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Rewatching 6-21 Let It Bleed

We are nearing the end of the Season and things are really heating up and getting exciting!  We have two stories going on this episode related of course to eachother, but then also completely unrelated.  Cas and Crowley are getting pretty close to figuring out how to open the gate of Purgatory and they don't want the boys to be stopping them so Crowley decides he's going to capture Lisa and Ben as insurance. Dean is completely done in by Lisa and Ben put in danger - blaming himself for even spending that one year with them.  He has to find them and rescue them if it kills him, and Sam won't let him do it alone.  He is with his brother all the way to try to get the two back.  BUT, they can't let Crowley and Cas get ahead of them either, so Bobby is left in charge of figuring out what they need to open the gate and try to stop them.So this ep, we have Sam and Dean trying to get Lisa and Ben back, while Bobby chases after Cas and surprise of surprises, finds out that an old friend is actually a Purgatory resident who escaped through the hole that Lovecraft made those many years ago.  This revelation leads to some events in the next episode, but the most painful this episode is Dean's decision at the end.

"Loudest Alarm" by Scars On 45 (what Ben's listening to on his iPod when Lisa is attacked)
"Smiling Faces Sometimes" by The Undisputed Truth (plays when Cas confronts Crowley about Lisa and Ben)

We start the episode with the monster of the week - the one we know of as Eleanor -  who was released from Purgatory by HP Lovecraft, enters his maid and kills him on the night that he finishes his last novel, March 15, 1937.

At Bobby's, they are researching how Cas and Crowley intend to open the gates of Purgatory.  Bobby has found that Cas did not just pop in to have a little chat with (or watch over) Dean last night as shown last episode.  Cas had actually come to steal something.

A diary by a Moishe Campbell which mentions his having visited Howard Phillips - or HP Lovecraft - to hear about the events of March 10 (when Lovecraft had the party and opened a gate to "another dimention.") I wonder if Bobby went through all his documents to see if anything was missing? He probably does a routine check every single day... :P The "Paranoid bastard," of course also has a copy he made just in case someone stole it.  I wonder where he keeps the copies?!  Of course Dean doesn't know who Lovecraft is...

BOBBY: (surprised that Dean doesn't know) Horror writer. At the Mountains Of Madness, The Call of Cthulu?
DEAN: Yeah, it's - no, I'm - I was too busy having sex with women.

While they are contemplating what to do first, Dean gets a call from Ben.

Ben was just happening to be reading a comic on HP Lovecraft's character when his home gets attacked by demons. The first thing that bothers me about this scene ... WHY DON'T THEY HAVE SALT LINES??!  (and why don't they have anti-possession tattoos??)

Lisa's boyfriend is killed and Lisa is caught.  He's run to his room to call Dean and ask him what to do. Dean asks him if he can get to the shotgun that's in his mom's room, but he can't - that's interesting, that he left that there for them in case of emergency.  Ironic though, is the fact that if things had gone as Dean had wanted it, Ben would not have been able to shoot the gun properly anyway (Interesting also he actually could in this episode....).

Dean tells Ben that he has to jump out the window.

DEAN: Okay, Ben, listen to me. Go to your window and jump.
BEN: What?!
DEAN: Any bones you break won't compare to what they're gonna do to you, Ben. You've got to jump.
BEN: Okay, I'm going.

As Ben is attempting to do so, he gets caught by the demons and taken.  Crowley is on the phone with a randsom warning.  Leave Cas and him alone or Lisa and Ben die.

CROWLEY: Oh Dean, ever the wit. I've got your uh, oh what are they? Ex lady friend and not-kid, and I'm keeping them until I'm satisfied that you've backed the hell off!
DEAN: I'm telling you, last chance to let 'em go easy.
CROWLEY: You're adorable when you get all threatening. Don't worry, I won't hurt them. Provided you and Jolly Green stand down. Got it? Splendid. Kisses.

