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Rewatching 2-5 Simon Said

Hope everyone is having a fabulous holiday season. I am going to go ahead and do our rewatch of Simon Said and those of us who are too busy will hopefully be able to catch up later aye? This episode had a rather high rating among Supernatural.TV forums members so I am assuming there are others that appreciate it as much. I personally do not like the story line too much except for the first and last scenes at the Roadhouse which I like very much - the little glances between Sam and Dean, Dean's protectiveness of Sam, the interaction between Jo and Dean and Ellen and the boys - all are just so potent.

Music Links
"Women's Wear" by Daniel May
(plays while Doc looks at guns, then kills the shop owner, Dennis)
"Tired of Crying" by Lil' Ed & the Blues Imperials
(plays when Dean and Sam look for 'Dr. Badass' at the roadhouse)
"Uncle John" by Eric Lindell
(play when Sam is asking Ash to search for house fires)
"Can't Fight This Feeling" by REO Speedwagon
(the song Jo plays at the Roadhouse that Dean scoffs at; Dean later sings it in the car)
"Stonehenge" by Spinal Tap
(played when we first see Andy Gallagher's van)
"Fell on Black Days" by Soundgarden
(plays as the episode closes, as Ellen gets whiskey for the boys)

Starting with a doctor on a killing spree after getting a phone call from someone... the key phrase being, "its all gonna be OK..." and Sam wakes up from his hallucination in the bathroom in front of the mirror. O-oh... another hallucination... it must be to do with the yellow-eyed demon... This time, instead of rushing to wherever, Sam and Dean are on their way to the Roadhouse. Seems Sam wants to check with Ash to get a lead on the YED at the location - Guthrie. Dean is against going - worried about the other hunters. Reminds us of the reason that John kept the boys separate from the other hunters. We also know that Dean is right to be worried - their talk must have alerted other hunters and caused their trouble with Gordon later. While Dean tries to dissuade Sam, he talks of Sam being a "supernatural freak." The word freak really bothers Sam who's always thought himself a freak and is hurt to hear it from Dean. It reminds me of several episodes in Season 1 where Dean has called himself a freak and called Sam a freak - "I'm right there with ya."

When they get to the Roadhouse there is that funny scene in front of Ash's door:

Season2-3,4 10
"Sam, Dean... Sam and Dean."

Dean is forever cautious as Sam explains the situation to Ash... wishing Sam didn't have to say so much. His protective stance as he stands by the pillar next to Ash and Sam is one of my favorite scenes of the episode.

Season2-3,4 12

As Ash goes to check the additional signs Sam tells him about, Jo tries to lure Dean with a little music but - and we have a cute scene here -
Season2-3,4 26
"He sings it from the hair. There's a difference."

Season2-3,4 33
Jo: You're scared of my mother?
Dean: I think so.

as soon as Ash gets back with his news of an Andrew Gallagher they are on their way. Jo's face as she watches them leave is indicative of her feelings for Dean.
Season2-3,4 36

Dean, on the other hand, has some kind of feelings for Jo too, because he can't seem to get that damn song out of his head.

Season2-3,4 39
"I heard the song somewhere, I can't get it out of my head, I don't know, man."

When they get to the town, they go on a hunt for Andrew Gallegher and talk with his girlfriend Tracy who seems to own the bar(?) and employs Weber. They find Andy's car and we find out that Dean and Andy have similar tastes. Sam talks with Dean about how worried he is they might be going after another killer like Max in Nightmare. He's also worried that he was going to turn into a killer too. Dean is more cautious about this nice looking guy that has the same taste as him and also adamantly denies that Sam could ever be a killer of something that wasn't "asking for it."

Then they see Andy. There are several Star Wars references in this episode so, on a rewatch, Andy's clothes and the way he is walking kind of remind me of Obi wan as well. Andy meets up with the said doctor - Dean tells Sam to go with the doctor while he watches Andy. Sam is able to stop the killing, but as he walks outside he sees Andy driving Dean's car! and talking on his cell... and the doctor is talking on his cell again... and steps in front of a bus instead. Sam talks with Dean on the phone and Dean explains how Andy came to be driving his car: "He full-on Obi-Wanned me. It's mind control, man!"

