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Rewatching 6-11 Appointment in Samarra

Here I am again, ready to start talking about our next episode of Season 6.  And it's a pretty thoughtful episode on the theme of the natural order - a very important theme continuing on into Season 7.  It also gives us more clues about what Crowley and Cas are up to, which Death seems very interested in stopping, yet cannot tell Dean outright what is happening.  It's like he almost has an agreement with God (very likely) or there is a fundamental rule that Death should not be influencing the world, or destiny, or the natural order with his knowledge.  But he wants to.  Which is a very interesting thing to think about.  Watching Season 10, and with my knowledge of Season 5, I get the distinct impression that Death is not benevolent. He doesn't do things for humans because he is nice.  He does them to further his own purpose.  In Season 5 he showed Dean how to put Lucifer back in the cage because his purpose is to maintain the natural order.  And ending the world is definitely not part of the natural order for Death.  In the same way opening Purgatory and letting the Leviathons out is not part of the natural order that God has created.  It would actually create a totally different natural order and obviously kill a lot of people.  I think Death helps Dean get Sam's soul back because he thinks that Sam with a soul would be better able to stop Cas and Crowley from opening Purgatory.  And he continues to help them by giving them hints throughout Season 6 - not that it does much good.  He does seem to have an affinity to Dean though, similar to how Gabriel did, and a desire for Dean to understand his position as Death and have a better appreciation for it.  It must be a very lonely job being Death.

It's also an episode where Sam's soul is forced back into his body without Soulless Sam's consent.  Soulless Sam would rather go without this mysterious thing called a soul than risk the possibility of dying of complications.  But the people around him - not just Dean but Bobby and Samuel as well - are scared of this person without feelings or conscience.  He is very dangerous in that sense.  Capable of killing innocent people and even people who love him and have been nothing but good to him, without remorse.  I'd also like to point out that it is also an episode where Sam's soul, which has been tortured in hell for more than a year, is rescued from the cage. Dean, desperate to get his brother back, and soulless Sam, desperate to protect himself from harm - as pointed out by our scheming duo Crowley and Cas - makes for a lot of heartbreak on the part of Dean, and heart(soul)lessness on the part of Soulless Sam.  I remember how exciting those scenes between Sam and Bobby were when I first watched this episode.  Very well done in the terror department.

Well, should we get started before I run out of wind?

Dust in the Wind by Kansas (Lyrics mentioned by Dean when asked what the meaning of life is by the heart attack victim)

So we start off with Dean looking for the shady doctor who has patched John up more times than he can count (while he still had a license) and says he's helped people with a special procedure, which we find out is flatlining people for a few minutes and bringing them back.  Very interesting idea Dean (and Bobby?) come up with here to talk to Death, who is probably one of the few beings who can bring Sam's soul back from the cage. Sam and Dean did something like this once before with Pamela's help didn't they? And that was a bit different.  There was no time limit and it was part of a spell.  I don't know why he can't do that this time.  I guess the writers needed a time limit to make things more exciting.

The doctor is a pretty nice guy and maybe a bit crazy for keeping his office in a very unsanitary environment of the second floor in a butcher shop but the way the butcher pushes that button on the side of his counter to warn the doctor someone is coming is quite funny.  Makes me think that the doctor does a lot of patching up of Chinese mafia now-a-days.  During the preliminaries, in which the doctor takes Dean by his cheeks and tells him how long it's been, and Dean gives the doctor a large amount of money for the proceedure which is 75% successful, Dean also gives the doctor a letter.  And this is very curious.  We know that probably he's left a letter with Bobby with regard to what to do if he dies in the attempt.  He doesn't write to Sam because, as he explains to the doctor, there would be no use in saying anything to Sam if he can't get (Sam's soul) back, so who does he write to? Ben.  Benjamin Braeden.  So here I wonder if actually he's writing to Lisa and the name on the envelope is so that at least the letter will be opened and read.  If he had addressed it to Lisa, there is no guarantee that it would be read, aye?  I'd assume that the contents would be to tell Lisa he was sorry.  For everything probably. and maybe to admonish Ben to take care of his mom and to never become a hunter.  That's what I imagine anyway.

