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Rewatching 5-19 Hammer of the Gods

So, Hammer of the Gods, which I have found is not everyman's favorite.  I'm curious though.  Is there anyone who loves Gabriel... but doesn't like this episode? I have a theory that opinion is divided between Gabriel lovers and non-Gabriel lovers, because really, he's the most important character of this episode besides Sam and Dean.  He dies the hero's death, one of the few angels to profess to being on our side (and what a speech!) killed by his own brother Lucifer.  Of course there is always the possibility he is not dead, that he won that one against Lucifer and is just in hiding again.  We got mixed messages on this in Season 9 so it is still possible.  Another thing I  enjoy about the episode is that it shows us how "lesser" (or as they would insist) "older" gods might feel about the Judeo-Christian apocalypse and how possibly they might react with their godly self-righteous wrath. They are shown as being just as stuck up as the angels and just as stubborn as humans.  An interesting combination.  Except for their tendancy to eat people, I find them quite adorable :P

Sam and Dean? Well, they are caught in the middle, trying to get out in one piece but also considering the possibility that the gods might be able to help them gank Lucifer.  It is fun how they go from plan to plan as each one goes to pot and most importantly, they find out how to at least contain Lucifer at the end, making this a very very important episode.

So let's start.

"Women's Wear" by Daniel May (MasterSource)-plays as Sam & Dean arrive at the Elysian Fields Hotel
"You Know You Know (I Love You)" by The Bachelors plays while Sam and Dean check out the buffet
"My Fantasy" by Steve Jeffries (CPM / Carlin) plays over the Casa Erotic 13 DVD

We begin with a security guard making his rounds at a motel that is closed and just full of junk left over. As he walks around he hears noises. And as he follows those noises, we see a plant that he passes come back to life, showing how the hotel was being "renovated" by the gods. The security guard unfortunately ends up getting killed by Mercury (The fastest god - very important to know) who is there to prepare the place for the other gods.

We next see Sam and Dean all wet (yes, all WET :D) coming in from a storm. It seems they were led to this place by a detour (made by the gods to bring all the other people as well, I guess) and Dean suggested they stay the night, even though Sam thought they should keep going.

Mercury at the desk is very stuck up and prudish and plays the part of the manager very well.  But we've seen him kill the security guard so even on a first watch we know he's trouble.  He points out a "shaving cut" to Dean and gives him a tissue.  We on rewatch know that Mercury has, with his super quickness, made a swipe at Dean and got a significant amount of blood (remember the vial he gives Kali later? there's quite a bit of blood in there.)

DEAN:Hey, you wouldn't happen to have a coffee shop, would you?

Mercury(Chad):Buffet. All you can eat. Best pie in the tri-state area.
DEAN:You don't say?

They must have prepared that just to lure Dean...  And yes - that's the pic I posted in the comm.  It's DEAN'S FACE WHEN HE IS THINKING ABOUT PIE!!!!! :DDD Isn't that totally adorable?!

MAN:Heaven, right?
DEAN:Trust me, pal... better.

Dean's walking back to his seat after choosing his pie, when he sees an attractive woman sitting all by herself. He slows down and gives her his best pick-up face/line but she is not interested LOL Quite a funny scene, especially because we know who she is - Kali, (Kāli is the Goddess of Time, Change, Power and Destruction. Although sometimes presented as dark and violent, her earliest incarnation as a figure of annihilation of evil forces still has some influence. Wikipedia)

DEAN:How you doing?
DEAN:Oh, lady, I'm just, you know--
WOMAN:I understand. And no.
DEAN:10-4. Yeah.

Dean gives up and goes back to his seat, where Sam is sitting, unconvinced that they should be there.

