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Rewatching 6-12 Like a Virgin

I made it through the wilderness
Somehow I made it through
Didn't know how lost I was
Until I found you

I was beat
I'd been had, I was sad and blue
But you made me feel
Yeah, you made me feel
Shiny and new

Hoo, Like a virgin
Touched for the very first time
Like a virgin
When your heart beats
Next to mine

Gonna give you all my love, boy
My fear is fading fast
Been saving it all for you
'Cause only love can last

You're so fine
And you're mine
Make me strong, yeah you make me bold
Oh your love thawed out
Yeah, your love thawed out
What was scared and cold

Like a virgin, hey
Touched for the very first time
Like a virgin
With your heartbeat
Next to mine

Whoa, ah

You're so fine
And you're mine
I'll be yours
'Till the end of time
'Cause you made me feel
Yeah, you made me feel
I've nothing to hide

Like a virgin, hey
Touched for the very first time
Like a virgin
With your heartbeat
Next to mine

Like a virgin, ooh ooh
Like a virgin
Feels so good inside
When you hold me,
And your heart beats,
And you love me

Oh oh, ooh whoa
Oh oh oh whoa
Whoa oh ho, ho

Ooh baby
Can't you hear my heart beat
For the very first time?

The lyrics to this song by Maddonna reminds me of the song used for Dean when he came back from Purgatory with talk of being back  from "the wilderness," while it is especially fitting for the return of Sam's soul in that it can totally be read as a love song sung from body to soul.  But also gives me sooooo many winchest feels! LOOOOVE  LOL!

Sammy is BACK! And Dean is sooo happy while Bobby just can't forget that he was almost killed.  Cas is angry with Dean and seemingly worried for Sam.  But the story must go on.

So let's just get started.


"Back in the Saddle" by Aerosmith (plays over "The Road So Far" montage)
"A New Day Yesterday" by Jethro Tull (plays in the car as Sam and Dean drive to Portland)

YAY for MUSIC :DDD How LONG has it been?! I think at least two episodes! Love how the Madonna song focus' on the emotions returning, while the road so far focus' on the hunting/job aspect :D

Anyway, we start with the MoTW snatching the girl from the sky. Then to Dean, drumming his fingers against his arm as he waits for Cas to tell him if Sam is ever going to wake up. Cas is not a human doctor so he doesn't know, but he is very pessimistic and a bit angry. Sam's soul feels like it was skinned alive. Dean should not have put "the thing" back.

OK, I still think that Cas may possibly be angry because he had wanted to keep Sam's soul in the cage for some reason to do with his little secret, but it is also good to be reminded that Cas doesn't have a soul, and he probably doesn't know how important it is to being human. Angels are very similar to soulless Sam. They don't seem to care much about human feelings and often act like they don't have a conscience at all. Dean on the other hand is like, What was I supposed to do? I didn't really have a choice. The only thing I wish is that Dean (the writers) had included the phrase "leave his soul to suffer and" in the line below:

DEAN:What was I supposed to do? Let T-1000 walk around, hope he doesn't open fire?
CASTIEL:Let me tell you what his soul felt like when I touched it. Like it had been skinned alive, Dean. If you wanted to kill your brother, you should have done it outright.

Cas, you don't understand, Sam is not really Dean's brother without his soul. *shakes head*

Cas disappears conveniently after saying what he wants and Dean watches Sam sleep on a bit before going up to Bobby.

Next scene is Bobby and Dean sitting, drinking at the desk. Dean is very worried after what Cas had said and Bobby tries to cheer him up but it doesn't work. They are talking about the airplane case in the newspaper, and Dean is asking Bobby to give him something to do when Sam comes in.

No words necessary except each other's names. Sam hugs Dean and Dean is stunned. After thinking he may have lost Sam for good, here he was walking and talking and giving warm hugs <3<3 (remember that reunion back in Exile on Main St.? What a difference aye?)

Sam then goes to Bobby. He only remembers Bobby being killed by Lucifer and Bobby explains that Cas brought him back.

SAM:Cas is alive?
DEAN:Yeah, Cas—Cas is fine. Sam, are you okay?
SAM:Actually, um...I'm starving.

