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Rewatching 5-15 Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid

Here we go - starting a little late but I hope I get it finished at a decent hour... (probably not :P).

In the last few episodes, we have seen Dean go from bad to worse. He's all but given up - pleading with someone he doesn't even believe in to help him as a last resort. But of course it is not only Dean the powers of destiny are working on. This episode we see Lucifer pulling his strings to get Sam to say yes by breaking the one person who has been helping them all along - who told Dean not to give up on Sam in Season 4, and told Sam that he would never cut him off at the start of Season 5.  The one person who was vulnerable to attack.  Bobby.

Let's get started!
(no links for either of these, sorry! If you know of one, let me know :)

"You're One of a Kind" by Moot Davis (plays when Digger tells Dean & Sam about the zombie killing Benny Thompson)
"Lovin' the Sin I'm In" by Terry Campbell (plays while Sam and Dean discuss Bobby and Karen in the diner)

So the episode starts of course with the MoTW. Clay Thompson rises out of his grave very much like Dean did in Lazarus Rising except we don't have the nuclear explosion and Clay does look plastered with clay... he's a lot muddier than Dean was :P

Clay remembers how Benny Sutton killed him and goes to seek revenge. I particularly love the TV narration of the animal show Benny is watching in this scene when he is surprised by "the predator stalking" him.

The next scene, we see Sam and Dean investigating the case in none other than Sioux Falls. They've been calling Bobby but he's not answering his phone so they decide to go on and talk with a witness who saw a dead guy murder his friend. Digger himself doesn't seem like a very reliable witness(I mean, come on! he makes up his own nickname LOL), but the more he talks, the more it sounds suspicious. And Sam and Dean check out every lead no matter how it sounds because you never know, aye? But when the Sheriff walks in, everything goes to pot. MAN I hate this scene. I seriously did not listen to it. I just watched while Jody mouths "Bobby?" over the phone and Bobby had this scrunched up "Damn!" face and Sam and Dean look more and more uncomfortable as Jody talks :P

But interesting to note that before she finds them, Jody is talking to her dead son Owen on the phone, a dead son who is already sounding pretty hungry and she is admonishing he eat an apple instead of a cupcake.

SHERIFF MILLS:Here's what I know about Bobby Singer. He's a menace around here, ass-full of drunk-and-disorderlies and mail fraud. You understanding me?
DEAN:I think we all can agree that you've made yourself perfectly clear, yes.
SHERIFF MILLS:So, whatever the three of you are planning, it ends here. Now. Ten-four on that, Agents?

The interesting thing here is that Jody is totally putting on some show here, maybe for Digger's benefit. She probably knows what they do, and maybe knows that they have not been clued in by Bobby since they are questioning Digger, so in a way, she is giving them a chance to talk to Bobby.

They go to talk to Bobby at his home and notice that it smells soapy, like it's been CLEANED! Bobby looks nice and cleaned up too. They mention how they've been calling him and had not been able to reach him, and I guess we are to assume that he was just busy dealing with the appearance of his wife and just happened to be by the phone when his FBI phone rang. So, when he talks with Jody on the phone, what is he REALLY thinking? Maybe he's making that DAMN! face not because Jody figured out who he was but because he figured out that Sam and Dean were working a case in Sioux Falls and had come in contact with Jody. I would have loved to hear the first conversation between Jody and Bobby, aye? When their loved ones came back and Jody was freaking out and Bobby made the "the apocalypse is real" speech. That would make a nice blurb, especially tied in with that phone call.

ANYWAY, Bobby is adamant that there is nothing worth Sam and Dean's time in town. Digger is the town drunk, the omens are not omens at all - it's storm season for god's sake.

And he practically pushes them out the door. Interesting how Dean feels something is wrong with it all aye? He thinks Bobby might be wrong. So he stops at the cemetery on their way out, and tells Sam that they should dig up the grave just to make sure.

(I love these two shots <3<3)

They find that the dirt on Clay's grave is fresh, the coffin has scratch marks from someone having scratched their way out.

But there is no body and now they have to find out more. They visit Clay's home, and are almost attacked by Clay himself, being mistaken for robbers.

DEAN:Let me get this straight. You're Clay Thompson, and you died five years ago?
DEAN:And three days ago you climbed out of your grave, and you killed Benny Sutton?
DEAN:So you are, in fact, a dead guy.
CLAY:I guess. I – I – I don't know what I am.

Clay's wife calls 911 so Jody catches Sam and Dean again, coming out of the house with Clay in custody, Dean ready to shoot him for being a zombie/monster and Sam not sure what to do. Sam and Dean get arrested instead - to their puzzlement- and Clay goes free.

