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Rewatching 5-21 Two Minutes to Midnight

The second to last episode of the season and things are really heating up! This episode is so packed full it almost seems that it could be made in to at least 3 episodes. It's not often we get two monsters in one ep. I'd have to agree with Pestilence that despite how gross things seem to be around him, it is not pestilence itself that is disgusting. He is a very interesting monster. And then Death. How amazing IS he?! Dean in awe - it is not something we often see. This episode is also interesting in that every single member of Team Free Will gets the spotlight. Cas stops Pestilence and saves the boys, Sam shows how courageous he is to Bobby in their raid of the pharmaceutical company and convinces Bobby that if anyone can do it, he can, Bobby makes a deal with Crowley to help the boys and gets the use of his legs back, and Dean of course has his scene with Death. Now that I've pretty much summarized the whole ep... let's get started!

"O Death" by Jen Titus(plays when Death first appears in Chicago)

We start with Pestilence checking out his poor old petri dish and giving her all kinds of new diseases so that she dies - in four, three, two... vomit...

PESTILENCE: Interesting!
Pestilence is the ultimate geeky research doctor :P I can totally imagine there being actual doctors like this who care more for their research than for saving lives.
(I'm sorry, I didn't particularly want a picture of the guck on his face so the pictures are a bit before it :P)

In any case, this scene actually comes just before Sam and Dean arrive so, we now jump back a day to Sam and Dean at Bobby's. And Dean is adamant. Sam is not going to say yes to Lucifer so they can get him back into the pit.

DEAN: You can't do this.
SAM: That's the consensus.
DEAN: All right. Awesome. Then, end of discussion. (Dean's phone rings) This isn't over. Hello?

I like how Dean says - end of discussion... then tells Sam "This isn't over." Isn't that contradictory? LOL

When Dean picks up the phone, it's Cas. Dean just expects Cas to zap back to Bobby's but Cas tells him that he can't. He is as human as can be and can't go anywhere without human transportation.

CASTIEL: I'm saying that I am thirsty and my head aches. I have a bug bite that itches no matter how much I scratch it, and I'm saying that I'm just incredibly...
DEAN: Human. Wow. Sorry.

(awww... Cas is so cute! and Dean in this picture... :DDD)
This is really interesting. I have a friend who has a theory that Cas was gradually becoming more human since before My Bloody Valentine and that Cas's urge to eat hamburgers was actually not Jimmy (even though Cas says it is) because Jimmy should already have died at the end of Season 4 when Cas exploded the first time (even though in Season 10, it is implied that Jimmy died in the explosion of Season 5). This actually made sense to me here, because I could not imagine how non-angel cas and Jimmy could exist in one body... but we will see later that Cas is still "occupying a vessel" so I guess, for some reason God brought Cas back separately from Jimmy. Jimmy's soul could still be dead, but his body is alive.

A question that arises though is Why did Cas lose all his power? I talked about this a bit in Good God Y'All but Cas has been weak since his return from the dead. This is certain. He was unable to cure Bobby when normally he should have been able to even bring back someone from the dead. And now he doesn't seem to have any power. Why?

Something we find out in Season 6 is that the Angels' power comes from the souls in heaven, and that Angels and Demons can take control of the souls and gain more power. And we've found out in Season 5 already that Angels can live without their grace (Anna). They would also seem to have a soul as well. The grace seems to be just a source of their angelhood - including their power. What if those that control heaven are the ones that control this source?

In The End, Cas does not have any power at all. He is human, like he seems to be in this episode. In that sense, the futures are the same. And we know one important fact about The End. The other angels all have left. Gone somewhere else. Another universe, another reality... somewhere. Coming back to this episode and season as a whole... Let's say God brought Cas back, but because he didn't have access to heaven, he could not give Cas any extra grace other than the grace he finds in the debris. The angels, disapproving of Cas, have cut him off from the source so, he is unable to replenish. And when he blasts himself and others off to who knows where, he uses up almost all the grace he had left and is left human. I don't know. There are possibly some holes but it is an interesting puzzle.

Dean tells Cas that Bobby will wire him the money to come home and Bobby's like, "I will?" which is funny and weird at the same time because, why not? But, does Bobby resent that because it is assumed that he will be at home and have time to do something like that while Sam and Dean go off and get Pestilence?