And Sam's line there just makes me so happy. I don't know, call it the nightingale effect. He's hungry! Something we can actually fix! Bring out the feast! ... or the sandwich as the case may be LOL Sam is munching ravenously on a sandwich as they catch up. Dean and Bobby find out that Sam remembers nothing after throwing himself into the cage, and Sam finds out it has been a year since then and that Dean made a deal with Death (and its all over) to bring him back. Bobby is disgruntled that Sam doesn't remember anything from the last year and a half but Dean is not going to let Bobby remind Sam about anything if it means the wall might break open. I guess the reason why Death erased his memory of the last year was that those memories of soulless Sam might more easily remind Sam of the cage.

SAM: What? I was downstairs f— I don't remember anything. So, how'd I get back? Was it Cas?
DEAN:Not exactly.
SAM:Dean, what did you do?

I love Sam's line there too :D Did you sell your soul again, Dean? What did you do? Bobby of course is not happy with Dean's explanation here either. I guess he sort of wanted Sam to know what Soulless Sam was about to do.

SAM:Is there anything else I should know?

Later, Dean brings Bobby a beer and Bobby lets Dean know how he feels.

DEAN:It wasn't Sam.
BOBBY:Well, maybe it wasn't all Sam, but it was him, Dean.

Now several friends have mentioned to me, and I tend to agree, that it is strange that Bobby is so unforgiving here. There have been two other instances where he could have been upset with Sam - one when he tried to kill Bobby with Meg inside him, and one when he set Lucifer free. The first was not Sam at all, so a little different situation. The second was all Sam - especially the soul part of Sam - and yet, Bobby told him that he would never abandon him. You wouldn't think it would be so hard for Bobby to bounce back here and be able to welcome Sam as if it had not happened. I guess the main difference here is that Sam knew what happened in both the previous instances and apologized in the second. It galls Bobby here because Sam doesn't know what he did, and Bobby wants him to know and feel bad for it. He wants closure.

DEAN:Well, what do you want to do, Bobby? We tell him everything?
BOBBY:No. Just wish I could, that's all.

DEAN:Yeah, but if we start throwing that crap at him, we don't know what's gonna happen. It could—it could crack the wall.
BOBBY:I know. I know.
DEAN:So, you know what? As far as I'm concerned, it's a gift horse, and I'm not looking for teeth. I'm sending Death a damn fruit basket.
BOBBY:He's gonna find out, you know. One way or another, someone'll tell him, or he'll figure it out on his own. He's not dumb. He should it hear it from us.

DEAN:Can we just leave it alone for the moment, please?

And here is the reason why Dean doesn't want to tell Sam anything of what happened the past year and a half - at least for now. I've heard arguments about how Dean was wrong for not telling Sam about putting his soul back but it seems to me that it was done out of worry that Sam might die if he did, which is legitimate. Unfortunately, Bobby is right. Even if Cas had not told him, Sam would have found out somehow - maybe a surprise meeting with people like Samuel. But deciding what to tell him and what not to tell him would have been very difficult, not knowing what might trigger the whole memory.

This is often also compared with Season 9 when Dean kept Gadriel a secret from Sam. The most important difference that I can see is that in Season 9, Sam does not think he is worth saving. Another difference of course is that it is a sort of possession (I say "sort of" because Sam says later that it wasn't really like that) in Season 9. And people they loved died because of it. All this made for Sam being very upset with Dean in Season 9, while he isn't really upset here. He may have been, if Dean had sold his soul or if bringing back his soul had hurt other people.
Dean and Bobby are getting the car ready to go to Oregon and check out the case they were talking about before. Seems Sam was still sleeping and Dean wanted to let him recuperate, but then Sam comes up and says I'm game! Let's go!

DEAN:Whoa, whoa. You just got vertical.
SAM:Exactly. I'm up. I'm good.
DEAN:Well, a few more days of crap cable couldn't hurt.
SAM:Right. Because that's what you did when you got back from hell.

And Dean has to give in, because of course Dean was definitely not cooped up watching crap cable right after getting back from hell LOL After hearing that Sam is going, Bobby declines to go himself. Sam feels something is off with Bobby. Maybe he felt it a bit from the first hug. We will never know.

SAM:What was that?
DEAN:One part age, three parts liquor.

We have a little chat between Sam and Dean in the car. Sam assumes that because Dean is hunting now, that he never tried that normal life with Lisa. He asks him why.

SAM:So you never even tried, huh?
SAM:To go live a life...after. You do remember you promised that, right?
DEAN:Yeah, I remember.
SAM:So, why didn't you try?
DEAN:What makes you think I didn't?
SAM:'Cause look at you. Look at this. You're exactly the same.
DEAN:Yeah, you're probably right.

