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Rewatching 7-3 The Girl Next Door

The idea I get about people's opinion about this episode is, the Sammy girls like it because a lot of the episode is about Sam.  We get to see Sam as a young boy, with the gorgeous Colin Ford, and the scenes are just epic.  Correct me if I'm wrong but a lot of Dean girls don't like this episode, because they are unhappy with what Dean did at the end.  What I found on this rewatch is that I actually enjoy this episode especially because of the Dean scenes.  Not just the cute scenes in the beginning, but the scenes at the end as well.

The Sam scenes are adorable but, as usual, this will most probably turn into a very Dean-centric review... when is it not? LOL!  You may vehemently disagree with what I say, but that's OK.

Let's begin.

We start with a scene of Dean.  At the hospital.  Getting his leg set, drugged, then waking up to the fact that he is in a very dangerous hospital.  How lucky not to be discovered by the Leviathan doctor and nurse until later!

I enjoy these scene very much in addition to the next, where Bobby comes into Dean's hospital room and tells Dean to hurry and get dressed and get out to the ambulance while he goes to get Sam.
One of the reasons I enjoyed it on first watch was the suspense of being in this dangerous hospital.  All during the bone setting and when the door opens before Bobby comes in... I was thinking, What if one of these doctors setting the leg is Leviathan? What if we are going to find a Leviathan behind that opening door?!  Very suspenseful!!!
On rewatch, I'm just enjoying the black T-shirt while they are setting the leg - Dean's reaction to it being set and that cute face as he wakes up :D

Of course also that face of grateful surprise when he finds that Bobby is indeed alive and well - HOW ON EARTH?!  WHAT HAPPENED?  WHY DON'T THEY TELL US?!  And Bobby patting Dean on the cheek <3 AWWWW!!!!

Then we again have a suspenseful tour of the hospital as he tries to make his way drugged by morphine and on crutches to the ambulance before the Leviathan find him.  Bobby meanwhile finds Sam and rushes him over too.

I don't know how Dean gets in the ambulance without Bobby seeing him, but I guess Bobby is too intent on one side mirror where the Leviathan have just come out of the exit to notice Dean in his other mirror.

They make their escape to Rufus' cabin in the woods and we all say a quiet thank you to Rufus and hope that he is happily grumpy in heaven.

Dean is stuck on the couch in front of the TV watching  daytime soap operas.  Sammy though is up and about.  I wonder if they took him to a different hospital to get the tests done and when he actually woke up, but he seems fine as Bobby comes in the door bringing with him the keys to the impala, which he was able to get from Sioux Falls, and news of similar Leviathan activities elsewhere.

While they are talking, Sam blanks out for a bit and Dean is calling him worriedly several times before he snaps out of it, rubbing the now healing wound in his hand.  Dean tells Sam that they've run out of beer and since he's not going anywhere, to go do the shopping for them.

I want to stop here and remember what Sam's situation was in the episodes before this.  First he completely blacks out once after his adrenaline rush in ep 1, but revives on his own - Dean makes his speech to Bobby about wanting this one thing to be in their favor, but they find out that actually Sam is having severe hallucinations of hell.  In ep 2 Sam almost is overcome by the hallucinations, not knowing what is real and what is not, and Dean shows him a way to tell for sure.  It is right after this that they go back to Bobby's and find him gone, the shop burned to the crisp and Leviathan waiting for them.  Dean pleads in his phone message to Bobby to be alive.  He is not alright.  He feels like just taking his brother and driving off a cliff in the impala. AND Sam is still seeing Lucifer in the ambulance.

We are now on episode 3.  Three weeks after the previous two episodes.  Sam's problem is still very serious.  Sure he says he's "handling it" but we know that Lucifer is still there and we know that it's just a matter of time until the other shoe does drop.  Dean knows it too - because he never catches a break.  He is worried sick about Sam.  He's still worried that Sam will go off on his own like he did last episode and possibly start shooting people like he also would have done if Dean had not been able to stop him.  It doesn't help Dean that he's stuck on the sofa either.  With nothing to do but watch daytime television and worry, he's driving himself crazy.

Dean talks about some of this with Bobby but Bobby is less worried - or he is maybe more fatalistic and he doesn't have time to worry about Sam too much right now.  What will happen will happen, but Sam seems ok now, so maybe he's actually getting better?

