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Rewatching 5-12 Swap Meat

I'm starting on this a bit late so thank God no new episode this week.  I don't think I could have done both.

Swap Meat is not one of my favorites but there were still a few scenes I enjoyed. And it's these episodes that are not as exciting or emotional that I usually find the most meaning in because... I don't have my emotions to distract me.  All the squeeing and fainting makes it hard to look past the gorgeous guys  sometimes :D   A major theme to me in this episode is normal life and how the two guys think of it now, because this is going to influence what they will do in the future.

In Season 1 we start with Sam craving the normal life and Dean is happiest driving down crazy street with Sam... in otherwords, hunting with Sam.  But, we see different sides of them as we enter Season 3 and in Season 4 and 5 especially.  The Kids are Alright, when we first meet  Lisa, and Dean seems to express longing for that life, then in Dream a little Dream, Sam is the one dreaming of one-night-stands while Dean is dreaming of picnics and family.  Sam expresses in Wishful Thinking (Season 4) that he is not interested in the normal life, which could have been influenced by the desire for revenge and the effect of the demon blood, but both Sam and Dean seem to choose the hunters life over normal in A Terrible Life.  In Chris Angel is a Douchebag, Sam seems to have been content to just live through the battle with Lilith, and then by the end of the Season, he is expecting to either die or be changed forever.  In Season 5 so far, we've had an indication that Sam has given up on being normal even as he stops hunting for a while in Free to be You and Me; "This time, I know I'm a freak." And recently there has been an emphasis on Dean's feelings in The Real Ghostbusters where he finds contentment with his life, but then in Sam, Interrupted, where Dean explains to Dr. Cartwright the reason why he continues to be a hunter - there is no one else that can do the job.

[Season 10 Spoiler (click to open)]I also have to mention here that this episode reminds me of our Season 10 episode About a Boy where Dean has the opportunity to be a teenager again. There are some interesting parallels and again the normal life theme is addressed there as well - especially with Dean's confession in Paint it Black. And the family theme is addressed constantly in Season 10. I guess one of the themes of the show is that family (people who love and care for you no matter what) is the most important thing in life.   And the Winchesters have had a lot of that :)

So let's see what this episode is going to tell us.


"Rock and Roll Never Forgets" by Bob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band
(the song Dean plays in the Impala, first with Gary/Sam in the car, and then Sam)
"I Got More Bills Than I Got Pay" by Sonny Ellis (plays in the bar when Gary/Sam talks to Crystal, then later when Dean watches him leave with her; also played in episode 1.08 Bugs)
"Got My Wings" by Hazy Malaze (plays when Dean and Gary/Sam order burgers at a bar)

The episode starts with the most embarrassing scene ever for me... Someone who looks like Sam is ordering "alcohol" at the bar, showing his ID with kid-like pride, then is hit on by a lady named Crystal (how can she not be a hooker?) and after a few misunderstandings of innuendo, agrees to have "the sex" with her.

It must not have been too bad on the first watch and it would be better on a rewatch if I could just see this dorky Sam as Gary, but it's really really hard.

What I just noticed in the transcripts, since I don't pay much attention when I'm watching :P is that "Sam" introduces himself to Crystal as "Gary"... isn't that a bit weird? He just showed the Bartender his 26 year old ID with the name "Sam" (or not... did Sam just happen to have ID with the name Gary?) and actually just left Dean at the table right nearby a second ago...??? Did the writers just wanted to show right away that this is not really Sam? We do have the pan up at the end of the scene where we find out that it's not really Sam, but a teenage boy (Gary). The Wiki says that we are supposed to assume here that Sam is undercover :P

Let's move on.

Sam and Dean pull up at a normal looking house and are welcomed in by a blond-haired mom (DONNA) and teenage girl (KATIE) to sit and chat over cookies and lemon-aid.
What we find out is quite interesting. It seems that Donna and the Winchesters are old friends. She used to take care of the boys while John was away, which last happened to be around 2 weeks in the summer before Sam entered 6th grade (so... 2 years before After School Special?) We know she was working as a maid "at the Mayflower" (Sounds like a ship LOL but a motel I guess?) out on the interstate and she was probably single the way Dean talks about her later. This makes for lots of imaginings... like maybe John had a thing with her? Because he wouldn't just give the boys over to a maid he just met to take care of them for two weeks without something between them, would he? But she never believes that John was a hunter, even though Sam tries to tell her - which is against THE Winchester rule which he was so surprised Dean broke in Route 666 - so maybe there was some reason they had to tell her.