I don't know what Sam expected to change in Dean by living normal, but I guess he was pretty sure that Dean wanted to have that normal life and he would not have quit and gone back to hunting. We know that the reason he quit in the end was because he chose Sam over Lisa and Ben. But he can't say anything about that to Sam.
DEAN:I was with them for a year—Lisa and Ben.
SAM:A year?
SAM:So then what?
DEAN:Didn't work out.

Dean turns the music up here - end of awkward discussion! So reminds me of the early years. I don't remember seeing it in Season 5 even. But let's read the lyrics of this song because Holy, every song in this ep is full of hidden meanings!

"A New Day Yesterday"

My first and last time with you
and we had some fun.
went walking through the trees, yeah!
And then I kissed you once.
Oh I want to see you soon
but I wonder how.
It was a new day yesterday
but it's an old day now.

Spent a long time looking
for a game to play.
My luck should be so bad now
to turn out this way.
Oh I had to leave today
just when I thought I'd found you.
It was a new day yesterday
But it's an old day now.

Dean's feelings about Lisa and Ben :'( *heartache*

When they get to Portland, they talk with the sister of the girl that disappeared from the plane. The sister is in grief and doesn't appreciate the questions but SAMMMMMM! is awesome as he always has been with his little puppy dog face and empathy and she lets them in. We see Dean with his secret smile of absolute happiness at having his brother back.

The most striking thing they find is that this girl's room is pink and has stuffed teddy bears, which means to Dean that she is most likely a virgin. This suddenly reminds me of Sam in Swap Meat when he evaluates Garry as being a "frustrated virgin" from the things in his closet LOL.

Dean also finds Penny's diary, which of course he swipes as usual.

Back at the motel, Sam is researching on the other two girls that disappeared and finds that they were both "good girls".

SAM:Uh...Well, looks like those other two missing girls both baked cookies for the lord.
DEAN:What is that? Code?
SAM:No. Church choir, bake sales, promise-ring clubs—the works. They were good girls. But Penny wasn't even a Christian, so—
DEAN:I have another theory. Penny's diary.
SAM:Did you steal that from her room?
DEAN:I love that you even asked me that.
SAM:And why wouldn't I?
DEAN:No reason. So girl-nappings. What if it's not about religion, what if it's about purity?

Dean has found in Penny's diary that she is still a virgin so they come to this conclusion but I want to focus on this diary stealing bit. Of course we can understand how Dean is happy to see the original Sam back but let's think back to You Can't Handle the Truth. Soulless Sam actually took the girl's diary in that episode didn't he? So it just goes to show how different these two characters are.

Anyway, Dean reads from the diary and creeps Sam out with the deliverance of it and then we go on to the next scene, which is another incident. This time, however, the girl is not abducted. She is hurt, but left alive. We don't really know how Sam and Dean recognized this as connected to the case, maybe a hunch as she also fits the young female profile. When they talk to her, they find that the "giant bat" that attacked her scratched her back pretty badly but left her alive, only taking her promise ring from her. Dean just knows that this means she didn't actually "deserve" the ring. I love Sam's empathy but I also love Dean here, very similar to what soulless Sam did with that lying sister in You Can't Handle the Truth, but a bit more nicely :D Love the girl's response as she is backed into a corner.

DEAN:I got to ask. Uh, Melissa... Look, nobody is, uh, judging anybody here, okay? Believe me. But...Should you really be wearing that ring?
MELISSA:Well, I-I mean, I-I am—
MELISSA:Matt Barne didn't count!

(I copied this line from SuperWiki but I always thought she said, "That barn didn't count!" LOL)

By the way, does this talk about purity and purity rings also remind people of an episode in Season 9?

Anyway, back to the story. Sam and Dean are walking back to the car and Dean is noting how nothing how much better it is to be "experienced" and we have another cute conversation, again Sam's relief maybe that Dean has not changed in the time he has been away.

SAM:So, what kind of thing likes virgins and gold?
DEAN:P. Diddy?
SAM:You know, it's comforting.
DEAN:What's that?
SAM:I died for a year, came back, and you're still not funny.
DEAN:Shut up. I'm hilarious.

So there is definitely a pattern here - Sam noting in the car how Dean is still hunting in the impala and nothing has changed in that regard, then again here how he's just as "not funny" as he was before. A pattern reciprocated by Dean as he finally sees the Sam that he has wanted back for 6 months. They are both the people they've always been and that is comforting to both of them - even though Sam has no memory of being away for that year and a half.