DEAN :Before you bail again – "Girl, Interrupted" over there. Any thoughts?
(Reminder of Sam, Interrupted and the original movie)
BOBBY:Looks to me like he's doing better.
DEAN:Better? What do you mean, better? You just saw him!
BOBBY:Saw him check out once. That's progress.
DEAN:You're kidding!
BOBBY:Look, seems to me that Sam's head ain't no different than your leg. People heal on a curve.
DEAN:Not diff– Bobby, I get this thing off in five days, I'm golden. Sam's not a curve. He's a frickin' time bomb.
BOBBY:It ain't like he's keeping secrets. What you see is what you get. What's so nuts about calling an upswing?
DEAN:Because that's not how it works, Bobby, ever! All right? Especially not with Sam. The other shoe is gonna drop. It's just a matter of when.
BOBBY:Okay. How 'bout we worry about today's problems? And today, we need intel. I'm going. You sit there and stew. I'll check in. Look... you sitting here wringing your hands ain't gonna do nothing. Maybe he'll surprise you.

So this is a very important conversation. One, that Dean considers Sam to be compromised. "He's a time bomb." "The other shoe is gonna drop. It's just a matter of when." And, unfortunately we know that is true.  This also has to do with Dean's belief that they never catch a break, like he said in ep 2.  Bobby leaves again and Dean is left on the sofa to brood.

We do have a scene in here indicating that the Leviathans are scouring the credit card information etc., for news of Sam and Dean. Sam's use of the credit card as he shops gets recorded and a Leviathan is on his way to get them. I have to mention again how I love smart monsters and the way in which the writers give us this added suspense in an episode completely unrelated to Leviathans just to reminds us that they are out there. It's kind of like the reminders of the Darkness and Lucifer we are having now in Season 11

 When Sam gets back, he's brought cake instead of pie.  Maybe there wasn't any pie? But he doesn't use that defense.  He just tells Dean "cake, pie, what's the dif?"  I think that the newspaper article he found actually filled his mind so much that he didn't actually notice that he had picked cake instead of pie.  It reminds me a lot of that time in Season 5 when Ruby distracts him so much that he forgets the pie all together. But maybe forgetting the pie is not an alert enough for Dean, which might mean that it happens quite often?

DEAN:Yeah. Hey, Sam, how you doing?
DEAN:I mean, you still, you know...
SAM:Yeah, no, I – I know what you mean. Yeah, I'm – I'm still seeing crap that's not real. But, yeah, I'm fine. I mean, I can tell the difference.
DEAN:Think it's getting better?
SAM:Honestly? Uh... I don't know. I just know I'm managing it, so... So don't worry.

This would not be such an important conversation if not for the fact that Dean's worry over Sam moves him to do something that he normally would not and also bothers Sam a lot because he is again feeling like a freak. We can tell that Dean is considering Bobby's opinion that Sam is getting better, and wants to believe it, but Sam tells him he is not better, he's "managing" it.

Dean grudgingly eats the cake and is fast asleep when Sam picks up the newspaper again to look at the article. We have a flashback of young Sam researching Kitsunes for Dean and Dad and telling them what he has found over the phone. We also have the MoTW killing what looks to be a drug dealer. We get the idea that this monster is the Kitsune that Sam is talking about on the phone. Sam is seen quietly taking the impala keys and sneaking out the door.

When Dean wakes up, it's like last ep or even Born Under a Bad Sign all over again.  Sam's gone and he's taken the impala this time.  Dean calls Bobby because he's stuck on a sofa and can't move.

DEAN :Other shoe!
BOBBY (on phone) :Other who?

Dean is very worried that it's "the other shoe" dropping like he mentioned to Bobby before. Sam's gone crazy and Lucifer has taken over his mind. Bobby is not as worried. He tells Dean that he can hunt Sam down once he gets his cast off. Until then, they should just keep calling Sam - Sam has turned off his phone and his GPS to hide himself from Dean.

Here is another important point in the story. Sam, we know, has gone to deal with his own mess. He was the one that let Amy go. If she is killing again, she needs to be stopped. He is prepared to kill her. But... that doesn't really sound like something he needs to hide from Dean except for the fact that Dean might argue that they get someone else to do the job since Sam was sick. Maybe Sam wants to show Dean that he is handling things. Maybe he feels that going off to do this on his own will prove to Dean and to himself that he is not a freak. Or... maybe he'd rather not have to kill Amy. Maybe he is hoping that she has a good reason so he doesn't have to. And, maybe he feels that Dean would not agree with that, which is quite true.

