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Rewatching 6-4 Weekend at Bobby's

This episode's main plot is about Bobby getting his soul back.  Everybody but Bobby (probably including the viewer) seems to have forgotten that Bobby's doomed to hell because of a deal he made with Crowley - essentially to play his part in saving the world.  But Bobby feels the clock ticking and knows he needs to get his soul back ASAP, before he gets killed by something - which could be anytime in his line of work.  He tries to do it alone, but soon realizes that he has to ask for help, whether he likes it or not.  And his friends all come through for him.

What makes this episode much more complicated and interesting is that it is all in Bobby's point of view.  We as viewers (and Sam and Dean themselves) have always taken Bobby for granted.  He's always just been there to help the boys either by phone or in person.  But of course he has his own life.  He has his own hunts, responsibilities, town,  and neighbors.  This episode gives us a chance to see Bobby not as a side character but as a main character - It's an introduction to Bobby's everyday life, separate from the needs of Sam and Dean.

Last but not least, this episode is hilarious! There are so many funny moments and lines, and even a event such as Sam and Dean's Lamia hunt is turned into a comedy when it would have been a pretty serious affair if it was in a regular episode. The episode is also directed by Jensen and he does an excellent job ;)

Let's begin!

"The Gambler" by Kenny Rogers(plays during the montage of Bobby doing research for Sam and Dean)

So a year ago, right after Sam takes the dive and Bobby says goodbye to Dean, Bobby calls Crowley to try to get his soul back.  Because that was supposedly the deal.  Crowley would keep Bobby's soul for insurance until they'd put Lucifer back in his cage so Crowley didn't have to worry about being killed by Sam and Dean.  But Crowley tells him  that his contract (branded on his arms) says that Crowley only has to "make best efforts" to give him back his soul. And when Bobby threatens to keep Crowley in the devil's trap, Crowley threatens to sick his hellhound on Bobby and take him to hell right away.  Bobby has no choice but to let Crowley go.  He promises that he will not let this rest, and Crowley takes up the challenge.

BOBBY:This ain't over.
CROWLEY: I wouldn't have it any other way. Happy hunting.

It's all a big game for Crowley!  But in that little conversation Bobby has found something out about Crowley that helps him greatly later - that Crowley only drinks "Craig, aged 30 years at least."

Let's stop to think again of Bobby's situation one year ago.  He is basically on his own.  Well, (soulless)Sam comes up soon after and he's out there hunting with Samuel, but obviously Sam has his own problems like who and why he was taken out of the cage.  Dean is off living his normal life and has forgotten all about Bobby's soul.  Actually this reminds me a bit of Sam going off and forgetting all about Kevin later on :P The only difference being, Bobby doesn't beg for help.  Bobby, as we see in this episode, has a very hard time asking for help, despite being so free with his own.  And he wants Dean to have this chance to get out and have a normal life.  So he starts out by doing everything himself.  He finds out at some point that demons are just glorified ghosts.  And just like any other ghost, they die if you burn their human bones.  We catch up with him one year later, torturing a demon for Crowley's real name by torching her bones.

But in the midst of that, he's also taking a phone call from Sam and Dean.  Well, first he's a bit late taking the call because he's doing something outside, and this makes Sam and Dean worried... or at least surprised.   I suppose that indicates that Bobby is usually able to take their call pretty quickly and they just expect it. When he comes on, Dean asks why he was late-

DEAN: What happened, you fall and can't get up?
BOBBY (over the phone): Hilarious.

The reason for the phone call is that t
hey've found a body and want to know what kind of monster they are dealing with.  They send him a photo of the fang and ask him to look into it right away.  Bobby tells Dean he's busy, but he doesn't elaborate and Dean doesn't take him seriously.

BOBBY: Dean, I'm a little busy.
DEAN: Well then, kick Bo Derek out of your bathtub. We gotta case here.

Bobby dutifully goes to work.