Does this remind you of Devil's Trap and Meg?!  This is such a similar situation I wonder why I never thought of it before.
Of course, last time it was Dad and Dad had gone in knowing that he might get caught or killed.  Lisa and Ben, on the otherhand, were innocent bystanders taken for the sole reason that they meant something to Dean - Dean had spent that year with them and gotten close to them.   And now I'm reminded of that little talk between Dean and Sam in Shifter. Dean himself must have been reminded of why he had always kept away from normal folk and tried not to get attached to anyone.  Because, most likely it would bring danger to those innocent people.  And, I remember Sam in Provenances, telling Sarah that everyone he loved, died.

Dean blames himself completely for what has happened and vows to save them.  Sam of course does not let Dean go alone.

SAM: So what are we gonna do?
DEAN: I'll tell you what we're not gonna do: sit here. I'm going after 'em.
SAM: I'm coming with.
DEAN: No, Sam. You and Bobby stay on the Lovecraft thing, okay? Cas is already way ahead of us.
SAM: You gotta be nuts if you think I'm gonna let you do this alone. Bobby can take care of the case.

Bobby starts to butt in - maybe to say he's going to go too, or to tell Sam to come with him. Either way, Dean asks him to go on the case and he agrees. Awesome how Dean doesn't argue against Sam at the end there.

The first thing Sam and Dean do is call Balthazar to ask for help.

BALTHAZAR: I'm sorry boys, do I look like a man-servant to you? No? No? Then quit ringing for me, please.
DEAN: This is important, Balthazar.
BALTHAZAR: I was drinking '75 Dom out of a soprano's navel when you called. That was important.

Up until now, he's done stuff for them for Cas' sake.  But now Sam and Dean tell him what he obviously doesn't know - the fact that Cas is trying to get the souls from Purgatory.  Balthazar is shaken by the news, it's obvious.  But he doesn't give them an answer right away.  He is too loyal for that.  He disappears, and Sam and Dean have no choice but to believe that he is not going to help them.  He's actually gone to confirm the facts with Cas.

Interesting here, that this time Sam urges Dean to call Cas and ask him if he knows what Crowley is doing, and whether he will help them. Dean adamently refuses. Last episode, it was Dean urging Sam and Bobby - but recent events have changed his thoughts on the matter. I wonder why Sam is all for calling Cas, now that they KNOW Cas is in with Crowley?

While they are doing that, Bobby has gone to the biggest collector of HP Lovecraft's diaries to get the details on the party he had a few days before he died.  When he gets there, he pretends to be a newspaper reporter and soon finds that Cas has been there before him, also claiming to be a reporter.

JUDAH: Are- ? Okay. Are - are you working on this with the other guy?
BOBBY: Other guy?
JUDAH: Yeah, uh, you know, trenchcoat, looks like Columbo, talks like Rain Man.
BOBBY: Right. We're... competitors.Rival magazines.

When the guy goes to get the document that Bobby wants, he finds that it is missing.  Bobby knows exactly what happened to it.  He does some more research and finds that all the people that had been at the party had died sometime afterwards.  But, there was one survivor, who had not actually been invited to the party, but was the son of the maid.  Bobby decides to go talk to him in the mental institution, but before he does, he calls Sam.

BOBBY: Okay, stay in touch. How's things going there? You got a lead on Lisa and Ben?
SAM: Well, um, we're making a few inquiries.

I love how vague Sam is here (LOL) where they have actually been interrogating several demons to the death.
SAM: Slow going.
BOBBY: How's Dean?
SAM: About how you'd expect.

Which means Dean has gone all dangerous, can't sleep and is drinking a ton. Totally reminds me again of  scary Dean when they caught Meg in the devil's trap.

When Sam goes inside to suggest that Dean rest while he takes over, Dean gets pretty snappy. He's not going to rest until they find Lisa and Ben - literally.

DEAN: Sam, back off. Lisa and Ben, wherever they are, that is a hundred percent on me. And if they are hurt... I'll yell if I need you.
And I feel for Dean so much - as does Sam. Sam can't say anything.