I mentoned before that Sam is feeling the freak this episode. Well, he's always felt like a freak. And he's always been very sensitive to the word. But last episode, we saw Hallucifer as Dean, telling Sam that he was crazy and there was no getting better -- and that's really Sam talking. It reminds me a lot of When the Levee Breaks as well, except for in that episode, Sam thought he could use the freak in him to an advantage, to save the world. Amy is the one person besides Dean who told him that she was a freak too. She also told him that all the good people were. She told him she didn't want to be like her mother, and showed him by killing her mother to protect him. He owes her his life. So she kills some low-lifes to save her son. He would have done the same thing (probably?). She needs to be given a second chance. HE needs to be given a second chance.

Meanwhile Dean has cut his cast open. He's not going to sit there twiddling his thumbs when Sam might be in trouble. He follows Sam's trail from the grocery store. I love how he describes Sam to the clerk. He's smart enough to ask for yesterday's newspaper too.

First Sam goes to confirm that it is indeed a kitsune killing.  Then we have a lovely scene of Sam researching the kitsune killings on the map in his motel room,

at which point we are back in the memory of childhood, where he is doing the exact same thing, drinking some really strong coffee to keep himself up.

YOUNG SAM (on phone):Okay. Are you guys cool? Can I have a normal life for five minutes now? Oh, Dean. Quick question. How do you talk to girls?
Sam is at the library researching Kitsunes when he notices this cute girl and the girl seems to be noticing him too.  As Sam finished the phone call with Dean, he tells him that he wants to be a "normal boy for once" and then asks Dean how to talk to girls.  So here is the reference to "normal" again vs freak.

He finds a cute girl and wants to talk to her, but she brushes him off, then kindly explains that she's not allowed to talk to boys (because her mom says, boys are food). Later on though, she's accosted by two idiots and Sam beats them up to get them off of her.

End of flashback - Sam is following Amy through the woods and catches her marking another man who's stopped in the middle of the road and trying to pick up his car keys. We'd like to think he is a lowlife, possibly wasted - but we don't really know. Sam quickly comes between her and her prey and they have their little reunion. He recognizes her, of course, from the pendant she has on her necklace, which she still wears after all these years. Amy tells Sam she has a normal life - normal being the cue here for another flashback.
Amy decides to hell with her mom's rules, she likes this boy and takes him home to care for his wounds. We see as Amy opens her fridge that it's pretty much full of pituitary glands and just one can of pop, which she gives to Sam. I love this scene with Sam tending his bruise with a cold drink. We see it again later by older Sam and I had to include it in my banner for the poll last week as well. So little Amy and Sam tell each other things about their lives - the stories that they need to stick to in order to hide their true identity. They both have to travel a lot. They've seen the world's biggest ball of twine more than two times each (reminiscent of the story Sam is STILL telling in The Usual Suspects!), and then they talk about how they always feel the freak, being the new student in school all the time - which reminds us of After School Special -

YOUNG SAM :Okay, but be honest – I mean, moving all the time sucks. You're always the new kid, and everyone always thinks you're a freak.
YOUNG AMY :Sam, you are a freak. But so was, I don't know, Jimi Hendrix and... Picasso. So am I. All the coolest people are freaks.

Awwww <3 That is so sweet.... But then we are back in the present.

AMY :Sam. What I am, I'm managing it.
SAM :You spiked three guys this week.
AMY:No, you don't understand. It's not like that. I'm – I'm not just some murderer. I had to.
AMY:I can't – I just had to. Please believe me, Sam.
SAM:I can't. I'm sorry.
AMY:So am I.

OK,this is first of all very interesting because (1) "I'm managing it." Wow. I didn't notice this until I read the transcript... so Sam is clearly being compared to Amy even here. I have to think a bit more about what this is actually saying. It's not like Sam is holding in a desire to kill people so it's not that. It's maybe about once you go down a certain path, ... Like Amy decides to kill these people in order to save her son and Sam acknowledges Lucifer inside himself, they can never get rid of that. Amy will always consider killing someone if the "necessity" arises, and there will again come a time that Sam will acknowledge Lucifer again. The important thing about Sam is that Hallucifer is not really Lucifer at all. It's a part of him maybe that thinks of himself as useless, crazy, the freak, a killer... It's a part of himself that doesn't believe he's worth living, that wants to kill himself possibly. I don't know. I'll come back to that later maybe.

