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Rewatching 7-1 Meet the New Boss

As with Season 6, this season tends to be controversial.  The season is divided between Sam's mental health and the Leviathans, and maybe they were working with too much at once.  But I like both archs and wish we could have concentrated on them separately.  Sam fighting a battle within himself was very nice to see.   I also really liked the Leviathans.  Those big mouths  were horrible and very well made considering the small budget SPN is always talking about.  I was reminded of them recently in a Japanese anime and movie "Kiseiju" or Parasyte, the anime of which I also enjoyed watching with my son. But, the computer graphics for the live action movie is not half as good as the Leviathons on SPN in my opinion.

Before we can start on the Leviathans, however, we have to get rid of the previous (or present) big bad - which is Cas.  Boy is he a dick this ep!  It's truely hard to watch him in the first few scenes.  And yet I rated this episode as "great" because I'm starting to think that the scenes that make me cringe are actually some of the best acted/written scenes in the episode.

So, let's just get this over with get started.

"Slow Ride" by Foghat (plays during "The Road So Far" recap of events)
"These Boots Are Made for Walkin'" by Nancy Sinatra (plays when Cas God pays Crowley a visit)

Did I mention that I have a really hard time with the first scene of this episode? Every single little utterance by Cas is just unbelievably self-righteous. I'd almost think they(the writers) got him all wrong - and yet power does do strange things to people and infects their brains like a virus. Not only that but he does have a TON of souls from PURGATORY in him, including the Leviathans. We see the Leviathans taking over to massacre people at a campaign headquarters later on, so it's not surprising that they might be influencing him just a little bit here.

We start the episode with Cas demanding that they kneel to him, their God.

CASTIEL: I'm your new god. You will bow down and profess your love unto me, your Lord, or I shall destroy you.
Which sounds like something the Old Testament God might have said but it's just so wrong. The irony of demanding love, or death.  Dean talks later about how the new Cas still doesn't understand irony, but he's sure spouting it a lot in this ep.

Bobby goes down on his knees first, asking Cas whether that's enough or he wants them to put their heads to the ground as well. He urges Sam and Dean to kneel as well and they are about to do it, still with their mouths open in disbelief when Cas reconsiders, realizing that of course they do not love him as their God, only fear what he might do to them. And he's right. Not only that but I'm pretty sure that Sam and Dean would never adore or worship any god willingly - whether he was a good god or not.

CASTIEL: Stop. What's the point if you don't mean it? You fear me. Not love, not respect, just fear.
SAM: Cas...
CASTIEL: Sam, you have nothing to say to me; you stabbed me in the back.

I love this line. What do you have to say to someone you just tried to kill, aye? LOL

DEAN: Cas, come on, this isn't you.
CASTIEL: The Castiel you knew is gone.
DEAN: So what, then? Kill us?
CASTIEL: What a brave little ant you are. You know you're powerless, you wouldn't dare move against me again. That would be pointless. So I have no need to kill you. Not now. Besides...once you were my favorite pets before you turned and bit me.
DEAN: Who are you?
CASTIEL: I'm God. And if you stay in your place, you may live in my kingdom. If you rise up, I will strike you down.

Dean tries again to reason with Cas but Cas tells him that the "cas you knew is gone." Which is a very significant thing to say. It almost sounds like he's saying that not only has he become more powerful, his personality has changed.  The "What a brave little ant you are"  again makes me cringe not only because of how much Cas has changed here, but also because I am embarrassed for him, I guess, knowing how wrong he is to be acting this way.
Cas tells them that he hopes for their sake it's the last they see of him - meaning that if he appeared to them next it would be to kill them. Then he disappears. Sam's adrenalin runs out.

He gets a bloody nose and falls, cutting his hand on some broken glass (important!!) and I guess he loses consciousness here as he starts hallucinating again about hell.

Cas meanwhile is killing all his "enemies" in heaven. And there are a lot. I really like that scene with the angels on the ground dead around him. It's very scary and horrifying because it's CAS. He also tells the other angels that he thought free choice was the answer but he was wrong. They need a firm hand. He sure goes from one extreme to another.

