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Rewatching Shut Up, Dr. Phil!

This episode is quite enjoyable and disturbing at the same time. Disturbing because the witches kill all those people for their own "War of the Roses" then end up being respected and left alone because of their power, which is too strong for the Winchesters. I don't think I'm the only one that kind of likes that husband for saving the Winchesters, even though he did kill that poor lady sucking up to his wife. I think that scene where he incapacitates the Leviathan and removes the coins from Sam and Dean's beds is one of my most favorite scenes of the episode. After that, I tend to conveniently forget that that wife of his killed like five people and is sure to do it again, because of course the husband is bound to have another fling in the future. To borrow Dean's words, "You are what you are." So, it's disturbing that the Winchesters have to let them be, and also that I'm left with these good feelings for Don. I mean, compare that with The Girl Next Door, where Amy only killed to save her son and she had to die because she wasn't as powerful as the witches.

Witches seem to be a class of their own, unfortunately. Sam and Dean usually don't have enough power to kill them even in future episodes. So what are the writers trying to say here, putting an episode like this right after The Girl Next Door where everyone wishes Amy could have just gone free, an episode which is still giving Dean nightmares*grumbles*? The only real reason I can see is that communication is the theme of the episode. They needed a situation similar to Sam and Dean - a couple that's been together for (literally) ages - and has some hidden issues that need to be discussed and worked through. But not only that. The way Maggie finds out about Don's "thing," the way she reacts - leaving home - and the way they finally just are forced to work things out by circumstances pushing them together seems very similar to how it's going to work out with Sam and Dean in future episodes.

"Salon Music" by Watt Son(plays in the hair salon)
"See the Funny Little Clown" by Bobby Goldsboro(plays over the scene of Chet driving)
"Alegretto" (Opus 1 Music)(plays during the auction)
Murmures de la Seine, Nocturne in E-flat, Opus 9 No. 2 by Frederic Chopin(playing in Maggie and Don's house when Sam and Dean show up)

The episode starts with the awful scene of a real estate agent getting fried under the drier. Then for the lovely scene of Dean suffering nightmares. The interesting thing about this scene besides being able to see Dean sleeping and in angst, is the content of his dreams, which is not just about Amy.

First it's Cas with Leviathans inside him, walking into the reservoir, and Cas' scary Leviathan face, then it's Sam at the warehouse shooting randomly,

THEN it's killing Amy with the "You are what you are, you will kill again" line.

I again want to bring up Dean's phone call to Bobby because I just want to keep remembering that Dean is in a hard place now even without this little "thing" with Amy. He is STILL suffering the loss of both Cas and in a sense, his brother, and is STILL blaming himself for ... probably BOTH. Killing Amy is just in continuation of that and makes it even harder because he *can't* talk about it. He's bottling it in, which makes him want to drink and just forget.

We get a nice scene of Dean sleeping<3

Then Dean wakes up with a start, and after checking to see that the beer by his bed is empty, he gets a glass of whiskey and settles down to research by the computer. Which is when Sam returns, sweaty from his workout. They really should have just used the gag reel version of this scene! On rewatch, just the fact that I know that scene makes this scene just hilarious.

SAM:What's going on with you?
DEAN:We have had this conversation, Sam.
SAM:No, we haven't. See, to do that, you'd have to, uh, sort of...speak.
DEAN:Okay, let's see if you can get this straight. See you're -- you're new Sam, right, Lance Armstrong.
DEAN:And, uh -- and I'm still me, okay? All right, so -- so, you might see things different now, uh -- call it a runner's high or some crap -- but that doesn't mean that something's going on with me, okay?
SAM:Yeah, okay.
DEAN:No, don't say, "yeah, okay," like, "yeah, okay."
SAM:Yeah, okay.

Other than hilarity, there is a point to it. First, Sam feels like a new man. Like he mentioned last episode, he feels GOooooOD. And the more I think about it, the more I feel that this is because he feels that he saved Amy, and he saved Dean. That's the only thing that could make him so happy despite all the crap he's carrying with Lucifer hallucinations. Second, Dean is conflicted, as shown by his drinking - and Sam recognizes there is something wrong.

Dean reaches to his whiskey glass and then puts it down again, sighing.

While that's going on, our Leviathan "Chet" is stopping for a "quick refuel" before he goes on his way to find the Winchesters.

Sam and Dean go check out the case. Dean goes to the hair salon, where he hears that the accident was an impossible one, and also finds a coin lying in the corner. Sam goes to talk to Wendy's sister who tells him that she didn't have any enemies and even she, the older sister, looked up to her. The older sister also is pretty sure that Wendy had nothing to do with an architect Carl Dunlap who died a freaky death as well. She would have "heard about it." You know, I don't think Wendy told her sister very much at all.

Dean and Sam are exchanging info and here, I recognized the quote that raloria used for her cap challenge (posted every week over at positively_spn) a few weeks ago. Dean is talking about the coin he found.

