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Rewatching 2-4 Children Shouldn't Play with Dead Things

I'm running a little late but I think I've got most of my material ready now so here we go - on to the next episode, Children Shouldn't Play with Dead Things (CSPwDT) - Man, what a long name. This episode is not one of my most favorite but the brotherly moments are very touching and important so it is not something to skip in a rewatch.

Music Link:

"Sad Girl" by Supergrass
(plays at the beginning when Neil plays the emo music)

So we start with the introduction to the MoTW. I think it is the first time we've had the introduction to just a person dying of accidental causes. As first time viewers, we are led to believe that maybe this is about a vengeful spirit. Then, possibly another first. Sam and Dean are not on a trip to investigate any case - they are driving to Laurence because Sam wants to visit Mary's grave and bury dad's dog-tags there. Dean is uncomfortable with the whole trip. He would rather go to see Ellen and Jo and find out more about the demon then come to terms with his grief by going to his mom's grave. But he'd rather be with Sam then alone so he's tagging along(and maybe he does, kind of, want to go too).

When they get to the graveyard, Sam has his little quiet time - reminiscent of the scene at Jessica's grave- while Dean has a quiet time of his own and happens to comes across the dead plot.
circle of dead

Instincts aroused, he finds out whose grave it is, and despite Sam's doubts, they go visit Angela's father.
I'm sam
"I'm Sam and this is Dean."

Sam here knows Dean is still carrying his burden as in the previous episode and believes Dean is letting it cloud his judgement - which is true in a way... The father tells them, "Family is everything, you know...and she was the most important thing in my life... I'm just lost without her."  This I think is so close to what Dean is feeling as he remembers what his dad had done.

After their talk with the father, Sam is pretty sure Dean is making the case up so he does not have to think about mom or dad. I'll note here that while Sam thinks that the loss of his dad is clouding Dean's judgement - Sam's worry for Dean as well as preoccupation with grief is probably clouding his judgement so that he cannot see a case right in front of his eyes. When he mentions dad, Dean's face gets hard, angry and Sam thinks maybe Dean might take another swing and maybe hopes he will, to deal with the hurt somehow.

hit me

But Dean doesn't take the bait. He goes out to investigate the case further.

I like this scene with Dean and Angela's friend. Dean looks so uncomfortable and the girl is just so dumb.
great great2
"She was just so..." "Great...yeah..."

But while he is there, he finds out about Angela's former boyfriend who "slit his own throat." And he also gets a hold of Angela's diary.

Here is another funny scene when he gets back to their motel room.

Sam watching porn... must have been pretty bored?

Dean tells Sam what he found out and finally Sam is ready to believe there is a case. They go to see Angela's "bestest friend in the whole world" and find out about possible motive for the boyfriend's death - but they still think it is a vengeful spirit. So Dean suggests they have to burn the bones to make sure it's over.

When they find out there are no bones and find a spell in the coffin, Dean is sure that it is the dad that raised Angela, judging from his knowledge of such things. He is overly forceful in his interrogation - getting them thrown out. Remembering Angela's father's words at the beginning I think that Dean is again putting his situation and Angela's together when he acts so angrily toward Angela's father. It is almost as though he is talking to his own dad.

As they come out of the house, Sam has to say what he has been feeling since the vampire case. This is a very touching scene, especially of Sam.
Season2-3,4 01
We've already lost dad, we've lost mom, I've lost Jessica... Now I'm going to lose you too?"

Until this Dean has continually pushed Sam away - he just can't talk about it. But I think this brings his tailspinning to a halt. It kind of reminds me of Dean in Salvation, as he reminds Sam that Sam and Dad are all he has, and how it brings Sam out of his craze. He maybe realizes he owes Sam some sort of explanation for how he has been acting.

They go back to the motel to try to figure out 1) how to kill zombies, and 2) who brought her back. From Angela's journal (you've got your journal, I've got mine!) Dean guesses it is Neil - Angela's father's TA and they go to his house to investigate (Neil, it's your grief counselors... we've come to hug!). They find Angela's hideout but she's missing "I think she went out to rent Beaches." Dean is full of funny quotes here... Sam: "Look smartass..."

Dean remembers that Angela's friend was "really broken up" about the boyfriend's death and figures she is probably the one who was cheating with her boyfriend. They arrive just in time to save Lindsy's life:

shooting zombie

I like the next scene with Neil too. Dean is acting downright scary - as Sam mentioned. Also reminiscent of Season 8?

We know what you did200 We're crazy200 what's dead200
"Your girlfriend's passed her expiration date and we're crazy?"

I enjoyed how Dean figured out that Angela was there, how he urges Neil to come with them and also how he lures Angela back to the cemetery. Quick thinking. Here's his quirky mouth at the end.
"Don't make her mad."

Neil should have gone with them. A stupid guy to the end, aye?

When Angela comes to the cemetery, she begs Sam to let her go. She tells him, "I'm still human." which was interesting after Sam had let those vampires go. But it is evil they are after and she fits the bill with the people she has attempted and actually killed. Sam does not hesitate to shoot her in the head.

Season2-3,4 32 I am a person
"Wait. I didn't ask to be brought back. But it's still me. I'm still a person. Please."

As she is about to snap Sam's neck, Dean shoots her into her grave and stakes her. And again the phrase...
what's dead should stay
"What's dead should stay dead."

As they leave the cemetary, Dean stops to look back at mom's grave and Sam suggests they can stay, but Dean answers "no." As they drive though, Dean can't hold it in anymore and decides to tell Sam some of what he has been feeling. That he's sorry dad's dead - because of him. "You, Dad, are the most important people in my life, and now... I never should have come back. It wasn't natural...

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