DONNA:Little Sammy kept trying to tell me. Of course, I didn't believe him. Not at first, anyway.
SAM:Katie, our dad, um, happened to be an expert at getting rid of ghosts. And now, so are we.

I guess the "not at first, anyway" is the significant phrase there. There must have been some incident that made her believe it aye? Wow, so much potential for fics guys <3

In any case, Donna knew how much John loved them, and thought it was important for them to know. Which means the writers put it in there on purpose because they want us to remember as well.

DONNA:Mm-hmm. Oh, he'd always come limping back. He loved you boys.
Another thing we find out is that Sam used to assign himself his own summer reading - what would that mean? That all the books they were assigned at school were too easy? Or maybe because they were moving around so much he never got a summer reading list from his schools? Sam smiles when he is reminded of it and Dean also remembers it with a grin.

DONNA:Mmm, I remember. You assigned yourself your own reading list.
DEAN: That’s right. I forgot about that.
SAM: Your mom happens to be the best babysitter we ever had.

And here I'm suddenly reminded of Dean talking about his babysitters in I Believe the Children are Our Future :P I guess this lady was an exception to all those difficult babysitters they had - and I guess they had a few... which means that John probably didn't leave them alone when he expected the hunt to take a while. And those times when he did, like in Something Wicked, either he couldn't find anyone who could take care of them or there was some other important reason.

VERY interesting stuff - and very telling of the kind of childhood they had which the episode will go into again later.

The reason that Donna has called them is that they just moved into this "new" house and found a "poltergeist" scratching and knocking on the walls etc., but most recently cutting a message “Murdered Chylde” on Katie's stomach.

Dean assures Katie that they will find the ghost and get rid of it while the family is away on vacation and not to worry.

The next scene, Sam and Dean are at what looks like a burger shop. Dean is ordering some lunch for himself and Sam from Gary, our witch wannabe who thinks, as Dean does, that a salad shake is not very appetizing. Like, who on earth would order one of these??

GARY:Uh, bacon burger turbo, large chilli-cheese fry, uh, and a Health Quake Salad shake?
DEAN:I know. I know. It's, uh… it's not mine.

I must say I love this scene of Sam getting his salad ready to eat - pouring the dressing, shaking the container with the fork stuck in his mouth... that fork reminds me so much of Hell House :P Dean watches Sam shaking -

DEAN:Oh, you shake it up, baby.

OK, so the writers seem to be emphasizing from the beginning with the summer reading list and now preferences in food that Sam is different from Dean, so that we appreciate Dean's confusion when "Sam" starts acting more like him in some aspects.

Sam, is weird from Dean's point of view. There are things about him that he doesn't understand or relate to. It actually reminds me of those faces that Sam makes sometimes when Dean is being a chipmunk with the food or hitting on a girl. Obviously, it goes both ways.

But let's go on to the next conversation because we have the whole normal life/family theme again here:

DEAN: You know, poltergeist aside, Donna looked pretty good, don't you think?
SAM:Dude, don't tell me you've still got the hots for our babysitter.
DEAN:What? No. That's weird. [chuckles] I'm just saying that she, you know, she – she's – she's doing good. You know, with her husband, her kid. This whole Amityville thing being thrown at them, and they're hanging tough.

So *chuckles* I don't know for sure if dad had a thing for Donna but we do know that Dean sure did (and maybe still does) :D But he deflects from that and talks about the nice normal life she's leading with husband and kid, and they seem to be doing good considering the ghost stuff they've had to handle recently.

DEAN:You ever think that you'd want something like that? Wife, rugrats, the whole nine?
SAM: No, not really my thing anymore.