You know, I've always had a hard time with this.  With Dean being so insensitive.  But as I look at it now, I also see that Bobby is brushing Dean off when he asks what's wrong, and he doesn't explain why he's busy either, which sort of puts some of the problem with Bobby as well.   I personally have a hard time saying no and putting my own needs first too, so I know how frustrating it is and how there's the tendancy to blame whoever it was that asked me to do whatever.  The thing is, they don't know what I'm busy with or what I need to do for myself unless I tell them.    I'm not giving them a chance to even care.  Bobby learns in this episode just how much everyone does care.  He just has to ask.
Anyway, back to the story.  Bobby searches through his archives but can't find anything in his extensive library.
BOBBY: Balls!
He decides to go search in the town library and goes directly into town.  His neighbor sees him on the way  and waves to him.   When he gets there, he finds the library closed and has to break in through a window.

BOBBY: Balls!
I love the way he falls in :P

As he prepares to go home, he finds that his car won't start.  The engine's done.
BOBBY: Balls!
So he walks all the way home and it's night when he gets there.  And he basically researches all night and calls Dean at 5 am to tell him it's a Lamia - which no one has ever seen outside of Greece before.

DEAN (over the phone): How do we gank it?
BOBBY: There’s a couple of ways. Easiest is a silver knife blessed by a padre.
DEAN: Gotcha.

(Dean hangs up phone)

BOBBY: You're welcome.
And then we have the demon downstairs letting her presence known.
FEMALE VOICE: Hey, I'm still here!
CROSSROADS DEMON: Hey there, cranky. You were gone so long, I just assumed alcoholic coma.

So we know that that is what he was busy with when Dean called and what he put on hold for a night while he researched for Sam and Dean. He goes down to try to get the information from her again. Kind of funny to think that not only his friends but his prisoner is also complaining that he's late :P

The important thing he finds out while he burns her indirectly by burning her bones, is that Crowley is not the king of the crossroads anymore. He's the King of Hell.

While he's doing that, though, his neighbor Marcy, who had waved to him on the way to the library, decides to drop by with some home-made ginger peach cobbler. (This is actually one of the questions on the QuizUp SPN game - y'all should definitely try it! I bet the young ladies can easily best me just by being so much quicker! Come find me and let's play together :D)

The cobbler smells divine but when the demon screams downstairs and Bobby tells Marcy its a horror flick. Marcy suggests he can come over and watch a movie with her.
MARCY: I love scary movies. Hey have you seen “Drag Me To Hell”?
BOBBY: Trying to avoid it.

Bobby is able to refuse, but not when she tells him her woodchipper is broken(I've got to ask... what is a single lady doing with such a gigantic woodchipper??) , and maybe he can come and fix it sometime.

We then see Bobby going back to work downstairs. He finally gets Crowley's name and instead of sending the demon back as he promised, he lights her up with Crowley's phrase -

BOBBY: I gave it my best effort.

We next see Bobby upstairs, studying a map of Scotland when the phone rings. It's Garth.

BOBBY: Yeah, Garth, what do you got? Never heard of a vamp doin’ that. It doesn't sound like our kind of thing. Better drop a dime to the FBI.
Bobby hangs up the phone and places it back on its charger. Another phone labeled “FBI Tom Willis” rings.
BOBBY: Willis, FBI. No, Garth, not me, the FBI. The real FBI! How are you still alive?

I do LOVE this first glimpse at Garth! And also how we actually get to see him later and he plays an important role in Sam and Dean's life as well.

There are many more calls. Everytime he's finished with one and goes to drink his coffee, another phone rings. One is to verify a woman hunter who wants to dig up a grave.

We first see Bobby acting as Sam and Dean's FBI Superior officer on the phone in Sex and Violence (Season 4) and then again in Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid.  But we find out here that he has taken on the role for at least a couple other (and probably more) hunters.  I'm tentatively thinking that he started helping other hunters sometime in Season 5 after he became paralyzed, as a way to help despite being unable to move like he used to. And after he gets the use of his legs back, he continues this because they all needed him.  This storyline actually opens up a lot of possibilities for spinoffs with Bobby as the central figure that ties them all together.  We can imagine some excellent stories of other hunters - how they became hunters, how they got to know Bobby and how he helps them in their work.

