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Rewatching Episode 1-2, Windego


This next episode was about a "corporeal" creature... which means you can kill it ;)
My son was relieved to find that it was not quite as "scary" for him as the pilot.
What I enjoyed and thought was significant about the episode:
After the death of his girlfriend, Sam's feelings about what his dad is doing, flips 180 degrees. He is all for finding dad and getting revenge for his girlfriend's death. We find out later that the evil being killed his girlfriend so that Sam would get back on the road and start the hunting life again. Watching him do so, I feel like I'm watching the schemes of the supernatural (I believe that is what "Destiny" is in this show) play out. (It could be that these beings were actually baiting their dad just to get Dean to go to Sam...)
Sam is having nightmares of Jessica and he doesn't have the composure of mind to think about anything other than finding Dad and getting his revenge. When they get to the coordinates that dad had left, they find that dad is not there - has probably never been there - BUT, there is a case. A monster has been attacking people in the wilds and it sure isn't a bear. Sam wants to leave and find dad, but Dean knows how long that journey might get and cautions Sam. In answer to Sam's question "How do you do it? How does dad do it?" He answers "Killing as many evil SOBs as we possibly can."

Dean's little pep talk helps Sam get back to the present.
In the meantime the girl who is looking for her brother gets suspicious of Dean and Sam. They are definitely not park rangers. Dean tells her as much as he can, and to her question of supplies, Dean takes out a big bag of M&Ms "What do you mean I didn't bring supplies?" (That is another popular favorite.) And it's a good thing he did aye? I wouldn't bet on birds not eating them but they are definitely better than bread crumbs!
I guess another highlight of the episode is Sam getting between the monster and the brothers and sister to protect them. It's a nice picture and I guess that's the only thing he could do, but if it wasn't for Dean, they would all have been screwed... I guess Sam believed that Dean would come and rescue them - and he did.
And Dean gets a little peck on the cheek for his good work.
At the end, Dean tells Sam, "We'll find dad." and Sam says, "but in the meantime... I'm driving." (I was a little disapointed he didn't say, "Let's kill some more monsters...":))

サムはガールフレンドが死んでからお父さんがやっていることに対する態度が180度変わります。早くお父さんを見つけて、復讐をしたいのです。後でわかることは、ジェシカを殺した邪悪な生き物はサムをハンターの道に復活させるために殺したのです。それにはまってしまい、ハンターになるサムを見ていると超自然人物の悪巧み(この番組ではそれを運命と呼んでいる)に振り回されているのを見ているようです。 (ディーンがサムに助けを求めたのでさえ、しむかれていたのかも?)
エピソードの一つのハイライトはサムが3人の兄弟をかばって立っているシーン。  絵にはなるし、それくらいしかできなかったとは思いますが、ディーンが助けに来てくれなかったらみんな死んでました。サムは最後までディーンが助けに来ると信じていたと思います、そして、その通りになったのです。
Tags: SPN、1-2、「闇と戦う旅出」、Windego
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