It's interesting that Dean is always asking this question. Well, I guess after Sam tells him in Season 1 that he wants to go back to normal life after it's all over, Dean continually has that question in his mind of whether Sam still wants that. It could be that Dean just wants to hear what Sam feels...but, I don't think that is the case here. I think he asks the question because HE is the one who sometimes wishes that he could have that. The "Yeah" at the end sounds like he is agreeing for Sam's sake or maybe because he has given up on it and it's no use talking about. And maybe Sam catches that - or at least catches on later in the season.

So they go on to talk about the case and the legend of a woman killed for witchcraft by the resident of the house in the 1720s, Isaiah Pickett. They still can't figure out what Murdered Chylde means or where the witch could be buried, so Sam is off to the library to find some old records.

Gary is smiling as he watches them.

Next scene, Sam is walking home from the library in the dark, talking on his telephone with Dean. He hasn't found out anything about the witch. So Sam and Dean decide to pick up again in the morning. As Sam is walking past one of the houses though, he hears a rustling in the trees and is suddenly shot by a dart. Let me say how I just love the way Jared/Sam falls over. It's just so comedic, reminding me of some huge giant falling over. I must have seen it in some movie I can't remember :D

When Sam wakes up, he's not wearing his usual clothes but Gary's uniform from the hamburger shop. He is walking down the street when a police car drives up and recognizing him, tells him they will take him home, and that his family is worried about him. Sam, not knowing what is going on, asks whether his brother had called but he doesn't get an answer, and when he gets to this mysterious home and family and looks at himself in the window of the police car, he finds that he looks like a teenager.

Love the way he asks everyone "WHO ARE YOU?!" and everyone asks if he is drunk. Sort of reminds me of What Is and What Should Never Be and people asking Dean the same :P

Meanwhile, Gary is checking out his new body in the mirror of the motel room. Love this scene as well, and Sam and Gary on either sides of the mirror is just totally fun to look at. Gary so impressed with the muscles :D

GARY:Holy crap.
Just then Dean comes in and is all upset because Sam had not come home right away. It seems that there has been a 2 hour gap between their phone call and now. I guess Gary did the spell over Sam in those two hours aye? Gary gives Dean the food as a peace offering but tells him that the maid saw all the weapons on the bed and freaked out so they better leave. I'm guessing, now, that Gary is just saying that so they can get out of the motel before the real Sam finds them.
Gary steals Dean's phone and goes out to the car first to find and throw away all of Dean's phones. And here I'm wondering if he also threw away dad's phone and what Sam and Dean did later... Did they get the phones out of the dumpster, I wonder. I guess they would have to in case someone found them.

When Dean gets in the car, Gary asks him if he can drive and Dean lets him as usual but Gary CAN'T DRIVE.

So this is way too obvious. Sam at least can drive and doesn't make mistakes with the pedals aye? If they wanted to show the difference between Sam and Gary, they could have just made Gary!Sam drive faster and Dean remark on the speeding or something. They didn't really have to combine it with a "don't you dare hurt my baby" thing. That was not a very fun scene. OK, so maybe it was a terribly embarrassing scene for me - again.

While that's going on, Sam is trying to get in touch with Dean through all those phones that Gary threw away, and wondering why Dean doesn't answer any of them.

SAM:Dean, I've called every phone we got. Where are you, man? So, this is gonna sound crazy, really crazy, but, um – I think I'm in the wrong body. Could use a little help here. I-I think I got asthma. Call me back.

Sam's face here is just so cute <3 He just feels so helpless in these strange surroundings and in this mysterious body :P He then phones the motel they were staying at and finds out that someone in his body left with Dean a while ago. (Oh, and the motel's name is Lucky Star Motel which was rather funny :D)
MAN:102? Uh, nah, man, those guys checked out middle of the night.
SAM:Wait – "guys"? Plural?
MAN:Yeah – uh, one leather jacket, one Sasquatch. They left.
SAM: Who are you?

Again I'm cracking up with the "WHO ARE YOU??" But the "Sasquatch" touch there was sort of funny too.

Sam decides to find out exactly who this guy Gary is. He starts looking through the things in his room and I'm loving the analysis -

SAM:Smart kid.

SAM: (sighing) Virgin.

SAM: Frustrated virgin.