SHERIFF MILLS:Freeze! Drop your guns!
DEAN:Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. All right. Hey.
DEAN:Remember the guy you said that was dead and couldn't possibly commit murder? There he is.

DEAN:"And"? And you're welcome – for catching the undead killer zombie.
SHERIFF MILLS:Whatever he is or isn't that don't give you the right to shoot him in the middle of the street.
CLAY:Shoot me?
SHERIFF MILLS:You're free to go, Mr. Thompson.
DEAN:Free to go?!
CLAY:I can't believe you were gonna kill me.

DEAN:You're a zombie!
CLAY:I'm a taxpayer!

So here I'm thinking that if I was a police officer in that situation, I would at least arrest Clay for having killed Benny - at least to keep him in custody until I could figure things out. The curious thing is Jody letting Clay go as if he had done nothing out of the ordinary. I'm thinking the reason would have been to keep everything quiet. If she arrested Clay, then the whole issue of zombies rising from their graves would get out and then they'd at the very least have a whole bunch of hunters on their asses. This may have been the plan she had made with Bobby to keep the incident quiet so that they themselves could live in peace - as in Jody with her child and Bobby with his wife.

Do you realize here how addled Bobby is by the return of his wife that he actually lets Jody's son be in the situation where he could kill her husband? Think of all the other people who died because he refused to accept the truth, as well? Bobby did not want to face the fact that his wife might go bad, so he let them all be. He's sort of majorly responsible for Jody's husband's death aye?

Anyway, Bobby comes to talk with Jody at the station and gets her to agree to let them go - I am assuming that he is making some promises like he will explain the situation to them and make sure they don't kill anyone.

Sam and Dean wheel Bobby out of the station and they don't know what is going on. First off. Bobby LIED to them. WTH?!

SAM:Bobby, I thought the sheriff hated you?
BOBBY:She did till five days ago.
DEAN:What happened five days ago?
BOBBY:The dead started rising all over town.
SAM:So you knew about this?
DEAN:I think what Sam meant to say is, you lied to us?
BOBBY:Look, I told you there was nothing here. And there isn't. Not for you.
DEAN:There are zombies here.
BOBBY:There are zombies... And then there are zombies. Come with me.

It's three in the morning when they get home. I guess Jody called Bobby right away when she arrested Sam and Dean aye? And Dean and Sam get the shock of their life when they are introduced to Karen, Bobby's wife THAT DIED, THAT BOBBY KILLED!

Karen treats them to her pie and we have some happy(?) Dean enjoying his pie while Sam looks at him like, "how can you even enjoy that pie?"

DEAN (eating pie):This is incredible, Mrs. Singer.
KAREN:Thank you, Dean.

(insert Sam's bitch face)

But Sam and Dean are both dying to talk to Bobby. As soon as Karen leaves the room Sam and Dean turn to Bobby together -

DEAN:Are you crazy? What the hell?

They try to tell him that it is not his wife - but Bobby is adamant that he did every test and see? She is even whistling just like she used to.

Then he tells them about the others, and in particular Jody's little boy - and now Sam and Dean finally know why Jody was acting so strange and defensive of the zombies.

Bobby reads them the chapter in Revelation that basically says that Death will make the dead rise, and this is my most favorite Dean moment in the ep, I think...

SAM:Death, Death? Like “Grim Reaper" death?
DEAN:Awesome. Another horseman. Must be Thursday.

SAM:Bobby... Why would Death raise 15 people in a podunk town like Sioux Falls?
BOBBY:I don't know.
DEAN:You know, if Death is behind this, then whatever these things are... it's not good. You know what we have to do here.

No Dean, Death, tethered by Lucifer, would not be up to ANYTHING good. If they would just think back to Famine and what he said to Sam, it should be obvious that this has something to do with Lucifer and his plans. WHY Sioux Falls? WHY?? After all that, they don't even think that Lucifer is after them? and therefore anyone who supports them?

That doesn't prevent Dean and Sam from thinking rationally though. They both think they need to get rid of the zombies - kill them - and that is what Bobby would have done if he had not been personally affected. Which again shows how smart Lucifer is to use Bobby's wife.

DEAN:And what would you do if you were us?

BOBBY:I know what I'd do. And I know what you think you got to do. But... I'm begging you. Please. Please. Leave her be.

Bobby pleads with them to let her be, telling them that she doesn't remember anything of how she died or came back - which we see is actually a lie. Karen is keeping a secret too.

Anyway, when in doubt, save as many people as they can. But Dean here has the right idea when he decides to stay and keep an eye on Bobby - because he is the key (although Dean doesn't know it). Sam is left on his own to find out more about these zombies.

