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Rewatching 1-22 Devil's Trap

And we begin.

"Fight the Good Fight" by Triumph
(plays during "The Road So Far" recap of events)

"Won't Fall Down" by Steve Fister
(plays during "The Road So Far" recap of events; Netflix version)

"Turn to Stone" by Joe Walsh
(plays when Sam and Dean are on their way to see Bobby)

"Bad Moon Rising" by Creedence Clearwater Revival
(plays at the end of the episode, when they are hit by the truck)

"Backwater Rising" by Tom Coerver Couldn't find this one...
(plays at the end of the episode, when they are hit by the truck; Netflix version)

First, my version of the RECAP(with your favorite music)...
THEN... Dean comes to try to convince Sam to hunt with him again - the reason, he says, is to find dad but he could have done that on his own...he does not WANT to. He misses Sam and wants to be a family again - the three of them hunting together.

Sam just wants to live a "safe," normal life. He does not understand why dad and Dean are so obsessed with hunting, and finding the monster that killed mom. Whatever they do, she is never coming back. Then, Sam experiences the horror first hand in Jessica's death. Now he understands what is driving dad - revenge. He is impatient. He has to find dad and get revenge - NOW.

Dean explains to him in Windego that this is going to take a while and anger is going to eat him up inside. Better to spend their energy saving those people they can and killing as many sons-of-bitches as they can along the way. It's hard for Sam because he is also grieving the loss of his fiance. He cannot feel the pain of others. He cannot have any fun. It's all about finding dad. But dad keeps giving coordinates for jobs and Dean keeps doing what Dad says instead of concentrating on looking for him. In Asylum, Sam vents his frustration and almost kills Dean in the process. Then in Scarecrow he cannot stand it anymore. He goes off to find dad on his own. It is then he realizes that he cannot allow Dean to die on his own. Dad is god- knows-where and Dean is the only family he has. He has to stay with him and work together no matter how strongly he feels that finding dad and getting the demon is priority.

In Faith, Sam gets the scare of his life - and we see how far he will go to save Dean. In Route 666 he finds out what Dean has sacrificed for this life. He wonders if it is worth it. But we see that for Dean, this is where he is at his best - driving down crazy street with Sam.

In Shadow, Dean reveals to Sam his true feelings about being a family again. Sam doesn't want it. He never wants to go back to how it used to be with Dad being so controlling. Then in Something Wicked, he realizes why dad was so controlling and why Dean did not question him but always did what he said. In Provenance, Sam is able to get over his grief just enough to be thankful for the little pleasures life could bring. In Dead Man's Blood he finds out a part of dad that he never knew and understands why dad was like he was. He also finds that they are as alike as anyone could be, both obsessed with finding and killing the demon after losing their beloved. However, Sam is still sure that they should be helping dad and that dad should not be doing the hunt on his own. Dean finally joins him in this - to dad and Sam's surprise. Sam and Dean have both grown and experienced much this past year and they are not about to let dad treat them like children. And this time it is Dean that takes the initiative. They are sure that they are stronger as a family - which they prove by saving dad's life.

Salvation - Sam is still so obsessed with killing the demon that he would die for it. Dad goes off on his own into what is surely a trap - prepared to die in order to give his boys enough time to kill the demon. Dean is left between these two obsessed family members - the only family he has - and when Sam tries to go in for a suicide run, Dean stops him. When Sam gets angry at Dean for not letting him die for the cause, Dean tells him what he will tell him again at the end of Season 8 - that Jess and mom are never coming back and that if finding the demon means Sam dying, he hopes they never find it. It was never all about the demon for Dean. It was about doing what they do best together, as a family. Because Sam and dad are the only family he has. Sam shakes free of his craze and remembers why he came back in Scarecrow... why he could not let Dean die in Faith.

NOW Devil's Trap. With dad in the hands of demons, Sam becomes rash again - let's go in with the gun and kill them all. Dean again tells him to calm down. They need a plan. They need help. Off to Bobby's (first appearance!!) Bobby is telling them about Devil's Traps and how they are fail proof in trapping a demon.