The doctor accepts the letter, then Eva the scary assistant proceeds to connect him to the IV and they dose him with something so that he is out.  Dead.  In just a minute or less.  He has three minutes to finish his mission.  Dean looks at his dead body and says,

DR. ROBERTS: He's dead.

DEAN: Good times.

Thus starts the episode.  Dean goes downstairs, stands in the middle of the meat shop and does a spell to call Tessa, the reaper.  When she gets there he asks her to call Death at which point she asks what gives him the nerve and he replies:

DEAN: Desperate times.
We'll see the same words from Sam later so I thought it was worth noting.  I want to note here that whether Sam goes crazy from having his soul back or not, either way the soul must be rescued so that he is not suffering for all eternity.  And I really do think that Sam, the real, soulled Sam, would rather die crazy with a soul (and go to heaven maybe) than be locked in the cage with Lucifer for a minute longer.  Yes, there is the fact that Dean cannot stand Soulless Sam (and nor can anyone else) but it is for the true whole Sam's sake that his soul is rescued from the cage.

Now while Dean and Tessa are arguing about whether or not she could call Death, Death is already there behind them with his "Hello Dean." Now there are several places in this episode that I feel uncomfortable with - well second-hand embarrassment for Dean - and this is one of them.  He actually thinks that he can blackmail Death into helping him get Sam back with the ring he still has in his possession.  But of course the only reason why he has it is because Death let him use it, and Death could have taken it back any time.  Now I'm not sure what the situation was with Death without his ring.  Were there things he couldn't do without it?  It's not like no one ever died while he was without the ring.  The other riders could influence people into seeing things etc by turning their rings, and maybe Death's ring also did that.  And Death does talk about enjoying his junk food before putting on the ring again - but he was wearing the ring when he ate that pizza in Season 5 so... it's not like he can't eat junk food after he puts it on either.  I'll get into that later again.

Anyway, back to the story.  Death threatens Dean to remind him who he is talking to and Dean goes on to tell him what he wanted. (I'm a little blinded by all the DEA... in these quotes LOL)

DEAN: Sam's soul is stuck in that box.
DEATH: I've heard.
DEAN: And our other brother is trapped in there, too. Michael rode him in.
DEATH: Dean, quit shuffling and deal.
DEAN: I want you to get 'em both out.
DEATH: Hmm. Pick one.
DEAN: What?!
DEATH: Sam's soul or Adam's.
DEAN: But --

DEATH: As a rule, I don't bring people back. I might make an exception once, not twice. So...Pick.
DEAN: Sam. His soul has been in there for a year, and I understand that it's...Damaged.
DEATH: Try flayed to the raw nerve.

I did have to include the part about Adam, you understand. Dean did try to get him out here, but pressed for a choice, he chooses Sam, naturally. Poor Adam. What a terrible fate. I wish they had been able to find another way to get him out too. Now Death not bringing both out also has to do with the natural order. Death wants to get Sam out for his own reasons - he realizes that these two have influenced the natural order to a crazy level just by being alive, but they have a chance at stopping the catastrophe to come. And I think he knows that Dean would pick Sam over Adam. Bringing Adam out would change the natural order as well, and without a good enough reason, he can't do both.

Dean and Death go on to talk about how Death cannot "cut off" part of Sam's soul, it's not made like that. But he can put up a wall so that Sam won't remember what happened in the cage.

TESSA: But it's not permanent.
DEATH: She's right. Nothing lasts forever. Well, I do, but...
DEAN: Okay, so that's the choice -- Sam with no soul, or Sam with some drywall that if or when it collapses, he's...Done?
DEAN: Do it.

Hehe! I like Death's phrase there "Well I do, but..." Will we find out in Season 11 that Death is not really dead? Or will someone else be taking over his job? Maybe he just gets a new "meatsuit," which would be too bad considering what an excellent Death he was (that sounds weird :P).

