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Rewatching 6-16 ... And Then There Were None

I enjoyed this ep very much this time around for several reasons.

Firstly, the worm was most disgusting and very realistic and I recognized the episode itself as an awesome horror suspense episode, with everyone suspecting everyone else and people getting killed one after the other.  And the way they were killed suddenly, and by people we thought wouldn't be doing the killing: Dean and Bobby!  This shocks us enough that we can't trust anyone to be who they say they are.  And all the people who get killed are those who were not infected - except for Samuel - which is also very sad and shocking.

Sadly, it meant that Rufus and Gwen had to die.  We see many people die every episode, but it never hits us as hard as when they are those we wished we could have known more about, or we had grown to love. And plus, these were people who were not even infected.  They were completely victims of the worm.  But that's what makes it good in a sense.  The last graveyard scene just could not have been done for anyone but someone special to them AND someone whom Bobby would have felt guilty as hell for killing even though he had been under the influence.

So let's talk about it a bit more!

No music links!

We start the episode with the monster of the week - our long awaited Mother of All - EVE - who asks a trucker for a ride. This scene is actually more scary on a rewatch then on first watch, because we know exactly what is going to happen to the guy, and boy does the thought of Eve sticking something in his ear give me the shudders!

The first thing Eve does when she gets in the truck is try to make out with him - I guess that would be the word - she suddenly leans into him and kisses him. The guy though is a pretty pious Christian and instead of succumbing, he stops her, gives her a Christian pamphlet and tells her that she needs to find Jesus to fill the emptiness inside.  They have a little conversation about religion:

What Eve says here is also very interesting if we see it not as religion, but talking about parents.

EVE: God doesn't care about you.
RICK: Sure he does.
EVE: Your father made you and then abandoned you, so you pray. You see signs where there's nothing. But truth is, your apocalypse came and went, and you didn't even notice. A mother would never abandon her children like he did. You'll see.

This is addressed later on in the episode a bit too.

Then, she pretends to tell the guy a secret, and instead maybe sticks something in his ear. He goes and kills his family - which I guess is already making a statement about fathers.

In the next scene, Sam and Dean are with Bobby in his office, looking at a map and tracing the activities of several different kinds of monsters along the same highway.  They find that they all seem to be on the move toward a certain location, where Rick just went postal and killed his family.  Bobby, Dean and Sam go to talk to Rick and find out that he works at a cannery, and that he doesn't remember anything after picking up a girl at the truck stop.

All three then go to see the footage from the truck stop and while they are there at the police station, a call comes in that someone started a random shooting at the cannery. Bobby goes to check it out with the police while Sam and Dean stay behind.

When he gets there, he finds that Rufus is already there. I loved seeing Rufus again, and the banter between him and Bobby. Rufus suggests they work together. "It will be like old times" he says, and Bobby says, "As long as I get to drive." Rufus laughs at that, but when we next see them pulling up to Sam and Dean, Bobby is actually driving. Bobby has a stubborn streak!

Rufus comes out of the car complaining about Bobby's driving skills as Dean and Sam come over with smiles all over their faces. It's nice to see them smile for a change!  After a bit of banter at Bobby's expense, where Bobby suggests they all get a room together, they go inside the cannery to check it out. They are not far in when they come apon Gwen and Samuel.

As soon as Dean sees Samuel, he goes to kill him. Sam though, stops him - tells him to wait. Bobby tells Sam to take Dean out for a breather and Dean is pissed that Sam stopped him. You don't remember what happened, Dean tells Sam, and Sam seems to only remember bits and pieces from what he says later, but Sam tells Dean, I'm not saying don't kill him, just not now. Dean seems to agree to that. He stays outside while Sam goes back in to talk with the others. So stupid to leave him out like that!