The second thing that's interesting (2) Sam can't trust/believe Amy - at this point anyway. Amy tells him just to believe her, that she's not a murderer. She has a reason. But Sam can't. At the end, there is a point where Sam asks Dean to trust him, but although Dean tells Sam he will, and maybe at that point he meant it, Dean cannot trust Sam to be right. And I'll come back to that again later too.

The third thing is not as serious - According to the Wiki transcript, Sam puts his hand in Amy's pocket after he tells her he can't trust her. Amy of course hits him and he falls unconscious after this, but the receipt that he found in her pocket helps him to find her later.

Isn't that strange? Why would he put his hand in her pocket after he tells her he can't trust her? Isn't that when he should be stabbing her? It's like he CAN'T kill her for some reason and he expects her to attack him. Maybe this is just a silly timing thing by the writers, but it is true that Sam gives in to Amy later on as well so I tend to think it might mean to show Sam's indecision again.

Dean gets to the location, he goes to look at the victim at the coroners. (Love that view <3)

He is relieved to find that Sam did not do anything strange to the body (he's still worried that Sam has been taken over by "Lucifer"), but that the person was actually killed by a kitsune, which he remembers hunting with Dad and didn't make their highlight reel for reasons only we and Sam know. Dean calls Bobby and tells him what he found. Bobby doesn't remember it much, but he was also involved with this hunt, because he actually helped Sam with the research.

Dean is still wondering why Sam pulled the Houdini act. Why go off on his own like that? I'm still wondering the same thing.

Sam catches up to Amy with the receipt, finds a respectible house just like she said but also finds that she went and killed again after she knocked him out. Note though that she obviously has feelings for him as well. She didn't have to go find another person to kill. She could have just killed Sam...

SAM :Wait, that's fresh. That's not mine. So, you killed again!
AMY:You think I wanted to?
SAM:I think you better tell me exactly what you're doing, or I have to kill you whether I want to or not!
AMY:I can't. Sam, you know me.
SAM :No, I knew you. But that was a long time ago.
AMY:No, you know me. You know the kind of person I am.

So... we go back to the flashback ...

YOUNG AMY :My mom... I don't think she's a good person. Sometimes I don't think I'm a good person, either.
YOUNG SAM :You are.
YOUNG AMY :Don't be so sure.
YOUNG SAM: I've been around enough bad to know good when I see it.
YOUNG AMY :It's just she has this... whole plan for me, but... I don't want to be like her, you know?
YOUNG SAM:I don't want to be like my dad, either.

So we know that Amy is actually a Kitsune here, but Sam doesn't. He goes on this vague notion that he's been around enough bad to know what is good. And she is at this point. At least she has not killed anyone, even though her mom has probably killed FOR her. Huh... I just had a thought that even though Sam didn't want to become like his dad, he did - in a sense - he became a hunter despite everything. It was destiny. Amy didn't want to become a "monster" either. She didn't want to kill but she ended up having to anyway.

In the present, Amy shows Sam her boy. She tells him that she is in the PTA. She works as a mortician. She's "boring." In other words, she is living a normal life. That life she wanted when she was young, and going from town to town eating people like with her mother. Except, of course, that what she was - her being a kitsune and her son needing the fresh glands to survive - has forced her to kill and become the monster she didn't and still doesn't want to be. No. I shouldn't say it that way. Whether her son would have died without the glands or not, it was her choice. Circumstances did not force her to kill, she chose it over losing her son. It reminds me of Sam off at Stanford, wanting a normal, boring life and the circumstances in which he himself chooses to be like his father. But it also reminds me of a future ep where Sam chooses to acknowledge Lucifer again, to save Dean, and everything goes downhill from there. I do think that this episode could be pointing us toward that.

AMY:It's over.
SAM:You can't guarantee that.
AMY :I give you my word. So, how is spilling more blood gonna help anyone? You could still walk away from this. We both can. Sam... After what I did for you.

Sam, who has been hesitant all along to kill Amy is stopped by those last words. I think that Sam decided not to kill Amy NOT because he believed her or trusted her, but because he OWED her and of course he liked her. He couldn't kill her, even though he thought maybe he should.

And we have another flashback here, where Sam finds out to his horror that Amy is the kitsune that Dean and his dad are hunting.

YOUNG SAM:It's my dad and brother in the Impala. You're a monster.
YOUNG AMY:You're a hunter. So... You're supposed to kill me? And I'm supposed to kill you?
YOUNG SAM :I guess.
YOUNG AMY :Sam, I've never killed anyone. And I don't want to hurt you. Do you want to hurt me?
YOUNG AMY:Then run. If my mom finds you, she'll kill you. Just run. Please, Sam.