Next scene Bobby is seeing Sam and Dean off as they go to get Pestilence's ring. And we have a bit of an indication of Bobby's feelings at the time. As we see him in his wheelchair there outside, watching the car go, we know Bobby wishes he could go with them. I wonder if Crowley arrived right after this? We never really know exactly when, do we, except Sam and Dean are away and they have a lead on Pestilence. Because this would have been the perfect time. Bobby feeling useless without the use of his legs and wishing he could contribute more.

We see Sam and Dean in front of SERENITY VALLEY CONVALESCENT HOME, wondering how they are going to find Pestilence. Dean sees the surveillance camera and has an idea. They go find the security guard's surveillance room and Dean knocks the guard out while asking him about his nana, Eunice Kennedy, and then they get to work (I always wonder if they just kept on hitting the poor guard every time he woke up...)

After hours of watching the cameras, they finally see "Dr. Green" who seems to carry around a glitch in the camera so we can never see his face properly.  They are off to find him in person. The demon nurse checking up on some other patients senses them and hurries to Pestilence to tell him and says that they should leave because the Winchesters have already taken the rings of the others and the demons are under strict orders not to hurt the vessels.

So, we've seen this before - the reluctance by the horsemen to kill even Dean - but these strict orders also seem to be a bit different from how the demons were acting before in Swap Meat so... there must have been some confusion in the lower ranks :P Pestilence, after what happened to his brothers, is not too keen on following these orders either. And he has a point -
VTS_01_1 54.jpg
PESTILENCE: Oh, if Satan wants them so bad, (yelling) he can glue them back together! (beckoning nurse closer) Come. Come. Now then.
I find it very interesting that Pestilence comforts the demon and the demon actually finds comfort in it.

Pestilence turns his ring, and everyone in the hospital starts getting that mixture of diseases that the poor old lady Celeste had. Sam and Dean catch it too and they barely make it to the room where Pestilence is - Dean is fallen on the outside of the door, and Sam collapses into the room to the welcoming voice of the Demon nurse and Pestilence (I do love this scene):

VTS_01_1 64.jpgVTS_01_1 65.jpg
DEMON NURSE: The doctor will see you now.
PESTILENCE: Sam. Dean. Come right in.

VTS_01_1 66.jpgVTS_01_1 67.jpg
Pestilence goes on to talk to the dying boys about how his little germs are so much better than humans.
VTS_01_1 71.jpgVTS_01_1 73.jpg
PESTILENCE: Disease itself... Very...Pure...Single-minded. Bacteria have one purpose --divide and conquer. (Pestilence steps on Dean's hand) That's why, in the end...It always wins. So, you've got to wonder why God pours all his love into something so messy...And weak.It's ridiculous. All I can do is show him he's wrong, one epidemic at a time. Now... On a scale of 1 to 10, how's your pain?
VTS_01_1 74.jpgVTS_01_1 75.jpg
Pestilence actually sounds a lot like Lucifer - he's basically in love with himself and can't understand why God would love humans more. I love how he asks them about their pain dispassionately - a true researcher. It seems Sam and Dean are done until bang, Cas comes charging in.
VTS_01_1 79.jpgVTS_01_1 80.jpg
PESTILENCE: How'd you get here?
CASTIEL: I took a bus. Don't worry, I --(Castiel falls to the floor, coughing)
PESTILENCE: Well, look at that. An occupied vessel, but powerless. Oh, that's fascinating. There's not a speck of angel in you, is there?
(Castiel grabs Sam's knife and cuts off Pestilence's ring finger and pinky finger)
CASTIEL: Maybe just a speck.

VTS_01_1 83.jpgVTS_01_1 82.jpgVTS_01_1 85.jpg
I wonder what Cas was going to say after "Don't worry, I..."? Something very funny, I'm sure. Interesting here, as I mentioned before, is that Pestilence recognizes the Angel Cas without any power, occupying Jimmy's body - a vessel. Pestilence thinks here that there is not a speck of angel (grace) left and that is what we think too after that phone call between Cas and Dean. However, Cas finds just enough to resist Pestilence and cut off his finger and then goes on to kill the nurse demon as well. When we remember how he could not resist the pull of Famine, this is quite significant. We could imagine here that in the case of Famine, it was not just the body craving but the soul as well (possibly a Cas craving as well as a Jimmy craving), while with Pestilence, all that was influenced by disease was the body.