There is a bit of nastiness from Samuel toward Bobby - telling him oh, you are the one who's pretending to be their father - to which Bobby answers, well somebody has to! Sam comes back in and now Samuel also finds out that Sam doesn't remember what happened during that year without his soul - which will be very meaningful in a future scene.
Rufus then tries to get them back on track to talk "shop." They find out what Samuel knows, which is a tad more than they did - basically, that "the Mother of All" is called Eve and that she is the mother of all monsters.

BOBBY: How the hell do you know all that?
SAMUEL: You don't know half the things that I know, kid. Hell, until recently, you didn't even know about us.
BOBBY: I now know that you'd throw your own kin to hungry ghouls. I think I know enough.
I love the way Bobby grins when Samuel calls him "kid"!

Bobby has heard how Samuel fed them to the ghouls (so Samuel actually did order that!) and when he mentions it, Gwen can't believe her ears. Bobby tells her to ask Dean herself, and she goes out to talk to him.

This is such a sad moment, because Gwen believes Dean when he told her yes, Samuel did try to kill them without blinking an eye. She tells him how sorry she is -

and then Dean just goes and shoots her without warning! WOH! It is such a shock - especially on the first watch. Everyone rushes up to see what happened and finds Gwen on the ground, Dean gone. Gwen can't be saved with resuscitation, and Dean is nowhere to be found.

BOBBY: I'm sorry...If you care.
SAMUEL: Screw you. I care.
SAM: Is she, uh...

Samuel is not the only one that cares. Sam is feeling really bad that Dean seems to have killed Gwen. He is sure that Dean would not have done this without being affected by whatever affected the other men, so they split up two and two to look for Dean. Samuel with Rufus, disposing of the body first before they go to look. Sam warns Samuel that they are going to find Dean alive or he will kill Samuel.

Rufus sees Samuel load his pistol but doesn't say anything.

Sam gets the idea that he can call Dean on his cell in order to find him.

When Dean's phone rings, Rufus is right nearby. Dean comes out his gun raised. But he's saying something about a big worm coming out of his ear. Bobby tells Rufus to check his ear and Rufus tentatively comes closer to check Dean's ear for the black goo they had found in the guy who killed the people at the cannery.

This scene is kind of funny with Rufus being all hesitant, and Dean being like, why are you poking your finger in my EAR?! Rufus finds the black goo, but they are still not sure that the worm has vacated, even though Dean insists it did. So Bobby decides that they should all give up their weapons so no one suddenly gets shot like Gwen did. Reluctantly everyone does, except we notice on rewatch at least that Samuel is the last one that does.

Bobby goes and locks the weapons in a locker and they decide to stay together in the locker room for a bit to make up a plan. Samuel, again, is not happy with that. He has some quip about how they are going to come up with a plan. Bobby and Rufus get to work phoning other hunters and asking if they had experienced anything similar. They can't find anyone with information.

Sam, Dean and Samuel are all just sitting down, drumming their fingers.  I love this moment especially for Dean resting his legs on the table.  Our recent Season 11 episode scene reminded me of this one as well.

Finally, Samuel gets up and tries to leave the room. When Sam gets in front of him to stop him, he tells Sam that he just wants to go to the loo.

Sam lets him go, but he shares a look with Dean after Samuel leaves, and they both get up to go after Samuel. I love this moment when the boys speak to eachother with their eyes. Rufus sees them leave, but he's not going to get in the middle of this family feud.

They are waiting for Samuel when he comes out of the loo. Dean has a quip about how Samuel can sleep at night, which he also mentioned in Caged Heat ... Samuel tells Dean he's not going to apologize over spilt bloood. When Sam says something to that, Samuel turns around and tells Sam how he's done so much worse. Sam's like, oh yeah? Tell me. And right then, Dean steps between Sam and Samuel. Oh no you don't. Keep that out of it. I love that so much. I love how Dean puts himself in front of Sam here. Sam is bugged by what Samuel said and really wants to know more but Dean's not risking it.

Dean tells Samuel that the only reason they haven't killed him yet is because they are on a hunt. As soon as the monster is dead, he's next. Samuel says, well we'll see ... Dean sees the black goo sliding out of Samuel's ear just as Samuel goes to attack Dean.

