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Rewatching 6-19 Mommy Dearest

Another episode I have been looking forward to, and just gives me so many feels especially this time around.  Lenore, our vampire from Season 2, the young brothers that remind Sam and Dean of themselves, Eve and the reason why she has been acting up, and finally Cas and Crowley - the big surprise that they are actually working together to get the souls in Purgatory. Finally we get the answer to the puzzle about what Death talking about when he said it was all about the souls.  And then the realization that Cas most probably let Crowley go on purpose.  Of course Dean cannot yet believe that Cas would lie to them and his reaction to Bobby and Sam as this dawns on them is heartbreaking.
We have a wonderfully hot scene of Eve taking a bite of Dean and the phoenix dust.  And the jokes on Cas are hilarious this ep but they are actually quite meaningful too.

Let's get started -

"You Sexy Thing" by Hot Chocolate(plays in the bar at the beginning)
"Miracles" by Jefferson Starship(plays when Cas and Crowley meet up at the end)

I just listened to the above 2 songs and caught a similarity in the songs. You Sexy Thing's lyrics include the words, "I believe in miracles" and the Jefferson Starship song Miracles has the lyrics, "If only you believed in miracles, so would I." I'm not quite sure what that means though.  I get that Eve is working on her own so the lyric is singular, while Cas and Crowley are working together so it is plural, but  is there a meaning that I'm not catching?  It just reminded me of 9-23 Do You Believe In Miracles too. I've always wondered about that title. Including that title as well, "believing in miracles" tends to be used as a theme for beings who want to take over the world or gain power - Eve at the beginning of this episode, Cas and Crowley at the end, and another baddy in Season 9.

Here's something else I found out. This may not be new to many of you, but you'll have to put up with me for a bit. The title of this ep is the same as a movie based on the book by Christina Crawford about the trauma she sustained from her abusive mother(and very famous actress) Joan Crawford - as played by Faye Dunaway. They've only changed the title a little bit from Mommie Dearest - to Mommy Dearest. It seems that Joan adopted two orphans of which Christina was one. This obviously reminds me of the young boys in this episode. And there is actually a scene where she beats Christina (or beats the bed in front of her) with a hanger! (We hear a reference to this later on in the ep!<3) I watched the trailer for the movie and it was quite scary. Faye Dunaway is incredible in the role.

Anyway, the episode starts with two guys coming out of a bar.  The girl we know as the Mother of All or Eve comes up to them, blood on her white dress, and one of the guys tries to give her a compliment.

ED: Hey. Heaven must be missing an angel.
 I don't think Eve considers it as such, but she still gives him a "gift" before she goes past him into the bar.  The poor guy starts feeling sick soon after.

Then we see Eve entering the bar, locking it, infecting a bunch of people with her touch and sitting down to watch the show.

We jump to Dean, putting the phoenix ash into 5 bullets.  We get to see some nice hand porn :) which also totally reminds me of a previous episode - Sin City I think it was, where Sam, Dean and Bobby are cleaning the guns and salt bullets at Bobby's.  Sam and Bobby come up and Dean tells them how the phoenix ash seems to not bother his skin at all, and how the lore could be wrong. Sam mentions that it could be like iron or salt, having no effect on humans but dangerous to monsters, which seems like a pretty good explanation.  Either way, in order to try it out, they need to find Eve and Bobby and Sam have not been able to find any leads. Then we have a funny scene -
BOBBY: I'm thinking maybe it's time you made a call.
DEAN: Why has it always got to be me that makes the call, huh? It's not like Cas lives in my ass. The dude's busy. Cas, get out of my ass!

Is it only me that is thinking dirty destiel thoughts here?
OK, but seriously, this little scene is important too because it reminds us of how close Dean and Cas are and also how Bobby and Sam know it and expect him to "make the call."

Unfortunately, Cas can't tell them anything.  Eve is hidden from him and so he can't find her either.  Sam notes then that maybe what they need is an "inside man."  A monster who is sympathetic to humans, and who could tell them where the mother was.