Pestilence disappears, but not before telling them that it is too late anyway.

So, they've got the ring - thanks to the timely entrance by Cas who took the bus (LOL) and they are back at Bobby's but they are not happy. Dean is playing with the ring on Bobby's desk, and all three of them are looking despondent. Bobby asks them what is wrong, and they tell him about what Pestilence had said - how it was too late anyway - and the possibility of a bomb going off somewhere.
VTS_01_1 92.jpg VTS_01_1 100.jpg
VTS_01_1 101.jpg
DEAN: So please tell us you have actual good news.
BOBBY: Chicago's about to be wiped off the map. Storm of the millennium. Sets off a daisy chain of natural disasters. Three million people are gonna die.
DEAN: Huh.
CASTIEL: I don't understand your definition of good news.

Hehe! I love this whole conversation - it is so full of good lines and so many awesome facial expressions.

VTS_01_1 104.jpgVTS_01_1 106.jpg
BOBBY: Well...Death, the horseman -- he's gonna be there. And if we can stop him before he kick-starts this storm, get his ring back --
DEAN: Yeah, you make it sound so easy.
BOBBY: Hell, I'm just trying to put a spin on it.
SAM: Well...Bobby, h-how'd you put all this together, anyways?
BOBBY: I had, you know...Help.

I love Dean here all depressed and tired out and making satirical remarks. And Sam actually using his head and figuring out that Bobby must have had some help to figure this out after so long without anything.
VTS_01_1 110.jpgVTS_01_1 114.jpgVTS_01_1 115.jpg
CROWLEY Don't be so modest. I barely helped at all. Hello, boys. Pleasure, et cetera. Go ahead. Tell them. There's no shame in it.
SAM Bobby? Tell us what?
BOBBY World's gonna end. Seems stupid to get all precious over one little...Soul.

VTS_01_1 116.jpg VTS_01_1 117.jpg
DEAN You sold your soul?
CROWLEY Oh, more like pawned it. I fully intend to give it back.
DEAN Well, then give it back!

I'm including this because of the significance of what Crowley says here. He wants to make the boys understand that he does intend to give it back because if he doesn't there is not reason for them not to kill him is there? Crowley is doing this (as he explains right after the following scene) to save his skin. He knows that the boys would kill him as soon as he was not an asset - remember that little look between Dean and Crowley last episode? So he needs something to dangle over them so that they don't kill him.

I think this is also the place that Crowley is pouring himself a drink but takes a wiff of it and puts it down again. We will see later what Crowley's favorite brand is.

SAM: Did you kiss him?
DEAN: Sam!
SAM: Just wondering.

BOBBY: No! (Crowley holds out his phone which has a picture of him and Bobby kissing on it)
CROWLEY: Why do you have to use tongue?
With Dean taking care of the "give it back!" part of the reaction to this revelation, Sam's mind goes elsewhere (Just goes to show how NORMAL selling your soul is in this show :P) and I just LOVE how Dean's like what on earth are you asking Sam, but still looks at Bobby with interest to hear his reply and ... just those two looking from Crowley to Bobby and back again - makes this an amazing scene.

We next see Sam and Dean in the yard, Sam again trying to explain and get Dean to think about his idea a bit more.

DEAN: Let me guess. We're about to have a talk.
SAM: Look, Dean, um...For the record...I agree with you. About me. You think I'm too weak to take on Lucifer. Well, so do I. Believe me, I know exactly how screwed up I am. You, Bobby, Cas...I'm the least of any of you.
DEAN: Oh, Sam...
SAM: No, it's true. It is. But...I'm also all we got. If there was another way...But I don't think there is. There's just me. So I don't know what else to do. Except just try t-to do what's got to be done.

And we never hear a reply from Dean because Crowley butts in with information on the pharmaceutical company that Brady was V.P. of distribution for - Niveus. They are getting ready for simultaneous distribution of the vaccine... which is actually the croatoan virus.