SAM:We should hit the road, Dean.
DEAN:In this storm? I-it's--
SAM:It's biblical. Exactly. I-it's friggin' Noah's ark out there, and we're eating pie.
DEAN:How many hours of sleep did you get this week? What? Three? Four? Bobby's got his feelers out, okay? We have talked with every hoodoo man and root woman in 12 states.
SAM:Yeah, well, I'm not giving up.
DEAN:Nobody's giving up. Especially me. We're gonna find a way to beat the devil, okay? Soon. I can feel it. And we will find Cas, we'll find Adam. But you are no good to me burnt out.
SAM:Yeah. Yeah, okay.
DEAN:Come on, we've actually got the night off for once. Let's try to enjoy it.

I love this brotherly admonition that Sam is tired, and needs his rest. Sort of reminds me of J&J in real life :P  And I really like both those expressions in the pictures<3<3

We have to stop here and remember our last episode. Point of No Return. Dean has made his decision to stick with Sam till the end - bring the fight to the demons and angels, and do it their way. They've been all over the country and still don't have a solution, which is why Sam is feeling like they have no time to waste. Always his eye on the goal this one. Dean, on the other hand, sees the importance of taking the time to rest, store up on energy and FOOD and enjoy what he can on the way. Unfortunately, they end up not getting much rest. At least, Dean does get some PIE before it all goes to pot AND they do find out how to contain Lucifer in the end, so at least some good comes of it :) What Dean says here "We're gonna find a way to beat the devil, okay? Soon. I can feel it."also sounds like a premonition.

We have a peak in the kitchen here, where we see a severed hand on a cutting board and I guess first viewers realize here that it's not just the Manager that's a monster, but the whole staff.

Finished with dinner, Sam and Dean are going back to their room when they see a couple "attached at the lips" as Dean puts it later. He points it out to Sam.

SAM:Oh, what are you, 12?
DEAN:I'm young at heart.

awww <3

And then, when they get into their room and not only find a very nice room but little chocolates on their pillows and Casa Erotica on demand, Dean is again quite happy.

DEAN:Wow. Look at this. We're like Rockefellers. Chocolates! You want yours?
SAM:Knock yourself out.
DEAN:Whoa. "Casa Erotica 13" on demand. What?
SAM:Isn't this place... in the middle of nowhere?
SAM:So what's a four-star hotel doing on a no-star highway?

It's like they've made this hotel just to lure Dean and distract him. It doesn't work on Sam and he is already suspicious.

Then, the love making in the next room becomes violent, loosening the bricks in the wall of their room and Sam and Dean rush out to see what is going on. They find the next room empty of the couple, and an engagement/wedding ring on the floor.

When they go down to talk to Mercury/Chad at the desk, he tells them the couple checked out and takes the ring for the lost and found. But Sam and Dean are both very suspicious now.

SAM :Creepy.
DEAN:Broke the needle.

(This reference to the needle was a little weird, but it is possible that Dean took the EMS meter when they went and the needle went over the limit.)

Sam decides to watch Mercury/Chad while Dean goes up to check the other rooms for EMS. Sam is in way over his head though with Mercury. Mercury disappears behind a corner, then we see and hear something zip past Sam before Sam touches his neck to find the same kind of nick as Dean's. Dean on the other hand is going past one of the rooms when we glimpse and elephant picking up a towel in one of them. Dean must have seen it out of the corner of his eye as well and he backs up to take another look, but when he does, it's a huge African guy wrapping a towel around his waist.

MAN :This ain't no peep show, man!

Meanwhile, the gods are getting ready for their meeting. Mercury visits Kali's room where Baldur(a god of light and purity in Norse mythology, and a son of the god Odin and the goddess Frigg.) is trying to get on Kali's good side and you can tell Kali is not quite satisfied with this guy.

KALI:You have their blood?
MERCURY:Of course I do. I'm quick. Boys never even knew what hit them.
KALI:Thank you, Mercury.

Mercury gives Kali Sam and Dean's blood looking all proud.

Sam and Dean are back in the lobby and all the people that were lounging are no longer there. The place is empty. Dean is telling Sam about the elephant -
SAM:Like, an elephant?
DEAN:Like, full-on Babar.

