supernutjapan (supernutjapan) wrote,

Quiz Results!

Thank you soooo much again for all of your participation in the quizzes - from just dropping in to let me know you were reading, to going out of your way to look up stuff and do some research :D

You are all AMAZING!!
I am so happy that I could share this time with you<3

I know many of you were probably busy and couldn't participate even if you wanted to - I'd like to apologize that the timing wasn't very good this time around and hope you can participate for Season 7.

I've calculated all the points - which have been given to those who gave the complete answer(s) first and sometimes to those who gave additional information.  There were comments that were not reflected in the points but these were just as important to me so I'd like to thank and cheer everyone for those just as much.  All in all, I felt the love for SPN, loyalty to our boys and some kindness and love for little old me as well.  Thank you for all of it.

Here are our lovely participants and quiz results -

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