little taunting speech by Leviathan!Dean toward Sam (love all the evil Leviathan!Dean expressions!!) -

LEVIATHAN!DEAN:I just want to let you know how much I've really grown to hate you and your brother since we've been wearing you. I just don't get it. You could be anything. You're strong, you're uninhibited. You're smart enough, believe it or not. But you're so caught up in being good and taking care of each other.
SAM:What do you care?
LEVIATHAN!DEAN:Because it pisses me off! You're wasting a perfectly good opportunity to subjugate the weak.

The point is, there are two ways to utilize brains and ability - to take advantage of others for your own personal gain (like Bela did), or to self-sacrifice and work for the happiness of others. The Leviathan cannot understand the second.  Sam and Dean are like the total opposite of the whole Leviathan mindset. It also shows Dean especially as being obsessed with taking care of Sam, when a Leviathan would have eaten him for being so full of problems.

LEVIATHAN!DEAN:Dean... thinks you're nutballs. He thinks you're off your game.
SAM:You gonna kill me, or is this some sort of "play with your food" bull?
LEVIATHAN!DEAN:All right. All right. You know, I guess that's why Dean never told you that he killed Amy.
LEVIATHAN!DEAN:There it is. The look on your face. That is priceless! That's what I've been waiting for. Now I can eat you. 'Cause, you see, I like my meat a little bitter.

This is an amazing scene!  Jensen's expressions bring shivers<3
The Leviathan must have been dying to spill the beans! Imagine him carrying this secret with him the whole time, hating Sam and Dean for their goodness and caring for each other and just wanting to break them apart and get back at them for having to carry these characteristics inside of him for so long.

The news is terribly shocking to Sam. So shocking that he has a hard time coming back to reality when the real Dean comes in and chops the Leviathan's head off.

DEAN:Well, that felt good.
This reminds me of Skin so much :D

Dean asks the Sheriff to make the situation so that the Winchesters are dead, and the Sheriff is willing to do anything as long as it involves lying about what he saw LOL

While they are talking, Sam is still simmering. He's so angry he can't even stand up and pretend normalcy. Dean doesn't notice he's so busy talking with the Sheriff.

We have a scene were the Sheriff and Coroner explain "the situation" to SA Morris and Valente and tell them the bodies were cremated, then back with Bobby.

Jody and Bobby are listening to the news about how the Winchesters were gunned down and dead, and as she turns to leave Bobby tells her oh yeah, wait, and gives her the box with Chet's head in it!  But there is also a cute little thank you scene after he gives her a box.


Next the Sheriff and Coroner are talking about how crazy the black goo is when Valente comes back in and eats them. This so reminds me of Jus in Bello. Poor Sheriff and daughter! I wonder how Valente put it in his report at the FBI? Did they get some Leviathan to impersonate them, or did they just go missing?

Then Valente is on the phone with Dick, whom we are introduced to for the first time here. Dick tells them that even the American media wouldn't believe another resurrection. They should try another more subtle approach this time. Love how he calls the Winchesters "those field mice."

Then Crowley tries to suck up to Dick and Dick makes a dick move and makes an enemy. Even though Dick tries to change his tune later, Crowley will remember how condescending Dick was.

DICK ROMAN: Now it's your turn to listen. I'd sooner swim through hot garbage than shake hands with a bottom-feeding mutation like you. You demons are ugly, lazy, gold-digging whores. You're less than humans, and they're not good for much till you dip 'em in garlic sauce. I'd never work with you, Crowley. In fact, if I wasn't busy with better things, I might actively wipe your kind from the face of the Universe. And you'd deserve it. Are we clear?
The interesting thing here is everything he says is true. And he's actually being a perfectly "good" human being. If Sam and Dean had been listening in, I think they'd wish that Dick'd concentrate on getting rid of the demons for the benefit of human kind. But because Dick continues to try to subjugate humans instead, they end up having to work with Crowley.

Sam and Dean are at a dock somewhere, which of course totally reminds me of countless other final scenes - Wishful Thinking for one, and more recently and more similar a scene would be Road Trip, when Sam again is angry at Dean for lying to him and Dean is the one that leaves :( Why is it that Sam can get so angry at Dean? We never see that from Dean even after the lying in Season 10. I guess it's as YED said back in Season 1. Sam just doesn't NEED Dean like Dean needs Sam. If you think about it, Dean could have left Sam in Season 10 after finding out about the lies, but he doesn't. He says a few painful things, but he stays with Sam. It could also be Sam's "anger issues." He just tends to boil up more easily and needs time to cool down. That really shows their different personalities really well. It reminds me a bit of a mother/child relationship too.

So the couple is now "separated" and next ep we have a very nice, honest talk reconciliation so YAY!
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  • Rewatching 9-3 I'm No Angel

    Third ep of the series we get a lot more of Cas as “human,” learning how the people that have the least are the most generous. He finds…

  • Dreaming on

    I think I've rewatched the Lucifer S4 finale at least five times and have that song floating in my head at the moment. I have an…

  • 9-3 I'm No Angel Poll!

    What do you think of this episode? Please let me know in the following poll and/or comments!