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Rewatching 6-14 Mannequin 3: The Reckoning

OK, before I start - Thank you everyone for your thoughts and encouragement!! I'm very thankful that I was able to somehow get to all my files and I am able to post this review.

Also, you will remember that I am a bit emotional lately and not only did this episode move me while I watched, prepared pics and wrote the review but also while some lj friends went through some hard times in the last couple of days because this episode was so relevant to the situation.  It helps us to remember that yes, there are a lot of things that we feel bad about in real life and wish we could have done differently or could have happened differently, but all we can do is keep on trying and hope that the good that we do will outnumber all the bad luck, and you know as friends, for what it's worth... We have each other's backs
Moving on...I'd like to briefly mention something I realized in my talks with karakuri_doll in the comments of last ep's review.  You may remember I mentioned that Unforgiven the title was named after the Western of the same name.  I also mentioned the idea that the title for our Supernatural episode Unforgiven means that Sam is not forgiven.  But the most important similarity of the two was not that the characters were unforgiven by others, but that they could not forgive themselves.  That was what it was all about.  Sam not being able to forgive himself - not being able to put it behind him.
This week's episode, Mannequin 3: The Reckoning, is about how the boys deal with this past that they have a hard time forgiving themselves for.  As I mentioned in comments for the poll, this week's episode is a very sad ep.  Not only does an innocent girl get killed, it also includes Dean's breakup with Lisa.  I will be thinking about how both of these things are related with that theme.
I think we can also see the theme of family, and it is an awesome Bromance ep with so much love between the brothers: the love between Sam and Dean and how they just can't live without each other.  We see Dean's love for Sam at the beginning of this episode, we see Sam's love for Dean shining through at the end and Dean's face when he hears it... makes me tear up, again.  I'd never thought much of the episode before, but it is definitely a great ep for me, this time around.
Sorry for the long essay at the beginning.  Let's get started!

"Love Hurts" by Nazareth (plays in the bar)

As Dean later tells Sam, Sam is out for around 3 minutes before he suddenly revives.  Dean clutches Sam's shirt and pulls him up.

Next scene is the MoTW - the anatomy dummy attacking the janitor.
Sam is leaning on the edge of the Impala, pinching the sides of his nose as if to indicate that he may have a bad headache.  Dean is off getting food for them from a vendor and when he comes back he has a bottle of pills which he urges Sam to take.  Sam is reluctant, especially when Dean doesn't tell him what they are - only that they are "effective."

 I am assuming that this is the kind of pill that Dean has used numerous times before and I doubt it was to relieve a headache.  Something to help him feel happy perhaps?  Anyway, Sam refuses.
Dean is determined to have a talk with Sam about what happened and get some answers.  He finds out that what was actually 2 or 3 minutes felt like a week to Sam.  But then true to Winchester stoicism, Sam insists he is "fine."  This time, Dean is not taking "fine" for an answer.

SAM Look, I mean, it wasn't fun, but I-I'm...Fine.
DEAN Fine. It was Hell, wasn't it? You got a big, fat faceful of hell. Ever cross your mind that you could've died?
SAM Oh, come on.

DEAN I'm serious. And none of this "it's just a flesh wound" crap. 'cause we did it your way. We let you go explore, and every bad thing that I said would happen happened. So guess what -- Past stays past. We're not kicking that wall again.
Great reference to Monty Python here, where the dark knight insists he only has a flesh wound when in truth his arm  has been cut off.  Also we now know from Sam's "Oh, come on," that Sam had truly not taken Dean seriously last episode when Dean had warned him that he might die if he broke a hole in the wall of his mind.  Dean's like, don't pretend you are fine because you are not.
I'm also reminded of a similar discussion between Dean and Soulless Sam in Exile on Main Street where Soulless Sam says, hey I'm different from you.  Your time in hell may have damaged you but I'm fine.  Soulled Sam says he's fine but we know he really isn't.

SAM So I'm supposed to just ignore it?
SAM Dean...I might've done...who knows what, and you want me to just forget about it?
DEAN You shove it down, and you let it come out in spurts of violence and alcoholism.
SAM That sounds healthy.
DEAN Well, works for me.

