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Rewatching 6-9 Clap Your Hands If You Believe

Finally. Thank the writers! I feel like I was running a marathon and arrived, not at the finish line, but definitely at a table with bananas and water LOL Taking a break from angst is good. Perfect timing.

I like pretty much every thing about this episode from the wonderful dialogue to UFO and fairies, to big men with little cups and fighting tinker bell. After all that angst, we finally have some relief and suddenly the whole situation of trying to work with a soulless brother is just comical, from our point of view anyway. Of course Dean is still frustrated and freaking out and Sam is just trying to figure out what having a soul would be like. Does he really want to bother? Is it worth it? But it's all very funny - until the end anyway.

Let's begin.

"All That for Me" by Chris Jones(plays at the beginning of the episode)
"Country with Bump" by The Neil Nelson Band (plays in the bar while Dean is being abducted)
"Space Oddity" by David Bowie (plays when Dean and the fairy face off)

We first see some teenagers making out by a cornfield when something catches the guy's eye and he of course goes to investigate. What is it about guys - they just want to go and get themselves killed. Well, this time, he just gets abducted in the middle of a circle made by pressed down corn plants, part of a group of circles joined by circular paths through the field.  Then to the title/credits.

The title/credits for this ep are unique with an X-Files feel, giving off vibes that the episode might be about aliens, or at least about the trickster. Love how they stick Cas in there just for the feel of it. And "The Truth is In There" instead of "The Truth is Out There."

We next see opinions on the disappearance(s) from various different people TV documentary style. A police officer who says this has nothing to do with aliens and they should concentrate on looking for the missing people, a middle aged man Wayne (who is actually the Leprechaun) saying that this is for sure aliens, a couple of girls - one that saw her boyfriend abducted and just wants him back, and one hippy who definitely thinks it's aliens who are going to bring humanity to a new dimension.  Lastly, Sam and Dean are questioning a lady who says it's fairies. So we get the idea that all the other people are being questioned by Sam and Dean as well, and after all the "UFO crap" from everyone they've talked to (except the police officer) Sam has pretty much had enough. He's quite rude and Dean has to apologize for him and lead him away.

SAM:Okay, if you want to add glitter to that glue you’re sniffing, that’s fine, but don’t dump your whackadoo all over us. We’d rather not step in it.
(This is hilarious when I remember the talk Sam and Dean have after they visit the lady's home.)

DEAN:Okay, we’re, we’re done.
SAM:The only thing you’re missing is a couple dozen cats, sister.
DEAN:It’s a blood sugar thing. My apologies.

SAM:Look, I’m sorry, but this is all a big joke, right, and we’re not actually taking this UFO crap seriously?
DEAN:No, man. ET is made of rubber. Everybody knows that. But there are four legitimate vanishings in this town. Something’s going on. And Sam? By the way, it’s not the lady’s fault that she took the brown acid.
SAM:Yeah! So?
DEAN:Empathy, man. Empathy. I mean, the old Sam would have given her some, some wussified, dew-eyed crap.
SAM:Old Sam had a soul—was a soul. Whatever.
DEAN:Right! Yes, and, and, but you don’t—aren’t. Whatever.

And Dean goes on to tell Sam that he HAS TO care about EVERYTHING. Sam's like, but I can't care about what I can't care about! (I'm soulless remember?) What. Am I supposed to pretend? And Dean's like YES! fake it till you make it! And brings up the example of Pinocchio and how he's going to be Sam's conscience from now on.

DEAN:Hey, you wanna be a real boy, Pinochio, you gotta act the part.
SAM:I was faking it Dean! Ever since we got back on the road together, I was picking every freaking word. It’s exhausting.
DEAN:Okay. All Right. But until we get you back on the soul train, I’ll be your conscience, okay?
SAM:So you’re saying you’ll be my… Jiminy Cricket.
DEAN:Shut up. But yeah, you freaking puppet. That’s exactly what I’m saying.

