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Rewatching Pilot 1-1

My son(13) told me the other day that he would like to watch the show with me. So we sat down and started watching the series from the Pilot.

As I said in a previous post, the wonderful thing about this show is that you can watch it over and over and never get tired of it. Each of the episodes are complete in themselves, but also deeply connected in the long-haul so it is fun to go back and find the significance of varous scenes. This is the 6th or 7th time I've watched the pilot.

For my son, who saw it for the first time, the scenes of their mother and Jessica burning on the ceiling were scary, but he seems to have enjoyed the rest.

I thought I would note a few interesting things I hadn't noticed before, and a few favorite scenes.

First of all, does everyone notice that when they start with the past scene, the shadow branches of the tree in front of the house are moving unnaturally?That totally makes it spooky aye?

One of my favorite scenes is Sam and Dean fighting in the dark. This is a nice shot of them turning around to talk to Jessica.

And Dean's plea: "I can't do this alone." Sam's reply, "Yes you can." and Dean, "Well, I don't want to."That is just so Dean. His wanting to be on the road with his brother. It ties in the future mention of his being lonely as well.

Another favorite moment that can be seen especially among the early episodes is Sam insisting on being called Sam and not Sammy like Dean likes to call him.
"Sammy is a chubby 12 year old. It's Sam, ok?"

After this little exchange Sam agrees to go with Dean to find Dad, as long as he can get back by Monday for his lawschool interview. When they get to the location of the hunt dad was on, they find police investigating another disapearance. Dean acts rudely toward the police - showing his tendency to rebell against authority figures. (But his remark about Molder and Scully and his exchange with Sam afterwards are pretty funny.)

Before their run-in with the white lady,Dean and Sam have a moment in which we see how much Dean was affected by his mom's death, and how little Sam was...A favorite of alot of fans is the scene after their quarrel:

(pic coming!)
No chick-flick moments

Although Dean does show tears on occasion, he usually acts tough and dislikes emotional moments. We see that alot in future episodes too, don't we?

It is when he is caught by the police that Dean finds dad has already gone and left them coordinates to some other location... I love the scene of Dean at the police station, and how Sam helps him escape by getting the officers out of the station.

I love Dean's line after they deal with the white lady (Sam does this very creatively - crashing his brother/father's car into the house.) "If you hurt my car, I'm going to kill you." He can say such a thing as a casual joke (probably from relief that Sam is ok) because he loves his brother so much he could never kill him. We can watch out for this in other episodes as well - the fact that Dean would do anything for Sam, and the fact that he could never kill him...

When Dean brings Sam back and they say goodbye, Dean says wistfully, "We made a hell of a team back there..." He wants Sam to come with him, but lets him go out of respect for his wishes and the desire to give Sam a chance to live a normal life... Makes me cry inside.

I don't know how Dean comes back just in time (maybe he came back to make sure Sammy was alright), but he pulls Sam out of the fire, just like he did the first time.

 ホワイトレディーとの遭遇の前のサムとディーンの喧嘩ではディーンがお母さんの死で心がひどく傷づいていることと、サムは身近なこととして受け止めていないことが良く分かります。この喧嘩のあとのシーンが多くのファンのお気に入りですね。"No Chick-flick moments(写真は上)" 日本語に訳すと、「感情的なシーンはお断り」ってとこでしょうか?Chick-flick とはChick - 女の子+flick - 映画という意味で女の子が見る「泣ける映画」のことです。ディーンはたまに涙を見せますが、通常はかっこつけて感情を隠したがる人。他のエピソードでも見られます。


(Here is my first banner ever.)
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