Dean chooses soulled Sam over soulless Sam even if he might lose him all over again and then we go on to Death's price for this little favor. If you think about it, Death probably would have done it for free even at this point for various reasons, but Dean doesn't know that and Death takes advantage.  He decides to give Dean an assignment. He has to become Death for a day.

DEATH I want you to be me for one day.
DEAN Are you serious?
DEATH No, I'm being incredibly sarcastic.

The dialogue in the episode is so great - it's written by Sarah Gamble and Robert Singer- and I just love that line by Death. I crack up every time.

Dean agrees. Then he turns to Death and asks why? A question we are going to hear a lot of later on in the episode. He doesn't get an answer. Just as Death is about to tell him, he gets whisked back to the room upstairs where he had been dead for 7 minutes.

DEAN: You couldn't have given me five more seconds?
DR. ROBERT: Son, you were gone for seven minutes.
DEAN: I was?
DR. ROBERT: Mm-hmm. I thought for sure death had you by the twins.

LOL again! Love that line by Dr. Robert. Death had Dean by the twins alright :DDD

The next scene, Dean is back at Bobby's explaining the plan to soulless Sam. I want to know here what happened after that last scene in Caged Heat when Sam walked off. I can't see how Dean could have said anything after that to bring Sam back. But then he doesn't have a ride either (LOL). Maybe Dean convinces him to come back to Bobby's at least. Anyway, Soulless Sam hears Dean's plan to get the soul back and he's not happy. Cas and Crowley have convinced him for their own reasons that it might ruin him if he got his soul back. Soulless Sam doesn't think he needs his soul. He's not going to risk his life to get it back. He's done OK without it for a whole year.

SAM For good? Like a cure?
DEAN No, it's not a cure. It...He said it could last a lifetime.
SAM Great. So, playing pretty fast and loose with my life here, don't you think, Dean?
DEAN I'm trying to save your life!

SAM Exactly, Dean! It's my life! It's my life, it's my soul. And it sure as hell ain't your head that's gonna explode when this whole scheme of yours goes sideways!
Interesting discussion here about playing or saving Sam's life and who's life it is exactly. Dean I guess is talking about saving Sam's soul when he talks about saving his life. To him, Sam's life is not saved until all of it is out of the cage. Sam on the other hand is talking about his physical life. His body and his mind, which might "explode" if the soul is put back. Soulless Sam says that it's HIS soul so therefore it is HIS choice whether or not to put it back, but he is not taking into account the fact that Sam's soul also has a say. He's acting like the soul is just a part of his body that he can decide to keep amputated if he wants,  probably because he just doesn't understand what a soul is all about, but we know that the soul is a much bigger and more important part of what makes a person human than the mind or body.

BOBBY Just curious. I presume Death's not doing this out of the goodness of his heart. So what's your half of the deal?
BOBBY I'm sorry. I didn't get that.
DEAN I have to wear the ring for a day.
BOBBY Why the hell would he want you to do that?
DEAN Get his rocks off. I don't know. But I'm doing it.

Bobby. I like the way he thinks. So maybe Dean's idea to call Death was just Dean's idea. Bobby may not have talked about it with him before he went.  Or, Dean could have told him the blackmail didn't work and he's wondering what Death wanted instead.

Sam goes off, presumably to think about what Dean said. But Dean's instinct says otherwise, he goes out to the part of Bobby's plot where the ring used to be buried and finds Sam there. Sam pretends that he wasn't there for the ring.

DEAN Sam. I'm your brother. I'm not gonna let you get hurt. I know what I'm doing here.
SAM What if you're wrong?
DEAN I won't let it go wrong.
SAM Fine.
DEAN Fine? So, you're --
SAM So, I'm trusting you here. Barely.
DEAN You sure?
SAM You're the one with the compass, right? Just don't mess it up.
DEAN I won't. (to Bobby)Watch him.

From what he says afterwards to Bobby, we know that soulless Sam felt he can't trust Dean here because he knows that Dean is more interested in saving the soul than keeping the body/mind safe from danger.  He sneaks out to call Balthazar for help.  Interesting choice of Angels! I guess he realizes that Cas is too human to help him and Balthazar, of course, has a grudge against Dean.