This again shows Sam needing to fix things because he feels responsible for what soulless Sam has done, but Dean has a bit of experience with being unforgiven as well.  He is the supreme authority on the subject. Dean suffered for it after Dad died for him, after hell, after he found out that he had started the apocalypse, and after the quest to kill Lucifer ended in the deaths of Jo and Ellen.
DEAN It's not a joke. Your life is on the line here, Sam. This is not a debate. I mean, first you were a-a soulless dickbag, and now you're not. So we good?
SAM Yeah. Sure.

One of the ways the brothers have always tried to deal with their problems is to find a case and work on something for a while.  So, they are off to find out about this mysterious death at the school lab.
SAM Where to?
DEAN Paterson, New Jersey. Hey, maybe we'll have a Snooki sighting. (chuckles)
SAM What's a Snooki?
DEAN That is a good question.

(Shout-out to Snooki - followed by her actually being a guest star in Season 8 :D)
When they get to the Lab, Dean is all fun and games.  We have a line that reminds us of My Bloody Valentine -

DEAN Be my valentine.
SAM Dude, we're working. Put it back.
DEAN Have a heart.
SAM Dean!
DEAN Buzz kill.

I guess it is sort of relevant in that the ghost possession is due to organ transplant, but I don't know, could it kind of humorously also show Dean's love for Sam?  The reason why I say that is, I feel like this whole episode is just all about their love for each other.  Take for instance the next part, where Dean gets a call from Lisa's phone.  Dean pushes the reject button, but Sam urges him to at least talk to her.
SAM So, Lisa?
DEAN Maybe you should mind your own business.
SAM What's wrong with just talking to her, Dean?
DEAN Thanks, Dr. Laura. That's -- that's very insightful. Look at that -- our time's up.

Dean is not quite up for taking Sam's advice yet.  This is one of those things that Dean has buried and lets out in bursts of violence and alcoholism.  One of those things that Dean has not forgiven himself for.
The anatomy dummy is very spooky as it seems to be looking at the boys all the time and the EMF meter shows that there was definitely a ghost possession.  Dean finds the camera and they go to the security room to check the videos, where I guess they do find indication that it is a ghost by the way the video kind of goes all weird.
Sam then goes to see what kind of person the dead guyhe was, while Dean waits in the car.  While he's waiting, he gets another phone call from Lisa's phone.  Again he turns it off.
Sam comes back after he finds out that he was a really good guy according to his girlfriend - the kind of guy that would rub her feet while they watched Glee.
DEAN I just threw up in my mouth.
They've found absolutely nothing, even on the Lab.
Meanwhile, another guy at a mannequin company gets killed by a gang of mannequins.  Sam and Dean go visit the mannequin company and Sam finds that the EMF meter is going crazy on the pile of mannequin parts.  He has an idea.

SAM Wait. That anatomy dummy you were molesting at the lab.
DEAN Excuse me?
SAM What if that's what this is about?
DEAN What exactly are you accusing me of?

LOL!  Love that Sam used the word "molested" and Dean's reaction :D  Then we have the reference to the Movie Mannequin and a whole bunch of other movies including Batman and Child's Play.
DEAN You're joking. You're not joking. Okay, uh, so, what, we've got -- we've got a bunch of killer dolls like...Chucky? I mean, come on, that's -- that's just...Friggin' creepy.
SAM I mean, if ghosts can possess humans and -- and move objects, why can't they possess this?
DEAN I suppose. But riddle me this, bat boy --Ghosts aren't exactly known for hopping county lines, right?
SAM True.

DEAN So we dig. Over there. I don't like the way Kim Cattrall's lookin' at me.
A reference to the girl who played the mannequin in the movie - I actually really liked that movie, the first one anyway.  I mean the whole idea sounds spooky and kind of pervy when you just think of a guy falling in love with a mannequin, but I think it was popular because the actor was cute, for one, and the mannequin could totally be compared to a shy girl that "comes to life" when she finds the right guy, or like pinocchio becoming a human boy... or the little mermaid even.  Woh, let's back up to "shy girl" which totally reminds me of the victim/vengeful spirit Rose and how she comes to life as it were, when she is given encouragement by those idiots.  Of course it also reminds me of the guys using a mannequin guy for their practical joke, and how one of the guys, Johnny has a "relationship" with a "realdoll" (I will talk about that a bit more later).
How about the similarity to pinocchio and how he is missing a conscience? Like Sam missing his soul? Like Rose missing her Kidney?  Like the anatomy dummy missing it's heart? The mannequins missing their eyes? OK, I've gone off on a tangent...  Back to the story.
So Sam finds the lead on Rose, who went missing over a year ago (is that time frame also significant?  It being around the time that Sam jumped into the cage/Soulless Sam emerged?), and they decide to go talk to Isabel, her sister.  Just then, Dean's phone rings - AGAIN.  And Sam's like ANSWER IT!  And Dean does.