When Dean catches up to Sam (on foot I assume...)Sam is in shock that he was unable to stop the doctor.
Season2-3,4 45

Then we see Andy going to see Tracy - in shock of the doctor's death. Weber is there and in high spirits, which is kind of interesting to observe from a rewatch point of view...
Season2-3,4 47

Tracy tells Andy that she had missed him. Andy, I guess, had been avoiding her since he realized his powers.
We can also assume that Weber started feeling jealous of Tracy at this point - since Andy went right past him without a glance to talk with her.

Dean finds his car - with the keys in - and Sam is sure that Andy killed the doctor because they were both on the phone but Dean is not. They find Andy's car - and another funny scene...

Season2-3,4 49
"And Moby Dick's bong."

Dean again really likes what Andy has done to the insides of his car as well. Sam is like... "what kind of weird taste do you have man?" but is impressed with the heavy reading.

Sam and Dean are sitting in their car, Dean eating something he had to warm in a minimart... wishing he wasn't (reminds me of Season 8) and Sam trying to figure out why the doctor was killed when Andy drops by and Dean is forced to tell him the truth. That, actually, he is worried that Sam might be right - that Sam and the others were all "part of something terrible." Not something he wanted to admit in front of Sam after his bravado previously.

While Sam is interrogating Andy, he has another vision - and Dean goes to check it out but by the time he arrives, it is all over.

Sam and Andy's talk is very insightful as to Any's personality. Very happy-go-lucky - no ambition whatsoever - and just very ... normal. I think he is a good example of how soft, naive and trusting Sam and Dean might have turned out if they had had a normal family life (even without a mother, Andy must have had a wonderfully happy childhood for him to turn out the way he did...) So, totally good guy, but definitely not cut out for the future the demon has planned. Sam is relieved to find not all of the psychics are crazy - which means there is hope for him too.

They find out Andy was adopted so they go check out the "sealed" records - thanks to Andy!
Season2-3,4 52
"These are not the droids you're looking for."

And Andy is shocked to find that he has a twin who is very probably killing all these people.

Season2-3,4 54
"I have an evil twin..."

All this time, Weber is working his magic on Tracy and Sam sees it in one of his visions. As Weber tells Tracy that "it's going to be OK" if she just flies off the edge of the dam, we have confirmation that it was him that killed the doctor and his mother. Psyco with mind-control powers... scary... I am beginning to think that maybe the YED wanted Sam/Andy to kill him off. Too unstable.

Interesting thing though, as Weber talks with Andy he tells him that with practice he had improved his powers. That now he could do it without talking and it was "worth the headache." Which reminds us of Sam and his headaches before his visions.

As Andy tries to stop Weber by talking to him, Dean is ready with his rifle far off in the distance. But Weber senses him and is strong enough that Dean almost kills himself.


Andy shoots Weber just in time - saving Dean and Tracy.

At the end, Sam and Dean have an interesting conversation about Sam, Weber and Andy being "pushed into" the roles YED had for them, which is something we will be seeing a lot of in the Seasons to come. Dean's mission will basically be to stop/change this "destiny" laid out by demons and angels leading to the apocalypse.

Sam calls Dean on what he said while he was mind-controlled...

Season2-3,4 59
"Call a do-over."
"What are you? Seven?"

Dean gets a phone call - it's Ellen. Back at the Roadhouse again, and this time there is only Ellen and Jo - preparing for a heart-to-heart (bring out a case of beer). I think Ellen is intent on finding out more about the boys situation and helping them in any way possible. But when they get there, Dean is again reluctant to open his mouth.

I love this speech by Ellen:

"This isn't just your war. This is WAR. Something bad is coming and it's coming fast. And their side holds all the cards. At best, all we've got is us - together. No secrets or half truths here."

When they do explain the situation, Ellen tells Jo to bring out the whiskey.

Season2-3,4 60

So, this one trip to the Roadhouse will end up bringing enemies, but also has made some wonderful allies... friends

roadhouse banner with ellen and jo equalized and burned
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