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Rewatching 6-6 You Can't Handle The Truth

So much angst in this ep! My heart aches and stomach clenches in so many scenes. So many good expressions by Dean as first he is totally upset about Sam, thinking he is a monster, and then as he finds out the two truths that devastate him. And awesome soulless Sam as well. I love his little shrugs and puzzled frowns and pretending to be emotional when he isn't.  Dean cursed with the truth is not only angsty though.  We have a few cute/funny scenes as well.

Let's get started!

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We start with a waitress talking to her friend and wanting to know the truth about whether the boy she went out with likes her or not. As soon as she utters "I just want the truth," she is cursed into getting the terrible truth from every single person she meets or talks to, including by phone. She gets so depressed, she commits suicide.

Next, jump to Dean walking down a grassy slope and talking to Bobby on the phone - as soulless Sam seemingly has gone to get some food for him. Sam doesn't eat anything this whole episode - well he doesn't usually eat much anyway, but it is very noticeable this ep.  On the other hand, we will see Dean stuffing his face every chance he gets.  Not just food, but lots and lots of whiskey.  Obviously he is deeply troubled.

Dean is frantically talking to Bobby on the phone. The person I'm with is not Sam. Please find out what he is before I kill him in his sleep! Bobby doesn't really believe him. He keeps talking about how Dean doesn't have any proof and Bobby tested Sam every way he could think of when he first came back. But at Dean's insistence, Bobby promises to look into it.

BOBBY:Look, I get it. You're rattled. You're right to be. But let's be professional --
DEAN:Professional? He watched me get turned!
BOBBY:What you saw... are you sure that's what you saw?
DEAN:Damn it, Bobby, yes. I know.
BOBBY:Well, "you know" ain't the same as proof. 'Cause we're talking about --
DEAN:-- we're talking about doing something about this, and fast. It's not just the vamp, okay? He has been different from the jump.
BOBBY:All right. I'm with you.
DEAN:Are you?
BOBBY:Yeah. I'll hit the books, hard. Just don't shoot him yet, all right? Watch him. We need facts. 'Cause if it ain't Sam... we don't know what it is. And if we're gonna put him down, we need to know how.

DEAN:I don't even want to ride in the same car with him, much less work a damn case.
BOBBY:Get in the car. He's your case.

(I love Bobby there - "He's your case!")
Just as he finishes his phone call, Sam comes back with a wrap. Dean pretends to have been calling Lisa and tells Sam that he hasn't been able to talk to her yet. Sam expresses condolences. All this time, Dean's looking at him as if to examine a rare species that might bite.

Sam tells Dean about the case and they are on their way.

First they go to the girl's apartment to talk to her sister. As her sister talks, she pushes a lock of hair behind her ear and Soulless Sam tilts his head in curiousity. He then talks about a poker term, and suggests that she is lying.

SAM:You know what a "tell" is?
OLIVIA:Excuse me?
SAM:It's a poker term... for when you're bluffing. Like what you just did with your hair.
OLIVIA:What are you trying to say?
SAM:You're lying.
SAM:Tell us what you did to your sister.

He is quite cruel - definitely not the way Sam with a soul would have dealt with her. Dean looks at him with his eyebrows raised and Sam looks back at him, like "What?"

and then when the sister breaks down and admits that she was lying and tells him all the cruel things she said to her sister, Sam has this little victorious smile on his face. He turns his face to Dean like,

"See?" And then he looks very proud of himself. Dean doesn't remark on this strange behaviour, even though he's spooked out by it. He is treating Sam as "his case" and observing to see if he can find any proof.

We next have another scene of a person affected by the curse. A dentist, who wants to know whether his wife is having an affair. His patient, a close friend, all of a sudden starts to blab about how he was having an affair with the guy's wife and all kinds of unnecessary information besides. The dentist becomes so angry, he drills through the guy and kills him. I never watch this scene on rewatch. UG.

Dean is at the motel talking to Bobby again. Bobby hasn't found anything, and Dean doesn't have anything new to add except for Sam makes his skin crawl.

DEAN:I don't know how much longer I can do this, Bobby. You got to figure out what the hell he is and fast.
BOBBY:I'm trying. But, Dean, there's a worst-case scenario.
DEAN:What, Satan's my co-pilot? Yeah, I know.
BOBBY:Well, that'd be the other worst case.
DEAN:Well, then what?
BOBBY:Maybe it's just Sam.
DEAN:I gotta go.