Dean on the other hand, is putting on the ring.

DEAN: Well, here goes everything.
(I do like this quote.  Everything is dependent on this act of being Death for a day.)
He finds himself on a pedestrian walk somewhere  with Tessa.  Tessa is not in a good mood.  She feels probably that Death is taking too much of an interest in Dean and giving her some unwanted extra work.  She also knows that Dean always screws up the natural order somehow or other.  She gives him some rules and they are on their way to his first assignment.

TESSA: You touch them, they die, I reap them. Are we clear?
DEAN: Yeah, I guess.
TESSA: Remove the ring, you lose. Slack off, you lose.Got it?
DEAN: Yeah.
TESSA: Don't mess this up. It's not my job to be your damn babysitter.

While that's happening, Sam is talking with Balthazar.

BALTHAZAR: Why here's one for the list of dumbest things ever. Summon the angel who wants to kill you.
SAM: Desperate times. I need your help, Balthazar.

Here, as I mentioned, Sam says the exact same phrase as Dean. Neither of them would be doing what they were unless they were desperate. Desperate to save a life - just in a different way.
SAM: Can you help me?
BALTHAZAR: Oh, yes. The question is, will I?
SAM: Set your terms.
BALTHAZAR: I'll do it for free.
SAM: Free? Why?
BALTHAZAR: Well, you seem like a capable young man. I'd love to have you in my debt. And I have to say, I'm not a fan of your brother, so screwing him would delight me. Anyway, to business. The spell, yes. So, finding the ingredients are easy enough, but, uh, there's one tricky part, however.

Like Death with Dean, Balthazar has his own agenda. I'm not sure if he is working with Cas already here or not. I think there must be a reason that Cas let him go in Family Matters - it's very similar to how he "killed" Crowley to get him out of the situation he was in. Cas needs Balthazar. Is Balthazar acting on Cas' behalf to try to stop Sam from getting his soul back? Or am I just reading too much into it. Balthazar tells Sam the ingredients to the spell, which includes the blood of his father - who needn't be blood. Sam goes back to Bobby. They play a bit of cards, but the whole time, Bobby senses something. Instinct again. Bobby asks Sam if he wants another beer and as he is leaning into the fridge, Sam tries to bonk him over the head. Bobby is ready for it and bonks him instead.

BOBBY May have been born at night, boy, but it wasn't last night.
(These lines!!LOL)

But he turns around with some rope and Sam's gone.

Meanwhile(I'm jumping around a bit), Dean is walking along a street with Tessa and Tessa is telling him to be ready for some difficult questions - "Why?" being a popular one. This whole experience does remind me of the episode back in Season 4, Death Takes a Holiday where Dean helped the boy Cole say goodbye to his mom.  The first person he has to kill is a robber who is about to kill either the shopkeeper or his kid and instead is shot by the shopkeeper. Dean takes a bit of pleasure in seeing the guy suffer a bit before he dies and has no sympathy for the guy when he pops the question.

DEAN: Mostly because you're a dick. Enjoy the ride down, pal. Trust me -- sauna gets hot.

The next person is an overweight guy who has a problem with too much cholesterol. He dies of a heart attack while eating pizza -

DEAN: You think maybe it was the extra cheese?
MAN'S SOUL: Yeah. It was good, though.
DEAN: Is that a local place?
TESSA: Dean.
DEAN: Right. Uh, time to go, man. Sorry.
MAN'S SOUL: Wait. Will you tell me what it all means?

DEAN: Everything is dust in the wind.
MAN'S SOUL: That's it?! A Kansas song?!

First of all, I love the exchange about the extra cheese. I also love Dean asking if it's a local place. I think that Death may have very likely asked the same question LOL It doesn't really make sense to me that Tessa is bothered by that... but then maybe she feels the same way when Death does that too. The reference to the Kansas song - I keep having the illusion that I talked about this song in a previous review, but it must be deja vu because I can't find it anywhere. But then I also have a memory of it being for this episode - which is impossible. You know, I do love that song so much, I think I'm going to go back and do that.