And I have to mention that because it totally reminds me of Sam, Interrupted, where they gave the doctor references from Dr. Babar, and when the doctor questions them about it, Dean tells him that he doesn't read children's books. Now we know he did at some point at least. Awww!

They notice the empty lobby and find that the doors are locked. Sam figures out that they were led there like rats in a maze with the hurricane and the detour. They go into the kitchen and find a suspicious pot of boiling something...

DEAN : Please be tomato soup. Please be tomato soup.
DEAN: Motel hell.

They find people locked in the freezer and as Sam tries to unlock it to let them free (being harried by Dean as usual), two "men" suddenly appear behind Dean and they are dragged into the conference room and sat down in front of the rows of gods - we know they are because of the flashes of all the images that go with the names, but interesting enough, the boys don't recognize the names at first and it takes Baldur addressing the gods for it to dawn on them that they are in a room full of gods.

BALDUR:Now, before we get down to brass tacks, some ground rules. No slaughtering each other. Curb your wrath. Oh, and uh, keep your hands off the local virgins. We're, trying to keep a low profile here.--
SAM: Oh, we are so... so screwed.
One god at a time, with the necessary weapons they can handle but a whole room full... yeah, they are. Unless the gods kill each other off first. I love Baldur's ground rules! It reminds me of something... Ah. Twilight, probably.

BALDUR:Now we all know why we're here. The Judeo-Christian apocalypse looms over us. I know we've all had our little disagreements in the past. The time has come to put those aside and look toward the future. Because if we don't, we won't have one. Now we do have two very valuable bargaining chips. Michael, and Lucifer's vessels. The question is, what do we do now? Anybody have any bright ideas? Speak up. This is a safe room.

The more I think about it, the more I think this type of episode was really necessary by this point. We've heard not a peck from any gods since when? A Very Supernatural Christmas? And those gods were also aware of how Judeo-Christian religion was taking over the planet so they are obviously aware of what is happening. And why should they just sit there and not do anything while Lucifer and Michael planned to nuke the planet? The thing is, they know that they are not as strong as these angels and can't stop it on their own. If they could have, they would have. Long ago. So the seeming instigators, Kali and Baldur (and their servant Mercury), decide to try to work together, hoping that their combined strength might be enough of a force to reckon with. Unfortunately, they are too used to being on their own and being gods, it's hard to throw away their pride and come together for one purpose. As soon as Baldur stops talking the arguing starts.

And while a Chinese Kitchen god (now we know who did all the cooking?) ZAO SHEN and Odin are arguing about how the world is going to end...

ZAO SHEN:[speaking in a foreign language which I assume is Chinese] Don't mock my world turtle.
ODIN:What are you gonna do about it?

Dean and Sam try to make a run for the door but are stopped by Kali who crashes the chandelier in their path and tells the gods that they have to act. The angels only understand violence. To which Mercury suggests they should talk with them and gets tongue-tied by Kali. We have to remember here that Mercury is unhappy. He thinks there is a more peaceful solution - basically he's not very knowledgeable about Angels.

It's right after this that Gabriel enters the room and stops Dean and Sam's tongues/voices as well so that they will not tell everyone in the room that he was Gabriel, not Loki, the Trickster.

He complains to Kali that he was not invited - which I hadn't thought of much before but, the fact that he comes despite not being invited means that he has a special purpose. Or several purposes. We find out later that he had a thing with Kali so one reason is to warn her and save her personally. We also find out later that Gabriel does view these gods as family (and I will talk about that more again later) so another reason is to save the gods as a whole. The third is to save Sam and Dean and assist them. We find out later why. But another interesting point is that Kali did not invite him but she knew he was Gabriel. So obviously, despite what she does later, she did have some sort of feelings for him. She wanted to leave him out of it, possibly because she knew he would try to stop them, and possibly because if he came he would be on the angels' side and be spying for them. In which case, she would have to kill him - and she didn't want to do that.