I just can't help including all this dialogue because it is just so perfect. I love how Dean compares Sam to Pinocchio and Sam in turn compares Dean to Jiminy. Not only does it have a hint of fairy, which Sam refers to later, but it helps us understand Sam's situation a bit more and feel a bit of sympathy for him - like we would Pinocchio.   Sam telling Dean that he had been pretending is also an eye opener. Have you ever had that experience of trying to show interest, sympathy or whatever when you don't feel it? Imagine doing that ALL the time and you can understand how exhausting it would be.

They go to talk to the watchmaker (also a hint of fairy/elf tale) who is obviously acting weird and Sam gets a bit forceful. Dean gives the watchmaker(Mr. Brennan) a card and decides they should keep a watch on (haha) him.

Mr. Brennan turns around to his watch that he was fixing before the guys came in and asks if that was OK, and the watch moves.

Dean gives the job of watching the watchmaker to Sam -

DEAN:But do NOT engage with, maim or in any way kill Brennan. In fact, I don’t want you making any judgment calls whatsoever. Anything happens, call me.
SAM:You know, Jiminy, I was on my own for a whole year. I did fine without you.
DEAN:Yeah. I don’t want to know your definition of fine.

Sam is a little frustrated that Dean doesn't trust him at all. He considers himself a good hunter and believes he'd done fine for a year on his own - but we know what kind of fine he's talking about on rewatch, and even considering how he would have conducted last ep's hunt on his own, his methods may not have been very humane.

(I looove this shot of the impala in fall.  There was also a beautiful shot of Sam and Dean last ep with the leaves changing into fall colors. )
While Sam watches Brennan drinking at the bar, Dean is checking out the circles at night. Suddenly the lights on the car go out and he feels something is out there. Then he sees a bright light touch down in the fields and when he looks up, there is a large round object - like a UFO. Dean starts to run as he continues to shout at Sam. Meanwhile, Sam listens, very interested in what is going on but lacking a bit of empathy.

DEAN:Hang on a second. Holy… UFO! UFO!!
SAM:Whoa! Dude, stop yelling. You’re breaking up. I didn’t catch that last part.
DEAN:Close encounter! Close encounter!
SAM:Close encounter! What kind? First? Second?
DEAN:They’re after me!

SAM:Third kind already? You better run, man. I think the fourth kind is a butt thing.
DEAN:Empathy, Sam! Empathy!
SAM:They still after you?
DEAN:Come on!

SAM:Dean? Are you there? What happened? Dean?
*waitress hands him a beer* Thanks.

Love the way Sam's glancing at a waitress' but and ordering another beer, all the while showing some excitement/curiosity in Dean's situation - sort of like he's watching a sports game almost. Seems to me that soullessness means one single thing doesn't occupy the mind as much - interest and curiosity can be shared between many different things on the superficial level.

Dean gets abducted and several minutes? or hours? later, Sam goes to find him in the field and finds Dean's cell on the ground. I am assuming Dean left his phone on purpose here to show Sam where he was abducted, which is awesome.

Sam finds a bunch of trailers nearby celebrating the arrival of aliens and otherwise being very hippy-like. One of the trailers is of the middle aged guy they interviewed previously. He is supposedly an expert on aliens but Sam is not impressed and seem a bit frustrated that he's not getting any answers as well.

SAM:You hunt ET’s, right? I need to know how to get them.
WAYNE:You and me both.
SAM:This is it?

WAYNE:Well, I’d say that 30 years of eyewitness accounts speak for themselves as incontrovertible proof—
SAM:Yeah, right. My brother was abducted so I’m pretty good on the whole proof part.

Interesting point that most literature or shows on aliens focus all the energy on proving that there is such a thing, which is different from other urban legends that might include how to kill the monster, or what their habits are. Probably because aliens encompass so many possible forms and races. Some aliens could be bad, some aliens could be nice. Some aliens could even be vampires. *shrugs* On the other hand, you don't see any documents trying to prove there is such a thing as a werewolf or vampire much do you?

SPARROW:Your brother was abducted?
SPARROW:Oh my God.
SAM:It’s fine. I mean, I’ve had time to adjust.
RROW:Did it happen when you were kids?
SAM:No, like, half an hour ago.