If you take a look in SuperWiki, it does explain how Socrates used this phrase to begin with and, it was also used in a film Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure where these guys were talking with Socrates and also have to play Death for a chance to come back to life. There is some other very interesting stuff like where the title name comes from, but I won't go into that here. Anyway, awesome song. Beautiful voice. So you know, Tessa's reaction to Dean using that song/phrase, kind of making fun of him? Doesn't fit either.

TESSA Sorry. He's new.
Dean's next stop is the hospital, where a little girl is about to die of a defective heart and Dean just can't kill her when he thinks of the dad and how he doesn't have any other family.

TESSA: Dean, you have to take her.
DEAN: Says who?
TESSA: Death.
DEAN: I'm death.
TESSA: You know what I mean.
DEAN: Well, who tells him?
TESSA: I don't know. It just is. It's destiny.
DEAN: Give me a break. I've spent my whole life fighting that crap. There's no such thing as destiny, just like there was no apocalypse -- just a bunch of stuck-up mooks who didn't want us human slaves asking questions. Well, I say the little girl lives.
TESSA: Do you know what's amazing? You don't actually buy a word you're saying.
DEAN Yes, I do.
TESSA Oh, really? So, all the times that you messed with life and death, they just worked out for you? It was just a beach party every time, huh?
DEAN Well, I know this much -- I'm Death, she's 12, and she's not dying today.

I'd argue with Tessa here that the proper word is not destiny, but the natural order as she describes it later. Destiny in my definition of Supernatural is the manipulation of higher powers as Dean describes. The natural order is something else. It's the way the world goes round. And messing with life and death - using spells or deals to bring people back from the dead is messing with the natural order, and not destiny as the angels and demons see it.  As Dean said in Season 2. The dead should stay dead, and when someone is saved as Dean was in Faith, they end up feeling a hole inside don't they? Also expressed by Dean in the episode and later on in Death Takes a Holiday. That makes me feel weepy, just imagining that emptiness he felt and Sam also must have felt although it is never addressed - too busy trying to save Dean he was. Someone needs to write a fic about Sam's inner struggle there which must have taken shape once he actually lost Dean and he was all suicidal.

Anyway, Dean doesn't kill the little girl. She miraculously gets better - have you heard stories like this? Where a cancer just disappears overnight or something? It's interesting to think of a higher power like Death or God deciding, hey I'm going to make an exception because this will influence the world for the better or save many people or some such. In stead, one of the nurses dies in an accident she would not have been in if she had stayed for the girl's operation.

TESSA Actually, you were supposed to live for many decades. Have kids, grandkids.
TESSA Because he screwed up.
JOLENE'S SPIRIT (to Dean)You did this to me?
TESSA Come on, Jolene. It's time.
DEAN Wait. I'm sorry.

Tessa is pretty harsh. She doesn't have to tell the poor woman that it was all due to a mistake. What kind of thing is that to say to a dead person? But she is angry with Dean I guess and wants to get back at him for not doing what she said.

Her husband, an ambulance driver or technician, comes running up to find her dead and becomes suicidal in his grief (I can't believe anyone would let him drive after that kind of news!!) Dean sees this playing out while Tessa urges him again to kill the little girl before anything else happens.

I've gone too far guys. Back to Sam and Bobby. Bobby is running around trying to find Sam before he gets found and thinks of his lever in his wardrobe/closet, which opens a trap door into the basement. He locks himself into the closet and waits. Sure enough, Sam comes and starts hacking at the closet door.

BOBBY: Don't say, "here's Johnny."
Now this is totally fun to watch after having watched that lovely episode in Season 10! I will have to do a comparison gif of this later. I do think that Bobby's line is a bit weird under the circumstances but funny all the same - referencing The Shining. A funny thing I realized after reading about it in SuperWiki is that if he had had that lever in his closet in DMDWP, Dean and he could have sent a bunch of zombies to the attic. Maybe he put it in after LOL

Sam's in the basement and Bobby's by the door talking to him to try to figure out what Sam's reasons for this is.