Then, Rufus comes for a surprise visit.

RUFUS: Oh, good, you’re home! Listen. You gotta help me bury a body.
Sure, of course friends pop in all the time telling you they need help burying a body! LOL!

Bobby and Rufus are walking outside talking about why Rufus brought the body to Bobby -

BOBBY: Why'd you bring it here?
RUFUS: The law is on my tail! What was your guess? What, what, what? They got lucky.
BOBBY: Yeah, or you’re getting slow.
RUFUS: Yeah, I'm getting slow – says mister sits on his ass all day taking calls.

Rufus is treating Bobby sort of like Dean did previously. He teases Bobby that he's just sitting around taking calls all day. Which shows that Bobby's actually taking calls for Rufus too, probably :P So, they dig up a hole with Bobby's little excavator and bury the Okami, which no one has ever seen outside of Japan before. This little talk shows us that Bobby not only knows Japanese, but has actually been to Japan :P And of course it also shows as with the Lamia before it, that the monsters are acting weird after the Winchester apocalypse. We've seen this in previous episodes as well. This is supposed to be a very important point.

So while they are digging with the excavator (which Rufus says he wants for Hannuka), they talk about Crowley and what Bobby has found out about him. Rufus, naturally, knows a lot about whiskey and knows exactly where in Scotland this Craig is made and sold. He suggests he has some contacts in the area and can make some calls.

BOBBY: Well, I ain't askin' for no help.
RUFUS:  I ain't askin' for your permission.

Both being crotchety old men, I guess Rufus knows exactly how Bobby feels. He knows exactly how to help Bobby without Bobby thinking he's asking for help LOL

Bobby comes back in the house to find that Dean is calling him again. It seems the priest was killed so they can't get the knife blessed. Now they need another way to kill the Lamia. Bobby is just explaining it when the (real) FBI and Sheriff Mills pop in. I LOOOVE Bobby explaining right in front of the FBI and the Sheriff, pretending to talk to his mother about how to cook a roast!!!! I also think it's cool that Dean doesn't go HUH?! either. This kind of thing must happen a lot.
Anyway, once he's sure they've sauteed the Lamia, Bobby turns back to the two visitors. Sheriff Mills has become a trusted friend since the incident in Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid, and she tries her best to help Bobby with the situation. I LOVE this talk between Bobby and the agent -

BOBBY: You got a warrant, sonny?
AGENT: Do I need one, SIR?

LOOOL! I just love it. Then Sheriff Mills tells the agent all about how she's been arresting Bobby for so many years, she knows him real well, so why doesn't she check inside, and the agent can wait outside.
What she doesn't know is that there's an Okami body buried outside. (They should have buried her in a less conspicuous place if you ask me.)

They quickly go outside to find that the agent has found the spot, Horror of horrors! but thankfully... or not, there is no body. The Okami was not stabbed 7 times so she resurrected and is now free to go kill another single white female. Bobby gets the FBI off his tail though by telling him that it's just a septic tank that's exploded.

Then he quickly calls Rufus to come take care of the Okami, but Rufus is already two states over and can't help. When Rufus tells Bobby who the Okami was going after, Bobby knows exactly who's in danger. He rushes over to Marcy's, kicks in the door to a surprised Marcy, asks her where the bedroom is and goes right in. He can't find anything right away and just as he's asking her about something unusual, she sees the Okami behind him on the ceiling. The Okami gives up on Marcy once Marcy barricades herself inside another bedroom, and instead goes after the old man, who maybe she thinks she has a better chance at, or maybe because he is a hunter and deserves her revenge or something.