He finds out it was Ben that had been calling him the past few times.  Ben tells him that mom is acting really weird and she won't come to the phone and it's an emergency so please come.  Dean tells Ben he'll call him back and hangs up.  Dean doesn't want to leave when they are on a case, but Sam assures him that he will be OK and urges him to go.

SAM Dude, you got to leave.
DEAN Yeah, but we're talking life or death here.
SAM Right. I can handle it for 24 hours, Dean. I get you want to bury it. But I had to deal with my past year. You got to deal with yours.
DEAN Oh, yeah, and that worked so great for you.
SAM Come on.

Note the reference to Dean burying stuff, which indicates that Lisa and Ben are one of those things that Dean cannot forgive himself for.  I really want to talk about Lisa and Ben here, but I'm going to wait just a bit more until some things become clear in the episode.

Sam goes to talk to Isobel about Rose and finds out that she and Isobel used to work with the guys who died, at the mannnequin factory.

SAM What was she like?
ISABEL Um, She had the biggest heart. But people gave her a hard time.
SAM How come?
ISABEL She was shy, a little awkward. I guess that made her an easy target. I feel like I've been defending her my whole life.
SAM I'm sure she appreciated it.
ISABEL Well, it went both ways. She did more for me than anybody else ever could. I just miss her.

I may be thinking too much but Isabel describing Rose as having the "biggest heart" sort of reminds me of Dean taking that heart out of the anatomy dummy and Sam without his soul and how Rose gave her sister her kidney which I mentioned on that tangent a while back.  And although Rose and Isabel don't seem to match the brothers at all, the whole family/sibling bond does, especially here: "it went both ways.  She did more for me than anybody else ever could."

Anyway, Sam decides to go to the mannequin factory to do some routine questioning.

(Sam's blue steel!! <3)
One guy is extremely suspicious and Sam catches on right away.
Meanwhile, Dean arrives at Lisa and Ben's and Lisa opens the door, just as she did so many times before.  She looks great and Dean figures out pretty quickly that Ben just wants them to get together and work things out.

LISA I called you six times, Dean.
DEAN And I almost called you back about 100.
LISA Good to know.

Finally it's time to talk a little bit about how this part with Lisa and Ben relates to the rest of the episode.  The correlation is pretty obvious from the above mention by Sam that this is one of the things Dean wants to bury, but the question might be, why is this relationship one of the things that Dean cannot forgive himself for?
In You Can't Handle The Truth, he gives his reason for "breaking up with" Lisa to Veritas as follows:
DEAN:You're covered in blood until you're covered in your own blood. Half the time, you're about to die. Like right now. I told myself I wanted out... that I wanted a family.
VERITAS:But you were lying.
DEAN:No. But what I'm good at... is slicing throats. I ain't a father. I'm a killer. And there's no changing that. I know that now.

He obviously feels that a person who would put his family in danger because of his job as he did in Live Free or Twihard is not fit to be a father or husband.

In Exile on Main Street, he tells Lisa:
Dean: I should've known. I should've known that if I stayed with you that something would come, because something always does. But I was stupid and reckless and...You can't outrun your past.
Lisa: You're saying goodbye.
Dean: I'm saying I'm sorry... For everything. Everything.

And, as he says to Lisa then and to Ben later in this episode, he also feels that the things he's been through and buried inside of him makes him unfit to be a proper husband or father.

I find it significant that Lisa also mentions the way he has a lot of things buried in YCHTT :
LISA:You've got so much buried in there, and you push it down, and you push it down. Do you honestly think that you can go through life like that and not freak out? Just, what, drink half a fifth a night and you're good?