BOBBY: You want to explain what this is about?
SAM: I just, uh...I have to do this, Bobby.
BOBBY: Says who?
SAM: If Dean shoves that soul back in me, think how bad that could really be. I can't let it happen, Bobby. I mean, it's not like I want to kill you. You've been nothing but good to me.

BOBBY: You're making a mistake, Sam.
SAM: I'm trying to survive.
BOBBY Dean's got a way to make it safe.
SAM Oh, yeah, what, some wall inside my head that maybe stays up? Come on.
BOBBY If it works --
SAM Yeah, what if it doesn't? Dean doesn't care about me. He -- he just cares about his little brother, Sammy, burning in hell. He'll kill me to get that other guy back.
BOBBY Look, I...I know how scary it is. But you know what's scarier? You right now. You're not in your right head, Sam. You're not giving us much choice here. Sam? Balls!

Interesting, of course, is where Sam tells Bobby he doesn't want to kill him - Bobby has not tried to harm Sam in any way - but he feels he has no choice. Desperate times. Most important to me though is where he tells Bobby that Dean doesn't care about him. He only cares about the soul trapped in the cage. He would rather have the soul back with the chance that it might destroy Sam's mind than have soulless Sam. And this is exactly what Dean said to Death previously so soulless Sam has got it right. Of course he doesn't realize that there is a legitimate reason for this. It's not just that Dean wants the old Sam back. Bobby also knows that Sam without a soul is scary. Dangerous. He also agrees with Dean that Sam has to have his soul back despite the risk.

While Bobby is giving that speech though, Sam finds a way to get through the fan in the ceiling of the panic room. I guess Bobby did need to have some kind of escape route just in case he himself got locked in the basement. Bobby goes down and finds out what Sam has done and goes outside to find him. As he gets to the entrance of the shed, Sam is waiting for him and hits him from behind.

Back to Dean. He sees the poor husband distraught and ready to drive himself to his death. He tells Tessa to wait a bit and he's in the guy's car, trying to stop him from crashing into the truck in front of him but he can't because he has the ring on - and I'm thinking, having death in your car is no way to avoid it LOL Dean decides to scrap everything by taking off the ring and turns the wheel so that the car crashes but it's not fatal. This decision to take of the ring is the most amazing thing. He's throwing away "everything" when he does that. The possibility of getting Sam's soul back is gone as far as he is concerned. I think that is how much he feels responsible for messing up the natural order - possibly killing 2 for the price of 1 and maybe many many more. He can't put his brother's life before that, especially considering what Sam went to the cage for in the first place.  

He gets out of the car and calls out to Tessa to take him home, he's lost. But he doesn't have the ring on so he can't see her. He realizes his mistake and we see the poor guy in the car wake up just as Dean puts on the ring and disappears. Tessa is right there. Dean then decides he's not going to zap back home. If putting on the ring helps him see Tessa, that means he still has the power to make things right.

DEAN: Unfinished business.
TESSA: It's over. You took the ring off. Anyway, thought you wanted the girl to skate by.

DEAN: No one really skates by. Do they?(to Hilary's father)You should say your goodbyes, man.
This - I love him going up and waking the father somehow to say his goodbyes. Tears just thinking about it.
FATHER: Hey, honey. I must have dozed off. Hilary? Somebody!

DEAN: I'm sorry.
HILARY'S SPIRIT: But what about my dad?
DEAN: He'll be fine.
DEAN: I have no idea.

HILARY'S SPIRIT: I-I can't just leave him. It's not fair!
DEAN I know.
HILARY'S SPIRIT Well, then why?
DEAN Because...There's sort of a --a natural order to things.

HILARY'S SPIRIT Natural order is stupid.
DEAN Well, I agree with you there.

This is where I mentioned at the beginning really reminds me of Death Takes a Holiday - Dean's talk with Tessa about how people lie to themselves and others about how they are going to a better place, all because they are scared. And how he is honest with Cole as well.  DTAH is also full of stuff about the natural order.  I just looked back at my review for that one and ended up reading the whole thing. That was a good review :P Dean starts to tell Hilary that her dad would be ok, but then he is completely honest with her and empathizes with her and that is what she needs.  It's a very touching scene.