As the guys wait, Cas goes to find one of those monsters who has been sympathetic and ended up not being killed by them. This is actually a reminder that there have been monsters that Sam and Dean have not killed in the past - even though they might not have been completely innocent. He finds Lenore, the vampire who had learned to live on animal blood and in harmony with her human neighbors.

She tells them where Eve is, after warning them that Eve will know where they are once she does,  and then asks them to kill her in payment for the information.  She tells them that Eve is having an effect on all monsters (I guess like the Alphas did before) and although she had tried hard not to feed on humans and had been in hiding, she had given in and had fed on a human girl.  She pleads with Sam and with Dean that she needs to be killed before she does any more damage.  Sam and Dean, however, cannot kill her that easily.  They feel sorry for her plight and want to help her.  Cas sees them hesitating, gets tired of waiting and kills her.

CAS: We needed to move this along.
Both Sam and Dean's hesitance here and the reminder of the lesson Dean learned in Season 2 (That monsters are not all evil, and hunting is not black and white like he thought) is very meaningful.  But. there are several other things about Lenore's death that are interesting to think about.  Obviously, when Cas kills her, she goes to Purgatory... which means another "life" of constant fighting and killing each other awaits her.  I wonder how she felt going to such a place... if she was relieved to finally be able to kill with abandon, or she hated it and wished she could go back, like Benny.  It would have been interesting for Dean to have met her there.   Another thing is, of course, that Cas readily kills Lenore without remorse.  This becomes important later as an example of how Cas' brain is working specifically at this point (not just all the time).  Cas, as he keeps pointing out this season, is in the middle of a war and sees emotion and caring for the lives of specific individual people as a waste of time (except of course when it comes to Sam and Dean).  There will be more on this later.

In any case, they now know where the Mother is, and they all go together - Cas, Bobby, Sam and Dean, in order to kill her.  Actually, I'm not quite sure if Cas was planning to kill her.  He might have been hoping to have a moment with her and zap her away to Crowley or something.  That is what Crowley is hoping anyway.     But the loss of Cas' powers changes things a bit.

When they get to town, they find it quiet and unsuspecting.

DEAN: Well, I was expecting more Zombieland, less Pleasantville.
BOBBY: Just because it looks quiet, don't mean it is, especially if she's got a clue were coming.
DEAN: Yeah, well if she is here I'm glad we've got Smitey McSmiterton on our squad.

This is a reference to how Cas killed Lenore with his power and it is especially important because they seem to be making a point regarding Cas' power this episode. This and Cas killing Lenore are a couple of the many many references to it. And I'm beginning to think maybe the writers are trying to hint here about WHERE Cas gets his power and WHY Cas is working with Crowley.

Bobby tells them all he needs a computer, so Sam gets Bobby a "computer" from somewhere and they go into a diner to do some research.  This is interesting.  Why don't they take their computers along? Why does Bobby need a computer?  Where did Sam get it? Did he just buy one with one of his credit cards? Or did he bring his tablet along and lend it to Bobby?

But it all leads to a funny little scene

BOBBY: Alright. I finally got the police database, no thanks to this. (He gestures to the iPad.) I asked for a computer.
SAM: It is a computer.
BOBBY: No, a computer has buttons.

And then of course Cas tries to zap somewhere and he can't. The reactions by the others are hilarious, and Cas being offended as well! This whole conversation is hilarious but too long to include so here's the last part.

DEAN: So wait, Mom's making you limp?
CAS: Figuratively, yes.
DEAN: How?
CAS: I don't know, but she is.
DEAN: Well, that's great, because without your power, you're basically just a baby in a trenchcoat.

SAM: I think you hurt his feelings.
(Heee! Misha forgets his lines!) But the point, again, is Cas' powers. Dean teases him about it all episode, which is funny but also is supposed to both remind us about them and wonder where he gets his power from anyway.

After a bit of work on the tablet, Bobby finds just one case that looks suspicious in town, which is a call to CDC by a doctor who had a visit from a very sick man who I assume looked contagious. Here we see the picture of the man and identify him as the same guy that Eve touched - Ed.  They decide to break up into two man teams - Dean and Cas, Sam and Bobby - and check out the clinic and the doctor's house at the same time.  Sam and Bobby find the house empty but the car still in the driveway, which is very suspicious.  They also run into the local sheriff to whom Bobby "talks out of his ass" about how they can talk about the case down at the station.