Season 1-20,21,22 01
He gives them some whiskey and holy water. Whiskey for them - holy water for the demons. As they are talking, BAM! Meg kicks in the door. "You've really done it this time boys." "Give me the colt."

Season 1-20,21,22 10
Dean gets thrown into Bobby's library before he can sprinkle holy water (we know it would have worked on her since dad sprayed her with it last episode...). Sam backs up with Bobby protectively behind him. Meg sneers, "Did you really think we couldn't find you here?"

Season 1-20,21,22 14
But we see Dean coming behind her... "Actually, we were counting on it."
(Woohoo! That scene is just sooo great. It is exciting how many times I see it.)

Meg tries to move and cannot, looks up and finds the devil's trap on the ceiling...
Dean: Gottcha!
Season 1-20,21,22 22
The next scene, Meg is tied up in a chair within the trap and Dean is interrogating her as to their father's whereabouts. He hits her, and is taken aside by Bobby who asks them, can't you tell, this is a demon possession? - that there is a real girl trapped in there? (So we find out here that there are two kinds of demons on Earth. Those that are here in their own form, and those that are possessing humans - which is rather interesting.)
Season 1-20,21,22 20
It is here though that Dean finds out something unsettling about himself - that he would do some real desperate things for the sake of his family - in this case dad. If Dean's interrogator face scares us, it also scares Dean. Despite the protests by Sam and Bobby, Dean forces Sam to go through with the exorcism. (We know that if the demon leaves Meg that she will die because of the fall she had previously. Dean chooses to go through with it on the belief that the human girl is better to be taken out of her misery than be trapped in her own body with a demon and that the demon Meg really does not know where their father is.)

After the demon is exorcised, the human Meg is alive just enough to thank them for freeing her, and tell them that their dad is by the lake, sunrise. When Dean asks Bobby how he is going to deal with the paramedics when they arrive, Bobby asks him, "Do you think you boys invented lying?" Which was especially hilarious from a rewatch point of view.

Sam and Dean go to Jefferson City Missouri where dad is supposedly kept. As they hide the car and get ready to find dad on foot, Dean takes some time to check on his weapons, and Sam reads up on symbols that might help them. He notes that Dean is very quiet but Dean assures him that he is just getting ready. Sam then starts drawing a protective symbol on the trunk of the car - which offends Dean - and they get in an argument about whether to take the colt. This was rather interesting, as it was Sam before who was intent on taking and using the colt on the demons holding dad - now he is sure they should leave it behind while Dean wants to take it. In retrospect, I guess the first argument is based on Sam wanting to go on a suicide run again, while the second was based on Dean wanting to cover their bases so they do not get killed... aye?

Season 1-20,21,22 63
Dean acts like he agrees with Sam in the end, but from his expression, we are pretty sure he is going to smuggle that colt along anyway.

As they walk along the lake to see if they can find clues on where dad is, Dean sees the Sunrise apartments and guesses that this is where the demons are keeping dad. With demons able to possess humans, anyone could be a demon... how are they going to get in? This scene shows just how well Dean and Sam work together... Dean drawing a fireman away while Sam steals them some suits. And they are in.
Season 1-20,21,22 73

It's while they are looking for the apartment house where dad is being kept that Dean confesses to Sam that he always wanted to be a firefighter when he grew up (so I guess that was before he wanted to become a rock star...) . That dream totally makes sense though, for Dean.

They find the room with their trusty EMF meter, take the demons by surprise and, with holy water and salt, lock them in the closet. Dad is laying tied to the bed in the next room. Dean wants to unwind him but Sam is not sure and sprinkles some holy water. Dad wakes up and asks them why he is being doused in water. They think he is ok... quickly untying him, they try to get him out the door when new people possessed by demons come at them. They escape through the window but as they do, we see another man whom we have seen before, with Meg, when John went to give them the false colt. So we know he is a demon of the worst kind. He gets Sam and starts literally beating him to death. And then we see Dean, with the colt.