CASTIEL: It is a new day. On earth, and in heaven. Rejoice.
REJOICE?! REJOICE?!!! This is soooo wrong.  And so ironic! (Pretty eyes Misha <3)

Dean is working on his car. This is so reminiscent of Season 2 <3 It gives him time to think and just work on something that he can actually fix. Bobby comes up to him. They talk about how Sam is still under but alive and how Cas hasn't surfaced yet. Bobby asks Dean what they are going to do once they do, and Dean snaps at him, quickly apologizing and telling him that there is no manual for how to kill God. They are just going to have to work on what they can for now and leave Cas alone. Dean also talks about how they will help Sam and try to fix him, just as Dean was fixing his car, because "we owe him that much." And he gets back in to try to hammer the roof back to it's original place.

Also in this scene, Dean is wearing a Survivor "Eye of the Tiger" T-shirt! (Which I'm sorry to say I didn't notice until I read the entry in SupernaturalWiki) I tend to think that this has meaning too - and when I think back to that scene in Yellow Fever, when Dean was so afraid that Sam was going to turn bad, and also the similar way in which he is lying in the car - in Yellow Fever to do air drums, and here to pound on the roof.  It seems that in both scenes he is trying to give himself more courage, trying to deal with his fear.

A little later when he goes back to the house to get another beer, Sam has woken up and comes out and talks to Dean. He assures Dean that he's fine except for a headache - but after Dean leaves, telling Sam to come talk with him out at the car, Sam senses something around him and stops to look around.

We know that it is the restart of his hallucinations.

Meanwhile Cas is killing off a hypocrite preacher, burning the chair he touched with his "wrath" (at which point he is already hearing voices calling his name- possibly the Leviathon) and changing the Jesus stained glass to his own figure. I love that touch on the stained glass and also the message on the church board!

Sam is looking through tools in the basement when he has a full blown hallucination of hell with meat hooks etc. He wakes up when Bobby comes down to call him. I am wondering here if Bobby sensed something is wrong. It seems quite obvious that Sam is afraid of something, but from Bobby's words later, it doesn't really sound like he noticed.

They both go up to watch the news of the church incident. I like how the woman describes Cas -

WOMAN ON TV: We all saw him. No beard, no robe. He was young...and...and sexy. He had a raincoat.
Sexy? He killed your pastor and possibly one of the parishioners and you noticed he was SEXY? Still, funny :D

Dean is working on his car again as he listens to the radio about how the Ku Klux Klan has been disbanded, and a Center for Vibrational Enlightenment has been burned down.  Such pretty scenes, first with the sunlight, then with the flashlight <3  Sam comes up -

SAM: Motivational speakers?
DEAN: Yeah, I'm not sure new Cas gets irony any better than old Cas. Of course, old Cas wouldn't smite Madison Square Garden just to prove a point. He is off the deep end of the deep end. And there's no slowing down.

I like how they point out how Cas still doesn't get irony. Actually that is exactly what is wrong with everything he is doing. And the funny thing is that all those things he's been saying are the most ironical of all and he doesn't mean it that way.

SAM: So, what? Try to talk to him again?
DEAN: Sam.
SAM: Dean, all we can do is talk to the guy.
DEAN: He's not a guy. He's God. And he's pissed. And when God gets righteous, you get the hell out of the way; haven't you read the Bible?

SAM: I guess...
DEAN: Cas is never coming back. He's lied to us, he used us, he cracked your gourd like it was nothing. No more talk; we have spent enough on him.

We see that Sam doesn't give up on Cas while Dean seems to have given up completely - it is not only a lovely Sassy moment but also shows how Sam can sympathize with Cas because of what he has been through, and has learned from Dean's persistence with him, to keep trying. Dean though, I think, is especially done with Cas because of what he did to Sam.

Now to Crowley :D He's in a trailer park, in a trailer with a number plate that says "In God We Trust" (LOL) and angel proofing all over the place, watching the news with a glass of whiskey in hand when Cas pops in and tells him that the scratches won't work because he's not an angel anymore. He also tells Crowley that he had known where he was all the time.

Crowley thinks he's going to get killed - I love how he puts his arms out and waits to be "smited"! But Cas tells him that he wants him to run hell under him basically. Come to think of it, I guess he needs somewhere to put all those people he just smited LOL and as he mentions, he needs something to hold over his enemies and to keep Michael and Lucifer.

CROWLEY: Right. I gather this is not a, uh, negotiation.
CROWLEY: Then I graciously accept, boss.

Next, an even worse hallucination by Sam. This time he's being strung up to the ceiling by a chain around his neck. When he comes to, there is of course nothing coming out of the ceiling and everything is as it was.