He goes outside again. This time, though, he goes ahead and calls Cas. As he prays to him, begging him to bring Lisa and Ben back, Cas is watching him, invisible.

He immediately goes to Crowley and accuses him of not keeping his promise - but Crowley of course only promised not to hurt Sam and Dean personally, not their friends. He explains that it will keep Sam and Dean away from their activities so it's good which I guess Cas accepts as logical as long as Lisa and Ben are not harmed. And here we have the second song in the music list which has some awesome lyrics:

Smiling faces sometimes pretend to be your friend
Smiling faces show no traces of the evil that lurks within (Can you dig it?)
Smiling faces, smiling faces sometimes, they don't tell the truth
Smiling faces, smiling faces tell lies and I got proof

Let me tell ya
The truth is in the eyes, but the eyes don't lie
Remember a smile is just a frown turned upside-down
My friend, so hear me when I'm sayin'
Smiling faces, smiling faces sometimes, they don't tell the truth
Smiling faces, smiling faces tell lies and I got proof

Beware of the handshake that hides the snake
Can you dig it, can you dig it?
I'm telling you
Beware of a pat on the back
It just might hold you back
Jealousy (jealousy)
Misery (misery)
Envy (envy)
I tell you, you can't see behind
Smiling faces, smiling faces sometimes, they don't tell the truth
Smiling faces, smiling faces tell lies and I got proof

Your enemy won't do you no harm
'Cause you know where he's coming from
Don't let the handshake and the smile fool ya
Take my advice, I'm only trying to school ya

Just then, Cas is called by Balthazar who wants to clarify the situation. Cas finally tells him it's true and then asks him if he's still with him.

CASTIEL: I'm sorry that I didn't tell you, but I need to know. Are you with me or not?
BALTHAZAR: (chuckles) Ah. You know, you may be certifiable, but fine. In for a penny, in for a pound.

Balthazar really doesn't like what Cas is doing - it's pretty obvious he is trying to hide his real feelings on the matter. He knows Cas will kill him if he objects, so he tells Cas he's in.

Next we jump to Bobby talking with the old man who was the 9 year old son of the maid at HP Lovecraft's when the experiment was conducted.

WESTBOROUGH: You sure you're not with that other reporter, in the coat? Liar, that one. Not who he says.
BOBBY: No sir. Uh, I'm not affiliated with his paper.

Cas is terrible at this pretending to be a reporter! And Westborough is probably just a tad more sensitive to sincerity than the other guy LOL - but this impression of Cas as the liar, and Bobby's kindness make Westborough tell Bobby just a bit more.

WESTBOROUGH: The spell worked. A door opened and something came through. B - but it was invisible, so no one knew, except me.
BOBBY: How did you know then?
WESTBOROUGH: Because it took my mother. It went into her. She wasn't the same. She even smelled different. And then, she disappeared. And surprise, surprise, one by one, they all start dying.
BOBBY: I'm sorry, about your mom.
WESTBOROUGH: You're the first person, ever said that. Hey, you wanna see a picture? Hmm?

I just really like this conversation.  Anyway, Bobby recognizes the woman in the picture as the professor we saw previously in the dragons episode. He goes to find her.

Dean is still interrogating a demon but while he walks over to the demon he accidentally swipes a bit off the paint on the devil's trap with his foot and the demon attacks him. Just as he is about to be killed, Cas appears and saves him. He asks Dean again to trust him.

CASTIEL: I thought you said that we were like family. Well I think that too. Shouldn't trust run both ways?
DEAN: Cas, I just can't...
CASTIEL: Dean, I do everything that you ask. I always come when you call, and I am your friend. Still, despite your lack of faith in me, and now your threats, I just saved you, yet again. Has anyone but your closest kin ever done more for you? All I ask is this one thing.
DEAN: Trust your plan to pop Purgatory?
CASTIEL: I've earned that, Dean. I came to tell you that I will find Lisa and Ben, and I will bring them back. Stand behind me, the one time I ask.
DEAN: You're asking me to stand down?
DEAN: That's the same damn ransom note that Crowley handed me. You know that, right? Well no thanks. I'll find 'em myself. In fact, why don't you go back to Crowley and tell him that I said you can both kiss my ass.