I loooove the way Dean averts the gun, slamming Samuel's hand against the lockers. The gun goes off. Samuel feels outnumbered, maybe, and runs. This is an awesome scene. I love Dean's quick reaction to the goo, preventing Samuel from shooting them.

In the meantime, Bobby and Rufus have called every person whom they can think of and got nothing.  Bobby suggests going in guns blazing, and Rufus says, "Iike Omaha?"  And Bobby gets quite upset, telling Rufus that that was a low blow.  Obviously something happened in Omaha that Bobby is not proud of.

Hearing Samuel's gunshot, Bobby and Rufus run out of the room to see what's the matter. When they find out that it was Samuel that shot the gun, they go back to get their guns from the locker, Rufus telling Bobby that the whole confiscate all weapons idea was good except for the most important point, that the monster would not have given them all up.

Sam and Dean come back, having lost Samuel, and they all take their guns (love this moment where everyone is cocking their weapons!) and are on their way.

As they are walking down a corridor, suddenly Sam grabs Dean and pushes him back into the others. Everyone thinks Sam's gone berserk, but Sam shows them all the booby trap. I love this scene - how now it's Sam saving Dean from the trap. Also love how everyone admires the trap! They all go over it and then as they walk further, a door closes behind Sam so he is all on his own. Obviously this is also a trap to try to get to Sam specifically. I love the guitar music while they are searching for Samuel apart here.

When Sam finds Samuel, he's not sure if Samuel still has the bug in him. Samuel tries to get to Sam by telling him he can tell him all about what happened during the year they were together. Sam really wants to know, but he is not stupid enough to trust Samuel.

SAMUEL What you gonna do, son? You're not gonna shoot me. You got your soul back. You gonna shoot your own family?
SAM Yeah, I wouldn't go with the family thing. Try again.
SAMUEL Mary's still my daughter. (steps closer)
SAM I said don't move.
SAMUEL You're still named after me. (steps closer)
SAM I said don't move!
SAMUEL Appears to be our moment, Sam. You still want to know about your summer vacation? I'll tell you all about it. You're dying to know, huh?
SAM Yeah, I am.
SAMUEL Well, then, let's just put these down and talk. (steps closer)
SAM Stop.
SAMUEL It's all right, Sam. (steps closer)

Samuel keeps trying to come closer to Sam despite continuous warning, so thinking for sure that Samuel has the bug, Sam finally shoots him. Sam worriedly looks for the goo or the worm to come out, but it doesn't.

Everyone rushes up and finds Sam with the gun. They now suspect Sam may have the worm and handcuff him to be on the safe side. I love how Sam is looking from one to the other of them - especially Dean - knowing there is no way they can believe him even if he says he doesn't have the bug. He quietly does what they say and let's them put the cuffs on him.

They take Samuel's body back to the office they were in before, lay him on the table and discuss what to do about him.  Since they can't find any goo, they decide the only way to know for sure if he was contaminated or not is to cut him open.  Bobby and Rufus go off to the car to get the electric saw, but not before Rufus gives them some instructions.

RUFUS: We will both go grab some tools and see about getting some power in this place. And I want you and you to -- okay, I want you and you to watch him and him and -- all right, if anything crawls out of anybody, somebody step on it.
SAM Yeah, don't worr
y. I'll watch Samuel. Dean will watch me.


So Sam and Dean are talking while they wait, and Sam tells Dean about how he feels bad if Samuel ends up not having the worm inside of him.

SAM I don't know. I mean, I barely remember him, and what I do remember -- it's not good. And what he did to us...But...
DEAN There's a "but"?
SAM I mean, I just can't help but think...What would mom say?
DEAN You know what I think mom would say? She'd say just 'cause you're blood doesn't make you family. You got to earn that.