Gabriel zaps Sam and Dean back to their room while he talks with the gods a bit - maybe convincing them to take a bit of a break. Kali goes back to her room as well - probably because she knows Gabriel will appear and try to get something out of her. She's thinking that she has to get Gabriel's blood and make him hers so he doesn't ruin things.

Gabriel is definitely not taking chances either. He's using his dummy to do all the dirty work just as in times past. Sam and Dean are exclaiming about their situation and what to do when Gabriel drops in. Dean accuses Gabriel for setting this up in the first place.

GABRIEL:You think I'm behind this? Please. I'm the Costner to your Houston. I'm here to save your ass.
DEAN:You wanna pull us outta the fire?
GABRIEL:Bingo! Those guys are either gonna dust you, or use you as bait. Either way, you're uber boned.

Dean's like, but you were uber boning us before. Why do you care now? Gabriel pretends he doesn't care, he just has the hots for Kali still. Michael and Lucifer are still going to have their grand fight, but it's not going to be here.

SAM:Do they have a chance? Against Satan?
DEAN:Really, Sam?
SAM:You got a better idea, Dean?
GABRIEL:It's a bad idea. Lucifer's gonna turn them into finger paint. So let's get going while the going's good, hmm?

So Gabriel's plan seems to be to get Sam and Dean out of there to stop the gods from having ideas about using them as bait, which means Gabriel can stop Kali from being killed.

First Gabriel needs to get the boys' blood from Kali so that they can escape. Sam and Dean argue that if they can't take the others with them, they will tell all the gods who he is. I like this conversation :D

DEAN:O.K., well then how about you do what we say, or we tell the, uh, legion of doom about your secret identity. They don't seem like a real pro-angel kinda crowd.
GABRIEL:I'll take your voices away.
DEAN:We'll write it down.
GABRIEL:I'll cut off your hands.
DEAN:Well then, people are gonna be asking, "Why are you guys running around with no hands?"

DEAN AND GABRIEL MAN!!! I keep rereading this little banter and it just makes me so happy.

So Gabriel goes to make romantic moves at Kali and fails miserably because Kali had known that he'd try something all along.

And Sam and Dean, after witnessing a butchering that they could not stop (ug), are again caught in the kitchen by the Kitchen God but kill him with a wooden stake.  I am assuming that someone comes and gets them after this - we don't really get the whoe scene.

GHOSTFACER TIME. Cut for a little ad by the Ghostfacers web series (Did someone say WEB SERIES?LOL) This is totally weird. Does this little advertisement mean anything to the story?

HARRY:If you're dead, you better stay dead.
HARRY:Cause if not, we're gonna kill you.

Should we be taking that as some sort of warning that Gabriel will be staging his death? Anyway - I don't care. We really didn't need that. Thank you very much :P

Sam and Dean are brought back into the conference room to find Gabriel restrained in a chair at the front.

KALI:Well, surprise, surprise. The Trickster has tricked us.
GABRIEL:Kali, don't.
KALI:You're mine now. And you have something I want. [KALI reaches into GABRIEL's jacket and removes his angel sword.] An Archangel's blade. From the Archangel, Gabriel.
GABRIEL:Okay, okay! So I got wings, like Kotex. But that doesn't make me any less right about Lucifer.
KALI:He's lying. He's a spy.
GABRIEL:I'm not a spy. I'm a runaway. I'm trying to save you. I know my brother, Kali. He should scare the living crap out of you. You can't beat him. I've skipped ahead, seen how this story ends--