SAM: Witchcraft, huh, Gary? You little Satanic bastard.

So now he knows how their bodies were switched - witchcraft - and he knows that there must be a book to reverse the spell but he can't find it. Meanwhile, mom's calling from downstairs. And I love Sam totally becoming a teenager in his response...

Right about now he is thinking how bothersome a normal mom can be when he is busy :P When he gets downstairs, he finds out how much more bothersome parents with plans for their kids can be - especially when we consider Sam used to assign himself his own reading list and went to Stanford without any "plan" whatsoever -

GARY’S DAD:I mean, what happened with the plan, buddy?
SAM:The plan?
GARY’S DAD:S.A.T.s, M.I.T. – the plan. You want to be an engineer, you need a full ride. So, tell me, how does getting drunk fit with the plan?
SAM:Right, yeah. Listen, buddy, no offense, but at the moment, I could give a rat's ass about your plan.

Sister is listening on with a big O for a mouth for seemingly spilling all of his secrets and mom doesn't know how to react but obviously she is a bit more understanding and patient than dad. When Sam starts asking questions, mom answers proudly that Gary does have an ear for languages. She doesn't seem to know anything about the book of witch craft and whether Gary has been killing the neighborhood animals or not. Sam is probably thinking of Gary as some psycho or demon wannabe. Unfortunately or fortunately, he doesn't get to ask any more questions because, ravenous as he is, he has to pick up a piece of toast from Gary's mom's plate and eat it... then find out something important about Gary... he is allergic to wheat gluten.

After an uncomfortable stay in the bathroom, Sam comes out and finds Gary's sister all curious as to what this new Gary is up to. It seems she has been privy to Gary's book of witchcraft, which is of course kept secret from his parents. Sam asks her where he keeps it, and although she is puzzled by the question, she willingly tells him that it's in his locker at school.

While that's happening, Dean is taking Gary to the car and talking about how they have to go look at tombstones to find Maggie Briggs because Sam couldn't find anything in the records yesterday. Hearing the name Maggie Briggs, Gary tells Dean excitedly that he knows where she is buried - in the basement of the house. And goes on to tell Dean the legend that she had been carrying Isiah's illegitimate child and that is why he killed her.

Dean is surprised that "Sam" has somehow done all that research during the night, but then, Sam does that, so it doesn't make him suspicious of anything. So they get in the Impala and Dean turns on his music which he has on low volume because he knows Sam doesn't like it very much(awww). Gary, though, likes it so he asks Dean to turn it up which surprises Dean very much but I think in a way it feels nice. He likes this new Sam that likes his music. It kind of reminds me of Sex and Violence - how Dean loved that the siren had the same taste in music and cars. I'm tempted to say that maybe the fact that Dean kind of likes these changes he is seeing prevents him from thinking that there is something wrong for a while.
So while Gary and Dean are driving down the road singing "Rock and roll never forgets" Sam is leaving another message in Dean's voice mail...
SAM:Check your friggin' voicemail. Damn it.

Next scene, Sam is trying to get into Gary's locker at school and Gary's friends come up to talk. They are asking him "about last night" and "are you alright?" and are either totally clueless as to what Gary has done or just pretending to think that it's the real Gary.

NORA:Are you okay?
SAM:Yeah, I'm Gary... Gary is okay.
TREVOR:So we're referring to ourselves in the third person now?
NORA:We heard about last night. What happened?
SAM:Got drunk. No big thing. Look, uh, what's my locker number?
TREVOR:What, are you – are you still drunk?
SAM:Yeah, yeah, I see, like, three of you right now. Um, so – so, what's my locker number?

Sam is not in the mood to be pretending and being a little obvious that he isn't really Gary - I guess he doesn't realize that this is a hit on him and that Gary's friends might be in on it. It doesn't help him get his locker number and he ends up having to figure it out himself by listening to the sound of the lock. He finds the book inside.

SAM:Oh, no, Gary. This is a very, very bad book.

Cut to Dean and Gary in the basement. They find the willow moss, and as Dean is digging the body up, Gary is getting ready to kill Dean.

Just as he starts to say sorry for killing him, Gary gets flung to the wall and when Dean goes to help, Gary is freaking out and saying how they have to get out of there.