Bobby doesn't have anything to kill her with. No bamboo sword blessed by a Shinto priest or anything close. Only a gun. He just went to help Marcy on instinct only. But thankfully when one of them bumps into the woodchipper that was supposedly broken, it turns on - and Bobby, again instinctively - pushes the Okami through the grinder :P When he comes to and turns to Marcy to see if she's OK, she's all covered with the blood that sprayed out of the woodchipper.

BOBBY: I, uh – I thought your chipper was broke.
MARCY: I just said that to get you over here.
BOBBY: Oh. Well, I guess I could come over for dinner some night. Might be fun.
MARCY: I don't think so.
BOBBY: Story of my life.

AWWW!!! what bums me out is she totally hates him for saving her life! Oh well, that probably happens a lot in this Supernatural world. Some might kiss you, some might curse you :P

Bobby's on the phone with Rufus -
RUFUS : So you just happened to have a bamboo dagger blessed by a Shinto priest laying around?
BOBBY: Wood chipper.
RUFUS: Oh, okey dokey. Wood chipper, that – that pretty much trumps everything.

Rufus apologizes to Bobby for screwing up and Bobby tells him he probably owes Rufus more than Rufus owes him anyway... which we are going to find out more about in some future episodes - like that Rufus trained Bobby. And that Bobby messed up once and hurt Rufus very much because of it. In a way, I think maybe Dean going to Rufus was what made Bobby and Rufus come back together again. They had still been on rather edgy terms before then.

Anyway, Rufus tells Bobby that he can just add another to the list then because he's found out where to find Crowley's son's signet ring, and if they can get that, Bobby can use Gavin as a bargaining chip to get Bobby's soul back.

BOBBY: I need that ring.
RUFUS: Oooh. Oooh Are you, um – you askin' for my help, Bob?
Bobby looks at the phone like he wishes he could strangle it.
RUFUS : Bobby?
BOBBY: I'm asking for a ring. And –
BOBBY : I'd appreciate your –
BOBBY: …help getting it.
RUFUS:I'm way ahead of you, brother. I'm headed for Andover now. I should be there about midnight.

Bobby finally asks for help, and of course Rufus has already started helping him even before. After this though, Bobby starts asking his other friends for help too - which he has to if he's going to make this work, but maybe Rufus also gives him the courage to ask the others as well. It's time to put all his cards in order so he can make his gamble.

Plot-wise, the fun part here is that we totally think, along with Rufus, that Bobby is going to hold Gavin's soul hostage to get his soul back -- soul for soul. And so does Crowley when he sees Gavin. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

Bobby is at the kitchen, just about to carve into the cobbler, when he gets another phone call. From Dean again. Dean is worried about Sam and wants to ask Bobby about the year that  Dean was living with Lisa and how Sam was then. Was there something strange? But Bobby gets a call from Rufus, and he has to take it, because it's about the ring, and about his soul basically. Bobby tells Dean to hold, and then listens to Rufus being arrested. So right now his mind is racing about how to get Rufus and the ring. It's no time to be listening to Dean talk about his funny feelings about Sam, but when he goes back on the phone with Dean and tells him it's not a good time, Dean can't take that. And he calls Bobby selfish. As a viewer, I feel like slapping Dean over the head for being selfish himself.  Dean has a serious problem with taking people for granted. Maybe he gets it from John, and the way he was brought up, but he does this to Cas, and Kevin and every other friend he has. Like are you friends/family, or are they just your servants? Is that a way to treat your surrogate dad? This episode is probably overdoing it slightly. If we think of it as being from Bobby's point of view, it could be that Bobby took it that way, not necessarily that Dean actually said it that way - sort of like Tall Tales. Whatever the case, though, one thing is certain. Bobby's inability to tell his friends about his issues and ask for help kept Dean thinking that everything was OK and that Bobby's "not a good time" was just something as selfish as I don't want to listen to your whining because I want to eat my dinner - or something as simple as that. Again, you can't really blame people for taking you for granted, if you don't tell them where you stand and what you need and how you are feeling. And Dean's phone call here finally pushes Bobby to sit Dean and Sam down and tell them what is what. And after telling them how much he's helped them without anything in return, and how self-absorbed and selfish they are, he ends with -

BOBBY : Now, it may have slipped your mind…
BOBBY: …that Crowley owns my soul! And the meter is running! And I will be damned if I'm going to sit around – And – and be damned! So how about you two sack up and help me for once?