OK. Here we go again.  In The End, Zach takes Dean to a version of the future where Lucifer has taken over Sam and Dean is killed. Then, in Point of No Return, Zach says that Michael has "seen it" about how they would have Dean there and he would be ready to say yes. And now here. Gabriel says he's actually seen the ending too. Everything in these past episodes since The End point to the idea that the Archangels at least have SEEN a version of the future which they believe is going to happen. And everything since The End also points to the fact that these futures that they see are not complete - or at least are a version of the future that would happen if things went according to their planning and manipulations. They have been manipulating the future since the beginning of time with this objective. They manipulated John and Mary's marriage (all the top priority couples) using the Cupids and so much more through the ages in order to attain their End. They could only do that if they could see how present and past actions would affect the future before it actually happened. So. Michael has SEEN how this ends. WHAT DID HE SEE? Did he see Michael and Lucifer "dancing the Lambada" but not in the form of Dean and Sam? Did he see Sam throw himself and Lucifer into the pit? Maybe he did. Maybe he saw the version where he was alive and somehow helped them kill Lucifer (he says in the recording later that they would have had a chance to kill Lucifer if Gabriel was alive) and he also saw the version where he dies and Sam and Dean lock Lucifer away.  Whatever the case, it's been said time and again that they can actually see "the future" and it's not a collective thing.  Each angel  or archangel has to make a specific effort to see a future according to specific factors.  Which is why Michael may have seen a future that no one else had, or Gabriel had seen a future that the other angels had not.

Bringing us back to the story, Kali answers -

KALI: Your story. Not ours. Westerners, I swear. The sheer arrogance. You think you're the only ones on earth? You pillage and you butcher in your God's name. But you're not the only religion, and he's not the only God. And now you think you can just rip the planet apart? You're wrong. There are billions of us. An we were here first. If anyone gets to end this world, it's me. I'm sorry.

This is also a wonderful speech by Kali. It's very emotional and she has a painful point here. Westerners HAVE pillaged and butchered in God's name - used the words of the Bible, manipulated them to our own ends. We still do. Not in God's name anymore, but certainly in the name of our own morals and according to our own emotions(which basically come from the Judeo-Christian culture). We assume that because other cultures don't have the same morals that they are barbarians and try to change them to our will - not just through violence but through economic manipulation. The bullied cultures don't like it but they are too weak to stand up against the united power of the Western world. But maybe they will one day. And maybe they will be wiped off the face of the earth. Or... maybe they will win. There are a lot of them after all. Ah. I'm sorry. Some recent posts made in ignorance have made me a bit upset. If only we had a world where everyone truly respected everyone.

Back to the story - Kali kills Gabriel. And this is such a shocking scene. Sam and Dean are just feeling a little bit sick here. And Kali - despite her righteous wrath, obviously did not want to do this.

MERCURY:This is crazy.
KALI:They can die. We can kill Lucifer.

Mercury here again shows his unhappiness with how things are going. And we find that he is the one that calls Lucifer and causes the massacre.

Seeing Gabriel Dead, Dean decides it's time for plan B. There is no way that they can escape now. They might as well try fighting Lucifer with them. To Sam's horror, he stands up and does a little speech - which is also one of the great scenes of this episode.

DEAN:All right you primitive screwheads, listen up.
SAM :Are you outta your mind?
DEAN:I'm outta options. Now on any other given day, I'd be doing my damndest to, uh, kill you. You filthy murdering chimps. But, uh, hey, desperate times. So even though I'd love nothing better than to slit your throats, you dicks, I'm gonna help you. I'm going to help you ice the devil. And then we can all get back to ganking each other, like normal. You want Lucifer, well, dude's not in the Yellow Pages. But me and Sam, we can get him here.
DEAN:First you let those main courses go. Then we talk. We can either take on the devil together, or you lame-ass bitches can eat me. Literally.

Hunter rule number one - always get the innocents out of danger first. So, Dean uses his leverage to get all the people free. He leads them out of the motel while Sam stays and explains how they can get Lucifer to come. And I like this conversation as well -

KALI:So you're going to summon Lucifer.
SAM:Sort of. I just need you to squeegee some stuff from my ribs and he'll come running.
KALI:Breaking them would be easier.