SAM: Simultaneous, countrywide distribution. It's quite a plan.
CROWLEY: They don't get to be horsemen for nothing. So, you boys better stock up on...Well, everything. This time next Thursday, we'll all be living in zombieland.

Wow. Dejavu right? I mean, this is exactly what would have happened if Dean and Sam had not been together. Pestilence would have been successful in the distribution, and everyone would have caught the croatoan virus except for a select few. Now more than ever I think that Adam was Michael's insurance - to avoid the future seen in The End.

So now they have two places to be in at once. The pharmaceutical company to stop the virus, and Death, to get his ring and stop the natural disasters.
VTS_01_1 184.jpgVTS_01_1 185.jpgVTS_01_1 186.jpgVTS_01_1 193.jpg
This is where we have that awesome scene of Death getting out of his white Mercedes and walking down the street. I just love how he brushes off his shoulder (shake it off !) when the man bumps into him (and of course falls down dead). And even that would be half of what it is without the music <3

Next we jump to Cas and Bobby by the van, getting ready to go. Cas is complaining that he feels useless without his power- and Bobby thinks, at least you've got your legs! And I think - and you still killed Pestilence! But obviously it is a big thing for Cas and when we remember how he runs to booze and women in The End, that all makes sense.
WVTS_01_1 03.jpgWVTS_01_1 02.jpg
DEAN: All right, well...Good luck stopping the whole zombie apocalypse.
SAM: Yeah. Good luck killing Death.
DEAN: Yeah.
SAM: Remember when we used to just...hunt wendigos? How simple things were?
DEAN: Not really.

There are so many things about this conversation! First, Supernatural with all it's craziness! Second KILLING DEATH. Since the end of Season 10 there has been much emphasis on other passages about Death -- how it is impossible to kill Death (Faith, IMTOD) but here, they were actually prepared to kill death. Third - don't we all think about how simple things were in Season 1?! Don't many of us wish they'd go back?! But Dean's answer is a puzzle. What does that mean. That he doesn't remember? Or that he's never thought that things were simple? We always had that underlying mystery didn't we? About Sam, and about the YED and what he really intended. Things may never have been simple for Dean.

Anyway, Sam is about to give Dean the demon blade when Crowley comes up with a sickle and tells them that Sam should keep the blade.

CROWLEY Dean's covered. Death's own. Kills, golly, demons and angels and reapers and, rumor has it, the very thing itself.

This is the actual sickle of Death and it is rumored that it can actually KILL DEATH. We know from later that it really is the real thing... but I wonder, does Death have both a sickle and a longer skythe? Or can he turn the skythe into many different sizes...?

Bobby's sitting there in his wheelchair when next Crowley turns to him -
WVTS_01_1 12.jpgWVTS_01_1 14.jpgWVTS_01_1 16.jpg
CROWLEY: Bobby, you just gonna sit there?
BOBBY: No, I'm gonna riverdance.
CROWLEY: I suppose if you want to impress the ladies. Bobby, Bobby, Bobby. Really wasted that crossroads deal. Fact -- you get more if you phrase it properly. So, I took the liberty of adding a teeny little sub-a clause on your behalf. What can I say? I'm an altruist. Just gonna sit there?

WVTS_01_1 23.jpgWVTS_01_1 28.jpg
Now, I won't say that what Crowley did here was from the kindness in his heart. It is obviously for his own personal gain in many ways - to gain the trust of the boys, and to gain another set of legs so that they don't screw up. Crowley needs this to work so he's not tortured (insert phrase from Season 9 here) by Lucifer for all eternity. But it does the trick. Bobby is so happy he actually says thank you with tears in his eyes and Sam and Dean can't believe their eyes.

Skipping forward, Sam, Cas and Bobby are in the van on the way to the pharmaceutical company and Sam is bouncing his idea off of Cas.

SAM: So? Go ahead and tell me it's the worst plan you ever heard.
CASTIEL: Of course. I am happy to say that if that's what you want to hear. But it's not what I think.
SAM: Really?
CASTIEL: You and Dean have a habit of exceeding my expectations. He resisted Michael. Maybe you could resist Lucifer.