Which reminds us again of how Samuel had tried to get them killed, while Bobby had proven over and over that he loved and cared for them like family. It also reminds me of what Eve said about mothers, and how they would never abandon their children, since Sam mentions Mary.
Sam feels a bit better with Dean's words and they continue to wait until Rufus and Bobby come back. They tell the boys to go and take a breather while they "crack open your grandfather's melon" and although Dean tells them he is fine, he still goes out with Sam and they close the doors. The doors have windows so they can see what is going on inside.

Rufus has a quip about how Bobby must be using stuff from the garbage dump the way he's fixed his drill - which reminds me of Sam talking about Dean's homemade EMF meter all those years ago! But Bobby has something on his mind. Ever since Rufus brought up Omaha earlier, he's been wanting to apologize for something he did that screwed up their hunt in Omaha and possibly cost Rufus his wife or girlfriend or someone precious to him. Rufus tries to stop Bobby from talking about it. It's still painful for him and he's been trying to bury it all these years but Bobby bringing it up has brought up old pains that have not been resolved.

BOBBY No, we haven't. I never said I'm sorry, Rufus. I - you lost her because of me, and I -
RUFUS Bobby, I said we've had this conversation already. And you could blabber all day...And it wouldn't change a thing, Bobby. I will never forgive you for what happened. You got that? Never. So change the subject, Bob.

I loved the backstory of Omaha, and how Rufus could never forgive Bobby for that.  And how Dean ties that in at the end.

You know, Suddenly I'm reminded of Ellen, and how her husband died on the job with John. How she said she blamed John for her husband's death - but actually she had forgiven him for it as seen from her phone calls to John. (Wow... I just reread a whole bunch of Season 2 rewatch reviews. That was fun <3 )

Going on...
Rufus is starting to cut into Samuel's head when Samuel suddenly opens his eyes, gets up and attacks them.The way Samuel suddenly gets up from the carving table and attacks Rufus and Bobby - very typically horror flick and perfect! While they are out of range, he breaks a table leg off and locks the doors by putting it through the handles. Now Sam and Dean are locked outside and watching in horror as Samuel attacks Rufus and Bobby.

Those are the expressions I had in my previous banner, if you will remember. It's quite rare for them to have such expressions, don't you think? Dean quickly unlocks Sam's cuffs and they start kicking on the doors to break them open.

While Samuel is fighting Rufus and Bobby, Bobby throws Samuel against an electric cable and it electrocutes Samuel. The worm comes out of Samuel's ear and crawls away somewhere just as Sam and Dean are able to combine their efforts to break the doors open.

Rufus and Bobby are both unconscious when Sam and Dean come into the room: Rufus because Samuel tossed him, and Bobby because of the electricity.  Sam and Dean explain and tell them that the worm might be in one of them since they were both unconscious - but Rufus counters that Sam and Dean could not have been able to watch each other at all times - it could be one of them too. Sam then suggests they all check their ears. This scene is soooo funny!

As if anyone is going to say if they had goo coming out of their ears! And the worm is being smarter now too. Just like with Samuel the second time, it's not showing itself.

That reminds me that Dean saw the goo in Samuel's ear before... How could goo just disappear in the few minutes that Samuel was hiding? That's kind of weird.

Anyway, knowing that the bug is susceptible to electricity, they decide to shock themselves to see if any of them has the bug. Dean goes first(as usual), then Sam, then Dean shocks Rufus while Rufus complains he has a pacemaker. It almost seems there that maybe Rufus has the bug by the way he doesn't want to be shocked, but no. Then Bobby. Bobby says yeah, sure, but he's backing away, and when Rufus realizes that Bobby has the bug and comes close to him to shock him, Bobby brings out a knife and stabs Rufus. Rufus falls down dead.

I again love this next scene where Sam tells Bobby it's the two of them against one of him, then goes on to grab him while Dean punches him in the face. Lights out!