Back at the motel still trying to figure out what on earth would collect virgins and gold, because they can't imagine there is such a thing as a dragon until Sam keeps coming to the same site when he searches the search engines. Dean on the other hand has learned one thing in the last year and a half, and that is that strange monsters have been popping up all over the place. When Sam suggests that dragons are unbelievable, Dean tells him they should get a second opinion. Unfortunately, the second opinion is from Bobby, who is not as knowledgeable about these new monsters maybe as other hunters - like Dean would probably have gotten a totally different response from Samuel - but Bobby is hilarious so we have to include this conversation.

DEAN:What do you know about dragons?
BOBBY:What? Nothing.
BOBBY:Well, they're not like the Loch Ness monster, Dean. Dragons aren't real.
DEAN:Could you make a few calls?
BOBBY:To who? Hogwarts?

Bobby can't help but ask Dean whether Sam has been suspicious of Dean's lies yet and Dean answers vaguely for Sam's sake.  I'd say that Dean is again in turmoil about whether/and how much to tell Sam.  Sam senses again that something is up.

Then as they are researching and Sam is looking through dad's journal for clues despite Dean telling him that he knows that journal backwards and forwards and there's no Neverending Story (the fantasy world depicted in the book/movie Neverending Story by Michael Ende has a dragon) in there - Sam has a deja vu about hunting a skinwalker. And actually, those things were really rare and very likely Sam and Dean had never hunted one before, so Sam would not remember having hunted something like that unless he was remembering something from soulless Sam's memories. He mentions it to Dean but Dean puts it down to Sam's brain being a bit scrambled from being in Hell and tells him no, they've not hunted a skinwalker. Which is not a lie to Dean, I don't think, because he doesn't consider that Sam to have been Sam. But Sam finds it extremely strange for the reason mentioned above. Then Dean receives a call from Bobby telling him about the professor at SFU, Dr. Visyak and maybe so he can avoid more questions, he gets up to go talk to the professor on his own and leave Sam to do research. But we have a funny conversation before he leaves.

SAM:W-wait. D-did Bobby say where they like to park?
SAM:Great. Back to the lore.
DEAN:Which says what? That they live in Middle-Earth?
SAM:No. Caves.
DEAN:You're such a nerd.

This little conversation is funny to me not because Sam is a nerd, but Dean is too. Come on, "Middle-Earth"? LOL

We have a scene here of another girl being forced into a cage below the "catwalk" of what looks to be an old sewer. The man-dragon breaks the girl's arm/wrist and throws her in, then his hand turns all hot and he melts the metal, locking them inside without any locks. So here we have a dragon that just looks like a normal human except has supernatural power, while we have the testimony of that girl back at the hospital that a giant bat attacked her. Later, we actually see the shadow of some huge wings that might look like those of a huge bat, or dragon. So what is this thing? Can it change form? I think part of the disappointment in this story was this human form of the dragon and maybe the ease in which Sam and Dean were able to contain them in the end - at least for me. I understand they don't have the budget even of Neverending Story with it's fakey looking puppy dragon, but I don't know, maybe more shadow wings like the angels? Maybe some real dragon shapes in shadow form? Despite that, I have a feeling the writers were trying to make a point here about dragons and heroes so I'm going to try to figure that out as I think about the rest of the episode.

Jump to Dean at the front door of Dr. Visyak's home. Love the funny faces here as he peeks into the peephole :D  And his eyes are very beautiful  up close as always <3

When he tells her that Bobby sent him, she opens the door - even though she seems to have ended badly with Bobby. This is a very curious character - Dr. Visyak. I am terribly disappointed we didn't get to know her a bit more before she was killed off. But knowing she is a resident of Purgatory, it makes sense that she would have an interest in other residents. She is knowledgeable of dragons in particular but as a species that no longer exist. When she hears that some dragons are actually wrecking havoc in Portland, she tells Dean that the only way to slay a dragon is with a sword made with dragon's blood.

DR. VISYAK:But how? I mean, why? It's been seven hundred years.
DEAN:Banner crop of crazy all the way around these days, doc.
DR. VISYAK:So you want to know how to kill it.
DEAN:That's right.
DR. VISYAK:Well, you need a blade.
DEAN:Uh... Okay. What kind of blade?
DR. VISYAK:One forged with dragon's blood.
DEAN:So you need one to kill one, but you got to kill one to make one. How does that work out?