So, Dean is stalking the house and we have this zoom up. It's a very hot Dean scene with him leaning up against the Impala, and we recognize the zoom up as one that indicates the presence of a monster so we are not as surprised as Dean (but there is definitely some added suspense beforehand!) when Karen pops up beside him.

KAREN:Oops. Did I scare you?
DEAN:No. No. No. There's... nothing scary about you at all.

Karen tells him he should come inside for some lunch and although Dean refuses once saying that Bobby would not like it, she tells him that it will be their little secret and leads him inside. She of course proceeds to fill him up with pie, which he of course is not averse to LOL but he also notices the ton of pies lined up on every single space available and is probably a bit spooked by it..

DEAN:I'm gonna go out on a limb and guess that you like pies. Did you bake all these?
KAREN:I don't know what it is. Since I got back, I can't stop baking.
DEAN:Yeah, when do you have time to sleep?

KAREN:I don't. Must be the excitement.
DEAN:Or being dead.

What a conversation LOL But she goes on to tell him that she understands what he is trying to do - to protect Bobby - and that is what she is trying to do too. Then she goes on to tell Dean part of her secret, which is really weird unless she was actually listening in on their conversation before.

KAREN:I remember everything, you know. When I died. That demon taking over my body... and the things it made me do. And Bobby having no choice but to... Well, you know what he did. But I can see it in his eyes when he looks at me. The guilt. It weighs on him.
DEAN:So why don't you just tell him you remember?
KAREN:I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say you've never been in love. He's my husband. My job is to bring him peace... not pain.

I don't necessarily think that telling him would have given him pain. Wouldn't it have given him peace knowing that she forgave him for what he had had to do? As it is, he feels guilty just looking at her. But, I also get the sense of this very old fashioned relationship of a wife who keeps house, and a husband who faces the dangers of the world - the idea being for the wife to create a place where the husband can have some peace on his time off. That is the only way Karen knows how to show her love. Cleaning the house, baking and not talking about the horrors of the outside world.

While that's going on, Sam first checks in on Jody, who seems to be having a nice family time.  Nothing seems wrong there.  Next, he arrives at  the house of another person who rose from the dead. She was one of the first and she looks like she is really sick, lying in her bed, coughing phlem and telling Sam to come closer as if to say something to him. But she has actually eaten her husband's stomach already (I guess Sam notices that later...) and she attacks Sam to try to eat him too. He barely gets a bullet in her head on time.

Sam rushes back to Bobby's to tell him and Bobby is not in the listening mood. The woman was always crazy ... but when the boys continue to try to convince Bobby that the zombies are dangerous and they must be killed, Bobby takes out his pistol -
DEAN:Look, Bobby, I feel for you. But you have got to acknowledge that you're not exactly seeing this straight!
SAM:Bobby, whether you admit it or not, these things are turning. We have to stop them – all of them.

(Bobby pulls out a gun and rests it on his lap.)

BOBBY:Time to go.
BOBBY:You heard me. Off my property.
SAM:Or what? You'll shoot?
BOBBY:If Karen turns, I will handle it my way.
DEAN:This is dangerous.
BOBBY:I'm not telling you twice.

And this is a terrible shock to Dean, especially. They are family for Christ's sake! He says unbelieving to Sam as they stop just outside Bobby's property in the Impala. Sam is more understanding, and here I'm reminded of Karen's words, "I'm going to go on a limb here and guess you've never been in love." Because I think that is the difference between Sam and Dean. Sam HAS been in love. Maybe he understands a bit.

DEAN:He's crazy.
SAM:It's his wife, Dean.
DEAN:So he goes "Full Metal Jacket" on us? We're his family, Sam.
SAM:Look, man. Bigger fish, okay? I mean, we got a bunch of zombies about to turn this town into a giant chew toy.

Again, though, think of what would have happened if Dean HADN'T stayed with Bobby... So he definitely had the right idea. But Sam is left to save the rest of the town -

SAM:I'm gonna need some help.
DEAN:What about the sheriff?
SAM:Uh, last time I checked, the sheriff was pretty pro-zombie.
DEAN:Well, I guess you'll just have to convince her.
DEAN:I don't know. You're just gonna.

And he actually is able to do it. I guess in a way he is lucky that Jody has seen what her son has done to her husband before Sam arrives to get her out of the way. She may not have believed him otherwise. And that's the thing. Even if Bobby had not acted selfishly, wanting a bit of peace with his wife, Jody would probably not have agreed to having her son killed. But, at least she could have been warned, told that there was a possibility that things would go bad. I think the husband's death could have been avoided if they had been aware. Again, that's where Lucifer's genius comes in - the psychology that went into choosing Bobby's wife.