When Bobby-worm awakes, he's taped to a chair and Sam and Dean are ready to ask him some questions. Bobby worm is all too willing to talk. He has a message. I love how this leads up to the future ep with Eve - because I really like that ep for reasons I will talk about later <3

DEAN Who is she, this Eve bitch?
BOBBY The mother of all of us, and the end of all of you. By the time she's done, there'll be more creatures than humans. You'll live in pens. We'll serve up your young and call it veal.
SAM And what's your deal in all of this? I mean, how's jumping a few truckers gonna help?
BOBBY You think I'm here to mess with a couple of Cannery workers? We led you here.
SAM Why?
BOBBY She has a message for you.
DEAN Oh, yeah? What's that?
BOBBY You're all gonna die. She's pissed. She's here. And it's gonna be nothing but pain for you from here on in.

The Bobby-worm tells them that they are going to have to kill Bobby to kill it, and Sam and Dean resign themselves to whatever it takes, knowing Bobby would tell them to do it.

The worm climbs out and dies, and Bobby's not breathing. This would have been a total shock on first watch! Bobby's dead! Which seems to be confirmed in the next scene as Sam and Dean stand in front of a grave.

But Bobby walks up to them and then we know it was really for Rufus. Bobby tells Sam and Dean how Rufus was the one that sent the demon in his wife back to hell "real fast" by spraying her with holy water. That seems a bit too simple to me, but maybe Bobby left out the part where Rufus said the exorcism while he sprayed the holy water.

Sam asks why they stopped hunting together and Bobby tells them that too.

BOBBY It was Omaha. It was my fault. And he never let it go.
DEAN Well, he should have.
BOBBY You don't know what I did, Dean.

DEAN Doesn't matter.
BOBBY What do you mean, it doesn't --

DEAN I mean at the end of the day, you two are family. Life's short, and ours are shorter than most. We're gonna spend it wringing our hands? Something's gonna get us eventually, and when my guts get ripped out, just so you two know, we're good. Blanket apology for all the crap that anybody's done all the way around.
SAM Some of us pulled a lot of crap, Dean.
DEAN Well, clean slate.
SAM Okay.

That is the most heart warming, tear jerking speech. I love this scene. Bobby, wrought with guilt over what he did to Rufus, Sam still feeling lots of guilt for what soulless Sam did, and possibly what he did even before that - because as we rewatchers know, Sam has some insecurity with regard to letting Dean down. And Dean just washes all of that away. Just like he did for Sam before when they were talking about Samuel. (But that doesn't mean Dean doesn't feel guilty for killing Gwen - because he might forgive others but he never forgives himself.)
[Spoiler for Season 11(click to open)]I have mentioned that I was unhappy with Sam's speech in episode 1 of Season 11. I still don't think it was appropriate at that time, but I've been able to understand where it came from. I think of it as a similar situation to his guilt and wanting to fix things from when he was soulless. The "we need to change" speech was also made in Season 9, when he was upset about having killed Kevin when he was possessed. He later tells Cas in First Born that it wasn't about what Dean had done, it was that he didn't think his life was worth the death of another innocent person. Both Seasons 6 and 9 he had no control over his actions. He had no need to feel guilty for them. But that didn't matter. He still did.

In Season 11, he knows that the spell that he worked was what freed the Darkness. Even though Dean put the blame on himself as well, Sam could only see it as his fault. Which means that in his mind, every single person who became a monster because of the Darkness, became a monster because of him. He was responsible for it all. No wonder he didn't want to kill anyone. Even when logically speaking, it made more sense and was more humane to let them die. He couldn't. In Season 6 he came to terms with the guilt through the determination to make up for it with the good he could do and also through Dean's loyalty and support. I'm a bit worried for Sam in Season 11. I hope he does find a way to go on and not try to sacrifice himself in order to make up for it.

I'll also venture to say that even though Sam's the only one who really shows he feels guilty for these things that have happened, Dean also feels the same way.   Dean tried to fix things, first by taking the Mark, then by dying, and again in Season 10, and we saw a bit of his guilt in the newest episode 11-3 as well, but I hope we see  Sam and Dean helping each other come to terms with it, just like they did here in Season 6.  As others have said, this is where they really need to change.

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