It's night, and Dean is still working on his car - he's up to the painting stage, and Bobby tells him it looks good considering.

DEAN: Considering? I should do this professionally.
<3 So proud of Dean being talented not only in hunting but also fixing up cars and that is something he can go back to when he feels lost.  If things ever settle down for those two (or if something happens where Dean feels the need to work on something simple again, they should go back to Bobby's and take over his repair business.  Come to think of it, it's Bobby's Auto Repair Shop and we've never actually seen him repair a car LOL

Sam goes to find Dean and Bobby - possibly to tell them about his hallucinations but he hears Dean talking about how he really wishes at least Sam to be OK, considering how crazy everything else is... and Sam of course can't say anything. Awww... *hugs Sam and Dean*

DEAN: No. You wanna know why? because we never catch a break. So why would we this time? I just.. just this one thing. You know? but I'm not dumb. I'm not going to get my hopes up just to get kicked in the daddy-pills again.
It's Bobby that brings up the subject, asking Dean how crazy is it that Sam is even standing.  This is actually the part that makes me think that Bobby didn't notice that Sam was acting strangely down in the basement, but maybe he just thought that Sam was acting a little jumpy about him coming down the stairs, which sounds a bit more realistic... OR, he's trying to hint to Dean that something might be wrong because he actually did sense something, and doesn't have the heart to say anything about that scene to Dean for the same reason that Sam refrains from talking about his hallucinations.

When Sam comes in, he again is the one that wants to do something about Cas.  He is not trying to "talk to the guy" anymore though - he wonders whether there is no heavenly weapon to stop him... which gives Dean an idea. Who can kill God? Death, of course!

On to another favorite scene.  I love just the way that whole summoning scene is set up.  The way Dean is casually leaning against the pillar, Sam in the middle sitting with his arms resting on his knees, and Bobby on the other side.  I LOVE Dean's grin as Crowley realizes who has called him, Crowley calling Sam "giraffe" and also Crowley agreeing to help them - at least to get them the spell.

CROWLEY: (Cas) Is everybody's boss. What do you think he's going to do if he finds out we've been conspiring? You do you want to conspire, don't you?
BOBBY: No. We want you to just stand there and look pretty.

Crowley sends them the spell by delivery LOL with a note on it saying:


 And they decide to go bind death.  There must be several ways to bind Death, because this was not the way Lucifer bound death was it?  He had to be on a battlefield and he needed to kill quite a few souls in order to do so. But  Lucifer was not only binding death but freeing death from somewhere down below, so I guess that's why the spell was quite a bit different.

While that is going on, Cas is healing a blind man and being told that there is something wrong with his face - it reminds us of how Lucifer looked with his first vessel aye? Cas looks in the mirror, then he hears voices "let us out!" and what looks like a hand pushes from inside his stomach, trying to get out.

Back to Sam and Dean and Bobby -

DEAN: Well, Who feels like hog tying death tonight?
BOBBY: Old age is over-rated anyhow.

So they go off to get the crystal that they need and bind Death.

DEAN: Hi. Uh... I don't want to hurt you. Really.
DR. WEISS: I'm the one with the firearm, son.
DEAN:I get that.

DEAN: Hey, guys. Uh, so this is Dr. and Mrs. Weiss.
SAM: Hi. Sorry.

Love Dean's encounter with the couple and that whole scene preparing to summon death <3 How they pick Bobby to be in the middle doing the spell, while Dean and Sam flank him in the back<3

And the cool invisible/silver bonds that Death has.  Of course the conversations with Death always embarrass me because they are always so in over their heads!  Dean preparing Death fried pickle chips(what on earth are they?!) to appease him!

Then Cas appears and tells them that now that they are trying to kill him (again), he has to kill them, and they tell him that actually they can't be killed because Death is their bitch and then there's the little arguement between Cas and Death about whether or not Cas is actually God...

DEATH: Annoying little protozoa, aren't they? "God"? You look awfully like a mutated angel to me. Your vessel's melting. You're going to explode.
CASTIEL: No, I'm not. When I've finished my work, I'll repair myself.

DEATH: Long before God created Angel and man, he made the first beasts -- the Leviathans.
DEAN: Leviathans?
DEATH: I personally found them entertaining, but he was concerned they'd chomp the entire petri dish, so he locked them away. Why do you think he created Purgatory? To keep those clever, poisonous things out. Now Castiel has swallowed them. He's the one thin membrane between the old ones and your home.