While Dean is reminding him that they still have to burn the body, Dean also gets flung. Maggie comes at Dean all ready to kill him, but Gary quickly goes and burns the body.

GARY:Dude, that was sweet!
(Um yeah but why did you save him? I thought you wanted to kill him??)
So obviously there is a conflict inside Gary when it comes to killing Dean. Killing a ghost and saving Dean's life made him feel good.

Sam, on the other hand, is just about to leave school with the witchcraft book when Gary's friends come running from behind. It's actually a little strange that they just disappear and leave him to open his locker and then come back so quick, but I guess they could have been conferring with each other as to whether this person was really Gary and that he might have used the curse to change bodies etc.

When Sam tries to leave, Trevor, the boy, shoots another dart at him, and we have another awesome "giant falling unconscious" scene.

Dean and Gary are celebrating after successfully getting rid of the ghost and Gary again puzzles Dean by ordering a bacon cheese burger -the same menu as Dean. He also says all kinds of stuff that raises Dean's eyebrows. It is an interesting conversation so I've got to include it.

DEAN :Okay, who are you and what have you done with Sam?
(The first time Dean says Who ARE YOU in this ep :) but the way it is said actually reminds me of Sam in Dead in the Water, where Sam is pleasantly surprised by the change in Dean, and goes along with the pleasant surprise theory I mentioned earlier.)

GARY:I had a, uh, really awesome day, man. Seriously. Whoo! Sweet.
DEAN:A really awesome day?
GARY:Yeah. Why not?
DEAN:It was a random, D-list ghost hunt. That’s – that's awesome to you?
GARY:I can't be in a good mood?
DEAN:Yeah, I guess, I just… No, actually. It's not really your style, Sam.
GARY:Well, then, it's a new me. I mean, come on. Why shouldn't I be happy? I've got a gun, I'm getting drunk, and I look like this.

It's true, Sam is never that cheerful (unless he is playing a trick on Dean LOL) :P But this sort of reminds me of The Real Ghostbusters again and how a "normal" person would find this life to be really exciting and find it really nice to look like the boys too <3

GARY: I don't know. You ever feel like your whole future is being decided for you?
DEAN:Uh, yeah, Sam, I feel like that a lot.
GARY:No matter how much you fight it, you can't stop the plan. The stupid, stupid plan. So, I don't know. I guess it's, uh, it's just nice to do a little ass-kicking for a change, that's all. Uh, you know what? I – I'm drunk. [chuckles] Sorry. Just – just forget it.
DEAN :No, no. It's all right. It’s, uh… I'll drink to that.

Then, we are reminded of Gary and his parents trying to decide his destiny for him, and how that isn't very different from how Sam and Dean are feeling now, with Angels and Demons trying to decide their future, aye? Gary is talking about his own life, but Dean can actually relate. Because Dean, as Dr. Cartwright in his head told him, is starting to believe that he can't change anything. He can't save everyone.

GARY:You're a good guy, Dean.
DEAN:Oh, you are drunk.
WAITRESS:Here you go.
DEAN:Mmm. Thank you.
GARY:No, but I mean it. You really are a good guy. [He takes a bite of his burger.] Mmm! The bread alone! Mmm!

And Dean now thinks that "Sam" is drunk, which he is, I guess. It also shows us again that Gary is probably not a danger to Dean. He has grown to like Dean and has enjoyed their time together.

Well, we don't know what they talk about after this and how Gary ends up at the bar with Crystal, but by the time "Sam" leaves with Crystal exclaiming to Dean that "We're gonna do it!" Dean is very suspicious.

Meanwhile, Sam has been carried to Trevor's house and tied up on a chair by the time he wakes up (He's in Gary's body so, easier to do:P). When Sam asks what is going on, Trevor tells him that he can shout all he wants because the parents aren't home and he phones Gary to ask what's going on.

Gary is waiting for Crystal to appear as he waits in bed -

TREVOR:Where are you?
GARY:Uh, I can't really tell you right now, but, man, you wouldn't believe it.
TREVOR:Well, where's Dean?
GARY:Uh, the Cloverleaf on Route 6. Why?
TREVOR:You mean you haven't killed him yet?
SAM:What? Wait, wait, wait, wait. W-what do you mean? Kill Dean?
GARY:Building up to it.