And then we remember here that Dean was able to resist Michael only because Sam was there - and that it is Dean that helps Sam take back his body for the second needed in the end. They need each other - just as Dean realized in The End.

Cas goes on to tell Sam that Michael has taken over Adam, and that if something goes wrong, there will be a prize fight and the world destroyed. Plus, there is the point about the demon blood - Sam will have to drink more than he ever has before just to not explode having Lucifer inside him.

When they get to their destination they find that a truck is already preparing to leave, ahead of schedule. They go to plan B and close off the distribution center. Meanwhile, the janitor demon is heading this place and realizing that "the Winchesters" have arrived, closes down the shutters and contaminates the humans with them with the croatoan virus to fight. Sam and Bobby get inside from the front, while I guess Cas goes in the back, and Sam immediately goes to rescue the remaining uncontaminated humans.

Bobby sees Sam calmly doing what he has to (as always) and is impressed. When Sam finally gets back and is attacked by one of the infected, Cas comes and shoots the guy off, saving Sam again.

CASTIEL: Actually, these things can be useful.

Meanwhile, Crowley and Dean are in Chicago and Crowley is asking Dean if he wants to stop for some pizza. Interesting to think of how Death is doing exactly that, and if they had gone into the right store, they would have met him right away. Instead, they first go to the warehouse Crowley thinks Death is at - considering there are a ton of reapers outside of it.
Crowley peaks inside and finding that Death is not in there, comes out and urges Dean to leave before the whole of Chicago is destroyed.

I wonder if Crowley really didn't know where Death was, or he actually did know and was having second thoughts? But he goes to the nearby pizza store while Dean is wondering how to evacuate the whole of Chicago and gestures to Dean that Death is in there.

When Dean doesn't understand, Crowley comes back (LOL) and explains. Of course he doesn't go in with Dean. He leaves while Dean goes in the back alone. As he slowly and as quietly as he can moves toward Death's table, Dean feels the sickle go hot in his hand and he drops it.

Next thing he knows, Death is thanking him for returning it, and the sickle that had been on the floor is on the table with Death. Death tells Dean how insignificant he is - so insignificant that he has no reason to kill him - and then orders Dean to eat some of the pizza.

They then talk about how old Death is, and how it's not even certain who was born first, Death or God, and that Death would reap God in the end. So why does Death even care to talk with Dean? He obviously wants something.

DEATH: The leash around my neck --off. Lucifer has me bound to him. Some unseemly little spell. He has me where he wants, when he wants. That's why I couldn't go to you. I had to wait for you to catch up. He made me his weapon. Hurricanes, floods, raising the dead. I'm more powerful than you can process, and I'm enslaved to a bratty child with a temper tantrum.

He tells Dean that he will give Dean the ring to put Lucifer back in the cage on the condition that Dean let Sam go ahead with his idea.

DEATH: Your brother. He's the one that can stop Lucifer. The only one.
DEAN: What, you think --
DEATH: I know. So, I need a promise. You're going to let your brother jump right into that fiery pit. Well, do I have your word?
DEAN: Okay, yeah. Yes.
DEATH: That had better be "yes," Dean. You know you can't cheat death. Now, would you like the instruction manual?

I wonder if Death has a more accurate read of the future than the angels? He is pretty sure of himself when he says that is the only way. But then I wonder... Does Death have ulterior motives too? Maybe he wants to get back at the boys for eluding him - and thus the phrase "you can't cheat death" ?

But for the first watcher suddenly it seems that this is actually going to happen despite Dean's denial. Dean shows Bobby the rings and tells him that he was lying to Death's face when he said yes, but Bobby points out that Death might be right that Sam is the only person who can do it and he also points out something else important.

BOBBY: Look, Sam's got a...Darkness in him. I'm not saying he don't. But he's got a hell of a lot of good in him, too.
DEAN: I know.
BOBBY: Then you know Sam will beat the devil...Or die trying. That's the best we could ask for. So I got to ask, Dean. What exactly are you afraid of? Losing? Or losing your brother?

Of course, it is the latter :P And Dean is I think admonished by this and decides to give up his selfish needs to "save the world" their way.
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