The subject suddenly reminded me of Sam, Interrupted as well, because Sam and Dean discuss the irony of being in a mental hospital since it wouldn't be surprising if they were crazy from all the things they have been through. Dean suggests to Sam in the end there as well that it was best to bury his worries about his anger.
The surprising thing I found out in this week's episode, was that Lisa had called Dean 6 times after their talk in YCHTT, which makes me think that she regretted the things she said on the phone that day and wanted to make up.  But Dean decided not to call Lisa back when she called(although he thought about it a hundred times), effectively ending it.
Let's skip back to Sam, who is stalking Johnny, the suspicious man that he questioned during the day.  Finding Johnny getting a scalping just like his friends before him, Sam comes to the rescue and puts him in a salt lined saferoom.  Then he gets Johnny to tell him what they did to Rose.  Johnny tells Sam how they basically pretended to be a secret admirer and made her happy, then tricked her into coming to a "date" where a mannequin was waiting for her and told her it had been a joke all along.  A guy grabbed her, she jerked away and fell into a table and died.  Afraid of being charged with manslaughter, they buried her and kept it a secret.

JONNY Steve said there was only one option. I wish I could take it all back.
SAM I'm sure you do.
JONNY I didn't kill her.
SAM Okay. Look me in the eyes and tell me none of it's on you. Look, I'm not saying you deserve to die. I can help you.
Here we have a guy who was a scumbag.  No question.  One, though, who felt guilty for what he had been a part of. Sam takes pity on him and tells him that despite what he did, he doesn't deserve to die.  I do have a feeling that there is a connection with soulless Sam here.  That despite how much damage Soulless-Sam had done in that year, Soulled-Sam didn't deserve to die for it.  Dean's constant reminder that Sam could have died for trying to make things right can be seen in parallel to this.  This may be how Sam reconciles himself with burying the past - on one condition, which he also tells Johnny to do after Sam burns Rose's bones.

SAM All right, it's over. You're safe. And, Jonny? Look at this as a new beginning. Lot of chances not to be a jackass.

Skipping back to Dean with Ben -
DEAN Okay, fine. It's like this, then. Just 'cause you love someone doesn't mean you should stick around and screw up their life. So I can't be here.
BEN You think something will follow you home?
DEAN No. No, I don't, but I think my job turns me into somebody that can't sit at your dinner table. And if I stayed, you'd end up just like me.
BEN Why do you say it like you're so...bad?
DEAN Well, trust me, I'm not someone you want to aim to be.
BEN Don't I get a vote?
DEAN No, you don't. I'm sorry, Ben. But, you see, this way you got a shot at living whatever life you want. You know, pick one. Pick five. 'cause with me, there's just the one road.

This is very sad.  It reminds me of Something Wicked when he tells Sam he wishes Sam could have had innocence, and it reminds me of the episode in Season 10 where Dean tells Cole that once you go down that road there is no turning back. The life that Dean leads is full of unbelievably awful stuff and he wouldn't wish it on anyone.  He also thinks he is so damaged by it (all the stuff that's buried inside) that he's been turned into someone who "can't sit at your dinner table."

BEN You're a liar, Dean.
DEAN Excuse me?
BEN You say family's so important, but -- but what do you call people who -- who care for you, who love you even when you're a dick? You know you're walking out on your family, right?

This pretty much stabs Dean in the gut because he wishes he could have this life with Ben and Lisa but he feels he can't - for their sake.

I think this "even when you're a dick" is again a clue as to how this storyline relates to Sam's past, and Johnny's past. Thinking back to the first scene between Sam and Dean in the episode, and Dean saying, "I mean, first you were a-a soulless dickbag, and now you're not." Then, Sam telling Johnny, "Look at this as a new beginning. Lot of chances not to be a jackass," it all seems to tie together.

Not only that, but all three are trying to bury their past.  Sam's bast buried behind the wall, Johnny's past literally buried in the form of Rose's body and Dean, of course is trying to forget about his relationship and how he may have hurt them and been a terrible father and husband too.    AND ... the past is haunting them all.  Dean is haunted by his relationship,  Sam is haunted by his past as Soulless Sam... and Johnny's past is literally haunting him as well.