Interesting that they have this flashback here, so we first only think that there was this mutual "We don't want to be like our parents" agreement. They don't want to be a part of the whole "hunter vs monster" thing even if their parents are and even if they are meant to be.

We jump to the present, where Sam walks into Dean's punch. I recognize this scene from the gag reels! And we again see Sam recovering with a canned beverage to his brow.

DEAN:New rule. You steal my baby, you get punched. The hell were you thinking, Sam, running off like that? I mean, for all I know, Satan could have been callin' your plays.
SAM :Dean, look, how many times do I have to tell you? I'm fine.
DEAN:Oh, yeah, no, you're a poster boy for mental health. You have any idea the kind of horror shows I had going on in my head?
SAM:Dean, I left you a note. There was a job in town.
DEAN:A Kitsune. Yeah. Yeah. No, I know. And you ignore Bobby and I's phone calls why, exactly?
SAM:Because I wanted to take care of it. And I did. I took care of it.
DEAN :Really?
SAM :Yes.

DEAN:Where's the body?
SAM :There is no body.
DEAN :Why not?
SAM :Because I let her go. She's gone.

So there is the question again, of why he didn't actually take care of it at all. There is a flashback, which is used to show what Sam is explaining to Dean. Sam tries to leave and is found out by Amy's mom, who had been waiting outside the door just in case Amy was hiding something - since Amy was way too agreeable on the idea of packing to leave. Amy's mom tries to kill Sam, telling Amy that boys are food, but Amy kills her mom from behind instead. Sam tells Amy that he will take care of the body so she should just leave. Amy suggests they go together, that they can be freaks together were her words, but Sam tells her he can't and that's the end.

DEAN:You never told me that.
SAM :I never told anyone. I mean, can you imagine what Dad would have done?
DEAN:So you saw the article in the newspaper, and you just bolted.
SAM :It was my mess.
DEAN:And you call letting her go cleaning it up?
SAM :She killed her own mom, Dean, to save me.
DEAN :I hear you, Sam. I do. But look at her now. She's dropping bodies, man... Which means we got to drop her, no matter how many merit badges she racked up when she was a kid. I'm sorry, but it's that simple.
SAM :Nothing in our lives is simple.

Here Sam mentions the big reason why he couldn't kill her - because she had killed her own mom for him. And of course, the big reason why their lives are never simple is that Sam has always had this feeling that he was a freak, of course, which helps him sympathize with the "monsters" they've come across and kept him believing that it is what you do and not what you are that counts. It is possible that this is why he's always had a hard time with killing those monsters they've come across, like the girl vampire in Season 2 (whom he asked Dean to kill) or the werewolf in Heart, whom he killed himself only because she asked him to. Dean has always been there to kill them for him. That's always been Dean's job. To finish things off when it was too much for Sam. There have been times like in Fresh Blood where Dean has agreed not to kill the monster or to wait and try other means, at least, like in Metamorphosis. Both times it was because there was a possibility that the monsters could "handle it." Of course they ended up succumbing and had to be killed - Lenora by Cas because by then Dean also had a connection and didn't want to kill her even though he knew he should, and even though she begged them.

The point here is that sometimes, you become too close to someone it's hard to be harsh with them, even when you have to. And Sam has always been close to the monster, but especially in this case because of the bond they had when they were young - a crush on both sides and the mutual feeling that they did not want to become like their parents, ending in her saving his life and killing her mother.

Going on, it is here at Dean uses the f-word (freak) talking about Amy.  Sam immediately reacts very strongly to this as if Dean is talking about him and we see how much Dean's worries about Sam have been affecting Sam himself. He feels that Dean is looking at him like a freak and time bomb (And we know this is true from Dean's talks with Bobby) and it reminds me a lot of a similar argument they had back in previous seasons.

DEAN:Look, man, I get it, okay? You meet a girl, you feel that spark – there's nothing better. But this freak?
SAM: grabs his jacket and gets up from a chair at the table.
DEAN:I didn't mean –
SAM:Yeah, you did. Look, I see the way you look at me, Dean, like I'm a grenade and you're waiting for me to go off.
DEAN:Sam –
SAM:I'm not going off. Look, I might be a freak, but that's not the same as dangerous.
DEAN:I didn't say –
SAM:It's okay. Say it. I've spent a lot of my life trying to be normal, but come on. I'm not normal. Look at all the crap I've done, look at me now. I'm a grade-A freak. But I'm managing it. And so is Amy.

hen we get the "but I'm managing it" and "she's managing it" by Sam.  We can see again that he also is equating himself with Amy just as Dean is... but in a different way.