(I love Sam's speechless reaction <3)

While this is happening, Dean is being called over by Gabriel who is hiding out in the impala! And we find out that what died in there was not Gabriel but another illusion. And if we think about it, there were no black wings spread out on the floor at his death, so we should have guessed that it was fake, huh? Gabriel says that the angel sword was fake and made out of soda cans, and that Kali likes Dean and Dean should still go with their original plan of getting the blood and escaping. Dean, though, either knows that Gabriel will come back and help, or just thinks his chances with the gods are better than trying to escape.

DEAN:No. Hand over the real blade. Better yet, why don't you sack up and help us take down Lucifer.
GABRIEL:You can't be serious?
GABRIEL:Since when are you butt buddies with a bunch of monsters? That's all they are to you, aren't they?
DEAN:Alright, you know, Sam was right. It's nuts but it's the best idea I've heard, so unless you have a better one?
GABRIEL:Well, good luck with that. Me? I'm blowing Jonestown. Those lemmings wanna run off a cliff, that's their business.
DEAN:I see right through you, you know that? The smart-ass shell, the whole “I could give a crap” thing? Believe me, it takes one to know one.
GABRIEL:That so?
DEAN:Yes. And maybe those freaks in there aren't your blood but they are your family.
GABRIEL:They just stabbed me in the friggen heart!
DEAN:Maybe, but you still give a crap about 'em, don't you?
DEAN:Now they're gonna die in there, without you.
GABRIEL:I can't kill my brother.
DEAN:Can't or won't? That's what I thought.

This is also an AMAZING speech by Dean. Seeing right through Gabriel's "I don't care" attitude, recognizing him as similar to himself appealing to what? Gabriel's sense of FAMILY. Because he actually sees these gods as family. FAMILY DOESN'T BEGIN OR END IN BLOOD, people. So they are stuck up, stubborn monsters who eat people. Despite them trying to kill him, Gabriel still CARES. UG my heart.

Gabriel can't make up his mind to help and he doesn't give up his blade either, so Dean leaves to let the gods know their situation - maybe hoping that they will give up. And maybe they would have if double crosser Mercury hadn't called Lucifer in to "talk."

Next we see Lucifer checking in. And he is NASTY.

LUCIFER:You know, I never understood you pagans, always fighting, always happy to sell out your own kind. No wonder you forfeited this planet to us. You are worse than humans. You're worse than demons. And yet you claim to be Gods.
Lucifer twists his fingers, and Mercury is dead.
LUCIFER: And they call me prideful.

He then goes around killing the gods around the motel and the way he walks the halls reminds me a bit of Season 10.

The lights start bursting in the conference room and Sam and Dean recognize what is happening but the gods maybe have been stopped from escaping by Lucifer. They cannot leave with Sam and Dean. Next thing they know, Lucifer is in the room.

First Baldur attacks despite Kali trying to stop him.

BALDUR:You think you own the planet? What gives you the right?
LUCIFER:No one gives us the right, we take it.

And of course he dies just as easily as the other gods. Kali is left on her own and she has to fight. She gets her fire arm (haha!) ready and sets Lucifer on fire but it doesn't do any good. He puts it out without a thought and there is not one singe on him.

As Sam and Dean are assessing damages behind the couch, Gabriel pops in to give Dean a Casa Erotica DVD

GABRIEL: Better late then never, huh? [GABRIEL hands DEAN a copy of CASA EROTICA #13 on DVD] Guard this, with your life.
then goes to face Lucifer.

GABRIEL: LUCI ! I'm home!
Trust Gabriel to always make an AWESOME entrance LOL

He puts Kali behind him and gets Sam and Dean to take her with them. I love Kali whining about the car. I wonder if they just need to go a little ways for her to gain her powers back? I'd imagine once she did, she probably disappeared.

Lucifer cannot understand why Gabriel is taking the side of these lesser gods. But here, Gabriel makes it clear that he is not. That he is taking the side of the humans. We have a bit of dialogue about how Lucifer is a dick and how he's just having one big temper tantrum but here is the important part.