So we see Dean driving away, remembering all those beautiful scenes of his life with Lisa and Ben.  The many times Lisa opened the door for him, each time he was hurting and in need of comfort.  The time he spent with Ben and was a father to him.  The year they supported him, cared for him and loved him even when he was a dick.
Back to Johnny, who, thinking it is all over like Sam said and wanting to start over, goes back to his room and tells his girlfriend that they are going to leave town.  His girlfriend, though, is a "realdoll" which I really didn't know until I read it in the Wiki.  I thought it was just a mannequin because, hello, mannequin factory.  And I seriously laughed out loud when I looked up the site that Wiki had on their minitie section.  So, he turns out to be just as shy and awkward as Rose? Needing a doll to keep him company (and have sex with...) because he probably has never had a girlfriend in his life.  He probably pranked Rose with the Steve guy just because he didn't want to be teased as well.  Typical bully groupy.  That's very sad.
Sam comes in later while police are in the room and he finds the realdoll sitting on the sofa looking rather smug and he knows that he hadn't gotten rid of the spirit.  Sam goes over to Isabel to find out what of her sisters she still has on her, because the spirit has appeared at all the places where Isabel has been.

He finds out to his surprise that Isabel has Rose's kidney.

He tells Dean this and they meet up with Isabel in tow to try to figure out what to do.  They are discussing various solutions when Rose takes over the Impala.  I LOVE this next quote by Dean.

DEAN No. No way.
ISABEL That's impossible.
DEAN No, no, no, no, no, no. She possesses sex dolls! This -- this is not a sex doll!
DEAN Hey, you leave my baby alone! She's got nothing to do with this!
Are you sure it's not a sex doll, Dean? LOL! Hilarious.
Unfortunately, the whole thing ends very badly.  When the Impala crashes into the store window, a piece of glass flies right at Isabel's chest, wounding her mortally.  Just before she dies, Rose appears and apologizes to her (I'm not sure Sam and Dean actually see this):

ROSE'S SPIRIT I'm sorry. I didn't mean for this.
And she too burns up like a spirit would when it's bones were burned.
Sam and Dean both feel terrible about it.  It's turned into another one of those things that Dean would like to try to bury.
But, as Dean is fixing the impala, all discouraged, Sam comes up to him.

DEAN I mean, what exactly did we do back there, Sam?
SAM Yeah, I'm not putting it in the win column, either.
DEAN We saved a few dicks, a-a-and we killed an innocent girl. I got a heartbroken kid and a woman who's so pissed at me...I see what you mean about facing your past. It's, uh - It's awesome. Thanks.
SAM Dean.
DEAN I mean, all we do is make a mess.

Dean is so discouraged here!  Triple everything because both the hunt and his personal problems didn't turn out well at all, and he is still so worried about Sam.
But Sam has somehow learned from this experience to be more positive.  I mean, this is not the Sam we saw at the beginning of the episode, telling Dean he couldn't just forget about all the bad stuff he must have done as Soulless Sam. There's a past, there's a present, and there's a future and sometimes, all you can do is move forward.  Being alive means that you have a chance not to be a dick in the future.  And we can't forget the good things that have happened either.

SAM Well, you know, number one, bad luck is kind of in the job description. And two, it's not all bad. Really. Look at me. I mean, at least Satan's left the building.
DEAN Yeah. It's the little things.
SAM And I have a soul because of you. I never thanked you for that, did I?
DEAN That's all good, man.
SAM Well, thanks.

Dean must have had that worry in him that maybe he did the wrong thing by getting Death to put Sam's soul back, especially after what Cas said to him and here, Sam thanks him for it.  Imagine how happy Dean is to know that he did the right thing.
DEAN You'd have done the same for me.
SAM I mean it. Look, we keep our heads down, keep swinging. We'll lose some. Hopefully, we'll win more. And...I don't know.

SAM:Anyway, for what it's worth, I got your back.
DEAN Yeah, I know.

THIS.  This. When I think of Dean's  sad face as he asks this of Sam in Live Free or Twihard *weeps*   This is what Dean has wanted for so long.  His brother is back and they can do it.  Keep on trying.  As long as they are together.

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