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Rewatching 1-21 Salvation

On to the second to last episode of the season. This episode, with its "To be Continued..." ending is probably better considered as the first half of one episode. At the end of Salvation the situation has not been resolved and the climax has been left for the second half. We do not know what happened to Dad, and Sam has not been able to kill the yellow-eyed demon. But Salvation is the part of the episode with the angst. The best part of human drama. The reason why Sam and Dean act the way they do in the second half. Maybe its because I am in an emotionally sensitive state at the moment, but I am just especially hit by the interaction between Sam and Dean, and between the boys and Dad in this episode. I would even go so far as to say it is as heartbreaking and magical as what we saw of Dean in Shadow. I hope I can share a little bit of that with you here.

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Carry On My Wayward Son (During recap)

As you may have noticed from the music links, this is the first time that Carry On My Wayward Son is used. Again, if we think of this as the first half of the last episode, then the use is consistant with the other seasons.

The episode starts with Pastor Jim's death in Blue Earth Minnesota. The interesting point about this is that Meg says how she can enter hallowed ground... Does this remind you of how yellow-eyes possesses a priest to talk to Lucifer (seen in Season 4)? Meg is his daughter aye?

The next scene is Dad sharing his research with the boys. They are finally in this together and now know why dad left when he did. He tells them about the signs that the yellow eyed demon is in the area - electrical storms, cattle deaths... The fact that there were the same signs before mom's death and before Jessica's death. Each time a family with a six month old baby (to the day) was targeted. Here Sam asks dad:

"The same way it came after me?"

And dad is silent... keeping his secrets about what yellow-eyes intends to do. Dean, as he did in other episodes, tries to convince Sam that it is not only his problem. It is THEIR problem. Dad cuts them off before Sam can get too heated and tells them that he has always been one step behind it. The tone and the way he chokes on "I never got there in time to save..." shows how discouraged and fed up he is.

So, they are off to Salvation to see if they can find the next victim before it is too late. On the way, however, John gets the phone call from Caleb telling him that Paster Jim has been killed. John is unable to contain his grief.

this ends
"This ends now. I'm ending it. I don't care what it takes."

the demon knows we're getting closelittle jim, I can't small

At Salvation, they split up to try to find the 6 month old baby that would be targetted. What an impossible job. Without Sam's visions it probably would have been. But...before we go on, let's give Dean his little respite...
oh god yes
"Can I help you?"
"Oh God, yes..."

From his visions, Sam somehow finds the house in question and confirms with the mother that the baby is 6 months today. I thought it was interesting that the mom mentioned, "She never cries. she just stares at everybody. It's just like she's reading your mind."... Maybe she is??
Sam kind of chokes up because he wishes he could tell them to get out of there, run... but he knows it would do no good (Or maybe it would have... since Monica is the one who probably made the deal with yellow-eyes in the first place...). Instead, he just says, "Take care of yourself, ok?"

When he gets back to the motel and tells Dean and dad about his visions, dad is as shocked and worried as Dean was when Sam first told him.

a vision

He reproaches Dean for not phoning him.

"Call you? Are you kidding me? I called you from Laurence. Sam called you when I was dying. I've got a better chance of winning the lottery..."

Dad admits, "I'm not crazy about this new talent of yours but you're right..."

Then the fateful phone call from Meg... Dad has to listen to his friend gagging on the other end of the line and is forced to agree to meet Meg with the colt or all of their friends will die one by one... Reminds us of the end of Season 8...

unless you give us that gun

He knows it is a trap. He figures he just needs to buy some time for his sons to do the job.

kill this demon by ourselves
"You mean for Dean and Me... You want us to stay here and kill this demon by ourselves?"