So here we find out here that killing Dean was something they had agreed to together.

TREVOR:Look, Gary, we got problems here. For one, I'm looking at your body right now – with this other dude in it.
TREVOR:Yeah, he's been in your house. He's hanging out with your parents.

I'm very confused about this part, but it sounds like Trevor and Nora (the girl) didn't expect to see Sam in Gary's body. It also sounds like Gary is surprised that Sam has been in his home and at school as "Gary." Does that mean that Gary thought Sam was dead? He thought he'd killed Sam? Or maybe that he'd shot him with enough of whatever that was so that he wouldn't wake up? Or maybe that he wouldn't be wandering around town? It seems from what they say later that Trevor and Nora knew what Gary was going to do, so it's a bit puzzling.

GARY:Okay just... calm down. Whatever he says, no one's gonna believe him, right? I mean, w-we're still good.
TREVOR:Would you just hurry up and kill the son of a bitch already, would you?
GARY:Don't rush me. I'll do it.

And Gary has some fun as Dean gets reading to find out who the hell this "Sam" really is.

Meanwhile Nora is explaining exactly what they are planning - basically to kill Dean and hand him over to the demons. So, taking over Sam's body was just to "go in trojan style" and this had nothing to do with Sam. Sam and we can see that Nora is smitten on Gary, the way she talks about him. Trevor is definitely demon material :P Impatient for Gary and sure that he wasn't going to go through with killing Dean, he goes ahead and calls a demon to tell the demon where Dean is.

TREVOR:I'm calling up one of these bad boys, turning these punks over, and getting paid. Dolla, dolla bills, y'all!
NORA:I-I really don't think that that's a good idea.
SAM:It's not. It's a very, very bad idea.
TREVOR:No one asked you.

Sam does his best to stop him and Nora gets a bit scared as well, but Trevor goes through with it, and the demon possesses Nora.

Gary is sneaking back into the motel to kill Dean and Dean has used his old trick to make it look like he is in bed while he has been laying in wait. Interesting how he puts his gun on the chair - maybe to see if Gary will use it, which he does. As he cocks the gun at the still form in the bed, Dean comes up to him from behind and punches him.

DEAN:You're not Sam. Who the hell are you?

I have to note here that  Gary does try to kill Dean with the gun although  I don't know if he would have actually pulled the trigger.

Now, when the demon that Trevor called arrives inside Nora, it figures out right away who is inside Gary's body - which is interesting. That would mean that demons can actually see into a person's soul just by looking at them, aye? And we all figure out as the demon talks, that with Sam's body vacant of Sam, Lucifer has a better chance of gaining control.

NORA/DEMON:You mean to tell me you've got Dean Winchester and Sam Winchester's meat suit? An empty vessel just waiting to be filled. And you're handing them both over to me?
Both Dean and Sam's body are in danger. That sounds funny... Let me try again. Dean is in danger of being killed, but there is also a danger of Sam's body being used by Lucifer to take over the world without Sam's consent, which is just NOT OK and possibly worse than Dean being killed.

So Trevor ends up being an idiot till the end and gets himself killed. Sam, I guess, is left where he is, since he's not going anywhere, while the demon goes to find Dean and "Sam Winchester's meat suit."

Back with Dean and Gary, Gary is tied to a chair while Dean is listening to all his voice mails from Sam.

DEAN:All right, pal. Either you start talking or I start water boarding.
GARY:Oh, my God. Please, don't hurt me. Please! I'm sorry! I'm so, so sorry!
DEAN:Hey, pull it together, champ.
GARY:I don't want to die. I don't want to die.
DEAN:Where's Sam?
GARY:In my – my friend's basement. His parents are out of town.
DEAN:Parents? How old are you?
DEAN :17? Huh.