The second bullet. Used to save Sam... again. What a coincidence.

They get away to a very out of the way hideout and dad seems ok and Sam also will live. Sam is busy salting every entrance to the house. Then he turns to Dean and thanks him for saving his life - Dean can only reply sarcastically about the colt. When Sam childs him saying that he just wanted to thank Dean, Dean tells Sam about the scary revelation about himself...The things he is willing to do for both Sam and Dad. How he did not hesitate to kill a human possessed by the demon to save Sam, or to save Dad.

Dad comes in and asserts that Dean did good. Surprisingly he is not angry that Dean used a bullet. He then tells Dean, after listening to some sounds outside, that the demons have found them and asks for the colt. Dean, feeling that something is strange with dad for not getting upset about the wasted bullet, realizes that this is not dad. It is the demon. Sam comes in and demands to know what is wrong. It is significant here that he believes Dean and not "dad." But Dean cannot kill dad, even if he is possessed. That goes against everything he believes in. The demon takes control and puts Dean and Sam against the wall - powerless. He then proceeds to say many hurtful things to Dean about how Sam is dad's favorite and that neither dad nor Sam needed Dean as much as Dean needed them. He plays with Dean's emotions - telling half-truths - because that is what demons do. It is true that dad was probably more worried about Sam and the fact that they were so alike made him identify with Sam more. However, we will see later in Season 2 that this does not mean that he loved Dean less. It is also true that Dad and Sam could have made do without Dean but they would have sacrificed themselves without thought unless Dean had been there to stop them.

Dean is obviously hurt by the demon's words because probably he has insecurities on this regard and the demon is playing them. But he is also a stubborn SOB and is not about to give in.
Season 1-20,21,22 111
He fights with his last breath.

And as the demon cuts at him and bleeds him and kills him slowly, he pleads with dad
Season 1-20,21,22 113
"Don't let it kill me dad." and Dad somehow has the power to withstand the demon and come to the forefront with that plea. OMG... Does that remind you of another scene? and yet another? They may not need Dean but they love him like hell, don't they *cry* (So which is more important, I'm asking?)

Dad takes charge and suddenly Sam is free. He rushes to the colt. He shoots dad in the leg and demon-dad goes down - As soon as the immediate threat is gone, Sam rushes over to Dean. But as Sam calls to Dean, Dean tells him "I'm alright. Go check on dad." He is not alright. Sam knows. But it is Dean's wish and so Sam goes. Then dad tells him that the demon is still alive so shoot - kill him and kill the demon along with him. Sam hears Dean say, "No, don't do it." He's begging Sam. "don't do it." What is going through Sam's head at this moment? I think it is Dean in Salvation going, "The three of us. That's all we have. That's all I have." It is the realization that Dean is right.
Season 1-20,21,22 117
Nothing is worth losing their small family over. Not even the hated demon that killed mom. That killed Jess. Sam does not shoot. The demon evicts.

Season 1-20,21,22 119
They drive away, dad shot in the leg, bleeding, sitting in the front with Sam the driver. Dean hurt in ways we cannot imagine sitting in the back. Dad tells Sam that he cannot believe Sam did not shoot him. He thought they felt the same way about this demon. As dad says those words, we see Sam glancing in the back view mirror at Dean.
Season 1-20,21,22 121
And we know. Dean is the reason he did not kill dad for the sake of killing a demon.
Dean made him realize there was someone who loved him right there that did not want either dad or him to die. Mom and Jess were gone but Dean needed him. He was on the same page as dad until Dean reminded him of what he had realized back during their trip together...that they needed each other, that they were stronger as a family and killing a demon was not worth getting killed over or getting their beloved family member killed over... AGAIN.

Season 1-20,21,22 123
BAM! They get hit by a truck. All three lose consciousness. We think they might be dead... And a demon possessed driver comes out of the truck.

Season 1-20,21,22 124
*silent scream*

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