Dean and Cas on the other hand have a few funny scenes as they go looking for the doctor at the clinic.

DEAN: Excuse me. Hi, uh, i-is Dr Silver in today?My friend is very sick.
CAS: I have a, uh, painful burning sensation.
WOMAN: Oh, well, he's out. Sorry.
DEAN: Do you happen to know here he is?
WOMAN: He hasn't called in. You might want to find yourself some ointment.

(I'm wondering here if this assistant or nurse or whatever she is, is actually a Jefferson Starship too?)

CAS: Is this gonna take a long time?
(This totally reminds me of Sam and Dean telling eachother to hurry with the lock picking!)  Dean and Cas end up finding Ed's dead body in the shed of the clinic.  This is of course completely suspicious.
The four meet up to visit the house where Ed lived, and there find a whole bunch of people who look like him, which makes them think that they might be dealing with shifters.

SAM: Alright, Dean and me are gonna go in. You two stay here and watch the door. If something comes out, shoot it.
DEAN: Yeah. Best guess - silver bullets.
CAS: I'm fairly unpractised with firearms.
DEAN: You know who whines? Babies.

(Dean and I, Sammy... :P)

When Sam and Dean go in, they find that these are sick and dying shifters though, and the last of them is actually the friend who was with Ed at the bar.  He tells them where they had been and who they had seen outside before he dies.  I like the way Sam and Dean keep reassuring the guy that no he doesn't look like his friend, no, he's not going to die, and that they have called the ambulance and it will be here shortly, just to try to keep him focused on their questions.

They realize by looking at all the sick and dead that this is not the usual contamination method of shifters, that it's spreading more like a virus.  It's a good thing Sam and Dean haven't touched anything or anyone inside.

They then go to the bar that the guy mentioned and find out what Eve has been up to there, turning some of the people into monsters and watching them kill everyone else, but also I guess watching which ones survived and honing her skills to create her "super monster."  But of course Sam and Dean and the others don't know that.  All they see is dead monsters who seem to have died because of sickness, just like the "shifters" at Ed's house.  Dean notices though that these monsters are different from anything he's seen before.  They are mixtures of various monsters and the first of their kind.  Bobby tells Dean he can name them and here we have our first episode with Dean naming monsters.

DEAN: what do you call these?
BOBBY: Well, congrats. You discovered it. You get to name it.

DEAN: Jefferson Starships. Huh, because they're horrible - and hard to kill.
 I really think he's gotten better at it in Season 11 LOL I have no idea why Jefferson Starships is horrible and hard to kill... maybe because Dean thinks their music is horrible, and that they kept changing members under the same name and keep going? Hilarious that they actually use the music by the Jefferson Starships at the end.

Just as they are talking about the various Jefferson Starships (Sam reluctantly using the name), in barge the sheriff and police and arrest everyone on site - except for Dean who manages to hide under the bar until they are gone.  I love how he does that and Sam and the others just pretend it's just them.  At the police station, Sam notices in the side mirrors that their captors are actually all JSs and with a shout of warning to Cas and Bobby, they break free pretty easily.

Dean, who's caught up with them pretty fast, joins in the fight and we have some pretty awesome action from everyone.  I love the scene where Dean chops off one of the JS's heads right in front of Cas(It totally reminds me of Purgatory) and also saves Sam in the end <3 Cas shows some skill with the knife to save Bobby, showing he's not quite the baby Dean says he is LOL

They leave the sheriff alive to torture for information and while they are interrogating him, they hear a noise.  Thinking these might be another group of JSs, Sam and Dean go to investigate.  As they do, they find two brothers in one of the cells.  They instantly know that these are the doctor's kids.  They open the cell and go and talk to them. Just in passing, I thought it was ironic that the doctor's name was Doctor Silver (Silver is supposed to kill monsters, right?!).