SAM: So, you’ve been hunting UFO’s for over three decades and you basically have no concrete data and zero workable leads.
WAYNE:Well, I—
SAM:Have you considered the possibility that you suck at hunting UFO’s?

SPARROW:I’d like to help. If I can.
Love Sam's frustration with the guy here, and how Wayne (who really is the leprechaun) looks properly chastized! I also LOOOVE this conversation between Sam and Sparrow, the girl who comes up to talk to Sam (ROFL) as well as the speculative look he gets when Sparrow says she can help (LOL)
The next scene is of a dark field, possibly the exact same place Dean was abducted.  Suddenly Dean appears in a beam of bright light. His gun still in hand, he's looking around warily and looking pretty traumatized. He goes back to the motel and opens the door to find Sam in bed with Sparrow looking all smiley and happy to see him.

(slow down there Sam... :P)

SPARROW:Okay. It’s all right, Sam. I so totally understand that you need time as a family. But it’s just—what were they like?
DEAN:They were grabby, incandescent douche bags. Good night.
SPARROW:Too soon… ? Okay.

Sparrow leaves after asking Dean what the aliens were like and I also love how Dean just leans on the door as she leaves, trying to deal with this new brother who would be sleeping with someone just one hour after he was abducted without searching for him or worrying for him. When he turns around to scold Sam, though, Sam tells him that it's been a bit longer than Dean thought. He's been gone all night. Time in the fairy kingdom seems to go slower than in the human dimension.

Sam then proceeds to pour some whiskey for Dean and ply him for information.

SAM:Yeah. Now. Come on. Talk to me. What happened?

DEAN:Well, uh, there was this… God help me, Sam, there was this bright white light!

SAM:It’s okay.

(Shallow thought:  Damn Sam looks so good here... :P  Season 6 Sam is just sizzling from hair to bod!)
And this scene totally reminds me of the poor guy in Tall Tales the way Dean is so traumatized by his experience. And then Sam putting his hand on Dean's knee - Dean being spooked by it (even though he'd told Sam to pretend, and Sam's doing his damndest to pretend to have "empathy") is quite hilarious.

Dean tells Sam how they were trying to lead him to what he thought was a probing table -

SAM:Right. So what did you do?
DEAN:I went crazy. I started hacking and slashing and firing. They actually seemed surprised. I don’t think
anybody’s ever done that before. Yeah. I had a close encounter, Sam, and I won.
Love Dean's face here, how proud he looks to have surprised the aliens and scaring them so that they sent him back.

Next scene they are in a restaurant and Dean's talking to Sam about the enormity of finding out that aliens were real and while listening, Sam gives the waitress a look -

DEAN:You just gave her the silent how ya doin’.
DEAN:Our reality’s collapsing around us, and you’re trying to pick up our waitress?

I think what bothers Dean the most here is that Sam finds the girl just as or possibly more interesting than Dean's distress(LOL). And this brings up the interesting characteristic of soullessness - curiosity for many things all at once. So Sam puts his situation to Dean. What was he supposed to have done while Dean was gone?

DEAN:...You sit in the dark and feel the loss.
SAM:Absolutely! But couldn’t I just do all that and have sex with the hippie chick?
SAM:It’d be in the dark.
DEAN:No you couldn’t because you would be suffering, and you can’t just turn that off for the night.

SAM:So you’re saying having a soul equals suffering.
DEAN:Yes, that’s exactly what I’m saying.

SAM:Like, the million times you almost called Lisa. So you’re saying suffering is a good thing.
DEAN:I’m saying it’s the only game in town.

I like that "It'd be in the dark" LOL But Dean does point out something that Sam has problems with. He obviously doesn't like suffering(or pretending to suffer), and this having to worry all the time and "feeling the loss all the time" is a bit heavy for him. But I don't think he is rethinking whether he really wants his soul back. He already knew before how hard it was as he said at the end of last episode. It's also interesting that Sam noticed Dean trying to call Lisa. It not only shows how much he is watching Dean but also reminds us that Dean is still suffering from that loss.