SAM: Bobby, all – all you got to do is ask.
DEAN: Anything you need... we're there.

And so they are on their way to Scotland to dig up Crowley's bones.

But not before Bobby asks Jody for a favor, to extradite Rufus so he can get the ring. Jody refuses at first, telling Bobby that it was too much to ask and it might ruin her career. But I guess she thinks a bit more about it and figures out how she can get Rufus. Possibly that night, she comes around to the house with Rufus and gives Bobby a big surprise.

So, now Bobby has the ring - which he has to disinfect in boiling water before he can touch LOL - and I'm not sure what becomes of Rufus. Maybe he leaves and Sheriff Mills and Bobby come up with an escape story to satisfy everyone because we know he's back in business later on in the season.

Bobby calls Gavin and has a good long talk with him.  He finds out how much Gavin hates Crowley and finds out everything he needs to know about Crowley's bones.

That's I guess when he calls on Sam and Dean to go to Scotland.

Then he calls Crowley for their deal. Crowley looks harassed - like he's having a hard time controlling the demons and getting them in line. Most important to me in this conversation though is this little bit I totally missed before, tying the episode with The Gambler:

CROWLEY: Don't we both know how this game ends? Really Bobby, you gotta know when to fold 'em.

When Crowley sees Gavin, of course he thinks Bobby is trying to exchange souls, but Gavin evilly tells Crowley that he told Bobby "Everythin" and then Bobby gives Crowley the phone where Dean is on the other end.

DEAN: Me and Sam – we've gone international. In fact, we're in your neck of the woods. DEAN: Did you really use to wear a skirt?
CROWLEY: A kilt. I had very athletic calves. What's the game?
DEAN (over the phone): Dominoes.
DEAN: In fact we just dug yours up.

CROWLEY: (to Bobby) This is ridiculous. The whole burning bones thing – it's a myth.
BOBBY: I know an employee of yours who would disagree.

BOBBY: You demons. You think you're something special. But you're just spirits. Twisted, perverted, evil spirits. But, end of the day, you're nothing but ghosts with an ego. We torch your bones, you go up in flames.

Dean is clicking away at his lighter, Bobby's counting and Crowley folds. He takes the writing off of Bobby and gives him back his soul but leaves the part about the legs just as Bobby tells him to <3 Then he jumps to Scotland -
Where Dean is all for torching the bones anyways, but Sam stops him, saying a deal is a deal...

CROWLEY: (to Sam) I don't need you fight my battles for me, Moose. Get bent.
CROWLEY: Now, if you'll excuse me. I've a little hell to raise.

Which has always bothered me. Why is Sam being all nice when he's supposed to be soulless? Is that because he knows something about Samuel? Or thinks that Crowley might know something?? It's just very uncharacteristic. But I noticed something new about this as well. It's the second episode in a row where Dean is all for breaking the deal/promise and is stopped. Last episode, he wanted to ice Balthazar but was stopped by Cas, and this episode, he's stopped by Sam.  Cas stops Dean because he wants to have Balthazar for his cause, and Sam stops Dean because...?  Yeah, veeeery fishy.

Sam and Dean are in a tiny car in Scotland,on the phone with Bobby. Bobby apologizes for how he was before, Sam and Dean tell him he shouldn't be sorry. Everything he said was true.

DEAN: You've been cleaning up our messes for years, Bobby. Without you, I don't even want to think about where me and Sam would’ve ended up.
BOBBY: Okay then, let’s roll credits on this chick flick.

Bobby tells them to check out the local food, puts down the phone with Sam and Dean, and just as he's about to take a bite of the cobbler himself, he gets another phone call.

The story of his life. When does he EVER get to EAT, This man?

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