First they find out that the little boy has not talked since their parents had been killed - probably by the sheriff and group.  This quickly boosts Sam and Dean's emphathy levels.  And now I'm reminded of Dead in the Water, and what Dean told the little boy there.  They are, however, sure to do all the tests they can think of, which would include holy water, silver, iron, salt... etc.  The kids don't test positive for anything and so Sam and Dean take off their cuffs and lead them upstairs to get some food. What they don't know, of course, is that the younger boy Ryan was actually contaminated by a special virus possibly at the time of his parent's death, which would explain how he stopped talking. It wasn't because of shock as Sam and Dean thought, it was part of the virus.

While talking to the older brother, Sam and Dean find out that the boys have relatives  in Merritt. They decide they are going to drive the boys to safety, which is what they always do - get the innocent bystanders out of the way of danger.  However, there is of course more than that going through their minds and hearts.  Every little expression by the little boy or his older brother remind them of themselves - even though Sam and Dean say nothing, we can tell by the way they react, which is quite amazing acting.

Cas can tell how they are being influenced by  these boys too and he warns Dean that they should be concentrating on how to find and kill the Mother, not taking the time to drive kids to their relatives.

CAS: Dean, Dean. Millions of lives are at stakes here, not just two. Stay focused.
DEAN: Are you kidding?
CAS: There's a greater purpose here.
DEAN: You know what, I-I'm getting a little sick and tired of the greater purposes, okay? I think what I'd like to do now is save a couple of kids. If you don't mind. We'll catch up. Okay guys, let's go. C'mon.

We get the idea that Cas has worked so hard to leading an army and winning the war that he can't see saving one particular person as important. I know what this reminds me of too. Jus in Bello. Ruby telling them that they should be willing to sacrifice one virgin for the good of everyone. How Dean vehemently refused to do so. I guess it has been bothering Dean that he has had to concentrate on the "big picture" for so long. He just needs to take a break and concentrate on the little people for a while.

The fact that Cas fights this is a bit ironic if you consider how this is what the stuck up angel Rachel was bothered about Cas in Frontierland - spending too much time helping Sam and Dean when he should be concentrating on his battle upstairs. So Sam and Dean caring for Ryan and Joe is the same as Cas caring for Sam and Dean.

Sam and Dean leave and we have a very loving scene in the car where Joe tells his brother to rest and lets him lean on him in the back, and Sam and Dean look at that in the mirror and have their little secret smiles because they remember how it was for them. I can just see Sam and Dean in the backseat while John drives in front. Oh my heart...

Cas is fuming by the window when Bobby comes up and tells him that Dean and Sam pretty much do what they think they have to do, whatever anyone says. And I feel like saying, "Just like you, Cas."

Of course, it is important to do things according to what you feel is right, and it is also important not to forget that those pieces on the chessboard are actually live people who feel love and pain too. But it is all very ironic when we know that this is actually the wrong thing to do at this point - and all because the little boy was the prototype of a new and advanced super monster designed to deceive hunters, especially hunters like Sam and Dean.

As Dean and Sam see the boys getting hugged by their uncle and feel like they've done something good, Cas tortures the monster for 5 minutes by himself and gets the answers he wants without any extra powers.  We never know what Cas used to interrogate the monster but he comes out with his hands all bloody, which seems to mean that he either cut the guy open and played with his guts OR, he got Crowley to come and torture the guy and then smeared blood all over himself to make it look like he was the one torturing.  We will never know will we? What we do know is that Crowley is keeping track of the situation somehow.  It could even be that Cas tells him what was going on here, and Crowley sends his minions to the house to kill the brothers right away.  Otherwise, how and when did he find out about them being monsters?

OK, going on, Cas has found out the location of the Mother either through torture or through Crowley, and comes out to tell Bobby.  When Sam and Dean get back and they make their way to the address, they find that it is the diner where they had been during the day.  Not knowing who Eve could be, or how many more monsters could be in the diner, Dean suggests that he and Sam go in to flush Eve out, and Cas and Bobby take their shot if Sam and Dean are unsuccessful - in other words, dead or turned I suppose.  Bobby thinks that is the simplest plan ever but goes along with it.

When Sam and Dean get in and sit down, Sam checks with the camera on his phone and finds out that everyone in the diner is a monster. (I like how Sam checks Dean too, just in case.) And just as they are about to get out of there, Eve makes their acquaintance.