DEAN:Is she? How?
SAM:She works at a damn funeral home so she doesn't have to kill anyone, Dean. She's figured out how to deal.
DEAN:Okay, well, then explain the bodies.
SAM:She's done. Her friggin' kid was dying, Dean. Put you or me in her position, we'd probably do the same thing. Look, you don't trust her. Fine. Trust me. Dean, please.

Dean doesn't believe him but when Sam asks him to trust him, he suddenly agrees, which is quite obviously to placate Sam.   Dean decides he has to take things in to his own hands and do what he had always done - clean up what Sam could not deal with by himself. I think that he understood the reason why Sam can't kill Amy, but he also equated Amy with a time bomb just as much as he does Sam, and he can stay with his brother and try to keep him safe but he can't have this on his conscience as well.

Sam is also surprised that Dean agrees.  It's pretty obvious he didn't expect Dean to agree.  And I guess this is one of the reasons why Sam kept this case a secret from his brother, just as he kept it secret all those years ago.

Dean is on the phone checking out Amy and finding her address.  When Sam gets back, he says he's been talking with Bobby. I wonder if it was? Is there mention of that later? I don't remember. But he tells Sam they are meeting Bobby somewhere so it must have been partly Bobby.

SAM:You gonna punch me again?

And he lets Sam drive... which totally spooks Sam out.  He asks Dean if he's going to get punched again.  Dean is trying to make Sam think that he is letting Sam take the lead but Sam is still worried that Dean is angry at him.

When they get to their motel, Dean tells Sam he's going to go get some medicine for his leg and leaves Sam at the motel to settle them in. He then goes to Amy's. He seems to have found her quite easily and actually tells her she should have changed her license plate if she was going to run. I don't actually know why she ran... maybe she thought the deaths could be traced back to her and another hunter could come after her.  Sloppy work though, which does show that she's forgotten what it was like when she used to travel around with her mother.

He tells her that he is Sam's brother, but Sam doesn't know he is there. He makes sure she knows this and when she pleads again that she wouldn't ever kill again, he disagrees, telling her that there is no escaping who she is. The other shoe always drops. It's just a matter of time.
xVTS_01_6 107 square.jpg
DEAN : ...people... They are who they are. No matter how hard you try, you are what you are. You will kill again.
AMY :I won't. I swear.
DEAN :Trust me, I'm an expert. Maybe in a year, maybe ten. But eventually, the other shoe will drop. It always does.

And before she can react like she did to Sam, he stabs her in the heart. Oh man, this scene is soooo sad :'( I have a hard time even reading it. But this speech by Dean is so important, because it again ties Sam's situation and Amy's together in his mind. He uses the exact same phrase, "the other shoe" that he uses about Sam with Bobby two times.

He has also noted before in his talk with Bobby that it's never easy with Sam. Sam doesn't just go out on a hunt on his own. He's either possessed or taken by a demon, high on demon blood or soulless. Bad stuff just happens to Sam. In one year or ten. So, here he's not talking just about monsters. He's talking about his experience with his own brother.

What I like,most about this scene is that it is chalk full of Dean angst. He feels truly sorry that he has to kill Amy. But as with all those other times, he is doing it for Sam.

The way he says I'm sorry as he kills her, the way he lays her down so gently, the expression on his face as he does...I can't even.

Then he turns around and finds Jacob standing in the doorway.

I love this scene - both Dean's question and warning as well as Jacob's vow, and Dean's response. Dean's response is respectful of their positions of hunter and monster. It reminds me of the native americans or even old Scottish hunters(as seen through Jamie in Outlander) and their respect for nature and the animals they hunt, in the knowlege that they may also one day be the hunted. Dean understands and is at peace with the thought that he might one day be the one killed by the same thing that he hunts. It's terribly romantic in a mannish way.

This expression as he looks back also is full of regret - that he had to do what he did.  It's a burden he's going to be bearing on his own until Sam finds out in the worst possible way.

The Leviathan, meanwhile, has found the poor clerk and is going to eat him up with cheese before he goes after the Winchesters... which might buy them a few hours?

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