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Rewatching 2-2 Everybody Loves a Clown

Well, we are trying to get this rewatch going a little further during the hiatus so we will finish in less than 4 years... haha... This week I am planning on rewatching 2-3 for a review on Sunday (your Sat?) so let me get this done today aye? I noticed that no one has answered the poll this time around. That is either because it was not up and running on time, or people want to take a break from rewatches during the hiatus, or people are just not interested in this episode...and reminds me of those days not far back when I was doing these rewatches all on my lonesome but anyway, I hope you can join me for these comments because you are really missing out on some great scenes. The poll (2-2 Everybody Loves a Clown Poll)is always open as well, if you feel the urge.

Music Links:
"Time Has Come Today" by The Chambers Brothers
plays during recap of previous events
"Shambala" by Three Dog Night
plays as Dean fixes the Impala
"Do That to Me One More Time" by Captain & Tennille
played in the van Sam and Dean take to the Roadhouse
"Mississippi Mudd" by Tim P. & Stephen R. Phillips
playing in the Roadhouse

We start with the usual recap of events, and I've got to tell you this use of of Time Has Come Today is really something. I just can't do it justice so I hope you find the time...haha... to rewatch it.

We then go on to the monster of the week. A scary clown. Now, if you are not watching this episode because you just don't like clowns then I totally understand. I don't mind clowns but this one is sure scary. I actually like this episode because of all of the scenes other than the monster of the week... so I won't be going into it in detail.

The next scene is of Sam and Dean burning dad. Sam, crying his heart out, and Dean...


It has probably been bugging Sam that dad asked him to go get coffee while he talked to Dean... What did they talk about before dad died? He asks Dean here but of course Dean will have to keep that secret safe - for Sam's sake. What a burden he has been given. Thinking about it, I wonder why dad told him, "don't be afraid". How could he not? With that incomplete knowledge? It is all he can do to keep it all - along with his suspicions - bottled inside. A tear escapes.

It's one week later and Dean is under the car and Sam comes by to check up on him. I guess Sam has been bugging him for a bit now. Dean is sick of him asking. Sam feels it is necessary to talk about dad in order to deal but Dean can't. Then, Sam tells Dean about the message from Ellen in dad's old phone and they decide to go and check it out. The impala is still out of commission so...they are off in one of Bobby's old vans that actually works.. sort of (kind of reminds me of the Benders).Poor Dean feels like a "freakn' soccer mom."

The scene at the roadhouse - their first meeting with Ellen and Jo is just wonderful! Dean and Sam get totally whipped by the girls (yeah!) which gives them a bit of respect aye?

tied up
"Sam? Dean? Winchester?" (sinc) "Yah?"

Then, they get another surprise. ASH! Never judge people by their looks?!
First impression -
he's a lynrd skynrd roadie
"He's a Lynyrd Skynyrd roadie."

Amazement -
give me give me 51 hours
"Give me 51 hours."

Ash... and the looks on the boys' faces! Dean feels sorry for having judged him I guess. He compliments Ash on his haircut. "All business in the front, party in the back" !

In any case, they have 51 hours to kill and Dean has been eyeing someone's buttocks...
checking out
thinks maybe he should "have some fun" and take his mind off things... but in the middle of hitting on Jo he stops, gets a funny look on his face, and decides against it. "Wrong place, wrong time." I guess he now knows how Sam felt after Jess' death. Jo, on the other hand, who is always being hit on by hunters, is surprised that Dean does not... and falls for him.

Sam has something better. A job. He has learned in Season 1 that the hurt becomes more bearable if they are helping people and killing as many sons-of-bitches as they possibly can, so seeing Ellen has a case file, decides to take it on. Dean is surprised by this action by Sam and he asks why Sam wanted to do this. Sam says, "It's what dad would have wanted us to do." Dean, hurting inside, can only see the irony in that. "huh." There is also that cute exchange about their respective fears - Sam of clowns and Dean of flying: "Planes crash!" "And apparently, clowns kill!" Reminds me of that scene in Phantom Traveler.

In their meeting with Mr. Cooper of the circus, Mr. Cooper tells them that they should be going to school, having a couple of kids... live the normal life. Sam, leans forward and tells him,

"We don't want regular. We want this." Which surprises Dean again. After all that about quitting after the demon and going back to school, did he really mean what he said? Again Sam gives dad as his reason for sticking to the job. Thinking back to what dad had told Dean before he died, and also how much Dean wants Sam with him, I think Dean must have been really conflicted to hear this. What was going through his head? Something like this? "you don't know what dad thinks about you. If you did, you wouldn't be saying what you are. And why can't you stay because of me? why does it have to be about dad?"

After their unsuccessful attempt at the "spirit" and subsequent ditching of the van, we have them walking down the road together toward town. Again, Sam brings up dad, and Dean blows up. He tells Sam that he is the one who has issues and doing what dad wants now is too little too late. "These are your issues. Stop dumping it on me."

I'm dealing with dad's death - are you
"I'm dealing with dad's death. Are you?"

It hurts Sam, who really just needs to be able to talk about his grief with his brother. We can see Dean wishing he hadn't said what he had.

Working together, they finally get what turns out to be a Rakshasa - Dean releasing the steam so that they can see it, and Sam killing it with the brass pipe of the pipe organ. They report back to the Roadhouse and Ellen compliments them saying, "Your dad would have been proud," and Jo gives Sam a look that says, Sam could you give Dean and me some time alone? Sam with his "I've gotta go over there... right now..."

am I going to see you again
"Am I going to see you again?"
Dean again tells her that he can't be having a relationship with her.

Then they find that Ash has been totally amazing - rigging his computer to find any of the signs that would show the demon on the move.

Ellen suggests they can stay with them, but Dean has got some work to do still on his car, so they are on their way.
there's something I've gotta finish hey listen
"There's something I've gotta finish."

Those three - I am so glad they are a part of the boys journey now. I am looking forward to future episodes with them.

Back at the yard, Sam confesses to Dean that Dean was right when he said Sam has issues. He is not alright. He is having trouble dealing. But he is sure that Dean is not alright either. Dean can't say anything back. What is bothering him is something he cannot confide in his brother. Instead he takes it out on his car - hammering on it - over and over and over... trying to find some sort of release.

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