After finishing the call, Dean makes as to call Lisa. He dials, but then breaks it off.

Sam comes in soon after and tells him about this new victim and suggests they go check it out. Sam looks pretty excited about it. But Dean tells him to go ahead by himself because he wants to do some research.

Dean is obviously trying to avoid working with Sam here. The puzzlement on Sam's face is priceless! But he goes and leaves Dean to his research. As Dean is looking up stuff probably to do with Sam on his computer, he gets a call from Sam telling him about the dentist committing suicide before Sam could get to him. Sam asks Dean to look into the dental office while he goes to the morgue. Dean agrees.

When he gets to the office, he finds a sax, and a box of reeds, and a receipt from the same horn shop as the girl that had committed suicide earlier. He goes to the shop to ask around, although he doesn't have much hope of finding anything.

The shop owner of course has nothing that can explain why two of his customers would commit suicide after visiting. However, as Dean makes to leave, he mentions a horn that was stolen. Dean brushes it off at first, but when the store keeper mentions how rare the horn is, he comes back to the counter to hear more about it.

Back at the motel again, Dean is looking up the Gabriel's Horn of Truth and "praying" half-heartedly to Cas. When he gets up and turns around, there he is. Dean has been asking Cas for help with Sam for a long time now without an answer and so when Cas appears because of a possibility of an angelic weapon, Dean is not happy.

CASTIEL:Hello, Dean.
DEAN:Are you kidding me? I have been on red alert about Sam, and you come for some stupid horn?!

Cas tells Dean again that he doesn't know what the matter is with Sam and that is why he hadn't answered Dean's calls. But, he rules out Lucifer, since the angels would have been able to "feel" it if he had been set loose. Dean asks Cas why he is acting this way and how he used to be more "human" which I suppose means, more of a friend. I love how Cas picks up the whiskey and pours Dean a drink!!! I don't think we ever see this again in the series. If we do, I really look forward to seeing it again. I guess he is trying to show Dean he feels for him and wants to help.  It's also probably guilt at not telling Dean the truth about how he was the one that had brought Sam out of the cage.

He talks about doing some regrettable things, which probably include the deal with Crowley and killing angels. When Dean tells him about the possibility of the horn of Gabriel, he goes off for around 2 minutes to look around, comes back and tells Dean that it is not in town. So now Dean knows that the missing horn doesn't have anything to do with the case. It's actually really interesting how they mix up the horn store in this episode and it ends up being totally unrelated!

CASTIEL:It isn't the Horn of Truth.
DEAN:What are you talking about? You were gone for like two seconds. Where did you look?

DEAN:Right. Well, nice seeing you, anyway.
Cas promises to ask around and look into Sam's problem and then disappears. Dean all through this scene makes my heart hurt, but he is also sooo hot! I love angry, thunderous Dean:P

Jumping to Sam, he's at the morgue and has found out that all the other bodies except the dentist have disappeared - just vanished.

SAM: You mean, GONE gone?
Dean has gone to a bar to get a drink. On TV is our monster of the week with Frank Talk, her own show. The bar tender asks if he wants another, and Dean refuses, ready to leave, when he gets a call from Sam.
It seems that there was a death a couple of weeks before the others (patient 0) and this one is a car accident but probably a suicide in disguise. Sam is on his way to visit her house and asks Dean to come too. Dean gets off the phone and asks for another drink.

BARTENDER: I thought you were working?
DEAN: I am working up to it.

As he drinks, he asks for the truth and he starts getting it right away.

Realizing he has been cursed, he turns to leave, but not before a customer in the bar tells him the truth about her newly bought breasts LOL  It's not everyday a girl asks you to look at her breasts in a bar.  Dean takes advantage.

As soon as he's out of the bar, he calls Bobby to see if the curse works over the phone. He finds out soon enough that it does. We get all kinds of funny tidbits from Bobby, but nothing that would make Dean depressed. Interesting that Bobby pointed out that Sam was a better hunter than Dean, recently, along with the tidbit that Dean was his favorite:P (Which is kind of funny because we just had a similar confession by Castiel.) I love the little smirk for the one and disappointment for the other LOL. Bobby wonders why he is telling Dean everything, and Dean tells him about the curse.