LUCIFER:Gabriel, if you're doing this for Michael...
GABRIEL:Screw him. If he were standing here, I'd shiv his ass too.
LUCIFER:You disloyal--
GABRIEL:Oh, I'm loyal. To them!
LUCIFER:Who? These so called Gods?
GABRIEL:To people, Lucifer. People
LUCIFER:So you're willing to die, for a pile of cockroaches. Why?
GABRIEL:Because Dad was right. They are better than us.
LUCIFER:They are broken. Flawed! Abortions.
GABRIEL:Damn right they're flawed. But a lot of them try. To do better, to forgive. And you should see the Spearmint Rhino(A chain of strip clubs for those who do not know it)! I've been riding the pine a long time. But I'm in the game now, and I'm not on your side, or Michael's. I'm on theirs.
LUCIFER:Brother, don't make me do this.
GABRIEL:No one makes us do anything.
LUCIFER:I know you think you're doing the right thing, Gabriel. But I know where your heart truly lies.

The real(?) Gabriel attacks from behind but Lucifer "knows where your heart truly lies" and stabs him in the heart. I like this little play on words. BUT GABRIEL!!!!! :'(((((( And unless he put the wings on show this time for Lucifer's sake, he dies.

LUCIFER:Here. Amateur hocus pocus. Don't forget, you learned all your tricks from me, little brother.
Lucifer looks like he feels bad, just like Kali did. But they both did not hesitate to kill Gabriel and if Gabriel was ready for Kali... well, we still hope he is in hiding somewhere.

You know, I do love it when a nasty character changes for the better, or when we find out that who we thought was nasty actually had a pure heart. I think that is the main reason why I love Gabriel so much, even though I love the snark as well. Just to imagine how Gabriel changed little by little through his years on Earth, and probably especially through his interaction with Sam and Dean. Yes, humans are flawed. But the difference with humans and Angels is that human beings TRY. A lot of us do anyway. We try to improve, to become better. Gabriel is touched by that and understands why God may have seen human beings as special.

Ahh... what a waste. A perfectly good archangel to help them, and he dies to protect them and Kali. But I guess they can't have it that easy.

Dean and Sam are stopped by the side of the road to watch the DVD that Gabriel entrusted to them. For a while, it's just a scene from one of the Casa Erotica videos that Dean is familiar with LOL but then they find Gabriel has put himself in the vid and then we have his farewell speech.

GABRIEL:Sam, Dean. You're probably wondering what the hell is going on. Well, if you're watching this, I'm dead. Oh please! Stop sobbing, it's embarrassing for all of us. Without me, you've got zero shot at killing Lucifer, sorry! But you can trap him. The cage you sprung Lucifer from? It's still down there. And maybe, just maybe, you can shove his ass back in. Not that it'll be easy. You gotta get the cage open, trick my bro back into it. And uh, oh yeah, avoid Michael and the God Squad. But hey, details, right? And here's the big secret, Lucifer himself doesn't even know -- the key to the cage? It's out there. Actually it's keys, plural. Four keys, well, four rings. From the Horsemen. You get 'em all, you got the cage. Can't say I'm betting on you boys. But, uh, hey! I've been wrong before. And Dean, you were right. I was afraid to stand up to my brother, not any more. [stands up] So this is me, standing up.

GABRIEL:And this is, me, lying down.
Gabriel - making a joke out of it all to the very end. But now Sam and Dean have hope. They already have two rings, so two more to go. And Pestilence is on his way, slobbering over everything and making everyone sick.

Great episodes to come!!!


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  • Rewatching 9-3 I'm No Angel

    Third ep of the series we get a lot more of Cas as “human,” learning how the people that have the least are the most generous. He finds…

  • Dreaming on

    I think I've rewatched the Lucifer S4 finale at least five times and have that song floating in my head at the moment. I have an…

  • 9-3 I'm No Angel Poll!

    What do you think of this episode? Please let me know in the following poll and/or comments!