Yeah... how does that work out?... we never find out but just goes to show how very fantastic the lore is on dragons, which we find out again when Dean tries to pull the sword out of the rock.  Legend, of course, has it that the enchantment on the rock and sword allows for a true hero to just slip the sword out of the rock without effort.  And Dean goes into it thinking that maybe he, the hero, would be able to do so.  But he can't. (LOVE the music here as well!)

By the way, I also love how Dr. Visyak is laughing at Dean as Dean struggles with the sword.

Dean ends up deciding to blow up the rock and get the sword out that way.  I love how he brings up Bobby and how he learned how to use dynamite from Bobby and he's the best LOL Unfortunately, the sword breaks in the process.

DEAN: I actually learned it all from Bobby. Hey, whatever happened there, you know he's at least a genius at this. Do you want me to kill that dragon or not?

DEAN:You rocks think you're so smart. All right. Welcome to the 21st century.
Then he talks to the rock LOL

DEAN: You've got insurance for this, right?
So here is my theory. With other monsters, like vampires for example, the writers have been referencing legends old and new as if to say the legends are mostly true. But with dragons, the legends seem to be way too fantastic to be true except the part about virgins and gold. Same goes for heroes. All that stuff about heroes finding it easy to pull the sword out of the rock is bull. Being a hero is hard work. You struggle and struggle to find the proper means to save those people around them and even then and maybe because they are trying so hard, things just don't work out perfectly as planned. They end up having to fight the dragon with a broken sword.

WOH.... This actually could be compared to Dean saving Sam too couldn't it? Can we compare that sword to Sam's soul brought back from the cage? Dean trying so hard to bring Sam's soul back but the soul that is brought out is terribly damaged, like a broken sword? On another level, the rock could also be compared to the wall and Sam trying so hard to make things right and ending up being broken in the end.

How about the relationship with Dr. Visyak? How she is used by Cas and Crowley to open the door to purgatory, while Dean&Sam use the broken sword to kill the dragons and set the virgins free.

... Could Cas be compared to Dean? So sure that HE is the hero? The angel that would save the day and put heaven back in one piece, but by forcing Purgatory open he frees a weapon (Leviathon souls) that is no good? I like that comparison especially because I've always been disappointed to some degree that Dean (our hero) could not just lift that damn sword from the rock (although he did a great job of the scene and it is hilarious). I feel better about it if I think of it as the writers trying to make a point about Cas LOL.

While that is happening, Sam first talks with Bobby on the phone about what dragons could be substituting for caves. Sam's not really needing Bobby here. He figures out that there are old sewers on his own. It's almost like he is only trying to confirm that something is wrong with Bobby.

SAM:Wait, Bobby. Wait. Um...You okay?
BOBBY:Yeah, of course. Why? What's wrong?
SAM:Besides the way you been acting and talking? Nothing. Is there something I should know?
BOBBY:No. All you need to know is where Godzilla's holed up.
SAM:Well, Bobby, what happened this last year?
BOBBY:It had its moments. No more than usual. It's got nothing to do with you, Sam. How could it?
SAM:Right. 'Course.

Bobby maybe feels a bit guilty for acting so weird but also has mixed feelings that Sam might somehow figure it out.  Come to think of it, he lied to Dean (or didn't tell Dean) for a year that Sam was back, so this is his second lie, this time to Sam.  It must eat at him even without the hurt.  After he gets off the phone, he calls Cas. And Cas comes right away.

CASTIEL:Sam. It's so good to see you alive.
SAM:Yeah. You too.

SAM:Um...Look, I-I would hug you, but—
CASTIEL:—that would be awkward.

Interesting scene, especially when we consider it's significance with regard to the Season 9 ep where Sam is the one that goes for the hug <3 WAAAIIIIT... with all the comparisons between Gadriel!Sam and Soulless!Sam... that is not a coincidence either.

Consider that in Season 9, Cas brings up how he had done some stupid things in life (talking about Season 6) and if he could change, Sam could too. And Sam shows Cas that even though he couldn't hug Cas back in Season 6, he could hug him now. Heee!

ANYWAY, Sam gives Cas the impression that he heard all about the last year and a half from Bobby and Dean and Cas just opens his mouth and blabs all over about how he'd asked Dean not to put Sam's soul back and Sam's like, right... I was walking around soulless for a year... and HIS PAINED FACE *hugs him* Interesting that he knows instinctively what kind of crazy person he would be without his soul.