BOBBY:How is it... that half the time you clean a mess, you end up dirty?
(Which is so true! But this also gives him the incentive to get the case solved too aye?!)
Anyway, Dean knows how he can use this curse to his advantage. He cuts off the call before Bobby tells him too much and gets in the car to figure out what to do.

DEAN: no, no, no, no, no.

(Hehe! Love how he works his mouth here! )

He calls Sam and tells him to call him back as soon as he gets the message. Then, he's on his way to the house where Sam is interviewing patient 0's housemate.

The housemate tells Sam about how the girl was obsessed with finding out the truth about her boyfriend cheating. When Sam checks out her room, he finds a chest with the skull of the girl's pet cat inside. He figures out that she is the one that invoked this curse.

SAM: Sorry, Mittens.
While that's happening, Dean has just arrived at the house and is getting out of the car. He gets a call. It's from Lisa. I don't know why he doesn't just ignore the call. He could have, couldn't he? But he takes it and finds a very talkative Lisa.

He tries to stop her by telling her it's not a good time, but of course it doesn't work.

LISA:You shoved my kid, Dean. How about we do this now?
DEAN:It wasn't like that.

LISA:Then how was it?
DEAN:I can't really explain.

Dean can't explain that he was a vampire and that he pushed Ben away to protect him, because it would scare Lisa.  It is also against what he had promised, to come back in one piece, and meant that he had put them both in grave danger by doing so. Explain or not, either way, Dean is screwed on this one.

LISA:You want to know the truth?
DEAN:Probably not.
LISA:You've got so much buried in there, and you push it down, and you push it down. Do you honestly think that you can go through life like that and not freak out? Just, what, drink half a fifth a night and you're good?
DEAN:You knew what you signed up for.

This part of Lisa's rant is very similar to Bobby's talking about Dean getting dirty cleaning up a mess. It is not a reason she has a problem with Dean, just an observation.

LISA:Yeah. But I didn't expect Sam to come back. And I'm glad he's okay. I am. But the minute he walked through that door, I knew. It was over. You two have the most unhealthy, tangled-up, crazy thing I've ever seen. And as long as he's in your life, you're never gonna be happy. That came out so much harsher than I meant.
DEAN:It's not your fault.

This is when we find out what she really thought as soon as she saw Sam. And here is the real problem. She really wanted that life with Dean. It didn't matter if he was trying to bury his problems in alcohol. But, since Sam came back, she's been lying to herself and to Dean that they could make it work - have both. That song at the beginning of Season 6 was not just for Dean, but for Lisa as well.

LISA:I'm not saying don't be close to Sam. I'm close to my sister. But if she got killed, I wouldn't bring her back from the dead!
DEAN:Okay, Lis... I'm not gonna lie. Okay, me and Sam, we... we've got issues. No doubt. But you and Ben --

LISA:Me and Ben can't be in this with you. I'm sorry.
I'm reminded of Dean's speech to Lisa last episode, where he talks about how hunting is his life, not just his job, and there is no way that can be left behind so that he could have the normalcy with her. Dean is heartbroken, but it's maybe something he already realized last episode.

Paying attention to what they talk about here, it is also clear that Lisa didn't break up with Dean just because he shoved Ben and couldn't explain why.

Sam's coming down the stairs when he meets Dean. Dean brushes off Sam's findings and gets to work on finding out the truth about Sam.

DEAN:There's a few things I want to ask you, and, uh, you're gonna tell me the truth.
SAM:Uh, yeah, Dean. Of course. What are you talking about? Whoa. Are you saying you're...
DEAN:I asked for the truth. And you know what? I'm getting it. So, like I said, I have a few questions for you. When that vamp attacked me, why did you just stand there?
SAM:I-I didn't. I froze.
DEAN:You froze. You have been Terminator since you got back.
SAM:I don't know. Shock? And then it was too late. I feel terrible about it. Believe me. Dean... I can't lie here.

SAM: Do you really think I would let something like that happen on purpose? You're my brother. H-how could you even --
Sam is able to lie to Dean. And Dean believes him because it doesn't enter his mind that maybe someone could lie if they weren't human (or didn't have a soul).

DEAN:Okay. Okay. Sorry. I...I thought -- I thought I saw something. I... I guess I was wrong. It's just been a really, really bad day.
SAM:Hey. It's okay. I got your back, all right? I always have.
DEAN:Thanks, Sammy.