Of course he doesn't WANT it. He was hoping to deal with it all by himself but he has no choice but to leave it up to the boys. And he opens his heart to them.
I want this to be over1
"No Sam, I want to stop losing people we love. I want you to go to school. I want Dean to have a home. I want Mary alive. I just want this to be over."
Season 1-20,21,22 12
This speech by John, and the expressions on Sam and Dean's faces... Since Dead Man's Blood, dad has been more open to them. Explaining to them what he had done and how he felt about them and the life they were forced to lead. But this is the climax. It is really well, basically his last words to them - his love for them and his wife and the acceptance that he can't have what he wants and the hope that they will. Can you just imagine what the boys are going through at this point?

Dean goes to buy an antique for dad to take to Meg instead of the real colt. All the while knowing that this was a trap - that dad might not come out of this alive, and that he had entrusted them with his purpose - to kill the yellow -eyed demon.

did you get it 2 did you get it 1
Dean:Dad, promise me something - if this thing goes south, just get the hell out. Don't get yourself killed alright? You're no good to us dead.
John: Same goes for you. It's up to you boys now. You finish it. You finish what I started.

later see you soon

John drives away yet again, and Sam and Dean are left to kill the demon on their own. As they sit in the car by the targetted house, Sam says as usual, "We could always tell them the truth..." and then together, "nah..." It is like in Home and Shadow, when they thought maybe they were up against the demon... Dean trying to calm them both down and focus by saying they just have to do what they always do... And Sam again answers, "But this isn't like always..." A difference we can see between Shadow and here is that Sam is not optimistic as he was there. Remember how he was talking about going back to school if they got the demon there? Now, he is saying his last words to Dean, just in case...
Dean stops him. No way is he letting Sam get killed.

"Nobody's dying tonight. Not us, not that family. Except that demon."
The wind starts to blow, the lights start to flicker, just like in the visions, and Sam knows. They rush to break in, and get attacked by the husband who naturally thinks they are the threat here... They try to explain and get his cooperation, it doesn't work so Dean knocks him out and carries him out of the door to safety. Sam rushes up to the nursery where the demon is doing his work on the mother...points the gun, sees the yellow eyes, shoots...and gets black smoke. Did he hesitate too long? How did the demon get away? We don't know but they have to get the mother and baby out of the nursery. Sam pulls the mother, Monica, away while Dean (it has to be dean to carry the baby out aye?) bundles up the baby and takes it out of the crib just as the crib bursts into flame. Now here is a question. Do you think this is all part of the test for the right baby? The demon wouldn't sacrifice his work just because the mom came in and saw him would he? And the baby would have died unless someone came to rescue him... So is the baby's rescue all part of the survival test?

Anyway, as they come out of the house, the husband who still thinks they are the problem threatens them, but Monica stops him saying, "They saved us." Now, here is another question. Do you think she has equated this experience with the deal that she made ten years ago? Do you think she remembered what the demon had said? And realized what Sam and Dean had actually done? I wish they had been able to stop and talk with her, damn it. But Sam is too riled up and angry at Dean from stopping him from going back in to try to get the demon. And Dean has his hands full.

In the next scene they are back at the motel trying to get a hold of dad as he runs from the demons. We have seen that his truck tires have been slashed so that there is no escaping. Maybe John is thinking of another plan but before he can enact it, he is caught.

Sam is still angry at Dean. Why didn't you let me go back in there. I could have gotten him. Dean tells him he would have most probably gotten killed in the process.
"If hunting this demon means getting yourself killed, then I hope we never find the damn thing."
Sam's like, what are you talking about? This is the demon that killed mom and Jess!

Everyone remember seeing this scene before in the pilot? This time it is Dean that says it - not because he is not passionate about getting this demon, but because he does not want to lose his only family in the process.



Sam had realized this in Scarecrow and come back for Dean. Dean reminds him of it and brings him back to reason.
I just love this scene... The love is just shining through... Sam seems to almost wake up from a dream, or come back from a berserk state, and all of a sudden remembers what they should be worrying about... dad.

Dean takes some deep breaths...And they try the phone again... only to get Meg.

Dean: Where is he.

Meg: You're never going to see your father again.


Locations: Blue Earth, Minnesota;Manning, Colorado;Salvation, Iowa;Lincoln, Nebraska

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