Cas makes a good point here. We do tend to look at things from Dean's perspective (especially on a rewatch) and think there is no way Cas should go through with what he is doing, and yet if Dean had trusted Cas then maybe Cas could have taken his advice a bit better. It actually reminds me a bit of Season 4. How Sam may have been able to listen to Dean if Dean had not cut him off. If the inevitable was going to happen anyway, maybe it would have been better if they had done it together. The more I think about it, the more similarities I see between demon-blood Sam and soul-starved Cas. Both craving power, thinking that they are the only ones who can save the world, both keeping their actions a secret because they know that Dean would be unhappy with it... And Dean deals with them both in the exact same way. He tells them he can't trust them and cuts them off. This is of course because he sees them both not as equals but as under his care.

In any case, Cas leaves without Dean's blessing.

Meanwhile, Bobby has found Eleanor. She tells him first that not all monsters are alike. She likes life on earth and she doesn't want the other monsters to destroy it. She helped Dean so that they could kill the dragons and get Eve. Here again I'm reminded of the "monster" in Frontierland as well as Lenore in the next episode, who was willing to help them find Eve and even die so she didn't kill again.

BOBBY: (stands up) Look, this all comes down to one angel. He wants Purgatory and he's looking for you.
ELEANOR: Well, thanks for the heads-up.
BOBBY: I know him, El. He's gonna figure it out. One way or another. Now, the only way I can stop him is to get ahead of him, so I need to know how you open the door.
ELEANOR: No. No, Bobby, it's too dangerous for anyone to know.
BOBBY: If I found you, he ain't far behind. At least let me take you somewhere, protect you.
ELEANOR: No. Thanks. I have a couple of other places lined up. Don't worry. Bobby, you're just a man. I'm better off protecting myself.

Ahhh... If only she had listened to Bobby :(

Back to Sam, who is having a drink in the middle of the night - very unusual for him as Balthazar notes:

BALTHAZAR: Drinking your feelings, Sam? I thought that was your brother's bag.
SAM: Stressful times.
BALTHAZAR: Well, we need to talk.
SAM: Why?
BALTHAZAR: Because - I know I'm gonna live to regret this - but I'm officially on your team. You bastards.

I'm sorry Balthazar - you are going to die to regret this :(

DEAN: And we should believe you why?
BALTHAZAR: Would you believe I had a shred of decency?

SAM: No.
BALTHAZAR: Oh. That hurts. Okay, you're right. It's survival. You see, I asked Cas some questions and I disliked his answers. He seems awfully sure of himself for a man who wants to swallow a million nuclear reactors. I mean, these things can get a bit Chernobyl, you know? So, voilà. Consider me your double agent.

How can I stop from including this whitty conversation?! But as we saw in the previous scene and previous episodes as well, Balthazar has always been a bit wary of what Cas was doing. He warned Cas in French Mistake, as he gave him all the weapons of heaven he had stolen, to try not to die by his own sword. Even then, he was wary of giving Cas so much power, and now he knows Cas wants the souls of Purgatory, he is worried Cas is going to go power crazy.

Balthazar takes them to where Lisa and Ben are, but leaves them at the front of the building, since the building is angelproofed and he cannot get in. (And of course, he wouldn't want Crowley to know he was helping them either) We have a reminder here that Crowley also does not trust Cas.

Sam and Dean get in the building without much problem and divide up to find Lisa and Ben. Sam gets caught by the demons and locked up. I guess they have their orders not to touch a hair on Sam and Dean's "artfully tussled heads" LOL.

