supernutjapan (supernutjapan) wrote,

Quiz Results!

Thank you soooo much again for all of your participation in the quizzes - from just dropping in to let me know you were reading, to going out of your way to look up stuff and do some research :D

You are all AMAZING!!
I am so happy to be sharing all these awesome episodes with you.

I've calculated all the points - which have been given to those who gave the complete answer(s) first, pointed out errors of mine and sometimes gave some additional information.  There were comments that were not reflected in the points but these were just as important to me so I'd like to thank and cheer everyone for those just as much.  All in all, I felt all the love for SPN, for the Season and some kindness and love for little old me as well.  Thank you for all of it.

So just to recap - again we had some amazing competition here with people answering as many questions as they could in the various time frames that they were free.  As you know I had quizzes all through the day and night because our community is so global I didn't want anyone to miss out because their time frame was different from mine.   I never knew for sure who was in the lead because once one group of people broke off for sleep or work or something, another group took over.  In the end it turned out to be a thrilling competition between two participants.

Here they are -

wind_storms: 46.5 points
hugemind:45 points
saltandburnboys: 16.5 points
tracys_dream: 9.5 points
daisychain: 8.5 points
emmatheslayer: 8.5 points
karakuri_doll: 4 points
jj1564: 2 point
raloria: 2 point
wings128: 1 point
alleysweeper 1 point
cassiopeia7 1 point
meesasometimes 1 point
samena <3
manic_padagirl <3
paperbackwriter <3

and I don't usually do this but this time it was so close!!

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