As they get up to go, one of the fairy folk is staring at Dean through the window. Dean points him out to Sam, but Sam can't see him and thinks he is talking about the cop standing inside by the window.

Next scene, Dean is at the motel researching while Sam is at the library and they are talking on the phone about how there is just too much information on aliens it's hard to sieve through it all. They hang up and Dean continues to search the internet when the lights flicker and go out, then Dean sees a little light outside the window and recognizes it as the aliens (actually fairies) that abducted him.

He gets up but the little light comes through the door just as he is about to go for his gun.

This whole scene is my most favorite scene of the episode. Love Dean fighting the fairy and getting totally creamed, love how he microwaves "tinkerbell" and his triumphant "ha-Ha!" and the microwave ding at the end. A perfect scene. And that's not all. When Sam comes back and Dean is showing him the inside of the microwave - how it looks all gucky to him and Sam can only see a clean microwave,

DEAN:You don’t see the ick? It’s right there.
SAM:Okay, let’s go with you see it and I don’t. What the hell was it?
DEAN:It was a, a little…naked lady, okay?
SAM:It was a what?
DEAN:It was a-- it was a little, glowing, hot naked lady. With nipples.

how Dean wipes his hands after touching the microwave and how he tells Sam about the little woman inside the light and her nipples (LOL) and how he looks like a little boy as he tells Sam that she hit him. OH GOD he is so cute. And then Sam looking at him and going "I'm not supposed to laugh, right?" and Dean's face after that... Guys, I'm sorry this is turning into just one huge squee post. Seriously, at this point I feel like there has never been another episode with so much goodness in every single word and expression.

Sam then asks if the lady had wings and Dean is all surprised that Sam would have known that, because yes she did. Then Sam tells Dean that there have been stories of abductions even before the idea of aliens even entered our minds and these were by the fairies. This whole thing reminds me a bit of Outlander and the hundred year theory it suggests and it is also interesting to think that there have always been strange disappearances in the history of humankind and people have always looked for ways to explain them.

Anyway, they are off to see the "crazy lady" who insisted that these were fairies, not aliens. And another funny scene. We can tell that Sam is doing his very best to have "empathy" and Dean is just feeling this is all just too crazy for him and ready to strangle the first fairy that appears. He can't believe he's having a discussion about fairies with the crazy lady, asking how to have interaction - forceful interaction with them etc.

wVTS_01_1 47.jpg wVTS_01_1 48.jpgwVTS_01_1 55.jpgwVTS_01_1 56.jpg
MARION:Mmm. There is much theory and little fact. We know they only take firstborn sons, just like Rumplestiltskin did. Personally, I think they’re taken to Avalon to service Oberon, the King of the Faery.
SAM: Dean? Did you service Oberon, King of the Fairies?
DEAN:Marion. Um. Let’s say fairies are real, okay? What can we do about them?
DEAN:How can we…..
MARION:Interact with them.
DEAN:Yes, yes. Forcefully interact.
MARION:Well, if you want to win a faery’s favor, leave a bowl of fresh cream. They love cream.
DEAN:Okay! And, and, more forcefully?
MARION:Ohhh. All Faery hate iron, and the dark Faery burn when touched with silver. What else. Oh! You can spill sugar or salt in front of them. No matter how powerful, the Faery must stoop to count each grain.

wVTS_01_1 68.jpg wVTS_01_1 69.jpg
(love the way they look at eachother <3)
DEAN:Well, allrighty. That’s—Wow! A lot to absorb. Thank you.
MARION:Oh, oh, stay! Finish your tea.
DEAN:I gotta say I, I love the feel—it’s uhh, it’s…
SAM: It’s like Sedona, Arizona, crapped in here.
DEAN:Pewter-riffic! Is what it is.

wVTS_01_1 85.jpgwVTS_01_1 89.jpg
When they finish their questions, they make to leave but the lady asks them to stay and finish their tea at which point Sam asks for a bigger cup. Either he's still trying to be emphathic, actually enjoying the tea... Or maybe he thinks they had to finish all the tea in the pot and it would be faster if they had bigger cups? LOL

As they leave and walk down the street, Dean is relieved to be leaving the lady's house and is worried that her crazy may have rubbed out on him.
wVTS_01_1 92.jpgwVTS_01_1 94.jpg
DEAN:God, is it on me? I feel like I’ve got the crazy on me.
SAM:No. You did sit in some glitter, though.
DEAN:Makes me want to believe in UFO’s again.
SAM:Doesn’t really give us the next move, I grant you that. We can always put the call out to Bobby.