CASTIEL: And how would you know? What are you, really? A flyswatter?
DEATH: Destined to swat you, I think.
CASTIEL: Unless I take you first.
DEATH: Really bought his own press, this one. Please, Cas. I know God, and you, sir, are no God.

 Dean tells them to stop arguing and to Death - hurry up and kill him already! And just as Death is about to do so... Cas breaks Death's bonds and Death is free.  Of course Death still does not feel obligated by this to NOT kill Cas, it's just that he doesn't have to any more.  While he is talking about how he is definitely going to be reaping someone soon, Cas gets the message and disappears.

Dean learns several things in this excellent scene - first that Sam has been lying, and that he is having hallucinations (Death tells them) and secondly that Cas's vessel is dissintegrating under the pressure of the souls, thirdly that Cas is carrying something more dangerous than just merely souls of regular monsters, but the souls of Leviathans - we also learn what these creatures are, those that were made first and who God was worried would chomp their way to destroying everything else on the planet and imprisoned in Purgatory.  This is actually pretty interesting when we think of the big bad in Season 11.

I love this idea of Leviathans because there is actually a theory in Christian circles that  there was a whole different history erased from the earth between the time God created "light and darkness" and then later created "the sun and moon" .  That this was when he actually created the dinosaurs and because it didn't work out, he made them extinct (like with most humans in the flood later on) and started over. It's a nice way to try to explain the dinosaurs. There is also a mention of Leviathans in the book of Job, and some people now think that this was actually a kind of dinosaur. When we think of it in the Supernatural universe, it makes sense that these "dinosaurs" use human "vessels" to inconspicuously take over the earth, just as with dragons in the previous season (but with so many more TEETH! :D).

As a person interested in that kind of stuff, it was fascinating to follow how the writers must have come up with this whole Leviathan idea in the first place.

Going back to the story - Dean tries to say something while Death calmly finishes off his food.

DEATH: Shut up, Dean. I'm not here to tie your shoes every time you trip. I warned you about those souls how long ago? Long enough to stop that fool. And here we are again, with your little planet on the edge of immolation.
DEAN: Well, I'm sorry. All right? I've been trying to save this planet, so maybe you should find somebody better to tip off.

DEATH: Maybe I should spend my effort on a better planet. Well, it's been amusing.
SAM: Wait, h-hold on, hold on. Just -- can you give us something? You -- you have to care a little bit about what happens to us.

DEATH: You know, I really don't. But I do find that little angel arrogant.
DEAN: Great. Let's go with that.

LOVE these two last lines LOL! Even though Death's line at the start there makes me cringe in embarrassment again. They really should have figured it out.

Death tells them that he will give them one more chance to get rid of the Leviathan by making an eclipse. They need to convince Cas to put the souls back and get the spell ready by 3:59 am Sunday morning. He leaves, telling Dean that he liked the fried pickle chips.

Next we see Cas go into a senator's office saying something about how he is a better God, and why can't anyone see it, and then he gets taken over by the Leviathan (probably) and kills everyone there.  He wakes up later and looks around the room aghast - which tells us that he was completely taken over by the Leviathans on this massacre and Cas himself had had no intention of doing what he did.

Dean is drinking whiskey and watching anime porn when Sam comes in and asks him whether he wants some coffee to get sober for the drive to find Cas.

Dean is like there is no way we can convince him to give up the souls. The world is ending, so I'm just going to sit here drinking whiskey and watching porn. Cas is completely gone.

SAM: He's not! He's in there somewhere, Dean. I know it.
DEAN: No, you don't.
SAM: No, I don't. But, look, I was pretty far gone sometimes myself, and never gave up on me.

So now that I've rewatched that scene about Sam suggesting a heavenly weapon to possibly kill Cas, this looks more like he is just not giving up on the whole idea of saving the world, and not necessarily that he is not giving up on Cas. But let's all feel free to just ignore that last scene for the sake of Sassy if we prefer. Especially since this is such a lovely line in itself, reminding us of how Sam does feel grateful to Dean for not giving up on him. And plus, the scene in Season 9 First Born (that I keep mentioning - I do love that scene) is based on all of this before it, which is just beautiful and awesome. Just what I love about this show.