Gary breaks down now that his own life is in danger, which reminds me of when he wanted to run when they were attacked by Maggie Briggs in the basement.
Just then the demon arrives and flings Dean to the wall. Then it unties Gary, which is very uncharacteristic of a demon at first glance but, it needs to be in Gary's good graces in order for Gary to say yes to Lucifer and Lucifer to take over Sam's body. The demon tells Gary he can have anything he wants as long as he goes with the demon to Lucifer and says just one word - "yes." Gary chickens out at the thought of going to meet the "great overlord" he was praying to just a while ago (which reminds me of Malleus Maleficarum).

At that point, Dean swings at Nora with a knife... the demon knife?? and Nora turns her attention to Dean, flings him and starts kicking him over and over.

Gary then decides that he'd rather save Dean than kill him, and I don't know if he was thinking also that he needed to save Nora? or that's the only way he knew how to send the demon back to hell, but he starts to say the exorcism, which he has memorized of course. When Nora turns to Gary, then Dean continues the exorcism, so that Nora does not know whom to attack. Why Dean and Sam don't do this with every demon is a mystery.

GARY:Ecclesiam tuam securi tibi facias libertate servire.
DEAN:Te rogamus. Adios, bitch!
GARY:Uh, it’s "adinos.”

Nora is exorcised, and they go free Sam (who, without those nice muscles is helplessly tied up) and Gary reverses the spell.

Sam obviously is happy to be back in his body and Gary not so much.

SAM:Yeah. We're good. Oh, man, it's nice to be back.
GARY:Yeah. Awesome.
DEAN :So… Gary.
GARY:I know – my bad.

DEAN:"My bad"? Kid, "my bad" ain't gonna cut it. See, if you were of voting age... you'd be dead. Because we would kill you. So either you straighten up and fly right or we will kill you. Are we clear?


(Whoever has been watching Outlander ... don't you think Gary needs a good spanking? huh? :D)
Gary totally doesn't understand the seriousness of the situation if you ask me. But Sam and Dean are totally nice and understanding and sympathetic. When they arrive at Gary's house, Sam gives him some advice.

SAM:Gary, take it from someone who knows – chin up, man. Your life ain't that bad.
GARY:Uh, you met my parents.
SAM:Yeah. So what? It's your life. You don't like their plan for you, tell them to cram it. Rebel a little bit. In a healthy, non-Satanic way, of course.
(Reminds me of Sam rebelling and going off to college :P)

By the way, you know why Nora’s into witchcraft?
GARY:What do you mean?
SAM:She doesn't like Satan, you moron. She likes you.
GARY:Really? You think?
SAM:Yeah, I know. I'm telling you, kid – I wish I had your life.
GARY:You do? Thanks.
SAM:Get out of here.

DEAN:That was a nice thing to say.
SAM:I totally lied. That kid's life sucked ass.

(That is way too nice)

SAM:All that apple-pie, family crap? It's stressful. Trust me – we didn't miss a damn thing.
DEAN:Or we don't know what we're missing.

OK, this little bit is what I really want to talk about. Sam, I'm not sure about. We did get the idea that Sam felt it stressful to be in Gary's home and school situation but it could have just been the fact that he had to fill someone elses shoes. From a future episode we know he has good memories of those times he pretended to be normal, away from home. I'm not sure Sam is not lying here for Dean's benefit.

Dean, on the other hand, clearly wishes he could try a normal life - not that he thinks he can - but that last line seems to be just as filled with longing as Sam's wish back in Something Wicked, "I wish I could have that kind of innocence."

Dean starts the engine and “Rock 'n' roll Never Forgets" is playing loudly from the last time Gary and Dean had been in the car.

SAM:Oh, come on, man. Turn it down.
DEAN:Welcome back, Kotter.


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    I think I've rewatched the Lucifer S4 finale at least five times and have that song floating in my head at the moment. I have an…

  • 9-3 I'm No Angel Poll!

    What do you think of this episode? Please let me know in the following poll and/or comments!

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  • Rewatching 9-3 I'm No Angel

    Third ep of the series we get a lot more of Cas as “human,” learning how the people that have the least are the most generous. He finds…

  • Dreaming on

    I think I've rewatched the Lucifer S4 finale at least five times and have that song floating in my head at the moment. I have an…

  • 9-3 I'm No Angel Poll!

    What do you think of this episode? Please let me know in the following poll and/or comments!