The monsters all get up to make the diner "private" by closing all the blinds and locking the doors.  Sam and Dean are surrounded and stripped of phoenix ash.

EVE: Relax. I'm not here to fight.
DEAN: No? Just to rally every freak on the planet, bring in Khan Worms and-and half-assed spider-men, and dragons. Really, sister? Dragons?
EVE: So I dusted off some of the old classics. I needed help.
SAM: With what? (scoffs) Tearing apart the planet?
EVE: You misunderstand me. I never wanted that. Not at first. (Sam scoffs.) I liked our arrangement.
SAM: What arrangement?

EVE: The natural order. My children turned a few of you, you hunted a few of them. I was happy.

Now this is a very interesting conversation - some of which makes me think that I have been misunderstanding this season all along. First it is important to note that Eve wanted to make a deal with Sam and Dean - not kill them, or even change them at first. She wanted their help in getting Crowley. Now, after all she did to give them a message with that kahn worm, that sounds unbelievable. Sam and Dean saw friends die because of that worm, and Bobby might have died as well. I'm thinking that seeing their formidability in that situation, maybe Eve changed her mind and thought it was better to have them on her side. On the other hand, Sam and Dean have seen friends die so they are not going to give in to her either.

It is also very interesting and meaningful that she mentions the "natural order" which we also heard from Death all those episodes ago. Appointment in Samarra was a whole episode devoted to the natural order, wasn't it?

DEAN: Okay, so what changed?
EVE: My children, no thanks to you, started getting kidnapped and tortured. Even my first borns. I was pushed into this. After all, a mother defends her children.

This is it. This is the connection between the Alphas and Eve which I had totally overlooked or forgotten in past rewatches. Now I understand that what the Alphas were trying to do was actually what Eve wanted them to do. She was the one who wanted them to increase numbers in order to combat Crowley's growing power. Except, they were doing it inconspicuously until Eve arrived, and it wasn't enough. Crowley was getting to the alphas. So she decides to come topside and create a stronger monster that could go undetected by even hunters.
DEAN: Really? You're gonna use the Mother of The Year defense? You?
EVE: It happens to be true. Know what? Maybe you'll believe it if I look a little more like this.
DEAN: Oh, you bitch.
EVE: She died to protect you, didn't she? See. You understand a mother's love. I'm no different.

Dean is in proper defiance mood and so is Sam. They are not the kind of people who give in when they are in a tight spot. "Go down swingin'" is their motto. It's also interesting though to compare Eve and the alphas and their fight against Crowley with Sam and Dean's life. It's also interesting to think of revenge as the driving force behind all these desperate actions.

DEAN: Alright, you know what? This conversation's over. If you're gonna kill us, kill us.
EVE: You? No. It's Crowley I want dead.
DEAN: Well you're too late there - that little limey mook roasted months ago.
EVE: Crowley's alive.
SAM: That's impossible.
EVE: (scoffs) I see his face through the eyes of every child he strings up and skins. Any idea why he's hurting my babies?

Again, she tells them that she doesn't want to kill them. She wants Crowley dead. This whole storyline about increasing numbers in order to combat a threat also reminds me of a recent Season 11 episode. It must be one of those things monsters feel instinctively that they have to do.

DEAN: He wants Purgatory, right? Location, location, location.
EVE: Is that what he told you? It's about the souls.
SAM: What about 'em?
EVE: Their power, you simple little monkey. Fuel. Each soul a beautiful little nuclear reactor. Put 'em together, you have the sun. Now think what the king of hell could do with that vast, untapped oil well. How powerful he'd be. Now Crowley wants to siphon off my supply, and torture my children to do it? Okay fine. I'll quite playing nice. I'll turn you all. Every soul, mine. Let's see how hot his hell burns when everyone comes to me. He asked for it.

Finally. There it is. I love that she explains everything to them. All of what Death had hinted at. Unfortunately Sam and Dean are not in a condition to listen here. It doesn't matter that she's not here to fight. She's kind of hit them below the belt, first by showing them their mother and bringing back those feelings, then by telling them that she had deceived them with those children who had brought them so many good feelings and made them feel like they were actually helping someone for a change.