Ehem. So back to the story, Dean mentions how Sam had been hiding his hallucinations from him, keeping secrets as usual, and Sam explains that he just hadn't wanted to give Dean one more thing to worry about.  They would deal with the hallucinations after they dealt with Cas.  From this face, I'd say Dean understands.

Dean checks out the news and finds the footage of Cas's massacre and Cas is smiling at the camera (just like Leviathan!Sam &Dean :D).

DEAN:Yeah, you know how I'm gonna deal? I'm gonna stuff my piehole, I'm gonna drink, and I'm gonna watch some Asian cartoon porn and act like the world's about to explode because it is. Hey. You got to be kidding me. "Massacre at the campaign office of an incumbent Senator by a trench-coated man." There's security footage. Well, I think reaching Cas is, uh... out of the cards.

Sam decides to go outside and pray to Cas one last time.

SAM: Hey, Castiel. Um... Maybe this is pointless. Look... I don't know if any part of you even cares, but, um, I still think you're one of us, deep down. I mean, way, way, way off the reservation, but... Look, we still have till dawn to stop this. Let us help. Please.
It is halfhearted though - he doesn't think there is much of a chance of Cas coming, and when he doesn't answer right away, Sam goes back to have a drink with Dean.

SAM: Only if you turn that off.

Just as they are about to have their drink, Cas suddenly appears.

SAM: Cas.
CASTIEL: I heard your call. I need help.

They fly into action. Taking incapacitated Cas to the lab, they collect all the things they need on his instruction. Dean asks Sam to go get the blood and as he is walking in the winding brick hall that reminds me of hell in a future season... Lucifer appears.

Sam tells him/himself that he is just hallucinating, and that Lucifer is not really there, but Lucifer tells him that actually, what Sam thinks of as reality is actually just a hallucination created by Lucifer himself.  Lucifer and the glimpses of hell are actually the real thing. Sam never left the cage to begin with. Sam, I guess, loses it here. He may have just left the blood there and run.

Meanwhile Cas is feeling regret and tells Dean so.

CASTIEL: I feel regret, about you and what I did to Sam.
DEAN: Yeah, well, you should.
CASTIEL: If there was time, if I was strong enough, I'd -- I'd fix him now. I just wanted to make amends before I die.
DEAN: Okay.

It's not quite enough to make either of them feel any better. The time gets closer to the deadline and goes to find Sam later and finds the blood on the ground. There's no time to look for Sam, so he just goes back to help Cas and Bobby open the gate.

Again as bobby says the spell, Cas turns around - this time to apologize to Dean.

CASTIEL: I'm sorry, Dean.
And despite all the dickiness of the past scenes, for some reason, I feel really bad for Cas (as I suppose Dean also does).

This scene as the souls go back to Purgatory is really good as well. I love watching the flow of light from Cas to the gate, Cas' arms spread out, body leaning in to the gate as if being pulled toward the gate along with the souls. I love seeing Dean with the "wind" in his face and even Bobby. It's a great cartoonish scene, if that makes any sense.

Finally the light goes out and Cas crumbles to the ground. He's cold for quite a while and they think he is dead.

BOBBY: He's gone, Dean.
DEAN: Damn it. Cas, you child. Why didn't you listen to me?

And we hear the pain in his voice, and we know that Dean still cares for Cas despite it all. Suddenly Cas wakes up. And this next part is really the only place I have a problem with in this episode at this point.

CASTIEL: I'm alive.
BOBBY: Looks like.
CASTIEL: I'm astonished. Thank you -- both of you.
BOBBY: We were mostly... just trying to save the world.

CASTIEL: I'm ashamed. I really overreached.
DEAN: You think?
CASTIEL: I'm gonna find some way to redeem myself to you.
DEAN: All right, well, one thing at a time. Come on. Let's get you out of here. Come on.

Up to here is great. Cas being able to tell them that he wants to redeem himself. But as Cas grabs Dean again to tell him, he's serious, he really wants to redeem himself somehow, suddenly he pushes them away and tells them to run. That bit is just really unnatural and weird - unless he was already taken over by the Leviathans before this and they were just acting. But we don't have any indication of that.

Dean tells Bobby to run, then stops to watch Cas as he struggles. A moment, and it's too late. The Leviathans have taken over.

LEVIATHAN: Too late.
DEAN: Cas?
LEVIATHAN: Cas is -- he's gone. He's dead. We run the show now. Ah. Oh, this is going to be so much fun.

Hehehe! Love Misha's acting here - Awesome!

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