DEAN :It's not American. I don't know where it's from. It was wedged back behind one of those machines. Somebody could have dropped it. Of course, they don't have pockets in those robe thingies that they make you wear.
SAM : I didn't realize you were such a spa expert.
DEAN :Shut up. I observe with my eyes.

Sam asks for a ride and Dean just can't resist, "Why don't you just run home, Lance?" And then he finds a liquor shop and decides to pop in before going to pick up Sam.

Next scene is the nail gun murder - It is super gross.

Sam and Dean are on it. Dean's checking out the poor guy with the nails through his eyes and Sam is checking the computer. Dean finds another coin, Sam finds some e-mails between this guy and Wendy and Carl the first guy as well as a developer, a Don Stark, who happens to be still alive.
So they are off to see Don, and Dean has to have a drink.

SAM:Really? From a freaking flask? What are you, bad Santa? On the job?
I think the writers overdo it a bit with the alcohol.

Sam gets an e-mail from Bobby on the coins, which are old Romainian, and they also notice the dead plants around Don's bust, which is the same as the plants around the bench with Wendy's ad on it.

Chet the Leviathan is driving and listening to See the Funny Little Clown by Bobby Goldsboro
No one knows he's crying
no one knows he's dying on the inside
'cause he's laughing on the outside
mm, no one knows

Which I'm guessing we are supposed to think of as Dean, not Chet. I doubt the Leviathan is dying on the inside although he sure has a big laugh. Real subtle, writers.

OK, so Sam and Dean pop in to talk to Don and Jenny Klein (named after a set assistant for SPN, and irrelevant but actually the same name as a teacher we once had as well who went to NY to study special effects makeup afterwards - I liked her :P) his assistant pops her head in to tell Don that she's leaving and she's made some cupcakes. Pretty, and wearing rather "seductive" clothing, Sam and Dean are suspicious of Don there a bit? Wondering if there is something between them? They kind of give Don a look and Don's like "What?"

DON STARK:She bakes cupcakes.

Sam decides to use the bathroom as an excuse to search the house as Dean talks to Don and finds half a closet empty of clothes and everything except for a box of witch-y stuff. So now Sam knows that Don's wife is probably a witch and they are separated for some reason.(Again really subtle.)

I love the little dialog after Dan admits that there was a "thing" :

(Sam's face here - very cute<3)
DEAN:A "thing"?
SAM:Like a -- like a shoe or a golf club.
DEAN:Right. Like a waffle iron.

DEAN:Yeah. No, see, Don, uh, wives generally think of an affair as something more than a thing.
DON STARK:Yes, and when Maggie found out about it, she needed some time off, temporarily.
DEAN:Hmm. Now, if we were to guess that the, uh, uh, business associate was Wendy Goodson, would we win the weekend trip to Maui?
DON STARK:No, her death had nothing to do with the affair. It was over long before her accident.
DEAN:If it was an accident.
DON STARK:You're not implying that Maggie was behind this.
SAM:No, we're not implying anything. We're just saying... you should be careful. And take her to dinner and apologize.
DEAN:Yeah, and, uh, grovel. Wouldn't hurt.

I love that little conversation between Sam and Dean about "things." Especially because Dean buys Sam and Becky a waffle iron later in It's Time For a Wedding. I also love their suggestions on how to get on his wife's good side.

So they go outside, find some more dead plants, call Bobby for a spell to kill witches and go to find out more about Maggie the wife at her new/temporarily leased home. Dean goes in and finds the alter, while Sam stays outside. We have a close call, where Sam warns Dean by setting off Maggie's alarm which is kind of funny -

Maggie goes straight to the alter and finds the photo missing - which is I guess how she figures out that they are hunters - but she has another photo up her sleeve.

Sam and Dean arrive just in time to save Jenny from her cupcakes.

JENNY:There were tiny beating hearts in my cupcakes. There were hearts in my cupcakes, hearts in my cupcakes! That's never happened before! Hearts in my cupcakes!
DEAN:Should I slug her?
SAM:Give it a second.

This scene was just so perfect. Love Jenny Klein and her panic attack, and Dean and Sam's reactions<3

The boys, of course, find out that there actually had been nothing between Don and Jenny. So Maggie is the insanely jealous time, it seems - using her power to oust anyone who she suspects of anything without checking things out and getting the real story.

Back to Maggie, who's getting ready for a charity auction, and Sue, who is majorly sucking up to her... not sure what the motive. Maybe she just wants to be friends with a big wig, or maybe she's gay and has a crush... that seems more likely the way she takes every opportunity to touch Maggie.

MAGGIE STARK:No. No. You think I'd want you to stand by and watch him make a fool of me? I love you for what you did.
SUE:I love you, too.