Sam is just about to cut Bobby's throat - they should have had Dean stop him a bit quicker - Sam raising his arm like that when he could have just slit Bobby's throat from the side, a bit fakey. But yay for Dean coming back just in time.

DEAN Hi, Sam. I'm back.
Dean is able to render Sam unconscious and they tie him up in the panic room.

DEAN: I can't keep doing this, Bobby. I mean, what am I, gonna tie him up every time he tries to kill someone? And that's not gonna hold him. I mean, he's -
BOBBY: --capable of anything.
DEAN: What am I supposed to do here?
BOBBY: I don't know.

Without any solution for getting Sam's soul back, they know they can't hold Sam for long. He will get away and they won't be able to stop him from doing anything. As Dean walks up to the first floor, he senses a presence and finds Death at the kitchen table with bacon dogs for the both of them. We saw him offering Dean pizza in Season 5 and Dean did take an obligatory bite after being threatened. I wonder if he actually eats the bacon dog after they finish their talk?   He does mention Death's taste in food and gets the obvious reply -

DEAN Boy, what's with you and cheap food?
DEATH I could ask you the same thing.

DEATH:Thought I'd have a treat before I put the ring back on. Heavier than it looks, isn't it? Sometimes, you just want the thing off. But you know that. Not hungry?

So again, it's not like Death can't eat when he has the ring on, but he does feel the burden of it when it's on aye? I guess it's like eating a burger with your police uniform or doctors coat on or off. You are wearing responsibility, and eating something you love is not quite the same with that burden.

Dean tells Death that if he had to do it all over again, he wouldn't hesitate to kill the little girl. And, although he says it would be so the nurse didn't have to die, Death knows that Dean learned a thing or two about the natural order.
DEATH: Today, you got a hard look behind the curtain. Wrecking the natural order's not quite such fun when you have to mop up the mess, is it? This is hard for you, Dean. You throw away your life because you've come to assume that it'll bounce right back into your lap. But the human soul is not a rubber ball. It's vulnerable, impermanent, but stronger than you know. And more valuable than you can imagine. So... I think you've learned something today.

So here, Death is not just congratulating Dean on a lesson learned about the natural order. He is giving Dean a ton of hints about what he wants them to figure out for themselves. Most important being the part after the human soul not being a rubber ball. vulnerable, impermanent, but stronger than you know. And more valuable than you can imagine. I maybe wrong, but that first part would seem to be about Sam's soul. How his soul is vulnerable but stronger than we know. The second part about it being valuable would of course be about Crowley and Cas's little project.  Which might explain why they want that soul where is was :P
DEAN: Want to know what I think? I think you knew that I wouldn't last a day.
DEATH: I have no idea what you're talking about.
DEAN: I lost. Fine. But at least have the balls to admit that it was rigged from the jump.
DEATH: Most people speak to me with more respect.

This part elicits my second hand embarrassment again. Really, Dean? This is not what you should be focusing on. But then, Dean is upset that he couldn't save Sam and wants to blame Death for it.

DEATH We're done here. It's been lovely. But now I'm going to go to hell to get your brother's soul.
DEAN Why would you do that for me?
DEATH I wouldn't do it for you. You and your brother keep coming back. You're an affront to the balance of the universe, and you cause disruption on a global scale.
DEAN I apologize for that.
DEATH But you have use. Right now, you're digging at something. The intrepid Detective. I want you to keep digging, Dean.
DEAN So you're just gonna be cryptic, or...
DEATH It's about the souls. You'll understand when you need to.

So Death's reason for helping. But why be so cryptic?! And no, they were so dense, they never understood it until it was too late*headdesk*

DEAN Wait --with Sam... Is this wall thing really gonna work?
DEATH Call it 75%.

Which is of course the same percentage that Dr. Roberts gave Dean in the beginning.

Dean rushes down to the panic room, calling to Bobby to open the door and they see Death with Sam's soul, Sam begging that he not put it back, Death warning him that it's going to be a bit itchy but DON'T SCRATCH. Beautiful, frightful scene and Sam's pained face yes, but also Dean's as he watches.
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