OK, so it sounds like Dean really did sit in some glitter. Sam is pretty sure the crazy is not "on Dean" but glitter is - but at the beginning of the episode he'd been talking about "crazy" as "glitter" and how he wouldn't like it rubbing off on him wasn't he? That is just too funny.

Interesting here is that they think all that she told them was just "crazy" and doesn't give them any leads on what to do next. Sam's suggesting going to get help from Bobby. but just as they're talking, they come up to the watch shop and notice a milk van parked in front and the delivery man taking in carts of cream. So this makes them think that maybe the crazy lady isn't crazy after all!
pretty dean2.jpg
DEAN:All right you stick with half and half, and I’m going to check out his store. And no hippie chicks!
Dean goes to check out the watch shop to see if he can finds some fairies and Sam goes to the bar to see what the watchmaker's doing. I love Dean's warning to Sam :DDD

(ST#2: I love both of these shots of the boys behind the wheel <3)
Dean tiptoes into the shop through the back and this time he can see all the little elves working on the watches while they indulge in cream. We find out later that the cream acts like alcohol and makes them fall asleep, which makes me think that giving them cream to drink while working is not a very good idea. Better to give it to them after, don't you think?

(ST#3:  ...<3<3)

Dean sees the elves, is convinced and goes back out to figure out their next move, I guess. He calls Sam and suggests that maybe Mr. Brennan made a deal. Sam decides to talk to Mr. Brennan and find out.

SAM:The watches. Just stunning. What I can’t figure out is how one man can put out that much product. I mean, hell! If I didn’t know better, I’d say you have a bunch of elves working for you. Except I do know better, and you have a bunch of elves working for you.
MR. BRENNAN:You’re insane.
SAM:So, tell me. How does a father decide to trade his son for a bunch of watches? I mean, I assume you have a soul so what’s your excuse?
MR. BRENNAN:You don’t understand. It wasn’t like that.
SAM:Then how was it?

Sam compares Mr. Brennan to himself here - as in, I might sell my son for my career because I'm soulless, but what's your excuse? which is kind of interesting. Trading his son for a bunch of watches... sounds very similar to the analogy Crowley made about Sam trading Dean for a dollar to get a soda, again reinforcing the idea that soulless, Sam would put his own needs before that of even his family.

Mr. Brennan goes on to tell Sam that he had made the deal with the leprechaun without being told exactly what was meant by "the fruit and fat of the land." He was tricked into the deal. Mr. Brennan tells Sam that he knows the unbinding spell but it is in the fairy book in his safe and that the elves guard that carefully. They decide to go and do something about that while the elves are asleep from the cream.

Meanwhile, Dean is walking down the street and feels someone's eyes on him. He looks up to find the fairy guy across the street, following him. He tries to lead him on a chase, but when he gets to the corner and waits for the fairy to come up so he can confront him, he finds out he's jumped a different person.
DEAN:Little fairy! What do you want, you fairy? Huh? Huh? Fairy!!

DEAN:Oh God no. Haha! I’m just kidding!
Because Dean was shouting fairy as he accosted the guy, everyone assumes he is attacking the person for being gay. It doesn't help that the person has a disease that makes him shorter or that he is the town's renowned D.A. So Dean is arrested for some sort of hate crime just as Sam and Mr. Brennan walk up and all Dean can tell Sam as he's pushed into the car is "FIGHT THE FAIRIES!" ROFL!!!

SAM:What am I supposed to do?
DEAN:Fight the fairies. You fight those fairies. FIGHT THE FAIRIES!!