EVE: You look upset. If it makes you feel any better, Ryan was bound to work on you. Little wayward orphan, like yourselves. There's nothing you can do about it now. So let's talk.
SAM: (scoffs) Nothing to say.
EVE: Well, that's where you're wrong. I have an offer to propose. Crowley. As you know, not so easy to find. So, here's the deal. You find him, bring him to me - I let you live.
DEAN: Pass.
SAM: Dean.
DEAN: Sam, no. The answer is no.

This is interesting! Sam trying to stop Dean from refusing so fast. He maybe doesn't know about the phoenix ash in Dean's blood, maybe he does and he's acting or trying to stop Dean from risking his life. If they say yes, they at least can get out of the diner alive. But Dean, at this point, already has the phoenix ash in his blood for his last option - if of course Bobby and Cas don't make it either. And they find out that the JSs have Cas and Bobby. Time for plan C, the last defense which will actually turn Dean but kill Eve. Eve tries to deal again, this time promising to let everyone go if they will just kill Crowley.

As a bonus hint, we find out that Eve knows how Angels are connected to the source of their grace, the source, which is the souls in heaven as we had a hint of already in My Heart Will Go On.

We also find out an interesting fact, that she is older than the angels. The fact that Dean can just kill her when she's been around for so long is pretty crazy but also the whole history of the Supernatural universe is very fun to think about. Death is also older than the angels, and so is our new character in Season 11 who actually says they are older than Death.
DEAN: Alright, look. The last few months we've been working for an evil dick. We're not about to sign up for an evil bitch. We don't work with demons. We don't work with monsters. And if that means you gotta kill us, then kill us!
EVE: Or, I turn you. And you do what I want anyway.
DEAN: Beat me with a wire hanger, answer's still no.

(There's the reference to the movie!)

EVE: Don't test me.
DEAN: Bite me.

WOW and this is just an amazing scene! And the only reason why Dean says this is because he is trying to get her riled and bite him. Because they are obviously not averse to killing Crowley at this point, but they can't let her go either.

And she actually is deceived by Dean, goes for the bite and, literally, melts.

DEAN: Phoenix ash. One shell, one ounce of whisky. Down the hatch. Little musty on the afterburn.

As soon as she is dead, Cas has his powers back, and while everyone is fighting all those JSs, Cas just gives out a blast and kills them all at once.

Bobby tells Cas that they should have him on more hunts, and  Sam asks Cas to heal Dean, who's still bleeding from Eve's bite. Again, Cas' powers comes to the forefront. (Can Cas heal anyone from monsterhood? Maybe if they haven't fed yet, or something like that?) Dean then tells Cas they have to stop the boy Ryan from contaminating everyone. Cas is like "I told you" and Dean of course, "Don't say anything." When they get there, they see the uncle dead and Dean is pretty depressed by it.

DEAN: So we kill the wicked witch and she still wins. I mean they could've turned half the town by now. (Cas is about to say something) Don't say it.
Again sooo much like Jus in Bello - where they kill all those demons but still end up with a flattened police station and everyone killed.

But, when they look further, they find both children dead and there is sulfur which means there were demons. Sam and Dean are smart enough to know that Demons would not care about a couple of monsters unless they had a boss that did. They mention to Bobby and Cas that Eve said Crowley was alive and Cas pretends to be shocked and surprised that his bone burning didn't work. He quickly disappears to "find out the truth."

BOBBY: How did Crowley get away? I mean it's not like Cas to make mistakes like that. Unless -
DEAN: Unless what?
BOBBY: Unless he meant to.
DEAN: Bobby, this is Cas we're talking about. (to Sam) Do you believe this? (Sam doesn't answer.) Sam?
SAM: (sighs) Look it's probably nothing, it's just... You know what? You're right. It's - it's probably nothing.

Bobby and Sam both feel so bad even mentioning it, because they know how much Dean loves and trusts Cas.

Meanwhile, Cas zaps over to the diner and meets Crowley there. The Jefferson Starship music starts up and now we know for sure that they are in kahoots.  You think that's all the lyrics were about?

CROWLEY: Really, Cas? This is getting ridiculous. How many times am I gonna have to clean up your messes?

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