CASTIEL:Well, to have your soul back, of course.
SAM:Right. Y-you mean 'cause I was walking around with no soul. Uh... Really good, Cas. I'm real good. You know what? I'm—I'm just hazy on a few of the details, though. Um... You think maybe you could...walk me through?

So, Sam hears all of it from Cas - the parts that Cas knows anyway, he wasn't around much. Dean comes back and hearing that Sam has some sewers he is pretty sure the dragons are holing up in, he's ready to get going again with their shortened sword. Now it's Sam that is in turmoil about what and how to discuss with Dean about what he learned from Cas.  He refrains and they are on their way.
These sewers remind me of the early seasons so much! No Exit and Skin especially but also Jump the Shark. In any case, the boys spent a fair bit of time looking through the sewers before finally getting to the dragon's lair.

They first find a hoard of gold and Dean takes a handful and puts it in his pocket.  (You think that's what made the dragons come back? LOL That's usually what happens in the stories :P)  Then they find a little alter with the dragon's book of instructions on how to open the door to purgatory.

Then they hear the girls voices and find the cage (Is that also symbolic of Sam's soul?). They are just trying to figure out how to get them out when the dragons swoop back. We can see the wings on the walls here. The dragon is not afraid of the sword until Dean takes a swipe and the cut on the dragon's arm burns him. But somehow the sword is thrown from Dean's hand, and some time is spent taking turns trying to get the sword back while fighting the dragons. Finally Sam is the one who gets the sword out and kills one dragon from behind. Seeing this, the other dragon flies off and Sam and Dean are able to rescue the girls.

What they don't know is that the dragons are working together with other groups just as the other monsters are gathering forces. And the other group has been lucky not to come in contact with any good hunters with a dragon's sword. One of the virgins from this lot is thrown into the fiery pit of the entrance to Purgatory. I am wondering what happened to the other virgins... killed as part of the ritual maybe. And Eve appears out of Purgatory and tells her dragon children that they've got work to do.

(I'm a bit out of order here :P)

Meanwhile, Dean is checking out the hoard of gold he stole from the lair and checking to see if a watch works. Sam comes up.

SAM:I am sorry. I can't even begin to say.
DEAN:For what?
SAM:You know what.

SAM:All right. But I have to set things right. Or what I can, anyway.
DEAN:It wasn't you.
SAM:You know, I kind of feel like I got slipped the worst mickey of all time...and I woke up to find out that I had burnt the whole city down. And you can say it wasn't me, but...I'm the one with the zippo in my pocket, you know? So I'm not sure it's that cut and dry. And, look, I a-appreciate you trying to protect me. I really do. But I got to fix... What I got to fix. So I need to know what I did.

DEAN:But you don't know how dangerous that could be.

SAM:What would you do? Right. Same thing.
Most important here, Sam feels responsible for what he did, even though he wasn't directly responsible. It was still his body and his mind and people will still have a hard time not blaming him for it. It sort of reminds me of Dean in Season 8, that controversial scene where Dean lists those things Sam might talk about in confession. Dean obviously has no problem with the idea that soulless Sam wasn't the real Sam. It wasn't him, as he says here. But SAM DOES. Sam blames himself, and feels that what he did while he was soulless is still his responsibility. Something he has to make right.

People were angry with Dean for what he said in that scene in Season 9 because they thought Dean believed it was something Sam needed to confess about. What if Dean mentioned those things that he knew, or thought, continued to bother SAM? It makes sense to me at this point, although I'd have to do the full rewatch to be more sure.

Another important thing is that Dean can't fault Sam for wanting to make things right even if it puts his life at risk because that is what Dean would have done as well. Sam uses this argument before when he insists he is ok to go hunting with Dean. Unfortunately, this turns out to be a dangerous idea as we see in a future episode.

As they are talking, Bobby comes and tells them that he has something to tell them. He shows them the manual that they took from the dragon's lair and tells them that it is in Latin so obscure that he could never translate the whole thing in time to do any good. He tells them that the book is made of human skin (which reminds me of a certain book in Season 10). He also tells them that it is a manual to open the gates of purgatory to let something out. Something called The Mother of All.

DEAN:What the hell does "mother of all" mean?
BOBBY:I don't know.

Come on Dean. Don't be so dense. *headdesk*

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