Sam goes back in and kills Owen and we feel for Jody as she hears the gun shot.

They then go together to keep all the towns people safe by keeping them in the jail. They wait for an attack at the jail, but no one comes. I don't know how Jody and Sam figured out where the zombies had gone - it would have been nice to see that, but I'm guessing they leave everyone else in the jail to go and help Dean.

Let's get back to Bobby and Dean. First off, Karen falls ill, just like all the other zombies. She says that she just feels really hungry and we know from having watched Owen where that will lead. Karen also knows that she is going bad. Maybe Death told her that that would happen. Maybe she heard Sam and Dean arguing with Bobby again. We will never know.

She tells Bobby that she will not get better and she knows what is happening to her. That Bobby has to kill her. When he doesn't listen, she tells him the secret she told Dean. That she remembers everything. She also tells him the secret that Death had told her - that the reason Death came to Sioux Falls was to get to Bobby - either to kill him or break him.

Dean is trying to break into Bobby's when he hears a gunshot. When he gets to the room, he finds Bobby and Karen, with Karen shot in the head.

I thought of something interesting here. Bobby told the boys that he would deal with Karen when she turned bad. And he does. Even though he later talks of how painful it was to have to kill her for the second time. With Jody though, it is Sam that goes back into the house and kills her son because he knows she will not be able to do it. It seems to me that it shows how much strength Bobby had to do what he needed to do, that he would keep on keeping on despite the trauma he had to go through here.

Anyway, they are outside getting the van ready with weapons when zombies start coming at them from between the cars. It would seem easier if they had just stayed together and shot the zombies as they came into the open. As it is, Dean leaves Bobby to go investigate the noise and so they get separated. It's only after Dean somehow gets the better of a zombie that he can get back to Bobby who has also been having a rough time and fallen from his wheel chair.

They also waste a lot of bullets trying to shoot them between the cars, and then they don't get in the car but run into the house where, I guess the zombies start attacking in full force so that soon Dean and Bobby are both empty of ammo. We do get some funny banter here -

DEAN:Got any more ammo? I'm low.
BOBBY:Yeah, we got plenty. Just run back past the zombies. It's in the van, where we left it.
DEAN:A simple "no" would have been fine. What are they all doing here, anyway?!
BOBBY:I think I get it.

Bobby gets that they are all after him, because of what Karen told him. Without any ammo left, they try to lock themselves in a closet (Why does it have a lock on the inside? In preparation for such emergencies?!)

BOBBY:Kind of a tight fit, don't you think?
DEAN:It's all right. They're idiots. They can't pick a lock.
BOBBY:Don't you ever get tired of being wrong?
DEAN:I'm making this stuff up as I go. Sue me.

Of course the zombies are smart enough to pick a lock and they get it open and are just about to come at Dean and Bobby when Jody and Sam shoot them all from the back (Which reminds me of how Clay was killed to begin with... haha). I found it a little strange to see them stay in place as they were picked off one by one, but Dean's face as he peeked out of the closet smeared with blood was priceless.

Last scene, Jody, Sam and Dean are burning all the other zombies while Bobby is off with his own little pier for Karen and that so reminds me of The Magnificent Seven.

Sam asks Jody how she is holding up, and she can't answer.

Once they are finished, Sam and Dean join Bobby.

BOBBY:So, thinking maybe I should apologize for losing my head back there.
SAM:Bobby, you don't owe us anything.
DEAN:Hey, look, I don't know squat from shinola about love, but... At least you got to spend five days with her, right?
BOBBY:Right. Which makes things about a thousand times worse. She was the love of my life. How many times do I got to kill her?

Again, it makes us wonder whether Karen did the right thing by Bobby or not.

SAM:Are you gonna be okay, Bobby?
BOBBY:You boys should know... Karen told me why Death was here.
SAM:What do you mean?
BOBBY:I know why he took a stroll through a cemetery in the sticks of South Dakota. He came for me.
DEAN:What do you mean, you?
BOBBY:Death came for me. He brought Karen back to send me a message.
DEAN:You? Why you?
BOBBY:Because I've been helping you, you sons of bitches. I'm one of the reasons you're still saying no to Lucifer, Sam.
DEAN:So this was like a hit on your life?
BOBBY:I don't know if they wanted to take my life or... my spirit. Either way, they wanted me out of the way.
SAM:But you're gonna be all right. Right, Bobby?

Bobby is silent, and Sam looks worried. But, we see later that this doesn't influence Sam much at all. Maybe because Bobby survived despite the traumatic experience, I'm not sure, but Sam's will - his determination to make things right and to prove himself to Dean - doesn't waver and we know that that is what moves Dean to agree to trust Sam to the very end.

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