Dean however, makes a grand entrance to where Lisa and Ben are being held. This is totally hero style and very cool! Unfortunately, for some reason, he has forgotten all those times that the people he went to rescue were possessed or they were shape shifters or some other monster in disguise, or YOU KNOW?! Come on! Dean! Spray a bit of holy water on them before you cut them free! You did for DAD!!!!!??? The only excuse we can make for him is that he was out of his mind with worry and wasn't thinking clearly. BUT STILL. That is one thing that I am not very happy with, now that I see the similarities with Devil's Trap.

So after he cuts their bonds, Demon!Lisa turns to Ben and puts a knife to him. She talks a whole lot as demons usually do - gives Dean the idea that Ben really might be his kid, but most importantly, that he is the worst mistake Lisa ever made. And we know she's just catering to Dean's fears and insecurities. That is what he's always thought, even though Lisa has told him that it was the best year of her life.

Dean somehow gets the best of her and tries to exorsize her, but before he can, she gets away and stabs Lisa's body in the chest. Now, Dean really doesn't have anything to lose. He says the last words of the exorcism and the demon flies back to hell.

Then the escape - which is pretty awesome as well. Dean slaps Ben to get him back in the game and gives him the job of shooting the shotgun at the demons as they escape (where did he learn to shoot?)

DEAN: Hey! Listen to me, I need you to pull it together, okay? You gotta be strong. Your mom needs you right now. Go open that duffel bag, grab the salt gun. I gotta carry your mom out so if anything comes at us, you shoot it.

They find Sam, Sam gets a car for them - and they've succeeded.

Dean is holding Lisa in the back seat as Ben and Sam are in the front. Dean keeps telling Ben that Lisa will be fine, but we know he doesn't believe it....

Next scene at the hospital, Dean is sitting by Lisa's bed with Ben. Ben looks accusingly (maybe not, but I know Dean feels it like that) at Dean for not being able to save Lisa. Then Ben leaves :( This is sooooo sad... But suddenly Cas is there. Dean tells him she will be dead by midnight.

CASTIEL:She's fine now. She'll wake soon. Dean, I said I'm sorry and I meant it.
DEAN: Thank
you. I wish this changed anything.

CASTIEL: I know. So do I. All else aside, I just wanted to fix what I could.

DEAN: There's one more thing you could do for me.

And Dean has to just "let" Lisa and Ben forget they had ever been with him. First because he really did believe that he had been the worst mistake of Lisa's life, and second, so that they could be kept safe from similar attacks. The last little speech by Dean as he secretly says goodbye to them... such heartache.

BEN: Who're you?
DEAN: I, I'm Dean. Uh, I'm the guy who hit you.

DEAN: I just, uh, I lost control for a minute, and I just wanted to say that I'm sorry. I'm real happy you two are both okay. And uh, I'm just - I'm glad your life can get back to normal now.

LISA: (smiles) We're okay, so - so that's what's important, right?
DEAN: Yeah. Anyway, uh, I'll leave you two alone. (to Ben) You take care of your mom.

I see the "I lost control for a minute" as "I thought I could have a normal life with you and I was wrong.  I compromised your safety."  Sam and Dean often say things to mean something else just as we saw at the beginning of the ep, but it's never so heartbreaking as this.

Dean walks back to the car and Sam's waiting for him there.

SAM: Dean, you know, you've pulled some shady crap before, but this - has got to be the worst.Whitewashing their memories? Take it from somebody who knows -
DEAN: If you ever mention Lisa and Ben to me again, I will break your nose.
SAM: Dean.
DEAN: I'm not kidding.

Sam lets it go when he sees Dean's eyes all teary :'(
I think Sam is actually referring to how his memories of hell had been erased here ("Take it from somebody who knows") and I guess he wishes they hadn't been.  Well, he gets his wish next ep aye?... Ahhhh...That's really not funny.  But it does go to show that sometimes you do have to do some shady stuff to protect the people you love.

Cas catches up to Eleanor and it's the end of the ep.
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