Sam then is left on his own to finish the case and he goes with Mr. Brennan to the shop to get the book. They have no problem getting it because everyone's asleep, but just as Mr. Brennan is saying the words of the spell, the Leprechaun appears and kills Mr. Brennan from behind. (Poor guy!!!)
First, the Leprechaun tries to make Sam a deal:

WAYNE /LEPRECHAUN:You’re not like the rest of them, are you?
WAYNE /LEPRECHAUN:I could see that right off. You’re missing a certain piece, right in the center, ain’t you?
SAM:Says who?
WAYNE /LEPRECHAUN:We fairy folk? We’re all about energy. And the human soul gives off a certain perfume. Your soul is far away. But not completely out of reach.
SAM:Is that so?
WAYNE/ LEPRECHAUN:Sam, I can get it back for you. For a price.
SAM:That’s adorable. It’s locked in a box with the devil.
WAYNE/LEPRECHAUN:Your devil. Not mine.
SAM:There’s no freaking way a leprechaun can do what angels cannot.
WAYNE/LEPRECHAUN:Angels. *laughs* Please. I’m talking about real magic, sonny. From my side of the fence. Got a way of getting in back doors.

SAM:So you’re my blue fairy? You can make me a real boy again?
WAYNE /LEPRECHAUN:When you wish upon a star.

But Sam decides here not to take the deal which is interesting after all those hints that he'd put his own needs first - including Sam's talk with Mr. Brennan at the bar. Maybe we can talk about this later at the last scene a bit more. Also interesting is the fact that the leprechaun says he could get the soul out because he is not under the dominion of the devil "your devil, not mine" - like he's saying the devil only has power over those who believe in him. Which again prepares us for the idea that Death who is not even under God's dominion, would be able to get the soul out of the cage just as the leprechaun would. And can I just mention again the reference to Pinocchio with the blue fairy and "If you wish" ?

For a moment, it looks like Sam is considering the deal.  But Sam decides he doesn't want to take the deal. He shoots the Leprechaun with iron - as the lady suggested they didn't like it, but the truth is, they just don't like it. It doesn't hurt him at all. Sam is really no match for the Leprechaun, who can disappear at will.

While that's happening, Dean is being creamed by the fairy in his cell. He has no way of fighting back either - too bad he didn't have salt on him. Sam, on the other hand, just happened to have a vial in his pocket and takes it out as a last resort. Surprisingly this information is also correct and the Leprechaun bends down to start counting, telling Sam that he's not being fair. Sam wishes he'd done that first and he goes to the book to say the unbinding spell. As soon as he's said it, all the fairies, including the big one in Dean's cell, all disappear - sucked up into a flash of light, which is kind of neat looking.

Dean is let out of prison when the DA decides not to press charges, and Sam and Dean are back on the road again. They stop in the middle of a corn field again for Dean to get some refreshment - Sam doesn't want any, also interesting. I've never seen him wave away a beer before.

DEAN:I was wondering something.
DEAN:You think Lucky Charms really could have , you know, soul to sender?
SAM:Come on. It’s crazy to think. He did talk a good game though.
DEAN:You said no. Why?
SAM:It was a deal. When’s a deal ever been a good thing?
DEAN:I’m just trying to figure out how it works in there.
SAM:Dude, I do still have all my brain cells. If anything, my brain works better now.
DEAN:Just making sure that’s where your head’s at. That you’re not having second thoughts about getting your soul back.
DEAN:You’re not, are you?

Dean here thinks that Sam could have said yes. He also is a bit worried about the reason behind the fact that Sam DIDN'T say yes. The logic is that Sam at this point, without a soul, would care more about doing what was best for himself then sacrificing his needs for others. So either he doesn't think a deal is the best thing for him, or he doesn't think getting his soul back is such a great idea anymore.

To me, it doesn't seem that this episode's revelations by Dean that having a soul was basically a whole bunch of suffering was something new to Sam. He's already talked with Dean in the last episode about how he remembered his previous life with a soul to be hard but he still wanted the soul back. I do think that at this point Sam refused the deal because of how it turned out for Mr. Brennan and how deals have always turned out in the past.

But, both faces are thoughtful and leave a bit of unrest in my own soul.

How about you?
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