She's a bit more touchy-feely than Maggie is comfortable with and probably means the "I love you" in a slightly different way too. Maggie is obviously just using the poor gal as an ego booster and does not reciprocate the same feelings. Don comes up and tells Maggie that this has to stop because the FBI are on to them, Maggie's like you're not going to tell me what to do, and anyway they are just hunters. And as Don leaves, Maggie breaks the bust in two just because she doesn't like him telling her what to do. Seriously, I can't believe they've been together so long and Don doesn't even know how to talk to a woman.

DEAN:Now she's just getting nasty. Killing the girlfriend is one thing, but his commemorative bust? That's got to hurt.

Bobby calls and we have a funny little scene where Dean tells Bobby he can remember without writing it down, and ends up having to write it down anyway... and probably didn't write it correctly because they got something (the temperature of the chicken legs) wrong at the end, didn't they.  (But I've just got to mention that I love this shot of Dean - It's just too pretty.)

Maggie and Sue again, getting ready for the event, Sue being touchy-feely and Maggie trying to avoid it and check on the finger sandwiches.

Meanwhile Dean is trying to eat some pie when Sam comes and dumps some half-bad chicken feet on the table. Seems all the freezers in town have stopped working, which seems like a deliberate move by Maggie to take care of the hunters. Totally ruins Dean's appetite.  The scene reminds me of Time is On My Side especially - Sam talking about guts while Dean tries to eat his hamburger.  This seems to be a typical way in which Sam teases Dean.  I feel particularly sorry for Dean here because THAT PIE LOOKS SOOOOO GOOD!  LOL  and poor Dean can't eat it  *pets Dean*

Back to Maggie clinking glasses with Sue. Sue finds an eyeball in her drink, screams, Maggie notices the paintings melting... and then as she shows her outrage at Don, a platter comes and cuts off Sue's head. And we see Don smiling in his car outside.

Dean and Sam go to check out the scene and find out that Maggie's not the only witch in town. They're off to the Stark house where it all started. And Chet is watching from his car.

MAGGIE STARK:Let me guess -- chicken feet? Not chilled?
That's quite hilarious - both the fact that the feet had to be chilled and that she stopped all the fridges just to stop Sam and Dean from getting the spell right.

As Sam and Dean find that their spell doesn't work and find themselves the brunt of a spell by both Don and Maggie to kill them - Sam suggests they should try to mediate between the couple and get on their good graces that way, thereby saving their skin and stopping the witches from killing people for their personal war. They don't do very well though. Everything they say makes one or the other of the witches angry that they are taking the other's side. But finally after Dean has a bunch of bees buzzing around his head and Sam has also been flung around a few times,

SAM:All these years, you – you -- you buried your anger and your disappointment till it tore you apart. All you needed to do was talk.
DON STARK:He's right. I couldn't kill you. All I ever wanted is you, Mags. I've been crushing on you since forever. You're the woman that I want to never grow old with.
MAGGIE STARK:I could never murder you either, Don. It's crazy... But true.

As I mentioned earlier, rewatchers find more similarities with Sam and Dean's situation than just Dean's need to get his guilt out into the open. Sam is going to act just like Maggie when he finds out the truth (from a secondary source). Initially, he's going to misunderstand, get upset and "move out." It's only after this that they are able to talk and get their anger and disappointment out into the open and reconciliate.

Sam and Dean somehow get back to their motel room and find Chet waiting for them. Just as they are about to get eaten up, Don comes in and puts a spell on the Leviathan, effectively disabling him for a few days.

DEAN:Don. Well, thank you. We owe you.
DON STARK:Good God. What is that thing?
SAM:I guess we should be figuring that out.
DEAN:It is on our to-do list.
DON STARK:You know, find a bottomless pit and drop it in. Spell only lasts for a few days.

DEAN:She was gonna kill us? We just saved your damn marriage.
DON STARK:Yeah, but to be fair, you also tried to kill her. You know how she is when she gets a bug up her ass. Got to love her, right?

(Love this silence!)

Right. Bottomless pit. Ciao!
(Love Don.)
You see? How can I dislike the man? And that dandy way he cleans up after his crazy jealous wife. *shakes head smiling*

Next we see Sam loading the impala with Chet while Dean lets Bobby know they are on their way. Then Sam's plea.

SAM:Dean, like it or not, the stuff you don't talk about doesn't just go away. It builds up, like whatever's eating at you right now.
DEAN:There's always something eating at me. That's who I am. Something happens, I feel responsible, all right? The Lindbergh baby -- that's on me. Unemployment -- my bad.
SAM:That's not what I'm talking about.
DEAN:Well, then what the hell are you talking about?
SAM:I'm talking about whatever you're not telling me about. Look, Dean, it's fine. You can unload. That's kind of what I'm here for.

SAM:I mean... we're good, right?
DEAN:We're good.

"As long as I don't tell you about Amy." Thinks Dean.

Love Sam's frustrated face here :D


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