Dean feels guilty for believing that Sam could have let Dean be turned on purpose and Dean's face here is also very painful to see.

He seems to have gotten over it by the time they get back to the motel.

 Sam explains about the spell to call down the Goddess of Truth and Dean very quickly realizes that it must be that creepy Frank Talk lady, Ashley Frank, on the TV. They bribe the doorman to let them in to the TV station and take out some videos of the lady filming her show.

We then see Sam checking the footage for hours as Dean eats. He first sits in his bed and eats donuts, then he sits at the table and eats a pizza. Sam just stays by the computer looking at footage.  Obviously, Dean still has a problem.

Finally they find a scene where a dog is barking at the woman, and she turns to look at it with a flash of lazor blue eyes. They are off to trail her back to her home.

When they get there with their knives covered in dog blood, they are led downstairs by one of the cats and there they find all the bodies that went missing. The goddess comes in and flings them into a sunken marble something and they lose consciousness.

When they come to, they are tied up. Sam has a knife hidden in his sleeve and he starts cutting away at his bonds.
Veritas is interested in hearing the truth from Dean and Sam before she cuts off their tongues and eats them (I must say, she makes tongue look very appetizing. I wonder what she's really eating?). Dean tells her frankly that until yesterday he had felt like killing Sam in his bed, but now that he's had the talk with Sam, he feels better. He now thinks that Sam is "just being like him." When the goddess asks what he means, he explains.

DEAN:It's the gig.
DEAN:You're covered in blood until you're covered in your own blood. Half the time, you're about to die. Like right now. I told myself I wanted out... that I wanted a family.
VERITAS:But you were lying.
DEAN:No. But what I'm good at... is slicing throats. I ain't a father. I'm a killer. And there's no changing that. I know that now.

This is what Dean believes is true now, at this point, after he made the mistake of putting Lisa and Ben in danger, and Lisa has broken up with him.  I think he feels that the fact that he put Ben in danger, and also that he chose to go back to hunting despite the danger, makes him a better hunter than a father.  Possibly he also feels this way after having massacred the whole vampire nest - as he mentioned slicing throats. He recognizes that he is good at that - better at it, than he was being a dad, however hard it was to admit it. It reminds me of the episode in Season 8 when he says something very similar to Sam.

Veritas moves over to Sam to hear what he has to say.

VERITAS:So, Sam walking back into your life must have been a relief. Hmm? Mallory to your Mickey. And how do you feel about the band getting back together? Hmm, Sam?
SAM:Look... what we do... is hard.
SAM:But...we watch out for each other.
SAM:And that's what's important. And that's it. That's the truth.

But Veritas sees through this. I wonder if she actually sees what Sam thinks, or just recognizes the lie. It would have been very interesting to actually hear what Soulless Sam was thinking, don't you think? This is what we really want to know. What does Sam think about getting back together? Obviously he wanted it. He's the one that urged Dean to come with him.  Anyway, Veritas tells Dean that Sam is not human.
Finally Sam cuts through his bonds and slides the knife over to Dean as he grapples with Veritas. Dean runs over to the blade with the dog blood, plunges it into Veritas from the back, then Sam grabs a knife from the floor and plunges the other into her from the front. She falls down dead.

But it's not over. Now Dean is holding the knife against Sam.  Sam may not have feelings, but he doesn't want Dean to kill him either.  So he goes with the only option he has.  Honesty.

SAM:Okay, okay. You want the truth? Here it is. Here it is. God's honest. She was right. There's something wrong with me, really wrong. I've known it for a while. I lied to you. Yeah. And...I let you get turned by that vamp. Because I knew there was a cure, Dean, and we needed in that nest! And I knew you could handle it!
DEAN:Handle it?! I could've died! I could've killed Ben.
SAM:And that should stop me cold. But I -- I just don't feel it.

DEAN:You what?
SAM:Ever since I came back, I am a-a better hunter than I've ever been! Nothing scares me anymore! 'Cause I can't feel it. I don't know what's wrong with me. I think... I need help.

I don't know what Dean is thinking here - he probably believes that it really is Sam, but there is something terribly wrong with him. Dean puts the knife down and turns to Sam with this pained expression. Then, he starts punching Sam until Sam loses consciousness. He needs to find out the truth.
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